Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 4 of Wands-COMPLETION & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 4 of Wands: SUCCESS
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 4 of Wands-COMPLETION & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 4 of Wands: SUCCESS

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-4 of Wands-Completion, compared to the Barbara Walker Tarot- 4 of Wands: SUCCESS.

The 4 of Wands, reminds us that in order to energetically move forward, we must at first complete what we have already put into motion. This is also a symbol of spiritual and holistic completion but any way you look at it, something is being completed and there is a desire to begin something new.

Being representative of Eastern mandalas or Native American medicine wheels, the Thoth Tarot card also astrologically represents Venus in Aries; Venus symbolized on top and Aries symbolized on the bottom. Also in the wheel itself are the Aries Ram and the Venus Doves, all characteristic of completion and new beginnings shown in the form of a closed circle.

The Barbara Walker Tarot- 4 of Wands: Success, also depicts the success of the Venus/Aries union. Here She shows a Golden Haired goddess, dressed in a Venus-Green robe, while crowning a masculine figure with a wreath of flowers, a traditional rendition of the "Sacred Marriage". 

The Four of Wands, is a Tarot card representing wholeness and individualization; a simultaneous completion of past and initiating a new future.
Barbara Walker, uses the traditional image of the "4 pillars or Corner posts of earth", signifying home, security, and the sacred marriage of anima (Latin: Spirit) and animus (Latin: Soul); representing wholeness and individualization.

Venus/goddess symbolizes emotional desire to move in new directions while Aries-god represents a sense that there has been completion or consummation of projects, issues or relationships before moving forward. Relationships, because Mars, the ruler of Aries, is also the husband of the Roman goddess Venus.

The Thoth Tarot 4's and the entity Chesed:

To repeat, Chesed, the ruler of the Four's is Mercy, and is known in Qabalah as the Demiurge or "Lesser Creator" and gives rise to "form and light". 
This also makes Chesed both masculine and feminine, as Light/electric is the expression of masculine and form is the receptivity/magnetism of the Feminine.  Thus, Chesed and Geburah are really "two sides to one coin".  So here we compare Chesed -Mercy and Geburah-Severity or Strength, to the two arms of a human, as one gives and one takes away.
THE FOURS, of the minor Arcana of tarot:
The Four Fours, as in all Tarot Small cards are objective and therefore represent perfection, realization, completion, and making a matter settled and fixed.
 The four of Wands is no exception, for here is represented the Lord of Perfected Work.  Again, attributed to the Four of Wands-Completion, is the planet Venus in the sign of Aries, a very important "Sacred Marriage". The angels of the Decan are Nanael and Nithal
The Four of Wands is Chesed, "the Architect"  influencing the realm of Atziluth; the Realm of Pure Spirit.
The swift active force of Aries- Mars, is activating the Love and Luxury of Venus, producing what I like to call "enfleshenment".

This placement in an astrological reading would be implying a warm, brief romance, or warm fleeting feelings. But in Qabalistic Tarot, we must be aware of the Placement on the Tree of Life. There is a combination of the zodiacal and the Sephirotic meanings  to consider.
First and foremost is to realize that the zodiac is the mundane Chakra of Chokma, as it appears in the lowest of Four Worlds; Assiah-the active world.  Thus, the Fours represent the Totality of that which the planetary signs refer. Therefore, rather than "enlightenment", here is represented the first order of "enfleshenment".

Venus in Aries, being the outer attribute of the card while the inner attribute is Chesed forces, the pure four ( Fire, Air, Water, Earth), in the world of Yod-Fire. So what we have in the Four of Wands is Completion of the process initiated by the Upper Trinity, or Supernal Triangle. Here, the manifestation promised by "Will to Form" (Binah) has taken place in Jupiter-Chesed; The Father who resides below the Abyss. Therefore this Jupiter-Chesed, union is a dominating influence on all the following cards, as it is the highest idea that can be understood intellectually of the element it represents. Chesed is the Demiurge, who is the First Sephira below the Abyss, making  him the Lord of all Manifested Active Power.  The original will of Chokmah- Wisdom and Binah-Understanding is now manifest in the Sephira Chesed- Mercy and is now a solid system such as ; Order, Law and Government. i.e., "enfleshment of concepts".
The Love of Venus in Aries, also removes some of the volcanic action of Aries-Mars, and indicates that one can't establish one's work without tact and gentleness.

