Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 3 of Disks:WORKS & The B.O.T.A. Tarot- 3 of Pentacles.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 3 of Disks:WORKS & The B.O.T.A. Tarot- 3 of Pentacles.

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot- 3 of Disks- Works, represents the determination of the established Universe in basic form. This determination is shown as,"The influence of Binah in the Sphere of Earth."

In the zodiac, the Three of Disks is ruled by Mars in Capricorn, which exalts the Force of Mars and puts him at his best. Rather than martian destructive energy, it is now constructive, like a builder or engineer.

The Thoth Three of Disks is illustrated as a pyramid viewed from its apex with a base formed by three wheels. In the Hindu system these wheels represent  the Sattvas, Rajas and Tamas; in the Hebrew the three are Aleph(Air), Shin (Fire) and Mem (Water) which are the three Mother letters of the alphabet. Alchemically they are Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt. A student of the mysteries or the Gnosis will gain a lot of knowledge reviewing all of these systems.
This Pyramid is situated on the great sea of Binah in the Night of Time. The sea is shown as a solid (solidified light) thus the background of this card is mottled in gray, indigo and green. The Reddish tint on the pyramid edges symbolizes Mars.
The Three of Disks is also called the Three of Pentacles, in the Golden Dawn, B.O.T.A. and Rider-Waite decks.
The Thoth Tarot-3 of Disks-Works, represents The Great Work: the establishment of the material Universe and the determination of Its basic form.

The Threes of the Hermetic Qabalah, are the number of the Great Mother Binah. Therefore the Three of Disks is the Influence of the Great Mother, The Form Maker, in the Sphere of Earth. Here, Binah is illustrated as the Great Sea of Binah in the Night; Hence the background of the card is dark and turbulent. This coloration also represents the fact that Unlimited Light is Dark Energy, and is therefore shown by the mottled gray, indigo and green pattern of the Sea.
 Again, the Third Sephiroth on the Tree of Life is Binah, and means: Understanding. For Wisdom (Chokmah), only understood, can be made into form.
The four Threes, and the four Queens are ruled by Binah. 
Binah's symbols are:

  • The Yoni (Vesica Pisis)
  • the Triangle
  • the Cup
  • and the Hebrew letter-Heh

Her planet is Saturn and Her color is Black. She is the Dark Womb, before form, and as such she is known as the "will to form". Light is born of Her, out of Understanding of the difference between I and AM. Therefore:
  1. She is the Supernal Mother.
  2. The organizer and counterbalance of Chokmah. She is.the requiter.
  3. The dark Sterile Mother-The Crone
  4. She is the bright fertile Mother. 
  5. She is the Great Sea; The Mari.
  6. She is the Blood: The Great Whore.

The Principle symbol of Binah, is the Yoni, a Sanskrit word for female vagina. I know her as, "The womb with a view", indicating that she is the "all seeing" Will to Form, from which all Life emerges. This Great Womb, is known to every culture, with many names. She is the completion of the Upper Supernal Triangle, which began as a Point, in Kether, and a Line in Chokma and a Triangle in Binah.

Now before you get all Victorian, and shudder at the implied sexuality, think upon this: The Primary Female, Binah, stands at the head of the Pillar of Severity (left side). While the Primary Male Sephira is Chokma and he stands at the head of the Pillar of Mercy (right side).
The Qabalistic definition of sexuality is about qualities rather than static forms of sex; besides, The Soul is ultimately hermaphrodite.
 The Male quality is called Mercy because it represents unrestricted, energy ejaculated outward; Electric. The Female qualities of Energy are restrictive, thus form is made out of energy-in-motion, a type of oppression we call Magnetic. Thus a Severe limiting quality is applied when building a form. We may know this process as work.

The fact that our concepts of gender are insufficient to describe the subtleties of polarities and interactive energy in this Universe is shown throughout history. For instance, The Goddess Isis, is the key figure for Binah. Yet, the male Gods Chronos and Saturn are also attributed to this Sephira. Here, we can see the Dark side of Time, as Saturn, heavy and gloomy and as Chronos who symbolizes Time that eats its own young...yes Time is the Greatest Predator of All living things. Thus, we also have the Crone image of Binah, who is the intelligence of Death. 

Yet this isn't all, for beneath Binah on the Pillar of Severity we find the God Mercury in Hod and at the base of The Pillar of Mercy, we find the Goddess Venus in the Sephira-Netzach. The anthropomorphism of the qualities of Intelligent Energy, binds us to Sexual figures as energy is at once expressed and then confines.  By understanding the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, you may see the problem of sexing the qualities of energy.  The 1st Law states: "There is only one Energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed (and Transmitted)." These Transmissions and Transformations, are caused by Qualities of expression; he-electric and magnetic- repression-She. I find it best to say that She is Magnetic and He is Electric. Thus, the value statements of the mundane are not involved in any misunderstanding.

So the restrictive nature of Will to Form (Binah) is a discipline imposed on the ejaculation/expression of Chokma who is Will to Force . At the same time She is the Great Unconscious Sea from which all life emerges.

