Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 9 of Cups:Happiness & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 9 of Cups: Happiness
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 9 of Cups:Happiness & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 9 of Cups: Happiness

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-9 of Cups-Happiness & The Barbara Walker Tarot-9 of Cups-Happiness:

Both the Thoth and Barbara Walker card represents contentment and satisfaction. The 9 of cups is a card of great blessing, emotional fulfillment and overflowing happiness as the will and imagination fuse into flowing creativity.

The Thoth card implies that happiness is being experienced internally (three vertical cups symbolize the intuitive side of body, mind and spirit) and externally (three horizontal cups represent the conscious side of body, mind and spirit).

Open lotus blossoms are the symbol of open spiritual awareness, internal happiness and the pewter,  cups, the color of Saturn and Time, represent the body, whose happiness is overflowing.

The astrological  symbol of this card is Jupiter in Pisces . Jupiter is the planetary symbol of luck, opportunity, and growth. Pisces is the astrological sign of fluidity and fullness. Therefore,this is a card representing total happiness that flows through body, mind and spirit.
The more Traditional Card of the Barbara Walker Tarot, depicts two lovers, holding a love cup. Since the 9's represented the intensified theme of Love, just as the 9 Muses, intensified the power of the Triple Goddess; the fullest expression of love, in the suit of love, is the 9 of cups, and traditionally, this meant happiness.
  According to pagan belief, the paramount sensation of happiness was to be found in the sacred moon-groves, nemetonae or nimidae, that used to serve as open air temples in old Europe.
Over The mystic Rose of Love, depicted on her card, coupled the Goddess/God as they went about the mysterious magic of creation.
Later, the mystic Rose of Love, became the central point of the Fairy Queen's magic garden; the fairy queen being another form of the many named goddess. [Wilkins, 128]

However, in a universe where "Change guarantees stability", stability also guarantees change. Hence, this is not permanent happiness, so my advise is to fearlessly enjoy fully the moment of great happiness and know that it is but a flowing moment that is to be experienced in the now.  Happiness is a momentary stability caused by a inner and outer harmony; However that will change. But it doesn't mean drastic emotional swings, rather a movement towards other creative endeavors and the various feelings new uncharted ground brings; which is a positive!  Especially so, since we know we can experience deep emotional contentment and happiness by our ability to complete new endeavors. When change and stability reach a balance both internally and externally, we experience a deep contentment and happiness.

The Thoth Nine of Cups, of the Hermetic Qabalah, represents Yesod (Foundation) in the Suit of Water.
This is the Astral Plane Foundation of astral fluids, which when given a idea, form boundaries to that perspective in "fluids of Mothers Womb" that if concentrated on by continual use, crystallizes light into material forms on the Earth plane. This places the suit of Water back onto the Middle Pillar rather than the Left pillar of Hod and the right pillar of Netzach. Balance is now restored to the Emotions. 

Nine is also the number of the Moon (Goddess) who rules Water and thus strengthens the idea of Water/emotion/consciousness. Energy-in-Motion (emotion) is known to flow as water and thus is called the suit of  Water which governs emotions and consciousness. It seems impossible to separate self-conscious and emotion, as they have dissolved into each other and form a personality.
Yet, The ruler of this card is Jupiter in Pisces which is a definite benediction, for Jupiter is the Planet of Chesed (Mercy) which represents the suit of Water in its highest material manifestation. Pisces brings out the placid qualities of water, so happiness is also balanced weaving of Planetary, emotional, and mental forces.

The Thoth Nine of Cups has nine cups arranged in a square, each overflowing with healthy moving water. This is the most complete and beneficent aspect of the Force of Water as True Wisdom self-fulfilled in Perfect Happiness.
 Represented here is the Happiness of the innocent who has sensual pleasure as Spirit in Being rather than a being looking for pleasure.

