Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-5 of Disks: Worry & The Barbara Walker Tarot-5 of Pentacles: Hardship
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-5 of Disks: Worry & The Barbara Walker Tarot-5 of Pentacles: Hardship

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth-5 Of Disks-Worry & The Barbara Walker Tarot- 5 of Pentacles-Hardship:

Since Disks/Pentacles, are Tarot cards that represent the physical, and/or objective world, this 5 card represents physical worry, concerns, and rumination.

The Thoth 5 of Disks-Worry, represents a state of consciousness that dwells in the past and looks forward into a feared future and in so doing isn't living in the "now". By not living in the now, we are not present today, which doesn't allow new perspectives or thoughts to change our mental emotional direction.  Hence, worry is a general effect of a long strain with out action; a general state of inaction. Health, finances, work, relationships and/or creativity are the concerns here.

Astrologically this card represents Mercury in Taurus, also symbolizing communication worries. Worrying about rather your communication efforts are coming across correctly or if you even have the ability to communicate at all.

The Qabalistic and Hermetic Thoth Tarot- 5 of Disks-Worry, is also called the "Lord of Material Troubles". The angels of the Decan are Mibahiah and Pooyal.

The "material troubles" are because of the influence of Geburah (severity), the 5th Sephira on the Tree of Life, in Assiah-The Material World. Now this is not the ruin of all things that is implied by the Ten of Swords, rather this is a  severe disturbance to the natural structure brought into Taurus by the energies of Mercury. Normally, it would take a great amount of Mercurial energy to disturb the Sign of earthly Taurus, especially when concerning earthly maters, but with the addition of Gerburah's  severe influence, this is just so. Here, we have Severe Intelligence applied to Labor.

The Old English word, Worry, is a term used to describe the throttling of a sheep by a sheep dog to make it stop moving, this is known  as "worrying the sheep" and is indeed a proper perspective for this card.

 On the Thoth Card, the 5 Disks are arranged in the skeletal framework of a upside down pentagram, representing trouble and instability in the form of matter, here one is thinking "upside down".

In each of the 5 disks, is a symbol of one of the five Hindu Tattvas ( geometric forms that symbolize  Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit) whose task is to hold together, on a very low plane, an organism that would normally be totally disrupted. The angry background of coloration, symbolizes  long continued inaction held together by intense strain. Not unlike, the closed jaws of a dog holding still, by the throat, a sheep who is too terrified to move. Thus, the five of Disks, represents the "jaws of fear throttling  our intelligence", so that we are unable to correct a material loss of monetary sources.

In the Five of Disks-Worry, the underlying currents of matter are totally unstable in their reversal, again shown by the upside down pentagram. On the Barbara Walker Tarot-5 of Pentacles-Hardship, there are depicted, 5 upside down Pentacles in the stained glass window of the cathedral, with the impoverished beggars (thoughts) underneath.

By now we are familiar with Geburah, a state of energy that is severe in its function. Geburah is a corrective state of intelligence, whose severity is an action towards self assessment, rather than anything karmic.

In the Five of Disks, we have  the 5th Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life-Geburah-Severity, influencing the Material World (Assiah/Malkuth)

As before stated, "To Worry" something, is translated as the Anglo-Saxon shepherds use the word, which is a type of strangulation preformed on a sheep, as a sheep dog takes a sheep's throat into its mouth to stop it in its tracks.  Hence, Worry represents our own "strangulation" as our own fear has us by the throat and we are unable to mentally and physically move.  Thus we understand that the five of disks is so named because it stops all material events, such as profession or monetary gain, dead in its tracks. Remember, we are Psychosomatic, which means our Psyche rules our soma (body). The body is a marionette of the Mind.

Again, Crowley shapes this card as an inverted pentagram, which implies physical difficulties. He also placed the geometric figures of the Hindu five Tattvas in the individual disks, each symbolizing a Alchemical element of  Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit. In the Hindu system these are the underlying currents of matter.

