Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot; Princess of Wands & The B.O.T.A. Tarot: Page of Wands
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Knight of Cups & The Legends Tarot- King of Cups
Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot; Princess of Wands & The B.O.T.A. Tarot: Page of Wands

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot of the Hermetic Qabalah: PRINCESS OF WANDS, is recognized as  the earthly part of fire and/or the fuel of fire. She represents the irresistible chemical attraction the combustible substance, the connotations of which go beyond physical matter into Spiritual potency.

All the Thoth Princesses are without zodiac attributions, yet they represent four types of human being. The are more of an "elemental" personage, whose moral character is often open and free wheeling. Lot's of Passion but not a lot of "common sense".

In the Thoth Tarot they are sub-divide according to planetary predominance, thus the Princess of Wands is associated with one quadrant of the sky above the North Pole. Her throne is of the Ace of Wands.

When we examine the image of this card, we see that she has plumes of fire radiating from her brow, as the Princess of the Shinning Flame; these flames symbolize justice. Since chemical  action can only happen when each element is free to combine with it's partner, she is shown unclothed. She is surging leaping flame, with the Sun Wand in her left hand and the "tiger by the tail" held fearlesslyin her right. Hence, she shows both her Solar power and fearlessness.
She actually represents the Virgin Fire Priestess of the Lords of Fire (also the Roman Vestal Virgin keepers of the eternal flame) and is in attendance of the Rams headed  flaming-altar of Spring.
Just looking at this card tells you that this Person is highly individual showing passionate qualities of brilliance and daring. Being too hot for the controlling male, her best mate must be one who loves heart rending passion with out possession.

The Princess of Wands is also the Princess and Empress of the Salamanders. Therefore, To Meditate/skry on this card for the purposes of "magick", is to invoke the "inner fires" of the "Big Bang"; be sure you are willing to become a Phoenix before you try. You must be strong in virtue (true to yourself) and need not a state of permanence for personal comfort; in other words, "Above all things know thyself" before entering the Core Fires of Spirit for in this state, the violent motion of change is breath- taking and often fatal to the weak personality. But for those who succeed you'll love your fiery wings!
Since the Princess of Wands represents Earth of Fire ( The Plasma that matter is formed from and the fiery activity in the core of physical matter), she is the personification of Specific Earth of Primal Fire. The Rams horns on her head reminds us that in the system of Astrological Decans it is Aries that begins and ends the series.

Hence the Princess of Wands represents an unpredictable force of dynamic reaction in the material world and can be as a Tiger which represents a deep passion that is not controlled by rational thought; A passion I call Hard Desire.

The Princess of Wands represents the irresistible chemical attraction of the combustible substance. Her force of essential vigor, imposes an impression of great beauty upon her beholder.

The Fiery altar represents the sacrifice of fire in the Earthly Realm of Malkuth. It's combustible nature held within the Magnetic Force of the Inferior Mother (not a value statement, rather mater is Inferior fire.) so that it is a slow consumption necessary to activate organic matter into an "alive form".

In its mundane form, the Princess of Wands Tarot Card represents a young person full of energy, a dancer, and an enthusiastic personality full of daring energy and optimism. A person who has the "Tiger by the Tail", fearless in joyous change and growth. Now one of such fearless enthusiasm is often misunderstood, especially in the male world of the Patriarch where such a personality is viewed as a threat to the imagined stability of masculine rule. It is understood in the world of Tarot that the Princesses are  also often represented as Pages, a medieval androgynous form, so this could also represent a male personality, with the same influences on the material world. In essence, personalities are wombs; magnetic containment of fiery energy consciousness, and are female.

Esoterically, the Princess of Wands represents the fiery act of  Spiritual Self-Liberation where a major fear is faced and  overcome releasing a vital new energy and self-awareness. She is the Fiery Greek demigoddess Empousa.

When the fiery energy of passion is suppressed by containing great fear, so that we can deny rather than deal with our inner fears, we lose a lot of vitality by trying to represses vitality. We forget that a constant flow of energy is required to suppress a fear, as it is necessary to constantly focus on it emotionally to contain it, because of this concentrated focus, the suppressed energy grows exponentially; eventually erupting into a disaster.