 Being a self in synchronicity, is just being a balance of Spirit, Psyche and Body, all acting as lover's of each other.  Something the mundane of cultural thought can't really achieve. 
For example: Sometimes I just sit, and experience Me, it feels good to do so. Often on a park bench, I have noticed my fellows dashing madly about, with screaming horns, blaring lights and faces set in grimaced hurry. Always going, always running but to where? Most say,"... there, I have to get there." What they really mean," if I stop the enemy will get me." That  enemy they are fleeing from, is not of a race, creed or color, nor is it a sex or responsibility, it is the fear of Pain, lack and discomfort, all of which are the many colored shadows of fear of death/time. The nightmare produce by the ignorance of mortality has destroyed our sensual dream of Self and life becomes suffering
Each of us, is a Psychosomatic Master. For in the Psyche Dreams become people/soma and as reflections of the Divine Creative mind, people's imagined self must become their passionate perspectives of self "made flesh", even if they are nightmares.

The Dreams of  Stars made Earth, and the Dreams of Earth are myriad in in Her Womb-Ocean mind and when in union with her husband Sun,  became alive as, acids, proteins, bacteria, plants, insects and animals. Dreams made all living beings, and the Dreams of the Divine I, made He and She; the expressive I and the receptive-Am. The resulting intimacy of Goddess and God made suns and earths as they became aware of Self, and then Goddess & God dreamed of being intimate with their Beautiful Creation; Hence, the I AM created the ME, out of their union. The Golden Child, the ME, is how the I AM can become sensual, and intimate with it's "Self Image". Really, what good is Imagination if one can't magically sense it?

 Our inheritance is that One Mind of the Dreaming Couple who became through the process of I AM ME, the Universe by dreaming of itself. Those who know they are the Dream of God and Goddess living among their children, are very happy because they know that the nightmare of "enemy", you know, the one seeking to destroy our comfort is merely the trick of ignorance dreaming about "what it isn't", rather than I AM Me. Oh we are not at fault here, for many of us are taught to not be the "Me" as the child that was already approved of by the Divine Creative, rather, to be a "man made" me, an Adult, who must seek itself via the approval of its identity by its "masters".  Such thinking is often called "the pursuit of happiness", which turns the bright shining Psyche, into a tarnished slave who sells its identity to whomever peddles happiness as a "thing". For to pursue anything, implies lack of that "thing". Besides, happiness is a collective of Self, of perfect love between I, AM and Me, making this pursuit a futile endeavor that only produces "consumerism".

To the Hermetic Qabalist, this card represents Yesod (Foundation) in Briah (The Mental World). Those who have read my blogs, know by now that Yesod, the ninth Sephiroth, is the Foundation of all manifested forms and forces on Malkuth-the physical plane of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. This is a card of emotional balance that is known as a pleasure being yourself. Happiness is our Natural state whereas,  unhappiness is a state of  unnatural fear; an artificial fear, invented to drive us forward pulling the Chariots of Greed that our "masters ride".
I love this card, for it reminds me to stop and feel the beauty of being me. For only then can a smile of delight open my eyes to the beauty all around me and as me.  I AM the Happiness that Mastered Sensuality! I AM ME.

Hence,The Nines, generally show very great fundamental force because they rest on the Firm Foundation Base of Yesod.
 Now this is pure power, which is neutral, so that means it can be used negatively or positively, depending on the perspective of the user. Discrimination and/or discernment is the Key here.
THE NINE OF CUPS- is also known as The Lord of Material Happiness, is Jupiter in Pisces. The Angels of the Decan are Saliah and Asriel.
[illustration of the 4 worlds from the book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT by Robert Wang]
 Again: The Qabalistic Thoth Nine of Cups is Yesod in Briah, influencing the Material World. Here, the benevolence of Jupiter, effects happiness and satisfaction in the Earth plane (Malkuth), by functioning through the Water of Pisces.

The 9 of cups, is a card of flowing sensuality, as all number cards represent the "objective" and in this case, a pleasure, more mystical than convention allows and less stable than the Ten; However, Happiness is now flowing and reaching towards the mystical states of ecstasy. Here, sensual pleasure, may be felt as a religious experience as the influence of Jupiter is strong in the passive, receptive and somewhat psychic character of Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces also indicates pleasant travel by water and brings good fortune  through occupations governed by Neptune.

The Square arrangement of the Cups, on the Thoth Card, overflowing into one another, suggests Chesed-Jupiter and the perfection of Water force; a dreamy current of Consciousness which is also reinforced by Yesod-9, being the number of the Moon. Pisces brings out the most Placid form of Water ( consciousness), so this card is a Happiness well-spring that floods into our normal state of consciousness. The recipient of this Happiness, really doesn't ponder a reason to be happy, for their own consciousness has not reasoned it out as a logical way to be, they "just are"  and they feel "good all over".

