Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot, 2 of Cups: LOVE & The B.O.T.A. Tarot- 2 of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot, 2 of Cups: LOVE & The B.O.T.A. Tarot- 2 of Cups

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot- 2 of Cups: Love, represents love under will, the harmony of female and the male interpreted in the largest sense; perfect and placid harmony, radiating an intensity of joy and ecstasy, as shown by the Dolphins in total expression with one another.

This love radiates from the Universal Law of Attraction, and is communication on all vibratory states of conscious energy. As shown by the pink lotus blossoms, it is "as above so below" polarity, stating that this love flows from the Divine itself. Such love is equal and special, as shown by the two overflowing cups. Love like this is without self-banishment or self-diminishing, rather it expands both parties and they feel equal to each other while being special to each other.  A state many of us wish for  but we often only experience love of a unequal nature or a equal love with out feeling special such as a professional relationship.

On the Thoth Tarot Card,the green sea represents the image of creative love. The yellow reflection symbolizes  inspirational love while the blue sky states that love is clear and focused. The astrological aspect of this card is Venus in Cancer.
  • The Ancients knew Venus to be the planet of love, beauty and creative power: 
  • Astrologically Cancer represents, nurturing, comforting, Some of you may understand that Chokma  (Wisdom) is the #2 Sephiroth on the Tree of life. You may also understand that Chokma is attributed to Male force, even though "he" has the potential to radiate the "pure  female", as it is an unbroken flow to Binah (understanding) who has the potential that creates all life-forms.  To understand there is no more a division of male-female than there is in time-space, will greatly heed your understanding of your self!From the ordinary point of view, Chokma is really #1 rather than #2, because he is the first manifestation; Kether (Crown) is completely sealed, unseen, because limitless light, is unseen. Nobody knows anything about it at all, even the Quantum Physicists that call Kether, Dark Energy, know very little about Dark Energy and its loving counterpart, Dark Matter.  
  • In reality, only upon reaching the Two, does an element appear as itself. Since, Chokma is completely uncontaminated by influence; the elements appear here in their original harmonious condition, supporting, and healing.

In the Hermetic Qabalah, the two, of any Tarot card suit, represents the Word and the Will. Therefore, the Thoth 2 of Cups is the first manifestation in the Suit of Water which is called Love because of the mutual annihilation of the individual by the process of Union; when the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine Unite, there is no male or female present.. only the Divine Hermaphrodite exists. 

 As stated: The Thoth Two of Cups represents Venus in Cancer. Cancer is known as the most receptive of Signs, as it it the House of the Moon, and in that sign Jupiter is exalted. There is a superficial friendship among these three planets ( in astrology, the Moon is seen as a planet).
In the Thoth Deck Two of Cups, the paired Dolphins (the important symbol of the "Royal Art" of alchemy) are intertwined, with the flowing of Love coming from the Great Lotus of the Goddess, into the twin Lotus below and overflowing into the Cups resting on a calm Venus-Green Sea. This is a purity of Love, that the survival mind in the reptile brain is unable to conceive of or often understand, making such an absolute annihilation of the individual in the Overflowing Power of Unity, a mundane wonder. 

The name Dolphin comes from the Greek Delphinos, which also meant "Womb". The dolphin was the totem of the Goddess Demeter in her role as Mistress of the Sea. When Demeter was known as Mistress of Earth (she was often both), her totem became the serpent. There is a famous statue called "boy on a dolphin", which represents the young sun god born out of the sea, raised up on the back of a dolphin. The dolphin was often used to symbolize the vestica piscis, the female yoni of the Divine Feminine.

What may direct one towards further study, is that in the Qabalah, the entire tree of life composed of 10 Sephira, is called the Merkabah, meaning chariot of God, where the Fiery Creative Father may descend from heaven into men's souls. God's Qabalistic spouse was called the Shekina, whose is identified withEarth and is also described as the Mother of the whole Tree of Life. This may go along with the Gnostic concept that there "was no Father until She named him Father." Implications are, that She created Her lover, and called it Masculine"...from herself, all is formed. In the Electromagnetic Universe, Electric creates magnetism, and magnetism creates electricity. He is considered electric and she is considered magnetic, therefore, indivisible and therefore, impossible to be one without the other. Such is love, when defined by the Divine Creative, for it is impossible to divide the Creator from the created.

