Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 9 of Wands: STRENGTH & The B.O.T.A. Tarot- 9 of Wands
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 9 of Wands: STRENGTH & The B.O.T.A. Tarot- 9 of Wands

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot- 9 of Wands: STRENGTH.
In the Nine of Wands, we have, from a practical and material standpoint, the best that can be had from the suit of Fire (Spirit).
Here the Moon is in Sagittarius, doubling the influence of the Moon on the Tree of Life which may be seen as "Change is Stability".
The Wands are now arrows, eight background and One Master Arrow in the center.  The Master Arrow, has the Moon for its point and the Sun as the driving force behind it: Sagittarius, as a path on the Tree of Life, joins both the Sun and the Moon.

In the Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-The four 9s are attributed to Yesod (Foundation) and after the double incursion into misfortune the energy current has returned to the middle pillar. Balance is restored and energy has crystallized to form the foundation of all things. Yesod is in direct line with Tiphareth (Beauty-the Christ/Sun Sephiroth) so it has a direct  line of succession and manifests the full force of the element. Zoroaster said," The number nine is sacred, and attains the summit of perfection".
What can't be over stated is that the 9 of Wands is called STRENGTH  and is ruled by the Moon and Yesod, therefore, it is Strength in Change.

Sun above (Tiphareth) Moon below (Magnetic womb of Form) forms a balanced flow from God (will-to-force) to Goddess (will-to-form).
Of all important doctrines, this is the easiest to understand, change is stability. Stability is guaranteed by change and if everything stopped changing---even for a second, everything would cease to exist. Energy can only keep in motion, by transforming continuously. It is the intense energy of atoms, electrons, protons  and molecules. Hence, change guarantees the order of Nature.

To those of astrological bent, in astrology the Moon is known as the weakest planet and Sagittarius as the most elusive of signs. Therefore, in this case, the 9 of Wands strength is in mobility, which is the greatest defense for keeping destruction at bay. Even in a simple game of foot ball, motion is the best defense.

The Ten fold flames, radiating from the center, imply that the force is directed downward, as 10 is the number of Malkuth (Kingdom) and/or the material world.
Symbolically, the united strength of the Sun and the Moon, makes all life possible on Earth. Thus, the united strength of Male-electric and Female-magnetic, makes all living things possible on Earth (Electromagnetic spectrum).
Thus, it is a clever evil indeed to install the concept of a "battle between the Sexes", for only weakness can be made manifest from such a divisive perspective. Remember, Perspective is everything, when it comes to the creation of individual Reality.

9 is also the number of Yesod (Foundation) on the Tree of Life which brings energy back into balance. Therefore, the equal balance of the Male-electric and the Female-magnetic in our Mind, body and Soul, is a complete tensile Strength that cannot be defeated. The fantasy of "separate" sexes, often doesn't allow full mental /emotional development of our self-identity for this denies the Truth that we are all Androgyny and promotes possession as a form of love. It is the perfect balance of the Female and Male, that makes all of us Whole. We are both Rational (Male-Sun) and Imaginative (Female-Moon); by balancing both, we become Powerful operators of Force and Form. The strong Mind knows that,"everything I see is another way of being Me." For all is of the One Mind, formed from will to force and will to form.

 Again, Astrologically this card is Moon in Sagittarius,the Lunar powers of reflection and illusion acquire  great strength in Sagittarius which is a double sided coin.
This means that successes are accompanied by strife and apprehension.
Qabalistically, this card represents  Yesod (Foundation) in Atziluth (The World of Pure Spirit) . Now the world of Pure Spirit is Pure Energy Conscious, a Purity of Mind that isn't known to harbor empathy, doubt, indecision or anything but the purity of thought. It is the Great Strength of Will which can drive a body mercilessly.

Great Passions at the expense of the physical can happen in this state of Mind but recovery from any illness rendered, is assured.
The Divination meaning of this card is great strength, power, recovery from sickness.

This is Spiritual Power (Spiraling Energy), potency, force and internal strength. Hence, a  powerful flow of Serpentine Force and/or Kundalini (Sex force) that drives the Great Lust of Will To Be of the Universal Collective Unconscious.

This is the Same force or strength, felt by a student when learning from a Master Teacher who Channels directly from Kether (Solar Crown on the Middle Energy pillar), connected to the Moon (Binah who is Goddess Mother) depicted on this Thoth Tarot card.  Often the Student will become excited molecularity as well as mentally, and may have to "ground" their energetic excitement before they can either eat or sleep. This force of Strength, overcomes any physical resistance to motion and thus if ill directed can have negative results.  Either way, the querent will be arriving at peak experience in 9 days, 9 weeks or 9 months depending on the Strength being channeled; a strength which is shown by the surrounding cards in the reading.