Binah is described in the Qabalistic Mysteries as "The Dark Robe of Concealment", the Great Dark Sea. In the Golden Dawn texts, as She is described thus: "In Binah is thick darkness which yet veileth the Divine Glory in which all colors are hidden, wherein is mystery and depth and silence, and yet it is the habitation of the Supernal Light." Many us also know that "our dark-side" resides in the Unconscious.

As the Bright Fertile Mother, Binah (Understanding) gives life by restriction---the First Law of Form. And as Law giver she is the Dark Sterile Mother of Death as well. This duality is found in Yesod--The Moon, who reflects the "illusion" of Sunlight into Malkuth-the material plane. Mythology has given us the Bright Moon-Diana and the Dark Moon-Hecate, one is the adverse of the other. 

However, Binah is not a belief system, although she is understood as the "Parent of Faith" in the Qabalistic mysteries. Thus, she is an organization of discipline behind faith...a Sanctifying Intelligence, as Paul Foster Case named her in his text, THE THIRTY TWO PATHS OF WISDOM.  Therefore she is known as the Parent of the organized disciplines of reason, science, and intellectualism, i.e. The Works. 
 Also, the masculine aspect(expression) of Binah is Mars in Capricorn, as the celestial ruler of  this card. Placing Mars in his most exalted state. Here,when linked to Capricorn, the Martian energy is constructive and he is an exceptional builder and engineer.

The view of this 3 card of the Hermetic Qabalah,  is that of a pyramid as seen from above its apex. The three wheeled base, represents the three Mother Letters of the Hebrew alphabet:
  1. Aleph ( Air) .
  2.  Shin (Fire).
  3.  Mem (Water) or the alchemical system of  Mercury, Sulphur (old English spelling), and Salt.
If you are of the Hindu persuasion, the three wheels represent the Three Rajas, and Tamas.

To a Qabalist, the Great Work is to make the "As above, so below", which is a process of "Above all things, know thyself", all of which is achieved by remembering the Spiritual journey "down"(outward) the Tree of Life by consciously traveling "back up" (inward) and thus opening our personalities to the Great Collective Personality that began this condensing process of Macrocosm to Microcosm. To "Remember thyself", is to know your divinity, not just believing in it. 
Part of the Great Work is to establish a "Knowing Evolutionary" state of self-conscious expanding and liberating, to "sense out" (ESP) through the animal brain form; bypassing survival thinking limits, allowing Wisdom to act, rather than letting the senses of "outward being" dictate reaction. Therefore, to a Qabalist, Wisdom is the ability to "create-see error-and correct it", for we know that Wisdom is 50% error, and 50% correction; but we also know that to the animal brain, to make error is feared, thus keeping it from creating anew. The wise know that we  must make mistakes when creating in a "cause and effect" universe, as entropy is part of all material creation. Entropy, is always seeking to "proceed from order to disorder", and the Universal solution to that chaos, is to keep up motion by constant change. In other words, "To expand and liberate" creation from previous boundaries rather than react to creation.

If you know yourself at all, you will Know that the Human Being is the Solution to Spirit/creative-conscious limitations. We have the "Mind of Goddess/God", often called Imagination and reason; Imagination is what I call "the Womb with a view". Having such a "god mind", we can see beyond our senses; we can plot and give birth to futures; we are visionary in our sight and see beyond the entropy of the past into the newness of the moment. Hence,...To know thyself, is to know that the moment doesn't contain "the mind of you" and that it is just a moment, where as, as a psyche you are a Master of Time /Space and have the power to change moments, just by emotional perspective alone. Each of us has the powers of the All Mother-Binah:Understanding and Will to Form, as well as, the Powers of the All Father-Chokmah: Wisdom and Will to Force.

Power is known as "the ability to do work", and this card is all about that ability on both the Occult and Material levels of the Universe.

The B.O.T.A. Tarot-3 of Pentacles,
plainly shows three pentacles, one above two others, forming a triangle which is one of the symbols of the Hermetic- Great Mother Binha.

These Pentacles are of earthly colors, depicting the element they represent.  There is no further Hermetic knowledge shown in this card. Therefore, it aids the reader that knowing the Thoth meaning, is also the meanings of this card.

When the 3 of Disks (Pentacles in some other decks) is thrown, the querent is or will be experiencing:
  1. Business, paid employment, commercial transactions,working and constructive force, building up, erection,creation, realization, and increase in material things.
  2. Rank, influence, cleverness in business, selfishness and commencement of a matter to be established later. Depending on dignity, it can also come to mean:
  3. Narrow and prejudiced, sometimes seeking after the impossible.

  • Paid employment, in the next three weeks or 3 months.
  • Successful business transactions from working and constructive force.
  •  Building up, erecting, and realization and increase  of material things.
  • The querent is showing a cleverness, in a form of bossiness that entertains a certain selfishness as they are keen in the mater of gain.
As in all cards, the definition is modified by dignity. If ill dignified by the accompanying cards:
  • The Three of Disks, represents narrow and prejudiced thought and sometimes the seeking of the impossible.
 However, If the Three of Disks is surrounded by Trump (Major Arcana), the querent is on the Spiritual/Mental journey of the Great Work, and is accomplishing the Task of Remembering the "As above", thus manifesting it "so Below".

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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