Tharot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 7 of Cups: DEBAUCH & The B.O.T.A. Tarot- 7 of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tharot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 7 of Cups: DEBAUCH & The B.O.T.A. Tarot- 7 of Cups

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Seven of Cups-Debauch:  Seems such a large step into the negative after the Six of Cups-Pleasure; The 6 and 7 are both astrologically Scorpio, but instead of Scorpio being exalted in the Sun as in the 6, in the 7 of Cups, Scorpio is governed by Venus and Venus is ill dignified in the sign. Venus is the planet of Copper, she is all "external splendor and internal corruption". Such superficiality in a martial and watery sign as Scorpio destroys any altruistic tenancies, turning the amiability of Venus into a grosser sensuality.
Now the influence of Venus, with it's internal corruption, is an act of violence in water signs, and becomes intense physical passion which unless gratified, will become hatred. However, even when such intense physical passion is reciprocated, it will be stormy to the extreme. It may also end in tragedies and treacheries.
Such extreme violence of feelings, may also end in poor health, since no matter the physical strength of the person, the emotional strength of desires are even stronger and may eventually lead to dangerous excess. Therefore, Debauchery is an appropriate title for the Seven of Cups.

The Hermetic Qabalah's Thoth Tarot: The Four Sevens.
Many of us know that there is only One energy, and that we can't create nor destroy this energy, but we can transform and transmit it; even by our imagination. In fact, everything that is, is a transformation of the One energy...including you! The Sevens are no exception, they are a state of energy- self-conscious that is a transformation that unbalances the previously stable and/or harmony of the sixes.

When discussing relative values, and/or numbers, we are discussing the relationship of one quantity to another quantity of distinct things. Therefore, one can add five apples to three apples and get eight apples. However, we must never loose sight that each apple is an individual, and no two apples are the same, so already we are losing the individual in a generalization call a "group".  However by grouping the apples, we can also divide the apples, let's say, five apples divided by three and arrive at the 1.6666... figure. With this in mind, it is easier to see that the division cannot actually take place, it is an illusion, because of the unending sliver of an apple left over which can never be terminally determined. Thereby, the process of reducing a ratio introduces and error. This error creates a "new thing", something other than the originating quantities, and therefore creating artificiality (illusion). Hence, the harmony of the original system is destroyed. In our modern society we see this error of ratiocination often; for instance, an average is used as in "the average family in the US has 2.1 children"; .1% of a child is a total illusion, for that is not a "child". But this is common usage in our mundane world, so many of us would not question such trivial things. However, in the world of Force and Form(energy), we can't afford 
to be so sloppy or careless. Ignoring these implications as we advance into newer and greater realms of energy manipulation (emotions) the quantities and qualities of energy in motion, i.e. Vibrations, Must be managed properly; harmoniously. Failure to recognize and work with inherent natural harmony of life, as depicted on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, can and does result in aberrant derivatives and/or harmful effects which we often call delusions. 

In the Hermetic Qabalah, Kether of the ONE ENERGY, is called the "first vibration" and/or "word of God", implying that all creation is of vibration and that Kether is, as in music, the "key note", which is the starting point of the scale; the Tonic; the ground-tone or basis of a scale or key. As in reference to Kether, it is the fundamental from which all harmonics or notes are formed or evolved. (As you may have noted in my past blogs, there is a note assigned to each of the MAJOR ARCANA tarot cards).

What many of us don't realize is that:
A vibration is avibration, whole and complete within itself. Hence a vibration can't be 1.6666... of anything, however its number of vibrations per time interval can be any whole number. We create relative quantities when we can say a given vibration has 1.6666... times more energy or  more volume or more vibrations per time interval as another vibration. However, this is not "Real", for in actuality, the first vibration has whatever frequency it has in whole numbers as does the second and any other comparable number of vibrations (Sephira on the Tree of Life). Therefore, "reality" which is a divisionism of the One, is not Real. 
Now all of this may sound complicated, but it is really simplicity itself. For everything is discrete and individualized as dictated by the LAW OF ONE; It is what it is. "But by virtue of its aliquot parts it can be quite similar to many other things. And because of progressive overtones and sympathetic association any thing is in intimate contact with all else" [ From the Book: The Physics of Love- The ultimate universal laws. Published by the Message Company]

The process that recognizes and respects the Unity or Individuality of the several parts and the right to be what they are as individuals, is called the Process of Quantizing to One (going up the Tree of Life). Here the whole is as valuable as the individuals, yet  each individual is also a whole and has its own identity, purpose and composition, such as the single cells that comprise a whole human body or the single Sephiroth of the Tree of Life or even  the Spirit-Mind-body group. Here we can see that the "I" (the whole) and the "Am" (individual) are not the same things and if I was to consider one more important than the other, I must recognize that the individual was before the group could have been formed. After all, a group is an association of individuals. Therefore the individual must be considered first and foremost.