To reiterate: Mercurial energy is opposed in Taurian earth, simply because earth has a natural tendency to be stationary while Mercury is swift motion. Granted it takes a strong Mercury to influence  and unbalance Taurus but Geburah is just that strength.  In fact, instead of Severity, She is sometimes called Strength and as a "strong force", causes instability in the five states of matter/energy. This instability is vibration, much like and earthquake, yet the Five states of energy ( Five Tattvas) have enough attraction necessary to hold together on the lower planes forestalling complete disruption. So again, this is more like the dog holding the sheep at a standstill; a kind of intelligence applied to labor. The Five of Disks thus implies intense strain with long moments of inaction.
This card reminds us that by focusing on what we have lost or don't have, we cannot create more. Sure,the normal stability of the material world is in chaos and everything is "upside" down. But "upside down" and "right-side up" are merely perspectives...perspectives we can easily change by taking command of our Survival Mind (Brain) and force it to see "the dandelion" that grows through the asphalt.
Therefore, we need to focus on what we do have, and on the thing we can do; maybe just a baby step is all we have, but that is motion and is enough to get us going again.  Just taking a deep breath, hold it for a count of 4 and exhaling is enough to begin taking positive control over the brain.  Even the Taoist axiom, of " a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step," is the solution to this worrying problem that confronts our intellect. Therefore, gratitude, overcomes worry.

This is not only a fleeting mental worry, common to all of us from time to time, but worry as in a dog worrying (Anglo-Saxon) sheep, whereas the dog grabs the sheep's throat in its teeth and stops the sheep from moving. Sometimes,  it is a necessary stop to facilitate a reshuffling of emotions, mind, body,  and soul. Disrupting yes, but also necessary to reconstruct a more successful state of physical prosperity.

Therefore, the 5 of Disks represents a state of strain, without the benefit of action...much like a fully drawn bow that is unable to release the horrible tension it is under for that action belongs to the bowman. In this case, our Survival-Mind-Animal Self and/or Brain, is the bowman here, who lives in the past and fears vulnerability. Since the bowman cannot see the moment, it has no target to shoot at, therefore holding the tension necessary to release the arrow!  To expand our personality, we must stop using our "past" as a foundation for our thought as it won't release the terrible tension it has created until it see's a goal/target. The Mercurial Force, a high state of activity, is being held back by outdated and fearful emotional thought...in other words survival thinking is controlling the immortal Soul/Psyche.
Hence, The 5 of Disks (Pentacles) is a wake up call, telling us that our present state of thinking cannot help us over come the natural friction of physical material and that we must see these momentary issues as a collapse of  worrisome thought so that new possibilities lay open to us.  Sure, we have setbacks, hardship,  and conflicts, because we are using the same thought process over and over again---and unwisely expecting different results. 

When ever I (The Psyche) experience the "Survival Minds" insistence of fear based thought, I just tell it," To get over yourself and get on with You, because impeccability is what We do!" and set a small goal. I know myself as an Immortal Psyche, who teams up with and owns its masterpiece (the body) rather than being owned by it.This helps break up the "data-loop" of continual focus on discomfort and allowing me to appreciate what I do have and launching my body-mind-spirit trinity in new directions. We all are more than one state of mind (we talk to ourselves all the time, proving more than one occupies our thought processes), the Tree of Life shows us that we are at least 10 states of Being!
Impeccability to me is to always be true to your "inner-Self", and focus on the Wonder-filled presence that, Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit has created as YOU!

I know that I am "Good Enough For God", because I AM! So I also know that the "Me" I create from perspectives, is ever-changeable and ever-possible and ruled only by the Soul that I AM. I AM Me, is my ternary presence in the Worlds of Spirit....(Earth is one of those worlds). The Tree of Life explains Ten Spiritual Worlds----and they are US!

The Barbara Walker Tarot-5 of Pentacles- Hardship:
concentrates it's metaphor on the traditional tarot art of the 14th century.

