Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 5 of Cups-Disappointment & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 5 of cups: Regret
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 5 of Cups-Disappointment & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 5 of cups: Regret

The Tarot of Eli The Thoth Tarot- 5 of Cups: Disappointment & The Barbara Walker Tarot-5 of Cups: Regret.

In Tarot, the Fives, are of a conscious energy state of Severity (Geburah), the Sephirotic intelligence that rules the fives. The Five of an element, such as the Five of Wands-Fire, are the idea of motion coming to the aid of the material of that element. The Fours represent Perfect stability, which is  a state of stasis, and energy in stasis, is the end of motion. This would be the end of the Moving Universe,i.e. the end of the alive. Thus, the  severity of the fives is needed to "kick start" the engine of Life before it succumbs to the demands of entropy.
Again, the message, that change is the only constant, rings loudly in the Fives.
Hence, in the statically stabilized system, a storm arises and stresses the system into an unbalance, thus, a new motion is begun. Knowing this, we know the Fives are not "evil" but rather just the opposite. For it would be evil (live spelled backwards) to insist on not moving.

For many of us westerners, the Buddhist doctrine of Sorrow implicitly states that inertia and insensitive mental states must characterize peace. To be intimate and sensitive, and/or empathetic is not a peaceful state of emotion. Thus "Life is Suffering", is not a negative, but a positive motion towards change that is both empathetic and concerned with individual progress, for progress isn't done peacefully; it is done because "necessity is the Mother of invention".

When we stay inert because we believe that inertia avoids hurt, we are losing motion because lack of understanding/attraction, won't let us move, and to be alive---is to move.  "Alive", is an animation with the ability to be observant, and thus able to change direction when  needed. However, a parked vehicle cannot be turned in any direction. Hence, every experience, every phenomena is Sacred to evolutionary knowledge .  So every Phenomenon is a Sacrament; Pleasure and Pain are both honored guests, in the Divine Temple of Human Being. Not because we are obsessed with them, but because they are the Hierophants that teach us. Pain teaches us error, and pleasure teaches us accomplishment, each to be enjoyed in the moment, and then changed into a new motion.  Be that as it may, a disturbance is disturbing, and the Five of Wands is Strife...our peace is being assaulted.

We know fire delights in  superabundant flow of Energy, while water, as does pleasure,  delights in its peaceful and stable nature. Any disturbance to this placidity can only be regarded as misfortune and thus disappointment.

To reiterate: Being a number 5, this card is ruled by Geburah, the  fiery 5th Mother- Sephiroth of Severity, who is now in a Water Suit: Cups. She is the "left-handed" side of the Great Mother that deals in "tough love".   There is a natural antipathy here, as fiery heat, passion, causes a natural disturbance in water, disturbing its ease; stirring up trouble. What is even more disturbing is the fact that this card is also attributed to Mars in Scorpio. Mars is in its worst aspect, when in Scorpio.
Here is a lowly defensive and wounded emotional scorpion on the lowest plane of Geburah, which in this case, is the putrefying aspect of emotions held too long in "fantasy". We have held the concept of "this makes me happy" too long, where the fantasy of possession = happiness, has been fed too much energy, because of our resistance to release. Happiness is a dance of wave and particle, one moment unstable and moving, the next balanced and stable.  

However, the powerful masculine aspect of Mars, The God of War, slows down the natural putrefaction of energy (E-Motion) held too long in stability, causing it to be agitated in its containment vessel, so that it is felt internally and not yet seen externally. Hence, subtly frustrating the anticipated pleasure that is emotionally and externally sought. What many of us fail to realize, is that the mundane usage of the word emotion, fails to recognize that it is Energy-in-Motion, to create and transform anew. Held too long, it rots and becomes a swamp of almost constant "quick sands" of resistance to movement. This why many people, hold onto the "monsters they know" rather than risk meeting an unknown. Too such a one, life is "Suffering".

The Thoth Tarot symbolizes all this putrefying disturbance, as the lotus blooms being dried out by a hot wind, over a dead sea, and the pentagram inverted, showing material trump over spirit. What was thought to bring pleasure, doesn't anymore, and the person is disturbed.

Not a totally devastating card, but disappointing none the less, as the Spirit points out to us that dependency on other persons, places, goals and/or events to make us happy, breeds disappointment. Also that our disappointment is as useful as "crying over spilt milk". One must realize that the Happiness of the Divine Creative built us to be-Us and we don't need to seek it any more than a fish swimming in the ocean needs to seek water, just dive deeply inward and there it is, like a welcoming thermal layer in a deep ocean. Metaphor aside, internally happiness is the balance of Unconscious and self-conscious states of identity. Where one's imagination and consciousness is at peace with each other. Since our "internal" is the Psyche, and our "external" is the soma/body, we must always remember that the event we call happiness is a psychosomatic event, where body and mind enjoy each other.