When examining The Thoth Four of Wands-Completion, we see the wands headed by Rams, both signs of Chesed (Father-God Amoun-Ra) and Aries, ending in the Dove of Venus.
The completed and limitation of the original work is shown by the yellow rimed  circle.  To show balance, the four flames are doubled, suggesting the feminine and masculine (electromagnetic spectrum) balance of the Fours.  Also being a Four, there is no attempt to expand, the original will is complete, so entropy will soon begin. As the Second Law of Thermodynamics states, from order to disorder, is the flow of energy in this universe. Hence, the Fours represent solidification and manifestation and are attributed to Chesed (mercy). The fours are "below the Abyss" and express the Rule of Law (Laws of Physics etc.)
The Four of Wands is called Completion, as the manifestation promised by Binah (understanding) has taken place.
The Four is a very solid number as it has dominating influence on all the cards.

  1. The Masculine nature of fire permits the Four of wands to be clear cut and concise in nature.
  2.  This is the power that dominates and stabilizes everything by pacific and negotiated methods, rather than by assertion itself and is therefore called "Mercy". It is the Law, the Constitution without an aggressive element. Much like magnetism, which holds everything together without a destructive side.

The Fours are a balanced solid, and show a good foundation, as is depicted by the Barbara Walker Tarot of 4 corner posts supporting the senti (Egyptian for: Tent), a bridal and coronation canopy in the "royal purple".

The Four of Wands is Fiery Motion contained by the Magnetic Force of Binah; we are all "alive" because of this containment of Electric force.

Since, The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot- 4 of Wands refers to Chesed (Mercy) in the suit of Fire, this union represents the manifestation of all active power below the Abyss.

The Will of the Two of Wands, Dominion, has been transmitted through the Three of Wands-Virtue and has become a solid system, such as Order, Law and Government in the fours.
By now you may understand that the Sephiroth, are dimensional states of Your Intelligence  and/or Energy States of Psyche that you can obtain and channel as a "Greater Sensual Self" reflection on the "below" of condensed light. The Sephiroth Chesed is a "Higher" State of your Consciousness; "Higher" because it's frequency of spiral energy/light (Serpent force of the ancients) is so refined it is called Higher and thus, not noticed among the low throbbing of sensually drowned  thought.
In Hermetic Qabalah, Thought is known as the "first material" so now we are dealing with a State of Conscious that begins the transition of  Higher Thought into architectural forms.  We have forgotten, that what most people generalize as Spiritual thought which is somehow connected to man-made religions, is a falsehood that the indoctrinated fail to see.  Religious indoctrination is not Spiritual thought, it is the ambitious thought of those who wish to rule and thus harness your energy output to power their "righteous" vision. Spiritual thought is what comes directly from the Divine Creative!

  • Chesed means Mercy, and is called the Builder State of Consciousness.

Chesed is therefore, the frame work of manifestation.  This High state of Consciousness, is also called , "The Loving Father who is King", a kindly Shepard  that is the Receptacle of all Powers. Here you must understand that Power is the ability to do work...not some fear based ideology of slaves who fear the lash and see the ability to deal out death as power, when true power is the ability to "make life".

The Fourth Sephira, Chesed, is the Demiurge and/or "lesser creator", as this is the first  Sephira below the Abyss and the first of Six Sephiroth making up the Microprosopus (Microcosm) . "The Bride of Microprosopus" is the Seventh Sephiroth, Malkuth which we call earth. So the four is also described as the "Son wedded to the Earth Mother" which may give some of a mundane perspective a disturbing image. However, The Sun/Son of God is the Divine Christos or Buddha consciousness that I often call "The Real Person", and Earth is the "Womb of Manifestation".

The first power describe in the Book of  Genesis  is this Qabalistic Demiurge, Chesed  who created "light out of darkness" and the first part of that Book, describes the origin of the Microprosopus and/or the microcosm from the Elohim-Binah, in Chesed when form was created.  Above Chesed, is the Supernal Triangle, a formless void of Dark energy that gives rise to manifestation through the "will to form" that is Binah. Binah is not form, just the Will to Form.  Chesed is the externalization of combined forces or potencies of the Supernal Triangle. Almost impossible to grasp, but never the less, Chesed is the initial urge to become manifest of Kether as "I will Be" to "I Am Being", making Chesed the administrator of the Laws first proposed by the Divine Feminine- Binah, who is know as the Sephira of Understanding, "Will to Form".

The symbols for Chesed are the:

  1. Pyramid, the square, the orb, and equal armed cross (which you see represented on the Emperor card Key 4) the crook (Shepard) and the scepter.  The planet attributed to this Sephira, is Jupiter and the color is blue.