Hence, I is before the Am, and understanding that difference formed what in Hermetic Qabalah, is called "Mother Binah", the Hebrew word meaning "Understanding" which can be interpreted as "ME", the Trinity of Self being "I AM ME". Yet as a whole, it is the Supernal triangle of three individual Beings, but each Sephira is an individual, that forms a group due to sympathetic communion.  Therefore, the process of averaging, diminishes the individual in importance and raises up the contrived and error ridden derivative as paramount.
 Therefore: You are just as valuable as an individual as the All that is called God.

The seventh Sephira is Netzach ( victory), a type of Victory of ratiocination over Consciousness which is a position low on the Tree of Life, and off of the middle pillar, thus all Sevens are very unstable; as in, not in harmony, i.e. discord.
 It is a risky business descending, using frantic energy, into this domain of illusion. Netzach is attributed to Venus, and Earth. This knocks Venus off her heavenly harmonious perch which to Venus is a great catastrophe of discord, for here emotions, are no long individuals of importance but rather reduced to an average of volume (debauchery) producing an error of discord . Therefore, the four Sevens, bring no comfort and are a depredation of the element they represent, exposing their greatest weakness.

The number 7 refers to Netzach (Victory) and is the number of the Goddess (Water). Venus is the Goddess of Love, redoubling the influence of the number 7. As most of us know by experience, when Loving desire goes into a ratiocination of emotions, we get physical overload where passion becomes a dangerous excess, from which some never recover. In the Human case, Passion must belong to the Higher States of Conscious rather than physical bodies as is explained by the very word Human; the word Human means God-Mind and the High Vibration of One Desire  (The One who is Elohim- which means,"I Will Be") of such a Whole Psyche, becomes reflections of ratio in the lower vibration states of individual self-consciousness producing a discord that out screams the will. The Passion that Created a Universe of Self, is too much for a self-absorbed brain, whose universe is all about "my feelings" that are produced by the division of "good and bad" and the ratios of which is "worse than the other", something we call "gray areas"!

On the Thoth Tarot Card, to carry forth this idea of excess, the poisoned lotuses have become tiger lilies and the cups are iridescent,(dissolving in the Force), and are arranged into two descending triangles, interlaced with the larger lower cup-showing a greater lower influence on the emotions, as it floats in a slime covered morass of putrefaction. This card is almost a "evil reverse" image of the Six in the reflective world of matter; Zealotry, fanaticism are such evils.

The Seven of Cups, is a  wholesome reminder of the fatal ease with which a Sacrament, such as the "Flesh", may be profaned and prostituted simply by losing ones balance with Kether (Higher Mind), and straying ever so slightly from the middle pillar (Balance of Masculine and Feminine), thereby making the holiest mysteries of Nature become the obscene and shameful secrets of a guilt ridden consciousness base on the illusion of averages.

To reiterate: NETZACH is the 7th Sephiroth, ruler of the sevens, is where feelings, and instincts begin. Netzach is undifferentiated and the Sephiroth of Group Mind. It is connected to it's opposite, the eighth Sephiroth- HOD-whose attributes are of the intellect, individualization, and beginnings of the individual mind.
When observing this balance we can see that Netzach is the Sephira to which the forces of Nature are attributed.

The Angels of this Sephira are called Elohim, often called the gods, because they are for the personality in incarnation and for the human race. Also, Netzach is the Sphere of Venus-Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Thus Netzach -Victory, implies that the Victory is in Love of Being. Remember, Hu-man means God Mind, which declares us Elohim!

The spark (fire is Spirit) of the individual mind begins in the 6th Sephiroth Tiphareth-Beauty (harmony) but is averaged in the Group Soul-Fire that is Netzach/Nature's Mind, and becomes part of a group of flames that is self-comprehending/or self aware, while also comprehending the Whole as an average. Therefore, it is not all surprising that the arts, music, painting, poetry and all other things of creative imagination, including illusion and delusion, are attributed to the Netzach/Hod union.

The Three key symbols of Netzach, are the Rose, the Girdle and the Lamp.

The Rose is attributed to Venus and often associated with Love, as the most perfect flower.