Being a number 5, this cup card is ruled by Geburah, a fiery Sephiroth of Severity, who is now in a Water/conscious Suit of the Heart: Cups. There is a natural antipathy here, as fiery heat causes a natural disturbance in water, or our "inner love" for the external.  What is even more disturbing is the fact that this card is also attributed to Mars in Scorpio. As stated the emotional Scorpio is in its worst aspect in Mars . Here a lowly scorpion on the lowest plane of Geburah, feels threatened, it's stinger held high, which  in this case, is the putrefying aspect of water/emotions as we try to defend them rather than risk facing the unknown future. 

Many people reading tarot, inappropriately term some tarot cards as "bad/evil" and others as "good" which is the two dimensional thinking of our rule enforced cultures. This is errant thought as the Tarot is about intelligent energy, both subtle and objective and its movement as "your multidimensional life" journey. Sometimes, unraveling this paradox of what seems bad is actually good, wearies us, but in truth, severity is a corrective. It wouldn't have happened if it wasn't necessary. Yet, all the understanding in the world, doesn't lessen the hurt, this is another "self-sacrifice" of the Psyche's impersonal observation caused by intimacy. Our Soul's sacrifices detachment, by becoming intimately involved with Life, means we must deal with loss both physical and emotional. It's part of the price of being and a necessary part of learning discernment.

Hence, the 5s, which have often been termed as bad, are really the necessary disruption of the placidity of the fours. Your inner self is telling the outer self it is time to move, "I am drowning in putrefaction here"! This placidity makes us blind to "what's really going on". This lack of observation is also true for the 5 of cups, as emotional disappointment makes us fragile (the 5 glass cups), and vulnerable and we tend to curl up in an emotional fetal position. Like the murky sea in the background of the Thoth 5 of Cups, we become depressed and then angry at how "unfair it all is", shown as the orange/red sky. We are now off balance (the askew star) and feeling uprooted (the lily pads with falling lotus blossoms). The transformational aspect of disappointment is shown by the universal sign of the butterfly (the roots of the lily pads in the shape of a butterfly).

Again, The Tarot card, 5 of Cups, astrologically, is Mars in Scorpio; Mars is the planet associated with vitality, assertiveness and dynamic activity. Scorpio is the sign of emotional depth, thus disappointment is felt deeply "to the core" here.
The Barbara Walker Tarot-5 of Cups;Regret, displays the traditional meaning of a marriage, without love, as the meaning of this card. Here a union once satisfying, has been disrupted by being found wanting in some expected aspect. Therefore, what one thought was satisfying has now turned to regret.
The blue 5 pointed "water" star, surrounded by mars red, is an ancient ominous sign linked to the Egyptian underworld. Under this sign of the pentagram, the "dying god" lay in the earth's "pit", waiting for the Goddess to resurrect him. This time of waiting, these dark days of "winter" where the Sun king was absent from the world, were viewed with lament and regret.
The overturned cup spilling the wine or sacred blood of happiness, was also a traditional implication of a deadly impotence. Therefore, it can be interpreted that on the Barbara Walker Tarot, the Woman staring out over her own element-the sea, is the image of any sort of abandonment or indifference while the man, with his back to her, stands for any sort of annoyance.

As I have previously stated, Geburah, the Fifth Sephiroth, may be sever but brings a necessary corrective in our lives, by tearing away all that is useless thought, emotion, that is outdated and unproductive. Geburah, is the Corrective aspect of the Great Mother of all Form. She knows that sometimes, the adult who still acts as a child, must be kick out of the comfortable surroundings, to strive on their own. The bird can't learn to fly, if it never leaves the nest. If we stay at peace too long, we become crystallized and motion is compressed to stasis. 

In this Universe , as understood by modern science, there is only one energy that we can't create, nor can we destroy it. We can however, transmit it and transform it.  Transformation is a process of deconstructing and then reconstructing that which is envisioned, and as physics has proven wave particle duality occurs just by observation.

Transmitting energy is done sexually or in some from of intimacy and/or communication, where we are in communion with someone or something. Such as the intimacy of healers or shamanistic rites etc. The flow of this vital force is often called love, as such we could say that the intimacy of the negative pole as it joins with a positive pole of a magnet proves love; The Law of Attraction. But being Spiritual beings, we know Love is more that energy flow, it is a communion of multiple attributes plus imagination and therefore a flow of Psyche as well.  Powerful Intimacy is not just physical touching, tasting, smelling, hearing or seeing, even though those are usually involved. Such powerful Intimacy is where one Soul/ Auric Field blends with another; where one's imagination joins with another. Energy weaving into a new pattern for both parties. A multiplication of 7 Auric- dimensions weaving with another 7 Auric- dimensions, becoming 49. These 49 are really a numeric 4+ 9= 13 and Key 13 is the Death Card, which means a "Spiritual Transformation". One may balk at the understanding that a marriage is a type of death, yet it is Transformation of One into Two who are now One. When red marries blue, we get Purple, someone altogether different. Disappointment comes when something or some expectation, stops the red and blue form blending.
 Therefore, how ever wonderful energy in motion is, it also has an end. That would be the second law of Thermodynamics where"...all things proceed from order to disorder", therefore a Master weaver of Self, would see the disorder in Self patterns that have become "too comfortable" and deconstruct them and reconstruct a new order of Self.  Here's where Geburah steps in to assist us, she makes us view the disorder of comfort seeking, and as a corrective, severity aids us by making us move past the old and into the new. 
 Is also known as Lord of loss in pleasure. As stated, here the planet Mars is in Scorpio. The angels of the Decan are: Livoyah and Pehilyah.
Geburah is now influencing the Mental World, Briah-The Creative World of imagination. 
 By now you may know that the Alchemical Element-Water is emotional-consciousness, and a sever situation in our emotional security is being sensually presented in the 5 of Cups.  Mars is violent energy and in the water sign Scorpio, this produces an extremely emotional effect. 