As stated: The Barbara Walker Tarot-9 of Cups, is also subtitled, Happiness.
Here, the many named Goddess, Fairy Queen, Diana Nemetona (Diana of the Grove), Ops, Maia, Artemis, Hecate, Brigit, Tara, Cerridwen, Mana, Marian, Nimue, Viviane, Luna, Venus and so many more, couple with her Husband/Consort, who also had many names. He was, Dianus, faunus, Dionysus, Consus, Zeus, Jove, Orpheus, Merlin, Iasus, Hippolytus, Sylvanus, and Mars, to name a few. He was the god of lightning, the sky, and oracular oak trees. Up until 1874 or not long after, he was still worshiped in Russia. There, a sacred oak grove was decorated with candles, while an Orthodox priest chanted," Holy Oak Hallelujah, pray for us. " Then the service was followed with the traditional orgy. [Spence, 78]

Now don't faint, all you flesh-o-phobes, orgies were the traditional "Holy Mass" and primary sacrament of the old religions, before Christianity in the Middle Ages called them "heathen abominations" in the sacred groves and insisted that the sacred oaks be cut down and the altars burned... after which they went about burning pagans. Which to a Hermetic Qabalist would be an abomination of ignorance, since all things are Of the One and to destroy them out of fear,be they tree, beast or man, is to disgrace oneself before the Divine Creative and disavow one's divine inheritance.

the hate-filled purges of the Church, didn't get all the greenwood shrines of the Goddess.  The old names still exist in places like Medionementon, in Southern Scotland, formerly Nemetodurum and now Nanterre in France, and Nemetobriga (the nemeton of the Goddess Brigit) in Spain. Brigit's empire of Brigantia, once occupied the whole Iberian peninsula.

Each nation's principle grove, was viewed as the genital center of Mother Earth, and therefore, the groves were appropriate places for promoting world fertility, i.e., sexual union.
Now before you go claiming that Barbara Walker and myself, are besotted with sexual intercourse, in Gnostic lore, as well as, the Qabalistic Tarot, "happiness" was akin to the Tantric Karuna, amalgamating sexuality and sensuality with kindness, goodwill, contentment, fruitfulness, physical and spiritual health, along with emotional stability. Such a people would never, go about destroying "others" because of superstitious fear that proclaims the Divine Creative's creations, are something we can judge. In Qabalah, if it exists, it's supposed to, and it isn't subservient to man's judgement, for If you can't build it, you don't know it!

So when the Nine of Cups-Happiness, is thrown during a reading, it implies:
  • Contentment and Satisfaction.
  • Everything looks and feels "rosy".
  • The querent, is enjoying self-esteem and inner joy; Flowing feelings of inspiration and joy.
  • The dull thunk in this chiming joy, is that this is temporary, as Change is the stability of the Universe; "the cat's away, so the mice can play", kind of moment.
  • Before reason takes over, and finds the logical points of survival thinking that messes up or mitigates "unmitigated joy".
  • Is about a full and happy life that should continue.
  • Is complete success and fulfillment of wishes. (We know wishes to be dreams).
  • We are reminded to look into the Rainbow Mirror and delight in our beautiful reflection of many colors.
  • In the periods of 9 weeks or 9 Months, complete success.
  • Pleasure and happiness where wishes are fulfilled.
  • This is unabashed happiness, where complete and perfect realization of pleasure and happiness is being experienced. 
  • The nine of cups also suggests high-mindedness, not easily satisfied with small and limited ideas.
  • A good, generous, but maybe foolish nature.
If ill defined by the accompanying cards:
  • Self- praise, vanity, conceit, much self promotion, yet still kind and lovable.
  • This card is so balanced that it is hard to find any ill definition for it. A person of this generous nature is apt to be maligned by those without; However this is not unusual in our over critical society where those of a genuine happy nature are often accused of being naive or insane.

For more information about a personal Tarot Card reading both on-line through Skype, Google Hang-outs, Firefox-Hello, or in-person
Email <info@eli-lsmerchantile.com>. Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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