Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 6 of Cups: PLEASURE & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-6 of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 6 of Cups: PLEASURE & The B.O.T.A. Tarot-6 of Cups

The Tarot of Eli The Thoth, 6 of Cups-Pleasure, represents the influence of Tiphareth in the suit of Water.

Tiphareth, the 6th Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, is the Son/Sun of God (Beauty) and the number Six also represents the Sun. Contrary to the Patriarchal Christian doctrine, "The Son of God", is in reference to an "expressive/excited State of Energetic Psyche" and not an individual sex of any species. Thus the whole image of the Card is that of  the influence of Sun on Water (Bright Intelligence in consciousness); the Sun is in the sign of Scorpio which is the basis of fertility in life.

In this Qabalistic Tarot card, the depiction of dancing lotus stems, with blossoms gushing forth water into each golden cup, without overflowing implies well-being, harmony of natural forces without strain or effort; the gushing Sun Radiant Semen (Golden light) that fills the magnetic vessel of Earth. It is ease and satisfaction in harmony. Pleasure, in this sense, is not gratification of natural or artificial desires. Rather, it is Pleasure in the highest sense and yet it does  emphatically represent the fulfillment of the Sexual Will (Law of Attraction) as shown by the ruling Sephira, sign, planet and element.

Therefore this card represents the fierce energy of the Sun in a harmonious state with water, as a time of warming before
evaporation; a type of birthed containment in motion such as of clouds, rain etc. that nurtures all life, mentally, emotional, spiritually and physically. A warm sensual harmony that can only be described as the "ecstasy" that powers creation.

 As stated, astrologically this card represents the Sun in Scorpio.
To the  Hermetic Qabalist this card is the Sixth Sephira-Tiphareth ( Beauty) in Briah (the mental world) Briah is considered a "watery world" which means it's intelligence acts as water with currents, eddies and flow so Tiphareth in the Watery World of Briah, means the current or beginning of pleasure. 

Scorpio is a sign of hidden qualities, it is magnetic (female/cup) and discriminatory [many Scorpio's can become harshly judgmental] and if attack is believed, the scorpion may sting where the Will directs.

However, the Serpent is also a symbol of the sign of Scorpio, which is the symbol of the "occult sexuality" of this sign. Yet again, there is another symbol for Scorpio, that of the Eagle, a representation of the Occult Mind that flies above the mundane world.  

The Sun activates Scorpio as it does the Oceans on earth, eddies,and currents of conscious and unconscious swirl and dance because of the Focused Force of the Sun and Pleasure commences. The Goddess ( Binah-water-Unconscious) and The God (Chokma-Sun-Conscious) Dance in a rhythmic Pleasurable Union, that disturbs the ether of Space, as waves of ecstasy which animate the "Living" . At least, that is the Esoteric explanation. 

In our daily reality, this card is considered one of the best cards in the pack and it stands for well-being, harmony of natural forces, without effort or strain just ease and satisfaction. This is not vulgar pleasure, brought on by artificial stimulants, such as alcohol or drugs, but the deep inner pleasure understood in the highest sense of Being. I have reached this state many times in my Tantra Yoga work, and I call it the inner orgasm that never stops . It is the Joyful Communion of Creation with the Divine Creative!

Some people believe that pleasure is a fleeting thing, "It won't last", says the fearful of discomfort; implying "why bother"? But this is the "Inner Pleasure" that Drives Creation in this Universe. It is the underlying foundation of ALL! It does indeed last, for it is all around us, but here comes the caveat, only when one's mental, emotional, spiritual and physical states of conscious energy are in harmony can one sense it.

This Pleasure is the Rapture of St. Theresa, that is achieved by pure devotional union to the Son/Sun (conscious) of the Divine Creative (the Qabalistic 6th Sephirothic Intelligence of Beauty-Tiphareth). Since the mundane are devoted mostly to their "slave jobs",  mundane pleasure can be like atmosphere of Earth, where the pleasurable Sun heats the Ocean into clouds (when our emotions become overcast by survival thinking) and we feel less joy and more worry until our fears rain from our "I's". We then rain, (cry over our troubles) expressing turbulent emotion and then the Sun may temporarily come out again.Trying to hold life into a "place in stable in time", is impossible, for Life is a movement of moments, and time is ever changing. Pleasure is a moment of harmony, but to continue movement we must become "unbalanced", just as walking begins by a "fall".

As we all know, the Sun/Son never left us, but we left it by forgetting to be the Spirit who owes its own sense of pleasure to the human body, but because of "fear of discomfort" our self-conscious rejects the physical world. This is silly, for self-conscious is a body self-awareness. Besides, there is no pleasure without a sensual body, for even "mental pleasure" (satisfaction) can't be felt without the body! 

However, change must happen if Life is to continue, and often we must change perspectives to keep the inner sun on the horizon, so yesterday's pleasure seems to flee the new day.  Knowing that inner Sun/Son of Pleasure is always with us whether we see it or not, helps us to remember that we are the Joyful Creative Identity  who came to be human and that Human is a Spiritual experiment in Pleasure! For I AM ME, is pleasure, where I AM is merely existence!

From the Sepher Yetzirah and the text of the Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom:
In Kether is the Radix of a Golden Glory and thence is there a pure, primitive and sparkling, gleaming golden yellow which is reflected into Tiphareth. This is the first reflected Triad complete. And the sphere of its operation is that of Shemesh, the Solar Light, and bestoweth Life, Light and Brilliancy in metallic matter, and it rideth the sphere of action and of the Sun. And YHVH .
Eloah va-Daath is a God of Knowledge and Wisdom, ruling over the Light of the Universe; and its Archangel is Raphael, the Prince of Brightness, Beauty and Life. And the Name of the Order of Angels is Melechim, that is Kings or Angelic Kings, who are also called the Order of
Virtues, Angels and Rulers.