The "All Father"-Sephira,Chokma, in its lower arc of spiral is Chesed.  Chokma emanates the pure form of Binah, so here we have a problem with semantics as Binah is formless Abyss, yet we have a pure form of Binah in Chesed, who is the first "manifester" of form.  The Form of the Universe is the Microcosm, while the  "Will to Force" and "Will to Form" of the Universe are united as the Macrocosm.  Thus the Blue Sophia, The Greek Goddess of Wisdom, is really Chesed. Hence The Dark Binah, who is the feminine action of Chokmah, who is the masculine action of Kether ("I Will Be"), is as yet an unformed marriage of "Will to Force" and "Will to Form". Therefore, the Hebrew Chokmah/wisdom, in Union with Binah/Understanding  is formed as Chesed/mercy. Once again, Binah is the emanation of Kether, as "will to form", but as such is formless. So we can say Binah is the Concept of Womb, and Chesed is the First Womb and phallus combination as separates who come together in one place, i.e. under one marriage tent. So here is presented the problem of obfuscation that is easily produced by words; Chesed is supposed to be masculine force, yet is very feminine in its function as form producer.  Chesed is also the emanation of Chokmah, who is Wisdom and is a Hebrew feminine noun, so there seems to be some kind of interplay here that is not easy to see in such High Dimensions of Intelligent Energy. Just remember, in the Hermetic Qabalah, if energy is being expressed, it is a Masculine action. If energy is being received in order to build form, it is a Feminine action.

In order to get a visual concept of this inter-dimensional marriage, try this: The pictorial chart of The Tree of Life has paths connecting the Sephiroth on the Tree, take a piece of paper, and draw each line between the Sephira as figure eights. This may help you see the interplay of the forces and forms of the Tree, while also realizing the mobius form of dimensional union. Energy is always flowing back and forth, in pared infinity.  When Chesed "expresses energy", it is masculine in its action (electric); when Chesed  is receptive and gives form to energy (Magnetic), therefore "enforcing the Law of Binah", thereby it is feminine in its action.

To truly understand the Tree of Life we must understand that we are dealing with multiplicities of Unity as Self. For all of the Tree is an external modification of the One Divine Energy that is Kether, which is woven upon itself as "threads of energy" and/or Vibrations that are known as frequencies and/or microwaves.   This One Energy, is called the "One Thing" in Qabalah, and it evolves from Sephira to Sephira, becoming more "condensed" by division and union on the Tree of Life. From descent of Kether to Earth and back up to Kether, we have a cycle of renewing effect from Ain Soph (No-Thing) that constantly stimulates birth, death and rebirth on an increasingly more condensed and more powerful level of Something,i.e. Self-relfection! Therefore, the axiom of Qabalah is "Above all things, know thyself"!

Since the Energy of the Tree works in up and down, as well as, cross patterns, Binah-Understanding is best understood as relating to Chokmah-Wisdom and Chesed-Mercy is best understood as relating to Geburah-Severity, as they are opposites in emotion as well as opposed on the tree. The energy of Chesed is anabolic, while the energy of Geburah is catabolic;  He builds, She tears down. 

On the Tree of Life it seems that Chesed is feminine and Geburah is Masculine, but again, Geburah as Mars, is masculine and Chesed as Jupiter, is also Masculine! Jupiter is the benign ruler who is merciful while Mars who is also a King, is destructive and sits in a chariot armed for battle.  Here your thoughts can't be linear, but rather woven into figure eights that help us see that Energy is a Hermaphrodite in  all creation as well as that of Chesed and Geburah.

This may help in understanding the relationship between Geburah and Chesed.  Envision a man with his two arms extended outward from the shoulders. The right arm is Chesed, the Giver, and the Left arm is Geburah the Taker.  The flow of give and take, is the balance that keeps energy transforming, and/or moving.  Here Chesed is the realm  of archetypes described by Plato in the ninth book of the  Republic. The realm of archetypes is the underlying frame work on which all material manifestation is built. The aforementioned geometric symbols of Chesed make suggestions as to the purpose and functions of these archetypes.  
The Pyramid is a tetrahedron used as a building form that brings together four sides that culminate  in an upward point. Energy flows down from above and is distributed equally between four sides. Thus we have the 4 of Chesed, from above Kether, flows the energy of the first primordial elements to Chesed establishing the archetypal  patterns of matter that is  distributed equally throughout the Tree of Life and established in the subdivided elements of Malkuth/Earth. As in the pentagram, the Point of the Pyramid is Spirit which is a directing force. Here we can see that Chesed is an intelligence that is measuring, cohesive and receptive.
The Scepter and the Orb, that can be found throughout the Tarot deck, not only establish the concept of rule but that of sex as well. The scepter is phallic, relating to Chokmah and the orb is womb, relating to Binah. 
The Crook of the Shepard, refers to the Love of the Shepard or ruler for his flock and/ or a Bishop in his role as Pastoral Shepard.
What is interesting here, is that many writers of Theosophy and even Dion Fortune  have written of the "Masters of Chesed", which some call the "Ascended Masters", who are human beings that have "evolved beyond" the "need" for physical incarnations and remain by choice to assist mankind in their development but only when mankind is sufficiently evolved to get in touch with Chesed. Yet, it is Chesed that flows through mankind which is why we are such great Builders! Therefore, this is an error in interpretation, for true mastery is the ability to manifest on All the Planes of the One Mind, and therefore, we are the True Masters of Chesed as self-reflections of the Demiurge!