Therefore this repressed fear, soon becomes a Pandora's box of violent nightmares, totally fed by the life force of the Psycho-dynamic creator who created them from the chaos of fear. When we finally face the demons with-in and deal with them, understanding that we made up the threat and that they are just "stuffed animals" instead of real Tigers, a massive release of life force floods through our bodies, healing and restoring us to our original  beauty and activity.

Such freed and liberated personalities represented by the Archetype-Princess of Wands, are very active and enthusiastic creators who don't fear failure or other peoples reaction to them. They become more Spirit than body ( of which we are---the body is less than 1% of our Energy-Form) and are no longer slaves to the mundane reaction to flesh and wield the flesh as a Wand of Power in the hands of a fiery-Spirit. Greater Action, without fearful reaction---is a Hard Desire of Will- To- Be. To try an block the performance of such a person is too ask for trouble. 

The Princesses and the Aces:
The Thoth Deck Ace of Wands, the Essence of the Fire given form by the Princess, thus her Throne, is shown as a fiery club (flames in shape of Yods). The Ace represents the essence or seed of the Alchemical Element-Fire. It is a solar-phallic outburst of flame from which lightning springs forth in multiple directions. If you were looking at the Sun, it would comparable to multiple solar flares, as this is how the Sun acts as a phallus by ejecting its "seed" into the dark womb of space-time.
It is the Earliest stage of Primordial matter, will-less and violent.

It is important to remember that, although the small cards are sympathetic to their numbered Sephiroth, they are not identical nor are they Divine Persons or Court Card archetypal personalities; they are more like sub-elements and/or parts of "Blind Forces" whose ruling intelligence are of the Realm of Yetzirah, The Formulative World (Shemhamphorasch).

What maybe astounding to note, if not confusing, is that each Major Arcana (Atu) has its own Tree of Life and hierarchy. Obviously this requires more investigation on the students part. As a student who teaches, I am still investigation this phenomena.
 As stated: THE PRINCESS OF WANDS: represents the Earthly part of Fire. She is the expression of the irresistible action of a combustible substance and rules from the Heavens from one quadrant around the North Pole (She=Magnetic Force). It is interesting to note, that the Female Force gives Form to the Fiery-electric male force, which in its primeval stage, as the Ace of Wands, is unwilled, unformed and indirect.  But like the Magnetic Field of Earth, giving form to the Solar rays, not unlike the Aurora in the night sky, She justifies the direction of this male Force.

With flames of justice leaping from her forehead, and naked, as a sign  that she is perfectly free to combine with her partner; she bears a wand crowned with the Disk of the Sun and leaping into Yod shape surging flame.

The Lords of Fire reside in the realm of Yetzirah, towards which she is leaping, thus she can be compared to the Virgin Priestess of the Lords of Fire. Further championing this fact, is the illustration of the flame topped Altar of Spring, in the left lower corner of the Thoth Tarot card.

The "seed of fire", The Ace of Wands" is now given a personal Willful expression in the Princess of Wands, as she is brilliant and daring. She has bridled passion, shown by grasping the Tiger by the Tail, and given it direction----where She goes--Passion goes.
Like Fire, it is her essential vigorous energy, that describes her beauty; beauty seen, as the force of her personality dazzles her beholder. Such beautiful force can also be expressed as love and anger, which is passionately charged into sudden forms of violence and implacability. Much like a Coral snake, stand back and enjoy its beauty, but don't try to posses it, as its anger is terminal.
Thus we have pegged the Princess of Wands as a personality/intelligence, that harnesses the Ace of Wands to Earth ( mate to the Solar phallus) and is volatile in nature.  As a Personality, She consumes all within Her Sphere. She is ambitious, aspiring and full of enthusiasm and is often accused of being irrational. Being the Earthly Part of Fire, She is likened to the Polynesian Volcano Goddess, due to her Volcanic Personality. She is the Earthly fiery womb, rather than the Earthly Watery Womb of the Princess of Cups.

The name Yod Heh Vau Heh, often called the Hebrew name for God, is attributed to the Court Cards, where Yod, is attributed to Knights, Heh-to Queens, Vau is attributed to Princes and the last Heh-is attributed to Princesses, the Earthly Manifestation, as the ultimate issue of the original Energy in its Completion, i.e. crystallization. However, the Princesses also represent the counter-balancing and re-absorption of the Energy. Therefore they are also the Silence into which all things return.

