Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 7 of Wands: VALOUR & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 7 of Wands: CHALLENGE
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 7 of Wands: VALOUR & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 7 of Wands: CHALLENGE

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-7 of Wands: Valour, compared to The Barbara Walker Tarot- 7 of Wands: Challenge:

On the Qabalistic Tree of Life of the Hermetic Qabalah, the Sevens of Tarot are attributed to Netzach (victory) which is very low down on the Tree of life and therefore more "condensed". In Netzach, is a doubling of the unbalanced nature of conscious energy, as consciousness is now descended deeply into illusion while engaged in a frantic struggle with self-identity. Netzach pertains both to Venus and Earth, and the Heavenly Beauty of Venus is now veiled by the more condensed form of matter.  Hence, The four Sevens of Tarot bring no comfort as they are the denigration of each element, exposing the utmost weakness in every case.

The Thoth Tarot- 7 of Wands is called Valour, which may sound charming at "first blink"; However, Valour is shown only when one knows it is a lost cause that they are engaged in, but continue the fight anyway. Energy is being felt in its last gasp and while struggling desperately, it still is easily overcome, as its balance is precarious.

In the Qabalistic Tarot, Netzach, is  the 7th Sephira; that green Sephiroth on the lower illustrated Tree of Life, [courtesy of the Qabalistic Tarot, text book, by Robert Wang.] Netzach/Victory is the ruling intelligence of all the Tarot 7's.

Green is the color attributed to Venus, the planet attributed to Netzach. Love, feelings and instinct, the Group Mind, Nature, and the Arts, all radiate from this Sephiroth. The Symbols for Netzach are The Girdle, The Rose, and the Lamp.

Netzach is the first Sephiroth of the Astral triangle and is the first conscious self identity of energy  to make up the personality of the individual.
You may remember that I stated that the Personality is made up of the Four Alchemical Elements, each of which are represented by the lower Sephira, in the familiar sequence of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. On the Qabalistic Tree of Life, Netzach-#7 is Fire, Hod-#8 is Water, Yesod-#9 is Air and Malkuth-#10 is Earth.

Netzach is the lower form of the fiery Yod of Chokmah that is reflected from Geburah through Tiphareth. This is the formula for Yod Heh Vau Heh, The Arcane name of the Divine Creative . Malkuth being the final Heh, because of the "fall" which is really a condensing or "down sizing" of Self Identity from Macrocosmic Consciousness to Microcosmic Consciousness. 

In Netzach, normal waking consciousness of the student, must deal with the Astral Triangle and the component parts of the personality (it is a collective of "the past"), after all, we are not of the personality, for it is of Our Spiritual/Psyche Nature, radiating from the Real Person, through the self-reflective consciousness of the body!  It may help, to think of your Real Person as the Sun (for it is your central Solar Self, #6 Sephroth-Tiphareth)
and your body as the Moon. The Moon reflects Sun light and is attributed to the Astral Triangle as a symbol of its properties.
Therefore, the personality, of self-conscious construction, are software programs that are created to operate and experiment with Hardware or Wetware, and are supplanted in the brain to manipulate the instrument of discernment, i.e., the physical body properly. For the Real Person of you, theI AM is not of a brain nor "worded thought", as it is the "self-reflection" of The Real Person; a self-reflection
that we call "me".

However, if your personality was made for you out of the illusions, delusions, and ambitions of " Faux-Authority" (The Real Person should be your only Author),
 than you haven't a clue who is operating the body nor of what your purpose is. Therefore, one has become a slave to an environment created for them and the fantasy world of  words, i.e., propaganda.

Yet again the axiom of Qaballah: "Above all things, Know thyself!" rings true!

The most important part of self-recognition, is to observe the layers of lies, that your personality is constructed from. In the Hermetic Qabalah, this replacing of the false identity so that it becomes in-tuned with the Real Identity , is done by repeating daily the Identity of the Real 10 Dimensions of The Real Person-Solar Consciousness, called THE PATTERN ON THE TRESTLEBOARD (created by Dr. Paul Foster Case). Thereby, removing layer after layer of false you, until the Real you shines true. The imputing of false-identity data, is "Garbage in" and is called man-made persona and the performance of the "Garbage out" is the dysfunctional action of "seeking yourself" in the eyes of your peers, or of an outside authority. You are already God approved----you exist, and your Software for operating the Wetware of your brain, was already created by a  Higher Self Identity and/or Real Person. Remember, "to seek", means you lack it and by seeking your forever declare "I AM Lack of It"! So it is futile to set your brain to "seek" your Identity; one must declare it as "I AM ME".
This Real Identity is often called "the Soul" and/or Psyche; it is Your Real Person.

