Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 3 of Disks-Work & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 3 of Pentacles: Work
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 3 of Disks-Work & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 3 of Pentacles: Work

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot- 3 of Disks & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 3 of Pentacles: Work, is also called the Three of Pentacles in  Golden Dawn and Ryder -Waite Tarot decks.

The Qabalistic Thoth 3 of Disks and Barbara Walker' 3 of Pentacles, are both named Works, and also the Lord of Material Works in the Hermetic Qabalah. Attributed to this Hermetic card, is Mars in Capricorn.

For those interested in in-tonal vibration the Angels of the Decan are Yechevah and Lehachiah. 

The Qabalistic Thoth, and Barbara Walker- 3 of Disks/Pentacles-Works, is the influence of Binah in the Material world  that Qabalists call Assiah-The Active World.
Capricorn is an Earth sign and the effect of Mars on Capricorn is to bring great discipline and control in material things, such as, employment, business, and building construction.

Crowley had Lady Frieda Harris illustrate this  card on the basis of 3, Binah's number, showing 3 wheels at 3 points in the pyramid. This grouping of 3, is shown in Alchemy as Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt; or in Qabalah as the maternal letters Shin (Fire)  Mem  (Water) and  Aleph (Air).

If you are interested in Hindu system of Guna, the three are Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Indian philosophical concept "Guna". For other uses, see Guna (disambiguation). Guṇa (Sanskrit: गुण) depending on the context means 'string, thread or strand', or 'virtue, merit, excellence', or 'quality, peculiarity, attribute, property'. The concept originated in Samkhya philosophy, but now a key concept in various schools of Hindu philosophy.

There are three guṇas, according to this worldview, that have always been and continue to be present in all things and beings in the world. These three gunas are called: sattva (goodness, constructive, harmonious), rajas (passion, active, confused), and tamas (darkness, destructive, chaotic). All of these three gunas are present in everyone and everything, it is the proportion that is different, according to Hindu worldview. The interplay of these gunas defines the character of someone or something, of nature and determines the progress of life. In some contexts, it may mean 'a subdivision, species, kind, quality', or an operational principle or tendency of something or someone. In human behavior studies, Guna means personality, innate nature and psychological attributes of an individual.There is no single word English language translation for the concept guna. The usual, but approximate translation is "quality".

 On the Thoth Tarot- 3 of Disks, the Pyramid seems to be arising out of a Great Sea, that represents The Divine Feminine, Binah the Third Sephira on the Tree of Life. This card also represents the Material establishment of the Universe as determined by its basic form of 3. The influence of Mars is in the Red- tint.

The Thoth Tarot- 3 of Disks- Works, represents the determination of the established Universe in basic form. This is called,"The influence of Binah in the Sphere of Earth."

In the zodiac, the 3 of Disks/Pentacles is ruled by Mars in Capricorn, which exalts the Force of Mars and puts him at his best. Rather than martian destructive energy, it is now constructive, like a builder or engineer.

The Thoth 3 of Disks is illustrated as a pyramid viewed from its apex with a base formed by three wheels. As stated: In the Hindu system these wheels represent  the Sattvas, Rajas and Tamas; in the Hebrew the three are Aleph(Air), Shin (Fire) and Mem (Water) which are the three Mother letters of the alphabet; Alchemically they are Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt.

This Pyramid is situated on the great sea of Binah in the Night of Time. The sea is shown as a solid (solidified light) thus the background of this card is mottled in gray, indigo and green. The Reddish tint on the pyramid edges symbolizes Mars.
The 3 of Disks is also called the 3 of Pentacles, in the Barbara Walker, Golden Dawn, B.O.T.A. and Rider-Waite decks.
The Thoth Tarot- Four 3's are associated with Binah who is the Great Mother that is called UNDERSTANDING. In Understanding, the I-dea becomes fertilized and a child can be born.

The formulation of the First Supernal Triangle, (Kether-Crown, Chokma-Wisdom & Binah-Understanding) is a stability that cannot be made unstable. We know the Triangle-fractal, that is the Universe of Form and that begins all birth, as many combinations of 3. For instance, Maid-Mother-and Crone, each a special perspective on the Female triangle of Womb-rite, or Father-Son- and Holy Ghost, each a active part of the stable foundation of "the Spirit Fire" or rite of Phallus. Then there is  Ocean-Rain-and River, each a process of Life or Ocean-Sun-and Earth.  While the mind is made up of the Spirit Mind of the Universal Collective Unconscious, self-conscious (body) and conscious. We can go on and on with comparisons, but in all cases a fertilization is achieved and a child can be born.

