Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 4: THE EMPEROR & The Barbara Walker Tarot- key 4 : THE EMPEROR/EL EMPERADOR
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 4: THE EMPEROR & The Barbara Walker Tarot- key 4 : THE EMPEROR/EL EMPERADOR

The Tarot of EliTHE Qabalistic Thoth Tarot, EMPEROR-key 4, is the Hermetic Qabalah's Path of Heh (He) that runs between Tiphareth (Beauty-the Solar Logos) to Chokmah (Wisdom-Lesser Creator who rules over manifestation) and is known as the Constituting Intelligence ( Dr.Paul Foster Case). Aleister Crowley has linked the Emperor up with the Star, which is the Hebrew letter Tzaddi (Tsadeh) -meaning; Fish hook. However, The Scholars of the Hermetic Qabalah disagree, and call the Emperor the path of Heh-meaning: Window or Sight.

This is because The Emperor is the "Fiery aspect of the Garden of Eden", to which the Higher Self relates. Where as the Star, is the "Eden of the Personality".
In both cases these are states where the general has just become specific; as a pristine point where the consciousness can look both forward and backward. Therefore, a Window or Sight is attributed to the Emperor. Here, exists a Self Observation of the One Mind.  In the Sepher Yetzirah, a Qabalistic Text, The Path of Heh, is attributed with the first sensory function: "I" sight. This suggests that "Sight" is the first sense, just as Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. Therefore, as the first sign, Aries the Emperor, emerges directly from Chokmah who is the sphere of the zodiac. The Emperor is based on Chokmah/Wisdom.

Because of our Divine Inheritance from the Demiurge (Lesser Creator)-Chokmah and the Great Mother (Binah-Female aspect of the Demiurge) we are all collectives of the "Colors" of consciousness. Colors being a "likeness", such as a shadow is a likeness of the form it is a "Shade" of.
Modern psychology has called these Shades of Consciousness, the Unconscious, the Sub-conscious and the Consciousness; all of which are states of the One Self-Conscious and or "I" sight.  However, hearing of a thing is not knowing the thing. Because of the evolution of subjective thought, from Mythology, to fundamental Religions, and now to the modern science of Psychology, and Parapsychology we are beginning to understand and therefore easily deal with the shades of consciousness within ourselves and are experiencing a New Age (The Age of Aquarius or the Hermetic Qaballah's- Aeon of Horus) of enlightenment.

The Higher we realize ourselves on the Self Tapestry that is made of woven frequencies of "I", and/or
The  Qabalistic Tree of Life, the more the student understands that the Trump or Cards of the Major Arcana, only point the way towards understanding concepts that the human-objective-pattern-seeking-rational mind cannot otherwise grasp.

By just beginning to understand the next Five Trumps/Paths, [THE EMPEROR, THE EMPRESS, THE HIGH PRIESTESS,THE MAGUS, THE FOOL], one will be developing the consciousness of the Horus; the 22nd century human psyche.

Because of Modern Physics, we know that there is only One Energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed(and transmitted), and the student of the Tarot knows that all the 78 cards of the Tarot deck represent Transformations of the One as Self-"I"-dentity. From the One, emergence the opposites, which are activating the formative, that is the Male (Electric-"Will to Force") and Female (Magnetic-"Will to Form")  communion. Thus it is accurate to state that all Male figures are Chokmah (Jah) and Binah (YHVH Elohim) is that of all Female.

In Traditional Medieval Art Tarot, the robes that the Empress and Emperor wear, represent the different planes and/or dimensions of our mufti-verse, which are actually sine waves or vibratory rates that are either "Will to Force" (male) Kether, whose Hebrew name is Eheieh ("I Will Be") or the "Will to  Form" (Female) Binah.  Their intertwining of "Wills" (The Divine Union of Goddess/God) that makes all things possible.

The Qabalist knows that the "Big Bang" came from what is the Source, Kether, thus the ejaculation of Energy, making the Action of Kether -male ( Male is not a sex here, but an action) and therefore defining the Divine Feminine as "Formless" (virgin dark energy- magnetism) in the three formless states of Ain (No-Thing), Ain Soph (limitlessness) and Ain Soph Ur (limitless light).

The One became Two, Androgynous, whenbecame Am , which is known as Chokmah and Binah combined as the High Priestess,-key 2, which should be stated Chokmah/Binah, just as Yin/Yang or Time/Space are known to be inseparable and established at the same moment. Thus, with some authority we can say that the I is male and the Am is both male/female, as a realization of "other"; for one is Wisdom (Chokmah) and the other is Understanding (Binah), who understands the difference between "I" and "Am". This Understanding of "other", creates the High Priestess, the Union of I AM and we can't experience one without the other!