Often, Mystery schools use a set of Tattva exercises as a type of "controlled day dream" (guided meditations), intended to bring the student into direct contact with the subtle Elemental realms immediately underlying the material sphere of sensation. When teaching the Qabalah, I bring those Elemental realms into sensual manifestation for my students, all of which is necessary to prepare the student for more advance techniques of skrying with Tarot Cards. The Student learns that the 78 Tarot Cards, are 78 fragments of Self, that they must rejoin into a fractal, to become "Holy" and/or Whole Self.
[I shall present here, a very brief description of Tattva, so that if one is so inclined they may link to  Wikipedia and learn more].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Tattva is a Sanskrit word meaning 'thatness', 'principle', 'reality' or 'truth'. According to various Indian schools of philosophy, a tattva (or tattwa) is an element or aspect of reality. In some traditions, they are conceived as an aspect of deity. Although the number of tattvas varies depending on the philosophical school, together they are thought to form the basis of all our experience. The Samkhya philosophy uses a system of 25 tattvas, while Shaivism recognizes 36 tattvas. In Buddhism, the equivalent is the list of dhammas which constitute reality.
Tattva (Kashmir Shaivism)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  (Redirected from The 36 tattvas
This article may be confusing or unclear to readers. In particular, only a small part of the tattvas are explained here. To clarify the subject, all tattvas and their relations should be described and explained... For other uses, see Tattva .

Chart of the 36 tattvas in Kashmir ShaivismIn Kashmir Shaivism, the 36 tattvas are the 36 elements or principles of reality. They describe, in descending order, the Absolute and its internal aspects; the covering of the Absolute by Maya; all of creation, including living beings, and the workings of the mind; and physical reality.

Tattvas divide into three groups: Shudda, or "pure" tattvas (internal aspects of the Absolute); Shuddhashuddha, or "pure-impure" tattvas (the soul and its limitations); and Ashuddha, or "impure" tattvas (material, sensorial, the organs of action, the mind and the ego). The pure tattvas are the domain of transcendental unity and non-differentiation; the pure-impure tattvas are the domain of knowledge; and the impure tattvas are the domain of objectivity and duality...

It should be understood, that the astral realm, beginning with Netzach, is a fluid, non-solid electromagnetic psycho-somatic realm where everything begins in illusion/dream as "impure" fragments of the Universal Collective Unconsciousness . By "impure" we just mean "fragmented" from the Whole. It is the place, where our Formative consciousness can experiment with image, such as snapping together building blocks to create something unusual or puzzle pieces to create an image. Or such as children role-playing, in order to comprehend in a later stage of growth which is the actual manifestation of turning play into a personal living expression.

If done with controlled will, this is a boon to any creative endeavor on Earth; if taken as "pure truth", all hell will break loose on earth!

The Astral nor its denizens of personal illusions of self-reflection, is not a Master of your personality! Nor is anything that you contact in it your ruler, for most of the Astral denizens are lost fragments of personalities, or superstition built demons of fear based mentality!

The Astral is Your malleable psychosomatic -thought-substance to create with, not to be created by!  Most " Medium-Channels" just channel astral persona's, and live in an illusion of devotional thought, not allowing them to see the delusions. The Victory here, is to control the Imagination and not let Imagination control you! We control our Imagination by Declaration of I AM: knowingly or unknowingly, we are the Psychosomatic-masters of our master-piece; the human form. Freedom of choice, proves our Mastery or lack of it!

Let me explain what few wish you to know: A god or goddess, is a dominate Collective Consciousness on its Plane of Dominion. Every one of the Ten Sephiroth, is a god-conscious and goddess-unconscious, you are composed of the United cooperation of these energy intelligentsia we call "gods and goddesses" ( Demi-urges), which contribute to the make up the One Divine Creative-Macrocosm whose self reflection is the Microcosm. You also are a Divine Creative, and have, as a Soul, manifested the "earth demi-god" form;  a body of the Animal "god", Top Mammal Predator, ruler of its domain, the Human body! So, You, The Real Person, is a Great Collective Grouping of Ten dimensional states of Divine Self Awareness, who should be working as One Group Soul of your individual Tree of Life; Adam Kadmon...A One Conscious Collective/Holy Spirit/ Higher Self. 
The fact that you are not "being Real", is because you've been mentally separated from the reality of your divinity! This was done by the manipulation of your imagination,(auto-suggestion) by "The few who wish to rule the many"i.e. Rulers, who are those who control definition by enforcement! These enforcers of identity, have defined your body as a perversion that must be fled from to gain Wholeness (Holiness), this concept divorces one from the most condensed of Spiritual Forms, thus, separating one's Soul/psyche from willfully operating one's own creation! Therefore making one "UN-whole" thereby supporting the doctrine of all ruler's: Divide and Conquer! 
The Astrals are the beginning of identity formation, on earth and by giving you "nightmare" stories of how bad your natural body is, or how inferior your intelligence is,  you forgot you are a "god" of its domain. You are a Psyche of 10 dimensions of completed dominion!

