Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 9 of Disks-Gain & The B.O.T.A. Tarot 9 of Pentacles.
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 9 of Disks-Gain & The B.O.T.A. Tarot 9 of Pentacles.

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Nine of Disks-Gain:
This card represents gain on all levels that are physical and that influence the physical; emotional gain, spiritual gain, mental gain and physical gain. This is hitting the mark; a bulls-eye card, that shows you are financially right on the mark because your heart mind and soul are in union. In other words, you are passionately focused and have enabled gain on all levels of performance.

Astrologically, this is Venus in Virgo. The Planet/Goddess Venus represents,beauty,love, and creative power while Virgo represents balance, order and organization. Together, the meaning is your heart and mind are in this passionately and beautifully (beauty is balanced symmetry and/or sympathy) .  The results are gain on all levels.

On this card the blue circle symbolizes  wisdom linked with our loving nature, (the pink circle), in a creative way ( which is the green circle). This card also shows us that by utilizing our dynamic creative male energy (shown as the top coins with the planetary signs of Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter) we shall experience such gain.

The Nines of the Hermetic Qabalah, are attributed to Yesod (Foundation) on the Tree of Life, thus after the incursion into double misfortune (7 & 8's), the current of energy is back on the middle pillar Yesod, is the Sephira-seat of the great crystallization of energy, much like the Etheric Body of the Human Aura and is the "fabric that matter is woven from".  Although this "weaving" takes place far down the Tree, getting very little vibratory help from the unbalanced spheres Hod and Netzach, Yesod is directly connected to Tiphareth...the highest state of balance possible for Human psyche that is operating physical matter. Therefore, the nines give the full most elemental impact of the idea of Force; The "idea" because Yesod is still in the Formative World of Yetzirah, where the Power of Limitation begins.
Zoroaster--- [ "The number 9 is sacred, and attains the summit of perfection."]
*Rome and Egypt, also had Nine Major Deities.

The cold mercurial nature of  Virgo, may be seen as the opposite of Venus, the planetary ruler of this card which is now in her fall and never develops her mature beauty properly.  Thus the Nine of Disks, is too dense and dull to care, it just counts its winnings, feeling all is won and without thoughts of future. Purring with satisfaction, it rubs its hands and sits at ease. There is a satisfied feeling of "everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds".  Change isn't even considered here, and this folly will present itself in the Tens. But for now, all is well in the financial and material world....who gives a damn about anything else!  But the harmonic balance seen here is as undeveloped as Venus is in this card, just like in elementary finances, inflation /change is unforeseen, and sitting upon "your laurels" too long just crushes &  putrefies the greenery.

The warning in this card is simply, enjoy the moment, but re- invest, by using your imagination, or lose what you have gained in the heaviness of the material world.

In the Thoth Tarot,The Force in fulfillment- balance of the nine is very apparent in this card. Also since, The Qabalistic Thoth- Nine of Disks-Gain is ruled by Venus in Virgo it tends to show good luck in material affairs, favor and popularity.
The Thoth card illustrates this balance by forming equilateral triangles of Disks with apex upwards, surrounded at some distance, by a ring consisting of six larger disks in the form of a hexagram; signifying the multiplication of the established Word (Logos) by the co-mingle of "good luck and good fortune". In other-words, the First vibration has become nine individual vibrations that combine in such away, that successful creation was established, as if out of nowhere. However, this multiplicity of Vibration tends to slow everything down, to the point of crystallization. The magic of crystallization is shown in the 9 of Disks as the three central disks are of the magical pattern as in earlier cards.

The descent into matter implies the gradual exhaustion of the original whirling energy, so the other disks now take the shape of coins that are marked with the appropriate magical images of the planets. The descent into matter tends to complicate the image, as all weaving (Wyrding) tends to make it hard to find the original thread that began the tapestry. FYI ---the Thoth Deck Disks are called Pentacles or Coins on most traditional decks.

The 9 of Disks reminds the Hermetic Qabalist that it's all about perspective. If we look at ourselves from the lofty perch of the Soul (Tiphareth-Beauty) all is easily seen, understood and adjusted, in the daily life of the physical person that the Soul's Vibrations produce; However, if we are looking up from the Earthly presence towards our incomprehensible Soul....we tend to only see what we are trained to see. The necessary perspective changes to achieve this Psyche enlightenment of "looking downward" at ourselves, is why the Adept studies the Tree of Life and achieves personal initiation on each state of energy conscious called Sephiroth;  To Know Thyself requires us to look beyond ourselves which is a many step perspective change!

