Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot: 2 of Swords-PEACE & The B.O.T.A. Tarot: 2 of Swords
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot: 2 of Swords-PEACE & The B.O.T.A. Tarot: 2 of Swords

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth 2 of Swords-PEACE:

In the Qabalistic Thoth deck the Two's represent the "first manifestation" of any element. On the Qabalistic Tree of Life  (shown below) we know Kether to be the 1st Sephira, and many have thought that this is the first manifestation of conscious energy. Yet Kether is the "limitless light", and has no end or beginning, which allows no viewing. Therefore Kether is known as the "Dark Sun" (Dark energy) as it can't be seen, and is the least understood concept of the Tree of Life sigil.
Therefore the First manifestation falls to the Twos, which represent Chokma (Wisdom).

The Four Alchemical Elements, of Pythagoras,  may be ideas in Kether, but only upon reaching the Deuces are they in appearance.
The Twos represent the Elements uncontaminated by influence, hence they appear in their original harmonious condition.

The Two of Swords has been called the Lord of Peace or Peace. We know that swords represent "mind" but since there is no conflict to make peaceful at this stage of manifestation, it implies the peace of wisdom. It is a State of I without the Am-Me paradox of imaging self, within one self. This can be a real brain teaser simply because it is the Negative form of a Positive idea....it's as if it is the first negative electrons (female) attracting positive electrons (male) to make a form manifest.

Like I said, a lot of thinking is necessary here, as the general proposition states that the sum of the One energy is zero, so that the Positive manifestation "isn't" real, it is imagined reality while the Real is infinite zero. Thus the phrase, "The other side of the Mirror" denotes the Real Dark Energy side, rather than the light- reflected side of the viewer. Or we can say, that the image in the reflected side of the mirror (Me) is subject to the self conceptional presentation from the invisible side of the mirror (I AM).

The Two of Swords is also representative of Change, which is what  Union produces. Union produces harmonious change simply because energy seeks its own level and when two come together as one, they balance each other and this works for two states of energy conscious as well: However, balance can be achieved in lack, as well as, gain. Since the well known axiom of Gnosis is "As above so below", we see that once having gotten to the bottom one comes out again at the top. That is why we have the serpentine figure-eight symbol for infinity, "One who is Two that equals 0", clamping down on its own tail.

The twos may be considered the A-sexual "fetuses" of the Seed-Aces. but this concept doesn't seem to make understanding these "Higher States" of conscious energy any easier. All the twos suggest that when the negative (no-thing) sees itself as a positive (something), and then unites with that positive, it creates a "Self Image". This may help you with the Mythological concepts of the Goddess who in Virgin birth, has a son (male is considered Positive Electron and female is considered Negative Electron) and then mates with that son to produce the Universe. If you get this all tangled up with your indoctrinated-emotional concepts of sexuality-----you'll never understand the The Energy Conscious concepts of the Twos. However, I love to tease the brain, so here is another concept of the Twos, "From Herself, she created Him, and then mated with Him so she could become Her". I just love that one!

 The celestial attribution of the 2 of Swords, is the Moon in Libra; the Moon is representative of cyclic-change, but Nature is inherently peaceful which enhances the balancing nature of Libra. Overall, one would think of the disruption of  Chokma (#2 Sephira- Wisdom) in the suit of Air (Swords); Air being a suit born from the conflict of Water and Fire in marriage.  Hence, Air/Swords is subject to change as no other suit, not only from the fire/water parentage but also when Earth appears the suit becomes crystallized.

In the Thoth Deck, the Two of Swords, shows two Swords of equal strength, crossed; they are combine by a  5 petal  blue rose. The Blue Rose represents the Gnostic Sophia, and the Qabalistic Binah) the Great Mother of Wisdom (Female aspect of Chokma), whose harmonizing influence, plus that of Libra, compounds the latent antagonism of the Suit of Swords. The pinwheel shaped white rays, are in a geometrical pattern that emphasizes the harmonic equilibrium of the 2. Peace is about the best word used to describe this harmonic for here peace is a quarrel made up and arranged, i.e. the restoration of peace.