In the Hermetic Qabalah the SIX OF CUPS-PLEASURE is the,
Lord of Pleasure and as stated, the Sun/Son is in Scorpio.  The Angels of the Decan are Nelokhiel and Yeyayel.
The influence of the Solar Logos-Tiphareth, in the Mental World known to Qabalist as Briah.
Already we know that Tiphareth in Atziluth (Beauty in Pure Spirit) means Victory after effort, shown as the Six of Wands. Now we see the Six of Cups as Tiphareth in the Watery World, (Mental/Creative World) as the beginnings of Pleasure.

Noted to be a sign of discrimination, magnetism and hidden qualities, Scorpio, in the Six of Cups, is like activated Water by Solar influx (activated consciousness in the unconscious). Here, Scorpio revels in the Sun, and is likened to a fertile, warm, fruitful Sea--a Spa of Life generating qualities. Astrologically being a Sun in Scorpio, and a Scorpio Natal, and a Cancerian Moon, my inner self is a bight pleasure to my Watery World of Moon influenced currents. Within, Bacchus revels in my halls of hearth and heart I live this card, in a daily Glow of Bright Pleasure, undisturbed by outer catastrophe. Thus I have no need to seek pleasure, for as a Spirit, I am it; as pleasure is  state of daily being. In other words, Pleasure is the Fulfillment of the Divine Creative's "Will to Be". I find that I rise as the Sun, and warm my consciousness, in the glow of Self-Knowledge.
Of course, Scorpio may sting where the Will directs, however, when the Will resides in Beauty-Tiphareth, the Intellect rides the Solar thermals as an Eagle souring high.  Therefore Love is the Willful overview of Life; the I Am Willfully Me rather than I have will and the scorpion's sting is reserved for those who would demean life with vial actions of desecration. (Such as J. Christ whipping the money changers out of the Temple).

So as the Sun activates the Forces of Scorpio, gain or pleasure commences. Implied, without need of assurance, is that pleasure and gain will build, as shown by the partially filled cups.

 Pleasure, being the natural title of this card, is not that of the mundane and fleeting pleasures of the pain fleeing populace, but of the highest sense; The Rapture,  implying well-being, harmony of natural force and forms and Spirit, without effort or strain but with ease and satisfaction. Yet it does emphatically represent the fulfillment of Sexual Will, as shown by the ruling Sephira, Tiphareth, sign of Scorpio, Planet Sun, and element of Water. A communion of fertile force and form, that makes all life possible, it is the mating of the Sun and the Earth.

If the student of Tarot vigorously studies the Six of Cups-Pleasure, by investigation of the Sephira-Tiphareth, the Sign of Scorpio, The Sun, and the Pythagorean Element of Water (as an Alchemical element), they will find that this card is the actually the highest sensual/spiritual card in the Suit of Cups. For it is the Pleasure of Union, that is the God (Fire) and Goddess (Water) in Communion, that builds this entire Universe of Force and Form. In other words, the Big Bang is an orgasm of Energy that spreads forever outward in a joyous flow like a living water.  Now I know that most people will not seek to understand this Passionate flow of creation, but if you do, you'll be greatly rewarded with a Sun of  Rapture glowing in your Navel Chakra and warming the Heart Chakra, as if in a summer sunrise.
The B.O.T.A. Tarot, againmundanely shows six silver-blue cups (water) with three above being reflected below. Representing the upper Supernal Triangle (Aziluth) being reflected as the Creative Triangle (Briah), which is depicted on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Again, the Builder's of the Adytum cloak their occult knowledge in simple art.

When the Six of Cups-Pleasure is thrown during a reading, the querent is experiencing:
  • Emotional pleasure, in a period of 6 weeks or 6 months of giving to and receiving  pleasure form others.
  • A period of innocence and taking great pleasure in one's childlike qualities.
  • They maybe experiencing an orgasmic rush of feelings, a wave of ecstasy that even sad feelings being actively expressed, feel good in release. 
  • The querent may also be experiencing sweet memories  of the past, as past efforts bring present rewards.
  • Joy, deep pleasure of memories, of happiness like that of very young children who are the Happiness that Came to be in communion with all of creation.
  • Inside all of us is the Original Joy of Being and such is this card.
  • It is not about goals, achievements, or getting what one wants,its about the United Orgasmic Flow of Self Awareness that has created the All.
  • Experiencing the Spirit's Joyful Love that drives Force and Form into united expression.
  •  The Inner Son/Child of the Divine Creative united with its Parents. 
  • When one feels the true Sun of Creative Consciousness Rises over the Ocean of Self-----one will know such joy!

  • In the period of six weeks or six months, the beginning of a wish, happiness, success, enjoyment.
  • Commencement of gain in a steady increase of pleasure, But a commencement only.
  • Sexual pleasure is also depicted here as in a higher state of harmonious union of the Dual Creative. Such as a Tantric would experience.
  • Amiable and  patient emotions will also be experienced.
If ill dignified: 
  • Affront, defective knowledge (perverted sexual knowledge) contention and strife arising from unwarranted self- assertion and vanity.
  • Sometimes thankless and  presumptuous.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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