Tarot Card Comparisons: Thoth Tarot-2 of Cups: LOVE & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 2 of Cups: ROMANCE
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: Thoth Tarot-2 of Cups: LOVE & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 2 of Cups: ROMANCE

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth-2 of Cups: Love & The Barbara Walker Tarot-2 of Cups: Romance.

In previous blogs, I explained the esoteric nature of all the Minor Arcana; However, in this blog I'll explain the Two of Cups in a more common tongue, at first, and then into the depths of mystery, for even the logo I use, is a symbol of Love.

The Tarot four 2's:

Some of you may understand that Chokma  (Wisdom) is the #2 Sephiroth on the Tree of life. You may also understand that Chokma is attributed to Male-Will-to-Force, even though "he" has the potential to radiate the "pure  female", as it is an unbroken flow to Binah (understanding) who has the potential that creates all life-forms, as Will-to-Form.  To understand there is no more a division of male-female than there is in time-space, or electromagnetic, will greatly heed your understanding of  The Divine Creative and yourself!

From the ordinary point of view, The Sephiroth- Chokma is really #1 rather than #2, because he is the first manifestation; Kether (Crown) is completely sealed, unseen, because limitless light is unseen. Nobody knows anything about it at all, even the Quantum Physicists that call Kether, Dark Energy, know nothing about dark energy. It is very similar to gravity, as that to is an unseen force, yet we know by its action, that it is there.
In reality, only upon reaching the 2nd Sephiroth, does an element appear as itself. Since, Chokma is completely uncontaminated by influence; the elements appear here in their original harmonious condition.
The Thoth Tarot-2 of Cups:
Is the Lord of Love, or Husbandry of Love. Thus, two of cups is preforming the same office for Water as the two of Wands is playing for fire. "
To understand that when He is Created She is created or vise verse, may be seen by the unbroken equal paths connecting Kether to Chokma and Binah and the  Chokma-Binah path that is called the Empress Card. 
Understanding the Twos,kind of gives you that annoying brain buzz, that comes from understanding paradox.

But  like a Taoist Koan, I find this a worthy investment of mental "buzz", for as the Taoist claims, "... if it is here, it is there, and if it is there it is here.  If it isn't here, then it isn't there! Which is simply said in the Qabalah as "As above, so Below". 2 will always be seen, when there is One, be it "here" or "there".  For just an ordinary magnet, has 2 poles and a figure eight, is the sign of infinity, because it has 2 loops. Love, is because of 2 not one. Yet in each One of us, there are 2, for the union of inner Anima/Feminine (Latin for: Spirit) and Animus/Masculine (Latin for: Soul), created our Outer One.

To go further, most scientists agree, that life as we know it on Earth, isn't possible without the Sun! Yet even more arcane, biologist also claim that it is the tides of the Moon, that caused life to exist on planet Earth. So once again, we have 2, who are One. Please, then explain to me, how "One God" is not a Divine Creative of 2 in union as one! But 2 has never been the limit of union, for all is a collective of 2's and their prodigy, for 2 in union become 1, who then return to the original One, making 3. 

For example, Kether,#1, is the original "I", which is but a movement in the firmament (The Ain), the first Will to Force; the first vibration, often called the Logos. But because of that movement, the Firmament became aware of "Other". This formed #2-"Chokmah"  which is Wisdom and therefore,  "Am". The two "I" and "Am", unite to form existence. However, this is not yet Life. But because of this union of I and Am, Self was formed by an Understanding of the difference between the 1 and "Other"-2; Understanding the difference of I and Am created #3 Binah, the Womb Sephiroth of Understanding and the resulting "Will to Form". We now have the ability to create "offspring", and or "ME. 

In the Hermetic Qabalah, the One is a Trinity, called the Supernal Triangle. Here, there is the 2 who became 3, which are as we, for each and every one of us share the Crowning Wisdom and Understanding of I AM ME! The trinity of Self Awareness, we call the Divine Creative and its Creation!

Love, may seem obvious to us all. The operative word is [may]. Love is not only a flow of conscious energy that results from a union of opposites, but because of the physical body, is also a sense of ecstasy, a validation of feelings as a  state of Oneness, where 2 return to One. It is also a pull of Psychic attraction (electromagnetic) on the unconscious level of emotions. Love, is therefore a form of Higher Psyche that is often called "The Higher Self".