The Moon is a very changeable and erratic planet (the moon is a planet in astrology) but assumes a stability in Libra making this is a tenuous situation. For now, it is stable; if only because of denial. Once denial fades, peace will be disrupted. The mind is like the Moon, always changing and if we know that all thought has error, we can "create, see the error and correct it" in our progressive thought processes; which neatly describes Wisdom. To always be right, is a process of denial---as is to always be wrong. In truth, thought, "the first material", is merely a subtle medium that we work with and is not a Truth until we can make it manifest, either as static creation or as a expansive operation of a living organism. Thought, in order to "be evolutionary motion" must always be expansive and limber--- as progressive thinking demands flexibility just as life itself demands motion.

The Principle to all systems and the Universal Pattern, is Chokmah;Wisdom, the Second Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life Here begins Wisdom, as the Real. Sure there is Kether, the One, but Kether is potential "I" while Chokmah; Wisdom, is an active "I"  and Binah, the 3rd Sephira: Understanding, is the Receptive "I"; making the Supernal Triangle the All Seeing "I". 

The Supernal is an observer, often called the "All Seeing eye", but this "I Am" is not a participant, it is existence and just observers and if you have reached deep inner meditations, you have met this Observer, occupying the deep silence.

Therefore, Kether and its first 2 identities, produces the First Motion of Intellect, that is never interfering but always observing.

Chokmah is active and participates in intercourse; the union of Kether "the first vibration", Chokmah-the second vibe- (Wisdom) and Binah the third vibe- (Understanding) is the active potential of  "I AM", which is that union that becomes  High Priestess, from which all else is formed. You may notice, that the High Priestess key 2, is on the middle path, as she is an active expression of Imagination, as produced by united supernal;
She "resides" on the dotted line between the Archetypal world and the Creative World.  One could say that the High Priestess is the "Womb of the Magus", the Magus being the Phallus of Kether and Chokmah and the High Priestess being the Weaver of vibration into the manifest concept of Forms (knowledge), which then arrives at the 3rd Sephira- Binah the "womb of understanding".  There is much to realize in the twos where sexuality is androgynous, and there are no separates, just expression (male) and reception (female) as "sexual" descriptions of energy in motion.
The Twos generally imply the initiation and fecundation of a thing.

is also often called the Lord of Peace Restored.  As stated, here the Moon is in Libra and Chokmah is influencing the Astral World of Yetzirah. The Angels of the Decan Yealel and Mehahel. 

 Again, Swords are the element of Air, attributed to Mind, which can be more often than not negative and destructive. In the Two of Swords this destructive nature is balanced by Chokmah and Libra incurring a benevolent nature and a positive card.  Here the normally clashing swords, are held together by the Blue five petaled  Rose of Sophia (shown is the Gnostic illustration of Sophia) which is a symbol for Wisdom and showing the benign influence of the Mother.  On the Thoth Card, the affirmation of balance is the cross of light made of pin wheel like forms that imply a balance of active energy.

The Moon in Libra changes the Moon activity from erratic change to that of subtlety, grace and compromise. Thus, in divination the Two of Swords represents a quarrel made up and arranged, restoring peace.However, this maybe somewhat tenuous, as the peaceful nature is under the tension of motion which is also implied by the swirling pinwheel forms of light. 
Therefore the Peace of the Thoth Tarot, 2 of Swords, is done on the sub or unconscious level, where two issues, situations, and/or choices are integrated and the mind is now at peace. Outward signs of this mental integration shall soon be experienced. All of this is represented by the two swords piercing the blue lotus of wisdom.

The resolution that is Peace of Mind is shown as four pin-wheels which represent the four levels of mind, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. If you followed my aura blog, you would know these levels as Causal Body(spiritual/causation), Mental Body (mental), Emotional Body (emotion) and Physical Body (physical). Bodies, being States of Conscious Energy Identity.