 Remember, the Princesses have no zodiacal attribution. Thus they are likened to "elemental" people who are recognized by their lack of all sense responsibility and whose moral qualities are very flexible. Thus they are sub-divided according to planetary predominance.
The Princesses also represent the Elemental Elohim, of such elemental persona Eli Levi wrote:" The love of the Magus for such creatures is insensate, and may destroy him."  Which it will, as lovers of the Scarlett Woman ( Crowley's-Babalon) have found out. She will consume you, as fire does a wyrm (old English), only for you to rise again as a phoenix out of the ashes of  Universal consumptive passion, and/or Divine Frenzy, as a form of Dragon.

Be very cautious young magi, She is spontaneous and unforgiving!  But if there is any of the pure Eternal Fire  in you, with the Kundalini rising as a Phoenix  and your Will is unshakable in unrequited Passion's extreme heat; lusting not for result, she'll give you wings and make you blaze as a Star, with many "magic abilities"! If your sanity doesn't return expanded from such energy harmony, then your will was flawed and your lust needed result, causing disharmony.

Needless to say, this Elemental Persona of Magick is not for the timid! Don't mate energy fields with Salamandines, if you lust after sexual fulfillment, for mating with such consumptive energy may leave you mad.
Lucky for us all, calling up a Salamandine, is nigh impossible in this modern day, as we have forgotten the "old ways" and may Astral realms have faded from our psychic knowledge. Besides we control fire in ways unimaginable in the period of medieval magics. Making the necessity for "fire magick" a childish display.

 As a birthday Tarot card- archetypal personality, the Princess of Wands represents a fiery nature in a  young-passionate, woman who is also consumptive and not prone to monogamy.

The B.O.T.A. Page of Wands,
uses the traditional androgynous medieval youth to represent the "Princess".

Here is shown a young person, standing on the earthen pass of life, holding the wand of fire. Dress in fiery colors, of medieval fashion, with a flame like feather in his/her cap. All representing the element of fire.
The path is long, yet in the distance are purple mountains implying wisdom to be gained on this journey.

When the Princess of Wands or Page of Wands of Tarot is thrown it represents an Archetype of Personality, implying:

  1.  Her beauty is created by her own vigorous energy.
  2.  Her passion is so great that one is dazzled by a chemical reaction that enforces the impression of beauty on the beholder.
  3. Being a type of "spontaneous combustion", in anger or love she is violent, sudden, and implacable.
  4. She can often be irrational, when displaying her enthusiasm, fiery ambition,and aspiring nature.
  5. Such a Princess personality, never forgets an injury and the only patience she shows, is when lying in ambush to revenge a perceived wrong.
  6. She is often self-absorbed to the extent that she is entirely reckless in achieving gratification and is notably insatiable.
  7. When referring to Tantra, she would be the proper Shakti for the Real Shiva, as she could absorb any fire he could display.  However, as is all Power known to be, she is as destructive as she is constructive, so caution and encouragement compete with each other in this one.
  8. For myself, Passion is the foundation of the Universe, and this type of person is a thrill to behold and to a Prince of Wands, the proper mate of the moment, as his swiftness and vigor is to be "invoked" and Her insatiable Passion will invoke the very rocks into flame! But like all fires, one must know how to work with it to properly achieve the necessary transformations of their Great Work. I'll not go further into the Magick applications here, as this is not a treatise on eroticism,although if our eyes are not blinded by the fear of Passion, we'll see that the Universe is a hot-bed of Pure Passion to be; an insight that the Princess of Wands surely has.
Needless to say, if ill defined The Princess of Wands person, would be the defects of such passion.
  • She would be superficial and theatrical, shallow and false while never expecting that she is anything of the sort.
  • She becomes predominately a "spasm of mood" and she is cruel,unreliable, faithless and domineering.
  • A person omnivorous in passion of whatever kind, entirely reckless in the means of obtaining gratification, and insatiable.
  • It is notable, that She has given Will to the primeval  violence of Male Force, "by naming Him Husband." using His fiery flow  to impregnate her every action, as does Earth, the Sun.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations.
May you live long and prosper.

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