Anyone who knows my philosophy, understands that the best way to assist those who struggle with incarnations, is to incarnate with them. So to me, an incarnate master is a being of greater power, as they are able to be Chesed on every single plane of  Force and Form! Obviously, Form is what the universe wants to be ("... truth is made manifest"). We may often as Psyche/Soul, channel up and down the Tree of Life, depositing greater and greater discriminating data as Self Awareness, but that data can only be learned and advanced in a sensual experience of Being. The fact that evolutionary Being is the top priority of Chesed, makes one wonder about "masters of Chesed" who reside in non-being.  Besides, since we are Hu (god) Man (mind), and have freedom to chose our own identity---we have no masters anywhere in this Universal Collective of Divinity! Maybe, we are becoming so able to consciously travel the Tree of Energy Conscious, that we are channeling directly the Higher states of mind of our own collective Soul and calling them "Ascended Masters", when all along they are the Archetypes living as us! After all, wouldn't  mastering the Tree, while still incarnate do this very thing?  Something to think about before you seek rocks to stone me.
As you can see, The BarbaraWalker Tarot-4 of Wands: Success, also concentrates on completion/success as a marriage
of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.  Here, she depicts the Egyptian senti, wedding tent,as copied by the Jews who called it a huppah (tent), that is still used to this day. The marriage tent, or huppah, is an old Semitic matrological marriage custom; the tent being symbolic of the bride's home-place.
The wedding, was the physical act of permission to enter her tent.

In Pre-Islamic times the opposite was also true. For when the Arabian wife turned her tent around, so that the back of the tent was presented to the husband, he was officially divorce and could not enter her tent again.
 On her card, Barbara Walker also shows an apple in the hand of the kneeling bridegroom. Traditionally, the apple was a ubiquitous symbol of Goddess granted Immortality, that could only happen within the Sacred Marriage. This symbol was later corrupted by the Christian doctrine as "a forbidden fruit of the Tree of knowledge". It seems the Qabalistic Tree of Life, was the revisionist target here, and it's "apple", the symbol for the Divine Yoni/Womb was forbidden to those "believers" who mustn't seek knowledge, and wished to remain ignorant of The Self.

When thrown the Tarot 4 of Wands card implies :

  • Settlement, arrangements completed, perfected work.
  • Since much energy went into establishing such work it also symbolizes a completion of a work within 4 weeks or 4 months, built up with trouble and labor.
  • It is also  rest after labor.
  • There is also a degree of subtlety, cleverness, and mirth in this card as the Aries Ram is involved.
  • Venus insures beauty, and success in completion.
  • Conclusions drawn from previous knowledge attribute to a healthy reasoning faculty.
  • That in the next 4 weeks or 4 months should be a good time to move in new directions while simultaneously completing things.
  • This card also cautions you to make sure that you have completed other issues, projects and relationships before you do move into other directions especially with any important Aries people in your life (March 21- April 21). 
  • The 4 of Wands card may also be a rite of passage. A joyful celebration and reward after labor. A time of rest and relaxation after completing a difficult task.
  •  It suggests that the querent is experiencing the completion of something and experiencing the desire to begin something new. 
  • It is the key to spiritual and holistic completion.
  • The Four of Wands also implies that ideas are firmly established and proved by their flourishing and it is time to move forward.
  • The querent is manifesting a new destiny by acting on a sense of direction, supplied by inner Self Knowledge that is forming a new identity. 
  • Here we see celebration and reward after laborious completion of an enterprise.

If ill dignified:

  • Sometimes insincere, not ready, unreliability, unsteady, through over anxiety. 
  • Can also mean hurried action.
It behooves the reader of Tarot, to understand that this is a lot of power formed into work that will go no further---it is done.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.


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