Main Forms
: Dea, Deae
: Feminine
: First}  Idea translates to I-goddess.

Therefore the 3 of Disks (Pentacles) exhibits the crystallization of forces, which is the I-dea of Earth. There is an obvious manifestation of Work having been done. This is also often called the Great Work, "As above, so Below" and/or Life creating the Alive. This may make more sense to you if you remember that the"other-side of the Mirror", is the Dark Place where Life forms as the Supernal Triangle of the Tree of Life, and the Alive are "the Child made manifest" from this Union of Conscious Triangular Entity (All Worlds of the Tree of Life, are formed of 3 in a Triangle), that combine to make the Crystallization of Light; the Reflective side of the Mirror!  This conceptualization of a Three sided mirror goes far in explaining why "Mirror Magic' is so often used to insure manifestation of idea into a "living expression". Or you can say "from the warm, watery Darkness of the nurturing womb, Light is born from the I-dea (Dea is Latin for Goddess). In the Arcane of the Hermetic Qabalah, I-Goddess, I-dea, is another way of saying, Supernal Triangle and/or I AM.

A lot has been said about the mystery of Form, but not many understand that the body is merely a Reflection, of your Dark side; the invisible you who is the energetic majority of You (you are 99.6% invisible). It is in the Dark, warmth, of your "infinite light", i.e., Serpent force, Spirit, that all Life comes from. The body is Alive, but in itself, it is not Life!

As stated, the body is a Reflection of Life. Think well from your inner-deep dark places, to be Alive and Well! It pays to remember this axiom,"Do unto another as you would have done to you."...for that is in itself a Triangle of three---Idea, Cause and effect. It is unbreakable in its stability. So it pays to know what your thoughts create, as they impregnate the I-Dea, known to us moderns as Imagination, who then goes about manifesting it as your "I AM ME".  If you identify "others" instead of "Another", as in, "everyone I see is another way to be me", you will keep lessening yourself until your life force can no longer sustain the body health and balance. To think less of others, is to lessen yourself and this generates a deep sorrow, a discord, in your body-collective. Your thoughts, ideas, and opinions only Effect the Cause that is Yourself image.

Hence, our Reflection, enacts our Deep thoughts, into "aliveness", just as the Supernal Triangle is reflected as the Ethical Triangle on the Tree of Life . Your body, the " Me", who is the youngest part of the Spiral Energy Self-Reflecting Entity that is I AM ME,  is the only one who feels your thoughts and then must enact them as an "living" experiment/the Alive. Therefore,  each of us are not responsible for how "others" react to us. We are, however, the alive response of reaction to our own thought about "others"!
  I Am Love, as an identity,  is smart, it is both wise and understanding; not the act of a simpleton but of a Powerful Threesome: Spirit-Soul-Body union. To Love Being-is to Be love.
  It behooves us all to remember that, "Others" are just Another way to be the Divine Children of the Divine Creative; Children who have the Goddess (I-dea) given Freedom of Choice; gifted Divine Children, who have a right to their identities, be they ill or well thought out.

"Everyone I see, is another way to be Me".

The Magus knows, that to be able to "think" means you are not the effect called Thought, but the Cause of it.  So my thoughts aren't "my precious", they are the effect that causes the Alive motion of Identity as "Self",  making the body a sacred place of discernment; therefore, as a Spirit- Soul, the body is "my precious". I then have the Knowledge to make, and remake thought to  improve the function of my "reflected-light body" which improves the function of the Universal Collective Unconscious. However, to believe that every thought I  think is "myself" or that I am the thought I think, puts thought into fear based survival thinking. Survival thinking means I must defend those thoughts to the death of my thought proving device, i.e. My Body! An act which elevates  unproven idea above the proof of  Alive. By elevating thought above the "living", we force what is already a Manifested and therefore, proven idea, to worship unproven-theoretical-ideas, therefore eliminating the "Truth of the Alive" or at least enslaving the Alive to unproven "visions". This is the reverse of reason, which is symbolized as an upside down pentagram. 

Hence, being Alive is how Life expands and liberates  the manifested consciousness from self-imposed limits and how the Soul learns discernment! This is the Above pyramid, mated to the below pyramid, base to base, to establish a "Point in Time" (an entity)To make thought sensually alive, is a to form a screening process of scientific experimentation by a process of building an "artificial intelligence" of Self Image.