The handles of the swords show angels  coming off of them which represents pervasive peace through the whole mental system. The handles are also Scorpion shaped representing the Astrological sign of Scorpio; Scorpio being the sign most associated with transformation. This is a transformation of identity that establishes a vivid peace of mind.

The Moon in Libra is symbolized, on the Thoth card, by the two small swords, the one at the top holds a crescent moon, while the one at the bottom  holds the sign of Libra.

The moon represents a deep subconscious generation of peace (being signified by the sign of Libra) that goes  to a spiritual place (yellow color of the card) and is a regenerative and renewing peace as shown by the green on the card.
It helps us to remember, that we are not thought, the thinker is the power over thought, not run by it.  Contrary to most belief systems, our thought is not more precious than any living being. Life is what we are about, thought is merely the "first material" that we work with, Life is the manifestation of imagined "I AM ME" and to enhance the living with expansive and liberated thought is the job of a "Thinker".
  • We all have inherited the Power to "Think" which gives us the ability to begin creation of our own identity in matter. Thought has no power over us any more than it does over the Divine Creative. Thought is merely a "subtle clay" for our rough sculpturing of Self-Awareness, that must be smoothed and refined by the constant attention of experience. To agree on a Sculpturing together, as a union of individual conscious and unconscious or two individual consciousnesses is peaceful... and often more fun than attacking each others creativity!

The B.O.T.A.  2 of Swords, displays simple swords in the color designate to the element of Air/Mind.

One pointed up and one pointed down, signifying " As above so below" and/or two states of conscious: The Unconscious and self-conscious working as one mental function.

As is usual with many "lodge" tarot cards, these being of the Builders of the Adytum, the small cards, are considered simple. This is an error that both A.Crowley and I advocate against. For the Major Arcana are "Major mysteries" and therefore more subtle, while the "Minor Arcana" or small cards, are objective, "in your face" cards and need a deeply conscious understanding...right now! Behind each small card, is a large wisdom!

When the Thoth 2 of Swords/Peace card is thrown, the querent maybe said to be experiencing:
  •   A new philosophy of life or lifestyle by identifying and/or affirming a new belief, opinion, schedule, or communication.
  • In other words, making peace with ones- self.
  • There also maybe a tendency to procrastinate, and waiting for the tide to turn.This is a temporary balance of compromise.
  • How the rest of the reading is thrown will often dictated if this is a deep inner realization of peace or a temporary one. 
  • As always, the entire layout of the cards, be it Celtic or otherwise, dictates the meaning of the individual cards in their positions.
  • :Peace of Mind.
  • Two issues, relationships, choices or situations have been or are being integrated at a subconscious level...soon to be experienced outwardly.
  • A temporary balance and feeling of release from captivity
  • Affirming a new belief or lifestyle, expanding opinions and communication.
  • A necessary respite before a change in an attempt to gain a mental balance.
  • Conflict at an impasse a stalemate of balanced forces.
  • Making peace and suspending judgment .
  • Blocked emotions due to compromise not accepting realities and the need to be tolerant towards others.
  • Experiencing peace after a quarrel, that began  two weeks, or two months ago.
  • Peace is restored but some tension remains.
  • There are two actions here, sometimes selfish and sometimes unselfish action because of the contradictory characteristics in the same nature (Moon in Libra, Fire and Water).
  • There is Strength gained after suffering; sacrifice and trouble, yet strength arising from the effort.
  • The querent may often show sorrow and sympathy for those in trouble and champion the weak and oppressed while also giving aid to them.
  • There is an arrangement of differences that brings about justice and truth from untruth.
According to dignity of the accompanying cards, the 2 of Swords, could also mean, one is lacking tact, often doing injury when meaning well.
  • There is also an inclination to repeat pardoned affronts.
All in all, the Two of Swords, is a balancing of Two strong conscious minds, who have found greater profit in compromise than in conflict.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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