The mingling of good luck and good management is shown in the arrangement of the the Disks. This managed arrangement as an equilateral triangle of three, pinnacle upward, together and surrounded by a ring, with six larger Disks, in the form of a hexagon. All of which signifies the multiplication of the Original Vibration (the Word) and/ or Logos. The Multiplication is always done in Threes, Father, Mother, and Child, Maid, Mother, and Crone, and Father, Son, and Whole Spirit.. to name a few. This is seen as the three central Disks form this magical pattern of fulfillment. 

As previously stated, the combination of Willful concentration and vibrations (sine waves) becomes more condensed and therefore descends into material crystallization; the original whirling  energy or spiral energy, gradually exhausts itself, as shown by the other six disks taking the form of coins.The marking on these coins are the magical images of the planets. The degrading of the original energy by multiplication, does tend to slow it down and complicate things, thus the human body is a very slow version of the Original Self.

As a Spiral Energy Self, we are depicted as the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the whole image of Ten Sephiroth, being the Original Human, Adam Kadmon, who when multiplied into many states of energy conscious, and/or diversities of the One pattern, becomes most complicated indeed! Each of us is a complete Tree of Life multiplied by the Cubed number 3.    So it is okay that you are complicated, just getting the complications all in complimentary patterns, working together on all planes of energy consciousness,( which is called 'wholeness and/ or Holy Spirit) seems impossible, yet this cooperation can be achieved by one realization at a time. Baby steps, are motion and motion, no matter how small, is sacrosanct to Life.

Therefore the 9 of Disks, represents what assists us in knowing that success in the material world is not the "end all" of security. Rather, knowing thyself is the True Security, a strong foundation from which to create all good fortune. When each of us completes the realization of the Self, that is, "above all things, know thyself", even death is known as good fortune! This understanding of  " completion and renewal", i.e. death, may take some contemplation by the fearlessly diligent student but until one does, the lowly animal - survival mind shall always rule the body and thus breaking the pattern of cooperation that manifests Love, and wealth as the true state of Mind.

The B.O.T.A. Tarot-9 of Pentacles, shows the familiar earth colored pentacles without further symbology or explanation of this small cards objective power. However, the summit of perfection of the element of earth organic material is suggested, in the number 9.

The balance of masculine electric and feminine magnetic and/or Will to Force and Will to Form are shown as equal numbers of pentacles on both the left and right side of the Central Pentagram, and or core soul.

When the Nine of Disks-Gain, is thrown during a reading, the Querent will be or has been, experiencing:
  • For 9 weeks, or 9 months, an increase in money by inheritance.
  • A complete manifestation of  material gain.
  • Success in the material world.
  • That in 9 weeks or 9 months the querent has experienced or will experience an inheritance, and/or much increase in money.
  • 9's are the number of completeness, so complete realization of material gain is suggested here.
  • Spiritual activity is implied here also, but Disks are Earth-Material so spiritual awareness maybe gained in the spiraling of the downward flow of Force and Form, but very slowly and may be hardly noticed.
  • Saturn is the  sign of the helmeted warrior who knows what his limits and boundaries are and paying attention to detail; the feathered cap symbol of Mars indicates that energy, vitality and assertion are a vital part of gain.
  • Jupiter, the King, reminds us that flexibility, being open to opportunity that expands our leadership skills are also needed to experience gain.
  •  But this is only half of gain, to be complete we need the feminine power of Maid, Mother and Crone, which are represented by the lower three coins.
  • The Maid is the youthful bare headed feminine figure that is the power of Venus and reminds us that to follow our heart.
  • The coin with the Feminine figure that  has a Queen's hat ( Mother) is Mercury, and reminds us that communication skills and nurturing leadership skills are needed to experience gain. 
  • The feminine figure with the Crescent Moon headdress  is the Wise Woman (Crone) who reminds us that we must be true to ourselves and to be authentic in our actions.
  •  The Moon also symbolizes both the outer world and the inner world showing a balance of inner (heart) and physical action that will help us experience gain.
  • When thrown this card indicates that within the next 9 weeks or 9 months there is physical gain shown by organizing things and following your heart.  You are to be dynamically assertive (electric male force) and magnetically receptive (female force) which is following your heart and what has deep meaning to you. 
    If ill dignified by the accompanying cards, certain character flaws make their appearance such as:
  • Covetousness, treasuring of goods, and there may even be theft or knavery involved.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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