Because of this Life/Alive process each of us is now a creative Spirit-an I-dea (Spirit is Anima in Latin),  who can devote our thought controlled "time/space" to "expanding and liberating" the Body from the mortal-survival thinking of the animal domain, freeing its self- image-making-ability to that of the Immortals. This in turn expands and liberates self awareness by intimate experience! By the feelings of Love, or Fear generated by the Communion of idea with a sensual- living laboratory "artificial intelligence", idea becomes experimentation where we can find the ideas that either free the experiment of self from the past (love) or bind it to the past (fear). Thoughts are not enough to properly operate the Alive! Life depends on the Threesome of the Divine Wedding  which is the triangle made of "I-dea", the Union of Kether- Crown- "I will be",  Chokmah-Wisdom- "Will to Force, and Binah- Understanding-Will to Form, to create the Beautiful Bright Child called "the I AM ME"!
When you understand the Threes, you begin to understand your Godhood.

The Barbara Walker Tarot- 3 of Pentacles: Work, hints at the connection between Freemasonry and Tarot. In Freemasonry, works, craft, and skilled labor were also common reference points for the Tarot, 3 of Pentacles.  In both Tarot and Freemasonry, progress towards commercial success was presaged through effort and training.
Here, B.W. portrays masons at work on a Gothic cathedral, one of the Arcane medieval "Palaces of the Queen of Heaven", whose masonry was decorated with an abundance of pagan figures and symbols.

The pagan origin of these mystic symbols, is implied by the central runic shrine, dedicated to Cernunnos-The Horned God, in a design taken from the Gundestrup  Cauldron, showing him sitting in a modified lotus position with both torc and serpent in hand. On the Cauldron, he was always accompanied by a "Moon dog", possibly the one named "Managram". This Lunar wolf or Moon dog, images is thought to resemble that of the Sabine wolf-mother Lupa, said to have nurtured the Roman Twins, Romulus and Remus.
The three pentacles, on her card design, suggest the number 15, long associated with the three Matronae (Mothers) of the Celts. This Triple Goddess was worshiped in conjunction with Cernunnos. The Celts calculated the ages of Maid, Mother and Crone in multiples of 15, making 15 a feminine magical number, which could be why it was assigned to the Devil  as key 15 of Tarot (Devi-Lingam), and when added together, as in gematria,  1+5=6; 6 being the number of the Son/Sun.  The Soul/Solar number 6 established Life as Live:forward thought, while the Devil, is lived, a backward motion of life, backward thinking. It seems the mirror of self reflection is still working here.

According to the oldest European myths, it was said that the Triple Goddess gave humanity the knowledge of the sacred runes. This is the same goddess who kept and gave out the divine apples of regeneration, with their inner pentacles. She made her consort, Bragi, a master of magical poetry by engraving her runes on his tongue. The Norse mythologies, were like all the rest, when it called the alphabet a female invention. Therefore, you'll see that Barbara Walker assigned the writing of the sacred runes to the female image on her card, while the male is preforming less scholarly labors.
Among the sacred symbols on the B.W. 3 of Pentacles card are: the moon, the swastika, triangle, Cross of Wotan, lemniscate, Nordic Triceps, Greek cross, alchemical sign for wood, and sigils of Mercury, Athene, and Vesta.
One must not forget the symbols of the mystic past: monsters, warriors, gods, sailors of the Dragon ship, and magic working mothers; all of which she scatters about the cards art work. 

Power is known as the ability to do work, and the 3 of Disks/Pentacle card is all about that ability on both the Occult and Material levels of the Universe. 
When the Three of Disks is thrown during a reading: When this card is thrown during a reading it represent:
  • Business, paid employment, commercial transactions,working and constructive force, building up, erection,creation, realization, and increase in material things.
  • Rank, influence, cleverness in business, selfishness and commencement of a matter to be established later.
  • The querent maybe giving full commitment to a situation and is unconcerned about difficulties.
  • Is aware of responsibilities
  • Planning secure structures in areas of finance, physical security and needs.
  • Right effort towards a wise end in trade, skilled labor, Etc.
  • A basic form or structure may be finished, needing only finishing touches.
  • Approval from others who appreciate the hard work the success that the querent has achieved.
  • In a more spiritual reading, where the cards surrounding show a majority of Major Arcana, the querent is engaged in the Great Work of  "As above and so below", by expressing the Higher Self.
  • Material gain as a result of creative skills within a 3 wk or 3 month time frame..
  • Love of one's creations, and nurturing others who assist in the work.

Depending on dignity,
it can also come to mean:
Narrow and prejudiced, sometimes seeking after the impossible.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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