The symbols of  Fish and the Dolphins  are specific symbols relating to Goddess Venus and  Neptune, or the Sun God Apollo. This card is also Venus in Cancer; Cancer being a watery sign, which represents the feminine in this card. Solar male and Moon/water female in flowing union.

The Love card is also about personal romance and love of two people. It is that joyful moment when we feel the equilibrium of unchecked energy and conscious flow weaving two people together as one Force. A force which has the potential for energy-misspent or well-spent, as our consciousness is flooded with "romantic" juices (hormones or endorphin) and we have only one focus---the other person. 

It is not an old wives tale that Romantic Love is fleeting, because in reality such intensity of chemical-emotion will simmer down enough that the mundane consciousness can think again. However, the our mundane "self-consciousness" is run by "survival thinking" programs Therefore, this process of chemical reaction may become a normal state of judgmental thinking and we begin to see "faults"  that were hidden in the Solar Glare of Romance. Faults, are seen as threats, to survival thinking, although they are simply being what we "don't like" in ourselves which reflect on our "dream of the other". Of course, if we allow others to be themselves, rather than "what I want" and know that everyone we see is just another way to be "me" rather than demanding they fit our "dream of them"; love becomes place of high conscious observation that knows that the dual thinking of  "good and bad" is illusion. Love then becomes an "I-sight" were we will enjoy each other. Whether we agree  or disagree, is of no consequence for disagreement is seen merely as an individual expression rather than a threat. 

Opposites do attract, and also the union of opposites often expands and liberates both parties  from preconceived thoughts. Love is what we are----an intense motion of  I AM Me! Love is Spiritual Force that causes all atoms to come together in unions that make molecules who become a universe and our material world. It is the Force of Attraction and therefore often called "The Law of Attraction"!

It is the Dual Creative whose United Duality, is the rhythmic dance that pumps our heart and is the breath in our lungs.

However, love is not just between 2 people, to our Spirit, whatever we focus our most intense emotion on, is "love of", and a Union forseen.  So if we focus most on what we don't want, i.e Fear----the Spirit thinks we love that and makes sure we get "what we fear". This is the potential for love misspent. 

Focus  on what you are grateful for---this will be seen as love-in-flowing union and the Spirit will move heaven and earth to make sure you get more for Being More is the ever expanding journey of all Identity in this Universe of I AM ME!

Love is how we "be"; it is our life motion! Love began as the Union of Goddess (Magnetic Force-Formative Force) and God (Electric/Fire Activating Force) and in the "honeymoon suite" of the Universe, the human body, love has become a Sensual delight in Union.  We are conceived from that eternal embrace of I AM Me; "Love of Being" as a "Being of Love". We are the children of such a creative passion  that by our mere observation of electrons, we transform them into our "Understanding". In other words we are children of the "Big Bang" that formed  also formed I AM ME!  Hence, To know thyself is to know the Passion "to Be"---- which is to be the " e-motion-all- Big Bang of Identity" and all things can be created from that point.  That is why the Hermetic Qabalah, states "Above All Things-Know thyself", for with such great emotive power, comes great self-responsibility! Be responsible for your-self and know that thought is merely a lens that focuses your Passion into a material world of condensed photons; transforming light and reforming it to your e-motion-al self-image.


You are a great power--you are Love and contrary to mundane indoctrination, you do not seek it! To seek love is to be as a fish in the Ocean --seeking water;  that is a perfect image of a lost soul.

The Thoth Tarot- 2 of Cups:Love, represents love under will, the harmony of female and the male interpreted in the largest sense; perfect and placid harmony, radiating an intensity of joy and ecstasy, as shown by the Dolphins in total expression with one another.

The Thoth Tarot represents love as communication on all dimensional states of conscious energy and as shown by the pink lotus blossoms. Here love  is "as above so below", stating that this love flows from the Divine itself. This love is equal and special, as shown by the two overflowing cups. Love like this is without self-banishment or self-diminishing, rather it expands both parties and they feel equal to each other, even while being special to each other.  A state many of us wish for  but we often only experience love of a unequal nature or an equal love with out feeling special such as a professional relationship.

The green sea represents the image of creative love. The yellow reflection symbolizes  inspirational love while the blue sky states that love is clear and focused. The astrological aspect of this card is Venus in Cancer.

