Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-2 of Disks: CHANGE & The B.O.T.A. Tarot- 2 of Pentacles.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-2 of Disks: CHANGE & The B.O.T.A. Tarot- 2 of Pentacles.

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-2 of Disks: CHANGE:

In past blogs, I have presented the Ace of Disks and its Divine Being;  Of that Seed, we are. Hence, The Human Being, is a state of Divine Immortal Creative Conscious on the Physical Plane (and we of earth are not the first humans, we are of Annunaki stock). However, this is not easy to do, as we, the subjective Psyche, must at first adopt the Animal Mind of Earth, and build time/space-sensitive personalities to operate them on an objective level. Then we must weave a harmony of 9 other States of Energy Conscious (The Divine Beings of the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life). It is often difficult to realize that our original Identity is that of Immortal Being. However, you may know that in the teachings of the Qabalah, a Being, is a Divine Immortal presence; The Human Being is supposed to be just that. However, many of us have yet to completely accomplish this animal/Spirit symbiosis.  The Dali Lamas, who are of the Six states of Bardo, have. The concepts of the Tibetan Bardo, are in agreement with the "above all things, know thyself" but will have to be looked up by the interested reader, as this blog is a limited expression, at best. However, I will list the Six states of Bardo to stimulate investigation:
1) the bardo of birth.
2) the dream bardo.
3) the bardo resulting from meditations.
4) the bardo of the moment of death.
5) the bardo of supreme reality.
6) the bardo of becoming.

When mastered, the Spiritual Being becomes birther, designer and operator of the human, and walks this Earth with immortal memory; thus never experiencing death, as they are always fearlessly aware of the trans-formative process of Life/Alive and Death, of the One Energy that is the Original Identity of Mind. The Two of Disks represents this eternal-process of Change.

THE THOTH- TWO OF DISKS: Change. [In some tarot cards Disks are called Pentacles.]
This stunning card represents the Harmony of Change. Now this may seem irrational to the survival-based animal mind, who thinks that security is constant control of situations, in order to insure that they don't change. But that is again the illusion of survival- thought... don't worry, dear body, you won't get out of this life alive.

Ignorantly, we are told to think that carbon in a crystalline stasis is the most valuable or one of the most valuable forms to be. We know this valuable state of carbon as a diamond. Funny thing about diamonds...they don't live! As evolutionary forms of atomic life, diamonds fail to live and are a waste product, and yet carbon atoms are the foundation of all living things on earth! Therefore, what is most valuable to Life (Spirit) is living carbon atoms that are malleable enough to change by the mechanism of the union of opposites... a Psychosomatic mechanism that requires motion/change!

To make the motion of life changeless is impossible---for even in the state of entropy, life will always be the exception to the rule. This is easily seen by understanding entropy and/or the second law of thermodynamics which states "... All things proceed from order to disorder" making  Chaos, the universal mechanism of change! But there is another Transformer who can take what has succumbed to entropy and resurrect it, and that is the I AM! Each of us bare that divine existence, I AM, is our First Name!
When we go about experiencing the identity we proclaim, as I AM, we built a divine prodigy, called a "Me". Me, is a Psychosomatic creation of "Mind Stuff" which is the First Matter (thought), Second state of Matter, (wisdom), Third state of Matter (Understanding), 4th state of Matter (Mercy), 5th state of Matter (severity), 6th State of Matter (Beauty), 7th State of Matter (Victory), 8th State of Matter (Splendor), The 9th State of Matter (Foundation) and the 10th State of Matter ( Kingdom). All of which are of the One Mind and all are states of Self and/or Divine Being!

The Serpent in the form of a figure eight, is the Ancient sign of infinity (Uroboros--the serpent that eats its own tale) because of the knowledge that "Life eats itself to stay alive". Order is eaten by Chaos which causes a reordering of energy... this is a flowing transformation that in the world of atoms, keeps some carbon atoms from forming into diamonds!

As a Spiritual Being (Spiral) of Energy conscious, I find this constant change very useful in developing intelligence (Create--see entropy and correct it) as well as the foundation of evolutionary being----i.e., adaptability! Most of us know the Yin Yang symbol of Taoist origin, and it is shown in both loops of the figure eight. The yellow color is the masculine Force  (electric) and the darker colors are the feminine form which is magnetic force. In the Hermetic Qaballah the union of Force and Form is know as the foundation of all being.

Now astrologically, this card is Jupiter in Capricorn. The benevolent Planet Jupiter is not well placed in Capricorn meaning that Jupiter's good influence can only be exerted as an organizer  Female magnetic influence (Princess court cards); the Ocean of Magnetic Force (Binah) and Male  currents of electric force (Chokma) are being organized into living forms on/in the Material of Malkuth, which is the Qabalistic Kingdom of Earth.