 On both the Thoth Tarot and The Tarot of Barbara Walker, the once full cups are empty, implying loss of that which is loved.  This card, if supported by he accompanying cards, can even mean death of a loved one. The inverted pentagram represents the triumph of matter over spirit a kind of "upside down" thinking, where disturbance arises in the middle of emotional ease.

There is a natural antipathy in the 5 of cups, as it is ruled by Geburah in the Suit of Water; Geburah is fiery  and therefore causes disturbance just when everything seems calm. Geburah can be called, in her natural sense, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, often called entropy, where it is stated that in an isolated system, such as our emotions,  Order proceeds into Disorder.  The zodiacal attribution is also to Mars in Scorpio, which is in Mar's own house. Mars manifests on the lowest plane of Geburah, and Scorpio is in its worst aspect, which all together suggest the purifying power of water as it proceeds into disorder. However, the powerful male influences delay speedy decay, hence the beginning of destruction is only shown on the 5 of cups tarot card and the anticipated pleasure is merely frustrated at this point.

Second law of thermodynamics
[From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]:
The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of an isolated system always increases over time, or remains constant in ideal cases where the system is in a steady state or undergoing a reversible process. The increase in entropy accounts for the irreversibly of natural processes, and the asymmetry between future and past. Historically, the second law was an empirical finding that was accepted as an axiom of thermodynamic theory. Statistical thermodynamics, classical or quantum, explains the microscopic origin of the law.The second law has been expressed in many ways. Its first formulation is credited to the French scientist Sadi Carnot in 1824, who showed that there is an upper limit to the efficiency of conversion of heat to work in a heat engine.

This scenario of the 2nd law, is shown on the Thoth Card, by the fiery winds tearing the blossoms of the lotus plants as they grow out of an arid, dead sea. No new water/emotion flows into the cups.
The 5 cups are shown forming  an inverted pentagram which symbolizes matter's triumph over spirit; entropy's triumph over motion.

When the Five of Cups is thrown during a reading it usually means;

  • Disappointment in love, a marriage separation or divorce, unkindness from friends (whether deserved or not is shown by the accompanying cards}.
  • Death or end of pleasures.
  • Sorrow and loss in those things in which pleasure is expected.
  • Sadness, deceit, treachery, ill-will, charity and kindness ill-requited.
  • In other words, all kinds of troubles from unexpected and unsuspected sources.
  • It suggests to you that changes have to be made in choices of  self-precepts or of friends and lovers.
  • So grieve, then get on with new perspectives as emotions are only fresh and clean when moving forward.
  •  Never be afraid to apologize if you are in the wrong will help you move forward as well.
  •  To hold to past expectations, is to putrefy your emotional self, who then is mired in past fantasy which can only be supported by denial.
  • You are worth love and kindness and if your relationships are not supportive, support yourself and move on! 
  • Spirit is action and matter is crystallization, so the idea is to keep expanding your emotional awareness so that you don't solidify into a mire of putrefaction.
  • Emotional disappointment for 5 weeks or 5 months.
  • Usually implication of relying too much on others for love, rather than loving themselves.  
  • Here, there is a certain crying over past events, a experience of grieving over what has been lost. 
  • Emotional discord as one begins to adapt. 
  • This is a card of regret, loss and separation.
  • The corrective of Geburah is being applied here, and it is the beginning of recovery.
  • This is not a trivial disappointment such as not getting the right color of car, but a real stinging disappointment that in the next 5 weeks or 5 months that has been or will be experienced .
  • This also could be 5years of disappointment or disappointment that goes back to a period 5 years ago, or even disappointment that has been experienced deeply when you were 5 years old and is still influencing your present emotional state.
  • All of these meanings are determined by where the card lays in the reading.
  • When this card is thrown you may want to release past patterns of disappointment either with the Scorpio people in your life and/or in the next 5 weeks or 5 months be no longer willing to hold onto past disappointments and will make a conscious decision to let them go.
  •  It's now time to transform your emotion into a free butterfly rather than a "worm" in a hard shell of disappointment.
  • Stuff happens to the just and unjust alike and by releasing disappointment, we can then turn anger into a personal ambition to create more motion in our life!
  • This card states, " Release the past, for that is a dead place, fly forward into the sunny now!"

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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