  • The Ancients knew Venus to be the planet of love,beauty and creative power: 
  • Astrologically Cancer represents, nurturing, comforting, supporting, and healing. As I have mentioned before, the 2 is the Qabalistic number that represents "the Word and the Will" and is the first manifestation. In the suit of water, this is Venus in Cancer. Astrologers know Cancer to be the most receptive of signs and is the House of the Moon. Jupiter is most exalted in Cancer. Thus we have arguably the three most friendly Planets, Moon, Venus and Jupiter, linked together in mutual positives.For those of us who aren't astrologers, in the element of water that represents consciousness, Love is the force that recovers unity from individuality by the process of mutual annihilation.  In other words, Love changes both individuals and combines them in a new form, and therefore considered a metaphysical solvent, such as water is a physical one.

The Thoth Two of Cups:
shows two overflowing cups in the foreground, on a calm sea. The translucent  water (represents energy in motion/emotion) flows from a Lotus, filling the cups, while another Lotus arises from the sea, supporting two Dolphins. The Dolphins are Alchemical symbols of solution and can be studied by looking into alchemical reference material. The Alchemical Dolphin Symbol represents the dual purity that must be combined to form the Philosopher's Stone. If one wishes to know more about this "purity of the Elements", one should study metaphysical Alchemy. However, John Dee, royal Alchemist in Queen Elizabeth's Court could be an interesting reference point. Also the Royal Dolphin, pertains to the Sun God Apollo.The number two refers to Will, so The Two of Cups is also known as the
Lord of Love under Will,
and shows the harmonic technology of  Female- Will to Form and Male-Will to Force, in the largest sense of the words.

The Barbara Walker Tarot-2 of Cups: ROMANCE.
chooses to show a more mundane interpretation of love. "Couples", from the French-
coupes, as lovers were regarded after pledging their union or troth in cups of wine. Hence, it is only obvious that in tarot, a pair of cups, suggests  a commitment of love between the feminine and masculine.

The sexual romantic bond became popular in the medieval period as the drudara which was celebrated by minnesingers. Later to become known as troubadours and/or bards.

The populace never tired of these "love songs", which were condemned by the Church ( today it is "rock and roll") authorities that condemned the songs as heathen and therefore, sinful, as they were dedicated to the goddess. They even tried to condemn them by law. (It is well known the even today, that Theocracies often condemn dancing and singing of "love songs" as they both are "sexual-romantic" expressions). The obvious fear of loosing the power over people's minds, motivated these laws, as these minstrels showed the ability to turn the people away from the Church's condemnation of romance as sinful.  This became true, as to any thinking person, without romance their would not be any children bred to make priests, let alone anyone else. So to it became common knowledge that to create life, is indeed an action of the Divine Creative, and not something sinful. 

So the romantic poets, seemingly indirectly inspired by the Tantric sadhakas, and Eastern Sufism, emotionally hinted that man's spiritual fulfillment must be sought on the path of sexual love.
Therefore, Barbara Walker, shows 2 lovers, toasting their love in front of a golden full moon, on the shores of a lake, along with the traditional, wine, bread and salt of a marriage ritual.

When the Two of Cups card is thrown during a reading, it represents:

  • Harmony, Love, marriage, pleasure, Warm Friendship, mirth, and subtlety.
  • It is about human love on a large scale.
  • It also is a 2 week or 2-month card, representing the accumulation of the above emotions in that time period.
  • Soul mates have found each other or will within 2 months.
  • In the next two weeks or two months, one will experience the capacity to achieve emotional balance and emotional fulfillment.
  • One will be able to give and receive love in equal proportion.
  • It would be a good time to extend love to the Cancer people in your life. (June 21-July 21). Love to or from family members is also important at this time.
  • This love is not only about two people, it also can be about 2 gifts, 2 talents, 2 resources that you have and that two loves in your life, whatever they may be, are equally balanced and fulfilling in the next two weeks or months. 
  • If ill dignified, it can represent:
  • Folly, waste, dissipation and silly action and is far more superficial than when well dignified.
  • In the Thoth Tarot, ill dignity and well dignity, are decided by the surrounding cards and there is no significance supplied to up-side-down cards. This being because this is seen by many Qabalists as an act  of disordered deck handling and not an "act of God".

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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