The Will and the Word (sine waves), united become Form.  The Word being Logos, the source of all Vibration and The Will being the first existence of Spirit; the "I AM", the Fertilizer of all idea into the Understanding that becomes Will to Form. This is the Psyche of Union among the Supernal Triangle, the "Feminine Trinity" as the  the trinity at the top of the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

This language may sound deliberately obtuse, but this is an invisible Force, that human words cannot give form, so we must unite words in such away that they allude to the mystery, rather than literate identification.

If you ever have experienced a self-annihilating love where the ego becomes lost in the Overflowing Sensation of Being One from the Union of Two.....you'll understand that you just can't "wrap" your brain around it. The common statement being." I am at a loss for words..." In the endocrines of Love, there seems to be some kind of heated fluid that is drowning all reason. Then, my friend, you have experience what the Two of Cups alludes to! However, being a purity, from a cyclic united dimension of conscious and unconscious (Sun and Moon) energy, after time, as the tides of the Sea, unless each is "I AM Love",  will pick up detritus from our culturally "shipwrecked" brain, and slowly progress to a Four of Cups, as the suit develops. Therefore the Second Law of  Thermodynamics comes into play, and "...All things proceed from order to disorder" and entropy slowly degrades the Mystery, with words of fear-based reason and the pink clouds of "the dream" fade away. Just like Astral trips slowly fade from our brain. However, we are beyond that Second Law, as Spirit, we can stop degradation simply by Being the Love, that makes ALIVE and keep transforming our "selves".  In other words, stop the mundane idea of "seeking love", and be the Love that You are!

Therefore The Thoth Two of Cups, is also called the Lord of Love under Will. Which is its true meaning where Will is Spirit and not some egoistic possession of the brain, as that self-conscious will is a minor will of reflection and/or "the color of Will".  Hence, The Two of Cups shows the harmony of the Universal Female and the Universal Male, radiating an intensity of joy and  ecstasy that washes away any and all concern; where "will to be" becomes "I AM ME"! It is The Love, that connects us all together as One, while the massive flow of this connectivity to All, flows through the Union of Two. Such esoteric power, may explain why it seems so overpowering to individual reason.
The B.O.T.A.  2 of Cups,  depicts twin cups, above and below. The blue finish on each cup signifies the alchemical element of water (Unconscious) which is the Womb of all image.
The Hermetic implications of this have been all explained in the above Thoth Tarot treatise.

As always, the small cards are simple and mundane in the B.O.T.A. Tarot. However, do not make the mistake that they are of less value than the Major Arcana, for they are immediate and objective, something that one must deal with "now". While the Major are more subjective an not necessarily under the control of the self-conscious.

When the 2 of Cups card is thrown for the querent, and depending on its position in the reading, as well as, the dignity of the accompanying cards, it implies:
  • Love, marriage, and pleasure.
  • Some say, warm friendship, but that is a weak statement for such an overwhelming heat, so it's more like an intertwining, of harmony, mirth, subtlety, pleasure, and a sometime dash of folly that seems to bind us in mystery and sensation of a "deeply Warm" friendship that radiates from the galactic core.
  • This is an ecstasy that only the True Union of the Feminine and the Masculine can produce.
  • Romance.
  • In the next two weeks or two months, one will experience the capacity to achieve emotional balance and emotional fulfillment.
  • One will be able to give and receive love in equal proportion.
  • It would be a good time to extend love to the Cancer people in your life. (June 21-July 21). Love to or from family members is also important at this time.
  • This love is not only about two people, it also can be about 2 gifts, 2 talents, 2 resources that you have and that two loves in your life, whatever they may be, are equally balanced and fulfilling in the next two weeks or months. 
  • If the Cards accompanying the 2 of Cups are all ill defined, than this card represents:
  • Dissipation, waste and silly action.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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