We all must return consciously to the Astral , by meditation, skrying and lucid dreaming, thereby using willed image to clean up our identity software!

When we are dealing with Netzach, we are dealing with understanding a particularly difficult State of energy conscious . Netzach is where both the Macrocosm and Microcosm meet. Thus we are dealing with the understanding of the entire race patterns of human kind, and patterns of individual persona. But if that isn't enough, we must understand that this dichotomy is in itself an illusion!

The  Tarot- 7 of Wands;VALOUR or CHALLENGE, represents Netzach ( 7th Sephira-Victory) in the Suit of Fire, which seems strong enough, except that in the 7 of Wands, Netzach,  which normally resides in the Formative World, is now placed in the element of Fire,  Aziluth, the realm of pure spirit. This is astrologically defined as the Lord of Valour, known as Mars in Leo. Therefore all the fiery activity is lower down in the realm of Assiah, our physical world of transitional elements and therefore weakening spiritual influence.
Therefore, the position of Mars in Leo is one of strength, courage and of a Fiery clash , as here we have exalted the "God of War"; However, Valor implies, the armies are in chaos and personal physical courage needs to be applied to win the battle, so the fray is certain but victory is not.

The number 7 is a feminine number, a Moon reflection, and in this case applies a certain passivity to the Force of Mars, not much, but just enough to unbalance the energy. Mars is distracted by the beauty of Venus.

Netzach, is a Sephira of polarities, as it is on the Male pillar (right hand path) with Venus, a female god attached to it.  This gives Netzach the interplay of Mars and Venus.Thus the certain Victory of the 6, is now an uncertain Victory in the 7 of Wands. This uncertain victory is depicted on the Thoth card by the three Wands of the Adepts, being crossed by a crude club like wand, imply a lower state of energy, and the balanced flames of the Six thrown into chaos. Or on the Barbara Walker Tarot-7 of Wands: Challenge, as a juggler of Power Rods, being distracted by the dangling Moon's reflected light.

Now we of the Qabalah know that "the gods" are the Creations of the Created. They are not emanations of Eheieh, the One and eternal Intelligent Energy known to Qabalists as Kether. Rather, they are creations of the Group Mind of the Races. These "gods" are therefore potent forces formed in our own image...they are us and after many thousand years of worship, have become "patterns of coded energy" or what I like to call, Psychic engines. If you know the code, (old rituals) you may access the stored data and energy, for it sits on the Astral levels awaiting those who have the knowledge.

We are the Above and the Below of the Emerald Tablet and/ or child-Demiurges who must "know ourselves" to claim our Universal Inheritance. We are at once the many and the One. Each of us is a Transformation of the One Energy, of the Greater Self,  therefore Each of us is everywhere at once and nowhere at the same time. If it wasn't for the establishment of a point in time, which is an entity that I or we call "Me", I wouldn't have a sense of presence! I Am  Me, made of a family of Potent Forces, that are called gods by some, The Universal Collective Unconscious called Psyche, and/or the Intelligent Forces of Physics, by others. What stands out is that I am a wyrding of Forces (old English-To weave) a Weaving of sine waves of conscious, into a tapestry of potent function that I call "I AM ME'! I am both the Transmitter and the Transmitted, and the Radio that picks it up and gives it a presence at this Time/space dimension (and the other Ten on the Tree also have a "point/number in time"). My potency depends on my "self-awareness"...my perspective of Self. Gods, are such a perspective. As such a "god self-reflection", I must experience Am as Me.  Unless "I" learns to discriminate what is  "Am", and the difference between the two which becomes a "Me", the composite Identity of I AM ME, will become a howling hell of clashing self identities, each trying to be "king of the Mountain"!
In such a clash of forces, the armies are in chaos and only the crude Valor (Valour) of  an individual effort will carry the day. This tells one that ."Sure, you may carry the day, but only by a impeccable effort of will that ignores pain and discomfort"; that impeccable effort of Will" is I AM Valor!