Traditionally the Girdle is also an attribute of Venus and to learn the secret of the knot in her Girdle means to direct the Venus forces of nature (emotions), i.e. tie them up or release them at will.

The Lamp is the bearer of Fire relating Netzach to Geburah and the powerful warring forces of Mars. Is also known on another level, as the ever-burning light of the Temple of Lower Self. The Fire of Life.

The Seven of Cups-Debauch, also known as the: Lord of Illusory Success,
because here the Moon is in Aquarius. Here is Netzach in Yetzirah, influencing the Astral World.

In the Seven of Cups, is also Venus is in Scorpio, creating a very intense and emotional presence that is often involved in deceit. There is also a tendency to wallow in emotions, and/or self-deception to the point of dissipation. This does make it a card of egocentricity and selfishness.

Thus Crowley implies a great warning in this card, his lotuses are slimy, and ugly, a perversion of the sacrament of the cup in the Six; a perversion usually brought about by over-inflating the importance of "feelings" or staying locked in past emotions. The consciousness is polluted and the card implies, error, illusion and illusionary success, by denying the failure of past emotional averages to do the job.

Many of us fail to see that our individual body and consciousness, is a holy sacrament of the One, rather we debase ourselves, with thoughts of lack, or superiority (bad and good), when neither exist.

We are One, who is Many. The Many are the Sacred Sacraments of the One. In other words, our incarnate consciousness is a formal sacred act or rite of Spirit and our Soul-Psyche, is made of many personalities, each new personality a composite of the past I AM making it a Prime Person and/or Me. It is the rite of Spirit to become Sensually Self Aware through the sacrament of creation! I AM ME! Is a declaration of an Elohim Yod, who is self aware.....and now can discriminate self thoughts from group thoughts and discern the error of average and/or generalization.

Thoughts, are the "First Matter", awareness of "First Matter" manipulation, i.e. Emotions, makes us Supreme in our creations! By untying the "not" and/or discord of thoughts that have been installed by social pleasure/pain training, we become masters of Existence---the I AM ME, rather than the polluted thoughts of a "I Wanna-Be Me". A person  who is all tied up in self absorbed pain-creation which is comparable to a swamp of past emotion.  To believe "we are not", really just states that we are creating ourselves as a "Lack" or a hole in time, an "I Ain't" rather than an "I AM".  We are perverted by denying our own immortal sacredness with the 2 dimensional thinking of the good/bad survival mind who fears its mortality. 
The B.O.T.A.  Tarot-7 of Cups:
isshowing the attractive silver and blue cups of the element of Water arranged in a pattern unbalance. There is nothing else shown to depict its instability or the astrological assignation. All that is explained in the Thoth Tarot of the Hermetic Qabalah. Once again the Builder's of the Adytum, hide their secrets so that one is encouraged join in order to find them.

When the Seven of Cups, Debauch is thrown during a reading, it implies:
  • Emotional over extension.
  •  A state of depression where one tries to ease the pain by overindulgence.
  • The imagination running away with itself and the resulting patterns are depleting the persons energy.
  • This is the place of Dreams, so it could be the ability to conjure up visions, fantasies, but the vision is watery, making it difficult to see reality. 
  • There is a implication of true talent and insight, but tending towards fantasy, illusion and unrealistic attitudes. The surrounding cards will support this latter  interpretation.
  • The querent is being caution about the apparent Victory of Denial.
  • There is a suggestion of deceit, promises unfulfilled, illusion, and error.
  • Slight success may be experienced, a minor victory so to speak, but not enough energy to retain it.
  • The querent maybe experiencing drunkenness, wrath, vanity. lust and promiscuity or even violence against women; a violence which is not limited to the male sex.
  • This card bespeaks of selfish dissipation.
  • Deception in love and friendship.
  • Let it be said, this is a card of passions run afoul because of too much fantasy and denial.
  • The Survival mind of the Reptilian brain cannot be in charge of the body, when the Soul's Passion arrives in the body....this is the Passion of the Big Bang....not good for the balance of "little bangers"!
  •  "Do unto others as you would have done to yourself", is the place for such passion, for that is the Higher Brain called Hu (Mandarin for "God") Man (Hindu-Manas-for mind), the Human brain, which resides on top of the Mammalian brain, which in turn, rides on top of the Reptile Brain, and  is the only one that can bring Holiness, to our ternary brained physical Self.
  • It is a Sacramental DNA given to the animal, when the "Angels fell from Heaven to the Earth" and our personality should reside there, in the higher human brain, rather than in the lower brain of the reptile. Sadly, for the mundane, this isn't so.
Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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