In the Tarot, THE FOOL represents the One Energy,  THE MAGUS and the HIGH PRIESTESS, are the Macrocosm into Microcosm;  first differentiation of Male and Female electromagnetic energy polarity. Pure Consciousness, known as the "root of Water" is represented by the HIGH PRIESTESS and Her consort,  THE MAGUS, is considered psychologically as the Will. Thus the term I Am, is understood as the intercourse of consciousness and will, i.e "existence" which is not yet "alive", but a child of "will to force" and "will to form". Like I've said before, I AM is your Real Psyche Birth name.

Heh, illustration Card From: Ask the Kabala Oracle Cards by: Deepak Chopra & Michael "Zappy" Zapolin with Alys R. Yablon

symbolic meaning: Window/sight
There is much about the "I Am" to explain but words are not the true explanation of  "I Am" which is the English translation of Heh. In fact the story of Heh (Hebrew word: Hinenni which is a composite of Heh means "Here I Am") which is a story of Moses and the burning bush (Exodus:3:1-4). Here is told us of a great miracle of enlightenment, where Moses mentally and physically climbs to new heights and witness a miracle beyond his normal perceptions of sight.

At first he can't believe his eyes, but after God spoke from the burning bush, and called Mose's name twice---Moses responded with "Here I Am". Thus showing that he has heard and is ready to do as bid by God.

The Emperor card-Key 4, is the first Conscious sense of "I" sight----the first enactment of Identity on energy. it is the eye (I) sight of conscious energy. It is the Fire that is seen---Light from Darkness. It is the Window that looks out onto form. But this is not understood in worded definitions. Moses had to go through many actions before he could "See the Light";
(A). He had to go out into the wilderness;  seek solitariness of self contemplation leaving behind the definitions of society.
(B) He sees an angel; through  meditation processes that take us out into the unexplored areas of our consciousness(wilderness) we find our inner "Guardian Angel").
(C). He notices that a bush is burning but is not consumed; our perspectives of sight, change through greater awareness and we see the spiritual fire---or as I see, the Human Aura which is a "solar Fire" around the human body that doesn't consume.
(D). And after all this,  he hears the Voice of God but he must hear it twice to be sure its real.

This is obviously a story about the inner journey we all must take to be able to claim our inheritance as "Children of God:" and our purpose is then made clear. We now have a Window, in which to see through illusion and view the Real "I".

In order to get a glimpse of understanding about the Emperor Card, we have to Know the Empress. I know this sounds odd, but realize for a moment that Binah (The Great Mother) is a Yod unconscious energy that crosses over to the Heh conscious energy, thought the Path of the Empress; the Empress being the balance between Chokmah and Binah.  Hence, The Empress is the growth process that comes from the union and/or the interaction of male and female as the fertilized cell. She is fruition, The Emperor, although he is a potent masculine energy, is Heh on the Paths, meaning that its function is determined by Binah. Because we have taken the point of view that whatever gives birth is exercising a primary female quality at the moment of birth. In fact, Chokmah (Wisdom); the primary quality of maleness (electric force) is a female noun in Hebrew. 

To make a long story short, the male is inherent in the female and the female is inherent in the male (High Priestess), which is a real transformation function of a given energy consciousness.  We may understand this as the "contra sexual component" postulated by Carl Jung which states that in the individual unconscious, the male harbors the perfect female image (Anima) and the female harbors the perfect male image (Animus) in her individual unconscious as well The Animus (male; is Latin for Soul) and Anima (female; is Latin for Spirit).

In truth for one energy to not be created nor destroyed, it only transforms, is both a process of male-electric dynamic motion and female formation (magnetic form). It may boggle the Mind, but there really isn't a separation of male and female.....We are both conscious (male) and unconscious (female) because she produces the "form" that he must act on. Imagination, is both active idea  and form! I have already described the Emperor card in previous blogs, and  will later on cover the path of Heh; but for now know that Heh is window: a window of "insight" about Union rather than the "outsight" of divisionism. And without this window of insight. we can't see God-Logos! The Emperor is "I" sight---the first sense enacted on Form.  Let me state this, I AM is existence, and the first sense of existence was I-dentity and/or Me. The I AM is the Supernal Triangle, the beginning of the concept of "me", is the High Priestess.
I AM ME! So here we go from Heh, "Here I Am" to "I Am ME"!