The idea implied by the Thoth Card is of a battle being thrown into disorder (flames going in all unsystematic  directions), where the army is losing and only by the exercise of individual Valour can victory be achieved. This disorder of power is also depicted by the Six Wands of the Three Adepts relegated to the background, diminished and becoming common placed while the seventh wand, a large crude club, is in front.  This illustration implies that the first weapon at hand is an unsatisfactory weapon in ordered combat and only the valor of the club wielder can carry the day. Thereby stating that victory is uncertain. Hence the 7 of Wands tarot card is about opposition and possible victory, depending on the amount of courage exercised by the querent.

The 7 of Wands (basically all sevens) show a positive result which is dependent upon the action taken by the individual. However, the battle suggested by this card, may also be disorganized and disordered producing uncertain results. Order, depends on the Valour of the individual.  A determined individual, who "takes the bit" and charges into the fray---a do or die mentality--will prevail, undistributed by the chaos around them.
The capability to be disorganized and disordered comes from being unsure of yourself and your ideas and being distracted by environment.

So what the Spirit is telling the querent here, is that only through individual Valour and/or Self Trust,  will one face the challenge and "carry the day".
Any lack of self trust will end up as a negative outcome.

Esoterically, the Tarot Suit of Wands represent "sex-energy"(life-force) which is the passionate force of Eheieh (Kether-" I Will Be"). Therefore,  Will is Spirit, which indicates that we must be listening more to our Spirit than our brain... for true Valour is Spiritual. This indication is easily seen as the Planet Mars represents War-or Battle and Leo represents the Solar Self (Spirit) which suggests that only the Bright- Battling Spirit can win here.  So generally, the 7 of Wands shows a force transcending the material plane which is a power force that requires one capable of wielding it. It is Kundalini Force, and if a person of little valor (valour) invokes Kundalini, disorganized and disordered emotions shall prevail; However, if the person knows that they are untiring Spirit, who operates their own body as a Wand of an Adept, and sees challenges as accomplishments rather than problems--their inner Valour shall attain outer victory. So no matter how much you fear, charge into the fray with confidence that your Spirit shall prevail!  A rough way to view this 7 of Wands-Valour (old spelling) or Challenge is to just grab your flaming club of the primeval "Will to Force" and charge.......you'll succeed without dying, but you may bleed a little.

The Barbara Walker Tarot-7 of Wands: CHALLENGE, shows an artistic rendition of the "Sword of Damocles".

Ancient kings, had to face death as an end to their reign.  As an owner of the divine name, "glory of the lady" or "glory of the blood" ( the meanings for both Heracles and Damocles), the king represented the god on earth and so, according to the Orphic pattern, was expected to accept the same fate as the Sun-god and/or "dying god".
Latter on, the kings avoided this fate by appointing a surrogate victim to die for them. Such a victim was Damocles, who was a courtier of a Syracusan King "Dionysus". Since he envied the king's  glory and wanted the privileges of royal rank, Damocles was the chosen surrogate of the Syracusan King. However, Damocles soon discovered that royal rank carried compensatory penalties, for when he sat on the royal throne, a sword was suspended over his head by a single hair.
Barbara Walker shows this "Sword of Damocles", as the "sickle" shaped crescent moon shape of the Goddess (Isis, as crone, carried a sickle rather than a sword).

Hence, this card warns against the challenges of high ambition, where one is vulnerable  to threats both above and below. The possession of power carries risks, that is usually not seen by those wishing it. The Challenge of power, is shown as the juggled power rods be kept in the air by individual valor, while the act of their very own destruction hangs over their head. Only the juggler's dynamic equilibrium can delay the destruction and/or corruption of the individual wielding power.

When the 7 of Wands is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • That for the past 7 weeks or 7 months, or in the future 7 weeks or 7 months ( depending on accompanying cards), the Querent will be experiencing opposition.
  • Possible victory, depending on the  energy and courage exercised; valor, obstacles, difficulties, yet with the courage to meet them.
  • Quarreling, ignorance, pretense, wrangling, and threatening behavior, influence over a subordinate and victory in small, petty and/or unimportant things. Again the dignity of the card, whether well or ill, is always decided by the surrounding cards.
  • In any case, in-order to overcome difficulties, the Seven of Wands implies passionate effort must be supplied no matter what outcome is feared.  The Statement by Charles Lotterhand," The outer aspects of everything seems negative but I still have my expectation of a result that would normally be an impossibility", would sum up nicely what this card means.
  • That within 7 day's or 7 weeks, the querent will need to display personal valor to achieve success, as there will be opposition obstacles, difficulties, challenges and quarreling.
  •  With Mars in Leo, the querent will also have the courage to meet all challenges.
  • Victory is always possible if we have the courage and proper energy excised to meet ignorance, pretense, wrangling, and threat, face to face.
  •  Depending on the dignity of the cards, ill or well, victory may just be in small and unimportant things and influence over a subordinate.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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