 To reiterate: The Qabalistic Thoth-2 of Disks represents the rule of Chokma (wisdom) in the suit of Earth. The familiar figures of yin yang, and the figure eight (infinity) created out of Oroboros, the Serpent that Eats its own tail (Organic/Life matter eats itself to stay alive), all showing the energy appropriate to the Two. Here the Doctrine that "Change is the support of stability" is well represented. Yet, the celestial rule of this card is Jupiter in Capricorn, which many astrologers call "most inharmonious", limiting the Jupitarian good fortune in practical matters; However, Jupiter is also the Ruler of the Wheel of Fortune, thus emphasizing the idea of good fortune.

The Thoth Deck Two of Disks-Change, represents  two Pentacles, one above the other, each symbolizing the balanced union of the Female -Magnetic (Yin) and the Male-Electric (Yang) aspects of the One Energy; a Mobious loop. The One Energy is also represented by the Serpentine Figure Eight, which is  the One - a circle- twisted into a figure eight, therefore producing One who is Two.  This Twisted Circle, is how there seems to be Two Separate Energies, out of One Energy, which all happens when the One "Looks upon Itself"....the concept being that you first must twist about, to see your self as Other. A Tibetan state known as Yab Yum (Father/Mother-face to face). In other words, you must form two faces, one male, one female, both from the Same One Energy Mind. Again, more research is required to really understand this Principle of One becoming Two.
The Two Pentacles carry forward this thinking, with one going around in dextro- and the other in laevo-rotary. (Clockwise and counter-clockwise). Thus, the harmonious interplay of the Four Alchemical Elements in constant movement is illustrated.  Hence, this card of the Hermetic Qabalah, represents the dynamics of the complete  manifested Universe and its equation, 0=2.
The B.O.T.A.-2 of Pentacles, tarot card, is a rather unspectacular card showing two separate pentacles, in earthen colors. The placement of one above the other, subtly simulates a figure eight union.
Whereas, the Hermetic Tarot of the Qabalah, the Thoth Tarot, shows the powerful images to stimulate unconscious and therefore intuitive input of greater knowledge, you need To have, Aliester Crowley's Book of Thoth or  Dr. Paul Foster Case's Book of Tokens, or a Builder's of the Adytum, lessons to understand the small Pentacle cards.
  The Hermetic meanings for the 2 of Pentacles is that of the Thoth 2 of Disks: Change as a constant that supports stability. Although here, change is seen as a type of copy or fractal image, which is true of all creation.

When the 2 of Disks card is thrown for an individual during a reading, it means:

  •  A transformation in the physical world is upon them in two weeks or two months time. 
  • This is Cause and Effect and/ or the Law of Attraction, where what we think of the most is formed in the atoms around us as a living observation and/or life style.
  • In Physics, it is known that observation changes the observed and most of us know that by observing a thought through the Emotions (energy-in-motion)  of love or fear will change that thought's action from benevolent on one hand or malevolent on the other.
  •  Perspective is everything to a Conscious Energy Being---which we all know as Spirit. Life is but a perspective of Self-Awareness!
  • The two of Disks is also about the ability to juggle or balance more than one project at a time and or two or more situations at once time.
  • It is Adaptability, Mobility, Change, Travel and Play.
  • When the mental aspects attributed to  Female (unconscious) and the Male (consciousness), in all of us are balanced, we know Life as Playful Creativity and enjoy the challenges of entropy. Where as if they are at odds, life becomes a serious struggle where chaos eventually wins.
  • The message here may be that it is better to allow chaos and then reorder it in a new way to be, knowing full well that you can and always have done so as Spirit. Again--- Know Thyself! You are originally Spirit---a powerful Observer who is a combination of "Will to Force" and "Will to Form",known as Will-to-Be! From Non- being, you have always created being! This is your inheritance, from Chokma and Binah. "To Be" which is never stasis and always re-observing and evolving itself! This state of self-reevaluation  is Transformation.
  • Obvious change, in a pleasant harmonious way.
  • In the next 2 weeks or 2 months, there shall be a visiting of Friends.
  • A witnessing of the alteration of gain and loss, give and take, weakness and strength and even a ever varying occupation.
  • The presence of discontentment with any fixed condition of things, will cause a state of wandering, as the querent experiences states of  now melancholy, now elated, and  industriousness, but unreliably so .
  • There is fortune due to prudent management, yet sometimes unaccountably foolish mismanagement.
  • The Wavering inconstancy presented by this card is the mechanism of change, and the result of the union of opposites which may seem unfortunate.
  • However, this motion of opposites bespeaks of good fortune in journeying. 
  • The Two of Disks represents the bardo of becoming.
  • The Anima and Animus working together to support change.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations.. May you live long and prosper!

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