Anyway you look at it, delays are over and swift progress is being made. This card is about Great Strength in Union, When the God and Goddess dance in your Soul (Inner Self) "All things great and small are created", but if you lean to far towards imbalance, where the electric (Force-Male) and the Magnetic (Magnetic Force-Female) are not dancing in the same rhythm, all emotional (energy-in-motion) goes to what you concentrate on most. Since, for the mundane, what they fear is often what they focus on most, all  hell could be  breaking loose! Therefore this card also advises us to stop----take a few deep breaths----and focus before releasing the Power of Spiritual Will (Will to force and will to form) !

Spiritual Will is the Spiral Dance of the Communion of Goddess/God, Electric and Magnetic forces intertwined. It is a weaving of Power that roars in the passion of "It Will Be Done!" . I have often Channeled this Dance of Power in Tantra Magic Ritual, and I know from personal experience, that such Great Strength, as in any powerful flow of energy, leaves behind a residue of heat-----and if you are a wide open channel---a lot of  bright heat on the emotional, mental, and physical planes burns off the dross, changing personality and form! It is best to practice pranic breathing exercises (Prana is a Hindu name for "Life Force") before ever attempting to invoke the Shakti-Shiva Dance of Creation! But for the untrained individual this is still a Strength of Will, that isn't optimized, but is unusual and is exciting.

Therefore the Thoth Tarot- 9 of Wands: Strength, is about the Spiritual Strength that comes form the Union and Balance of Male-Electric (Sun) and Female Magnetic (Moon)----a strength that we all have, if we are not being a man-made male or a man-made female but rather the Divine Androgyny we really are. The 9 of Wands, refers to Yesod (Foundation) and brings the energy back into balance. This can be seen by the illustration of the central wand with the Sun on one end and the Moon on the other.

The number 9 always represents the fullest development of the Force in its relationship with the Forces above it. From a practical and material standpoint, the 9 may be considered as the best that can be obtained from the type involved.

 Again, The 9 of Wands, is also governed by the Moon in Sagittarius which produces a double influence of the Moon. Thus the aphorism "Change is Stability" is given form in this card. The Sagittarius Arrow shaped wands sport a crescent shaped arrow head and crescent shaped fletching to show this double influence. The flames are ten-fold, which implies the As above is so below.

The B.O.T.A. Tarot-9 of Wands, is noted for its simple designs in the small cards of Tarot. 
Here the fire wands, are alldisplayed in the multiple triangles resembling the Tree of Life. But I find that the Ethical Triangle is pointing upward instead of the tradition downward point. I am unsure if this is to point out that the 9 is the fullest development of the force of Fire in relationship to the forces above it, of which it is, or that this is just a design for design's sake.
Either way, this card is of the Hermetic Qabalistic organization called the Builders Of The Adytum, so the meanings implied by the Thoth Card, are implied here as well.

When the 9 of Wands card is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  •  Great strength, and power. 
  • Health and/or recovery from sickness. 
  • All within or as an 8 week or 8 month period. 
  • There is tremendous and steady force that cannot be shaken. 
  • Also implied, is Scientific application of Herculean strength. 
  • Great success comes after strife and energy applied which also could mean victory preceded by apprehension and fear. 
  • Good health and recovery, sometimes accompanied by doubt. Often, questioning and curious.
  •  Generous.
  • Since Force (male) is shown as Sun and Form (female) is shown as the Moon, this card also implies a capability to be able to combine ideas with enough will to manifest them in the physical world. This means great success after a certain amount of will-power is exercised. 
  • The Nine of Wands, shows that the Spirit is backing up the Personality in order to create a Positive Change.
  • Great strength, power and recovery from sickness. It is a tremendous force that can't be shaken but fear and apprehension will try, without success. 
  • The illusion of doubt may rear its ugly head, but success will prevail.
  • With the Moon's influence, Illusion is always prevalent, such is the burden of imagination; However, there is such a great strength of Will present, as shown by the Sun as a driving force, that despite the strife and self doubt, the querent will succeed in all endeavors.
  • Imagination may be a self imposed burden of irrationality, but if used properly, by balancing it with rational thought, it is so light a burden that it becomes pleasurable creativity.
  • The Strength of the Fiery balance of Spirit and Body, is all potential and has no known limits.

If ill dignified by the accompanying cards: 

  • One is fond of external appearances, intractable, obstinate.

Thank you for your interest,comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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