Back in the 14th century,  the impoverished beggars gathered outside of cathedrals, hoping that the more affluent would be inspired to give them something when entering or exiting. This was because beggars were not allowed inside, and no matter how cold it was outside, only those who could afford and therefore pay for the warmth of the church were allowed in.
Pentacles is often called the suit of money. Therefore, Barbara Walker presents the ideological issue of the 14th century Church. In the 14th century, when Tarot Cards were becoming popular, the Church was at its peak of prosperity and power. The accumulated wealth of the Church, made its clergyman, some of the richest people in all of Europe.  Naturally, some "heretics" objected, citing the Gospels on the subject of giving away one's earthly goods to the poor. However, Jesus, who teachings were the supposed foundation of the Church doctrine, said that it was easier to pass a camel through the eye of an needle, than for a rich man to pass into the kingdom of heaven. He even commanded his disciples to practice the Buddhist ascetics, which was to own nothing and depend on charity for their daily bread.  This being an obvious attempt at not listening to the survival mind, and trust the Inner Spirit to provide.  This makes sense, as the Spirit provides the body's life and is the Love of you; proven by your manifestation. As I have found, and many others, Spirit Is the "Secret Lover" who makes "Me" alive and it above all things, must be trusted. Distrusting the Power that makes you live, perverts the "wholly" Sacrament of I AM Me. Hence, we are divided as the "me" is thus conquered by those who "would accumulate wealth" above all things.
The Qabalist knows "that above all things, know thyself", which brings the Real Self, into manifestations existence. That Real Self is the Immortal Soul, who manipulates all Matter into form and hence needs never lack. Again, lack, poverty is a "man made" concept, so that some can rule, and the rest must devote their life to them for survival. The Divine Creative lacks nothing, and is All things as it is the One energy that cannot be created, nor destroyed; only transformed. "Things" are transformation.

When thrown in divination, the 5 of Disks or 5 of Pentacles card indicates:
  • That in the next 5 weeks or 5 months, opportunities are presented to you for the release of worry about health, finances, relationships, productivity  and to improve on your communication skills.
  • The past, let's say when you were five years old, is what produces worry.
  • We tend to want to avoid discomfort, and try to compare present day events, to past ones.
  • To be locked into past pain----does not help us live in the present and this card reminds us to forget the what-ifs of yesterday, or tomorrow and to be the I Am of now.
  • Perspective makes our present state of being, and if our perspectives dwell in the past---we aren't living today. We are inanimate, which is dead to action.
  • We can change directions, be they physical, emotional or mental only by acting--moving!
  • Begin with what you have even if your only action to hold out your hand for assistance, now and what-ifs are unimportant to motion as they only excuse inaction.
  • It's time to break worry patterns by actively pursuing changes in communication patterns, financial , health, and in relationships with the Taurus people in your life.
  • Worry is a type of mental lethargy whose chains are easily broken by activity. Live the now, you are not "a past person" you are a I AM Now person, an active and unique expression of alive motion.
  • We need each other, to see ourselves---its okay to reach out when we feel like we are in mental quick sand. You'd be surprised how many will grab that offered hand an pull you onto your feet again.

  •  A period of rumination, anxiety or concern...maybe all.
  • Feeling left out of social events because of lack of money.
  • The querent is going through challenges of insecurity, deprivation, and even exclusion. 
  • Here the mind is focused on survival issues and thus stopping creativity dead in its tracks as a feeling of helplessness and inertia take over.
  • There is a foretelling of material trouble for the next 5 weeks or 5 months. 
  • For the last or next, 5 weeks or 5 months, experiencing worry over loss of profession, or money.
  • Troubling thoughts about material things accompanying trouble with material things.
  •  Since this is a Disks which is a symbol of Earth, there is also signs of land cultivation, toil, labor, building knowledge and acuteness of earthly things.
  •   Poverty is experienced because of  severe carefulness. Yet, monetary gain can come after continued toil and labor.
If ill dignified by accompanying cards:
  • Harshness, sternness, brought on by unimaginative determined and obstinate thinking.
  • Painful adversity may be only encountered from indifferent "fair weather" friends.
  • Because of enforced restrictions, insecurity is worsened by failure of trust, and/or errors of judgment. 
  • All is not lost however, for this is an unstable card, and a more mirthful perspective change can quickly overturn the negatives, moving one into the realm of the  Six of Disks-Success.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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