The mating of the HIGH PRIESTESS, to the MAGUS, is described in Robert Wang's book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT as, ".....the activity of the directing Will of the One on the Great Ocean of undifferentiated consciousness [Binah] which It has Itself projected  ( The bracketed words are my own).

Here we begin to think of the reflexive qualities of the Divine Creative; The Divine Feminine/Masculine Androgen that creates, idea/thought, then the mind/understanding to hold that thought in a "net of magnetism" and then emoting it into light as form. Thus we have the concept of the Universe as a Mirror, where everything is the perception and activity of the Divine Spirit, reflecting on Itself, a process which the various and varying symbols of the Tarot are attempting to suggest.

The reason Crowley has positioned THE EMPEROR , so that the body forms a triangle and a cross. is because he is representing the alchemical symbol of Sulfur. This representation is because of the Alchemical explanation of the  Divine-Self Interaction in terms of Sulfur, Salt and Mercury. In Tarot, Mercury is THE MAGUS,  THE EMPRESS is Salt and THE EMPEROR is Sulfur. This may seem as little more than obscure abstraction: However, when we consider that THE MAGUS, (Philosophic Mercury) acts upon THE HIGH PRIESTESS (Pure Consciousness) and by Union they are transformed into THE EMPEROR (Sulfur) and THE EMPRESS (Salt), we are actually considering the quite basic attributes of our own consciousness.

As stated before,THE EMPRESS is on a Path of Daleth (meaning door) which is above the Path of THE EMPEROR, simply because without her manifestation of form, he would have nothing to rule. Therefore, on the Path of Heh, the Emperor is a transformation of the MAGUS (Will).

Basically, when we are classifying images according to color, subject, or other criterion, we are calling THE EMPEROR into play.  As does THE EMPEROR, we are acting upon form. Another way to see this exercise of rule, is that if the subconscious didn't send up form from its depths "self dreams", as a stream of images to be classified by the differentiating exercise of reason, Will would have nothing to control or transform. Thus THE EMPEROR, albeit a potent masculine force, functions as determined by THE EMPRESS. Now all of this takes some meditation and thoughtful examination.

The Thoth Emperor-Key 4 of the Major Arcana: is both Mars/Aries and the first "Sense" given to form . T All of which implies that Aries and the planet Mars is a combination of energy in its most material form with the idea of Authority.

The Thoth Deck Emperor is illustrated as an imperial figure bedecked with crown and imperial vestments.
  • His throne shows capitals that are representative of Himalayan Ram heads which also represent Aries the Ram. 
  • The conchant lamb and upright flag at his feet represent his domesticated attribution on the lower planes. As is noticed in both government (the flag) and Rams, if untamed they both are  wild and courageous, lonely in lonely places, whereas when tame they both are made to lie down in green pastures becoming docile and often cowardly.

The Emperor also represents the alchemical chemical, Sulfur, as shown by his posed head and arms forming a triangle; below crossed legs form the cross, making a complete sigil of the alchemical sulfur. In the Gnosis of Alchemy, Sulfur is the male creative fiery energy of the Universe and corresponds to the Qabalistic Fiery- swift creative energy, the initiative of all Being.

The Bee and Fleur-de-lys, both support the Imperial image as ancient signs of imperial power.  The quality of this power is prone to sudden, violent but impermanent activity, so this fiery power must not persist for too long or it burns and destroys.

The Rams head septure is a  obvious continuance of authority and Aries. The Orb with the Maltese cross  and the Aries septure imply that his authority and power are now established governance.

The shield at his feet, represents the two headed eagle crowned with a crimson disk which is symbolic of the Alchemist's red tincture or the nature of gold. The golden eagle, the Sun, is consort to the white eagle, the moon, silver, of the Empress.

In the final observation of this card, the white light descending upon his head is Chokma and symbolizes Chokmah's authority of creative wisdom, the Logos, and is exerted upon Tiphareth (Beauty), the organized man build of the Whole Soul Collective. This makes sense, if you understand that Beauty is a perfect organization of opposites... a Jungian synchronicity.

The Barbara Walker Tarot-Key 4: THE EMPEROR, is in many ways a combination of the Golden Dawn, Ryder/ Waite, Thoth Tarot and Tibetan Tantra.

The Scepter in this Emperor's hand is based on "Shiva's lightning Phallus" (In the West, the name Lancelot meant "Lord of Lightning"), which gave rise to the Tarot, wand, rod or club.  The original Shiva Scepter, was three pronged for it was a triple phallus used to unite with the Triple Goddess.  Hence, Shiva, as a sexual god, became known as the "trident-bearer".
Jupiter, Neptune, Hades, Poseidon, Pluto and Lucifer (lightning god of the New Testament), became the Western "Trident-bearers". The Tarot Emperor was usually shown displaying his potency by holding a three pronged scepter or a Fleur-de-lis (flower of light) said to represent a royal marriage, lightning and the male fire element.

The Eagle on the Emperor's Solar Shield, symbolizes both his life and his death.  This was according to the tradition of the Roman Emperor's, Caesars,  whose totem and title both were inherited by the  Germanic Holy Roman Emperors known as Kaisers. To symbolize the Emperor's soul flying toward Heaven and therefore joining with his brothers "the gods", during the Emperor's cremation an eagle was released above his funeral pyre.  The Eagle was Jupiter's bird, associated with lightning and fire, and was supposedly "made flesh" in an Emperor.

The sign of Jupiter, in this Tarot Card is also shown in the crossed legs of the Emperor, illustrating a symbol used to show the Older Heavenly Father, wedded to the Earth Mother. The Hermetic number 4 was also similar to the sign of Jupiter, and thus the Emperor card is Key-4 in the Tarot. Before the Christian's adopted this sign of the Emperor, the sign of the Cross insisting it was in imitation of the Cross of Crucifixion, it was traced as a sign on the heads and breasts of Hermes's worshipers. For many centuries before Christianity this sign referred to the Hermetic Cross throughout Europe and in northern Europe was known as  "the cross of Wotan".

The Emperor's crossed legs also referrers to the Mithraic torch bears of the Sun. Here we have the Sun of the Morning with legs crossed in one direction and Son of the Evening with legs crossed in the other. One will find the form of the Cross made by legs, on the Hanged Man card as well. For here, is symbolized the Hanged Man encountering his death (Sun of the Evening).
Also the scepter and orb are symbols of great antiquity that depict male and female sexuality, the union of Lightning/Electric with the Orb of Magnetic female Womb.

To indicate the sacred union of male and female principles within themselves, the scepter and orb, were used by most Ancient Kings. This practice imitated the manner in which Oriental gods united with various aspects of the Great Goddess to form a cosmic androgyny, male on the right side and female on the left. Hence the Emperor always carried the scepter in his right hand, and the Orb in his left.
Even today, the universal gesture of prayer is to place two hands together, originally a sign of the Yab Yum ("Goddess God face to face"), a sexual sacrament of the Tibetan Tantrics, uniting male and female powers as is done physically. However, Christian Fathers maintain that one should not let the feminine hand (left) know what the Masculine hand (right) is doing[Mathew 6:3]. How is that for a brain teaser!

He is sitting on a cubed, granite block, showing his link with ruler of form, and Earth, both of whom are associated with the number 4.

When the Emperor card is thrown during a reading, it implies:
  • War, strife, conquest, victory and ambition; all the martial arts. 
  • But these traits aren't always so destructive as the Emperor also implies, personal power and leadership; power from insight, possessing a global sense of issues and serving those around you.
  • The character of the Emperor is Patriarchal, which could also implies that the querent is up against an angry patriarchal structure of some kind, which includes rigidity and maybe even nastiness.
  •  A confrontation with authority or even with some  part of ones self which is feeling rigid and afraid.  Interpretations of which depend on the dignity of the accompanying cards.
For the student of Higher Magic, the septure in the Emperor's right hand also represents:
  •  The Lightning- Phallus of Shiva, giving rise to the Tarot Wand. This was originally the Trident (ternary Phallic symbol of Father, Son and Holy Ghost) born by the Western gods, Neptune, Jupiter, Hades, Poseidon, Pluto and Lucifer. Also the Trident was associated with Osiris and later on, to the Guardian of the Holy Grail.

The study of these mythological gods, will give great metaphorical sexual insight to the diligent student about the necessary combinations of Male electric and Female Magnetic  Force, and/or Conscious and Unconscious, for the practice of Magick manifestations.

Thank you for your interest, comments, and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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Stock Trading Tips on Friday, April 22, 2016 3:56 AM
Awesome blog. I'm thus pleased. Might never visualize such a thing can be done by it... I believe you have a fantastic knowledge in particular whilst transactions using this blog..
Reply to comment
Eli on Friday, April 22, 2016 6:54 AM
Glad you like it. It takes hrs every morning to produce, but this isn't done because I AM a "nice"person, it is done because "everyone I see, is another way of being "Me". We all are a collective of One Self, and as selves of Self, it is time we wake up to our Divine Inheritance; for there is none greater! We all belong to each other, and it is about time we get "Real" with each other and stop worshiping the Rules and become the Rule. I AM ME! Thank you for taking the time to comment and may you live long and prosper!

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