Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-6 of Disks: Success & The Barbara Walker Tarot-6 of Pentacles: Charity
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-6 of Disks: Success & The Barbara Walker Tarot-6 of Pentacles: Charity

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot: SIX OF DISKS-SUCCESS
[ 6 of Pentacles in other decks]

To a Qabalist, this is Tiphareth (Beauty) in Assiah (the Material World). The natural flow of the Moon's charm and subtleties are united with the hard work and deliberate qualities of Taurus resulting in sure success in business and mundane areas.
As always, the sixes are about a balance of trinities which makes them powerful and stable in dynamic movement. This 6 of Disks card represents physical attainment, accomplishment and success. The Thoth Six represents the harmonious energy of Earth, the resulting balance of polarities have made fruitful, the Son, Father, and Grandfather aspects of electric force and the Maid, Mother, and Crone aspects of magnetic force....It is Born! 

The 6 of Disks card also suggests that money owed will get paid in 6 weeks or 6 months, and you will receive what is rightfully yours.
 Also suggested is that financial help from a friend, or employer will put you back on stable monetary affairs.  Because of the necessary flow of wealth into prosperity, the 6 card also suggest that we share our good fortune with others in order to keep the flow going.This is shown by the union of 2 trinities.
The Thoth card suggests charity, synergy and success, in physical or financial relationships. Hence, the 6 of Disks card is esoterically about the Union of ternary consciousness, the I AM Me of one linked up with the I AM Me of another, suggesting that success is because of united goals.  This is a all around satisfying card to get in a reading, especially when it lands on a Earthly position in a reading  [Such as House and Home or Beneath you positions of a Celtic Cross reading] or when there are other complimentary Disk cards around it.  The sixes are always a relief from the severity of the fives!

It is important to remember that this is earth, and gravitational forces will pull this successful creation down into itself, where everything becomes slow and heavy, so this success is in material and temporary, but enjoyable just the same.

There is a great beauty here that comes from the balances of mental, emotional, and physical energy enhanced by the higher conscious states of Self that are represented in the 6th Sephira/ Beauty/Tiphareth. Being Beauty feels great, for it is Harmony rather than Discord!

This Beauty is not determined by fashion, nor culture, this is the Beauty that created me so it could be me ! The great inner beauty of synchronicity; the harmony radiating from the Divine Creative as the Sun/Son and/or the Christ/Buddha consciousness.

Generosity is shown here, as you now have enough success in physical health, finances, and emotional balance to assist others in their success.

Astrologically, this card is Moon in Taurus, which suggests productivity (Taurus) and a deep inner satisfaction (The Moon) or a deep desire on the subconscious level. The foundation of creation vibrates from the deep passion and desire of "I Will Be" , Kether on the Tree, and the deep satisfaction of I AM Me in the realm of Malkuth/earth!

Therefore, to achieve success in any endeavor means that we must be in union with our inner master (Psyche) who built us as it's masterpiece. There is only diligence and doing indicated here. This is where the axiom," Above all things know thyself" really comes into its own.

The formula for success is indicated in the six planetary circles shown on this card:

  1. Saturn represents success through discipline.
  2.  Jupiter reminds us that success is achieve by being open and  flexible to options that may present themselves.
  3. Venus reminds us of our beautiful heart and follow what has heartfelt meaning in our life.
  4.  The Moon indicates success attainable through following the truth of ourselves, by being authentic.
  5. Mercury reminds us about how important organized  well timed communication is important to success.
  6.  Mars reminds us to express continually steady energy into our professional or personal issues in order to achieve success; the Tortoise vs the Hare scenario, where rapid spurts of energy do not achieve success whereas steady on does.

The Thoth 6 of Disks/Success suggests that success comes from deep within rather than the superficial without, which is symbolize in this card's center as the joining of the Western Cross (deep inner self integration) and the opening and blooming of successful achievement ( the Eastern symbol of success- the lotus).

The Qabalistic Thoth-6 of Disks:Success, represents the 6th Sephiroth-of Tiphareth, that is the Full Harmonious embellishment of the Energy of the Element, i.e. Beauty, in the Element of Earth. This card shows even greater embellishment because the Moon is in Taurus which is where the Moon is most exalted. Therefore the Moon is in its highest form and adds the illusion of brilliance; However, the Moon is transient, so the approach to perfection is not for long.

Upon viewing this Thoth Deck Card, one can see that the Disks are arranged in a Hexagram as a skeletal format. The Center of the illustration glows with the light  of the rose madder of dawn surrounded by three concentric circles of golden yellow, salmon pink, and amber. (due to processing fade these colors are very light). These colors represent Tiphareth (Beauty) fully realized on earth.

The planetary signs are arranged in their normal attribution but they are shown as disks irradiated by the central Sun which is idolized as the Rose and Cross. The rose has 49 petals, which is the interplay of 7 with 7. Seven rayed stars are the Symbol of the Great Mother Goddess, as is the Moon. Upon investigation, one will find that the Male electric force and the Female magnetic force are never separate even though upon first glance they appear to be so.
 Hence, The Rose and the Cross are the idolized symbols of the Sun on this card, The Rose is composed of 49 petals, which is the interplay of seven with the seven; seven being the number of the Goddess purification energy. Simply put, being that this is the 6, Tiphareth, the Central Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, it is equally connected to the "Above and the Below". Therefore, the 6th Sephira represents the dominate state of balanced conscious energy for the below and/or lower vibratory states of light energy; However, this is a card of the exalted  Moon, making it somewhat dreamy and transient. So the effects, are a brief pause in labor after success; a moment of repose that can't last too long if success is to be kept.

To reiterate; the sixes imply definite accomplishment and the carrying out of a matter.
However, 6 is not only a number of accomplishment, but also that of Christ, Buddha consciousness, thus a certain sacrifice is made. The Number of the Dying gods, means, a definite personality deconstruction in order for reconstruction that brings success.

In the Hermetic Qabalah, The Six of Disks-Success,is aptly named The Lord of Success, as the Moon is exalted in Tarsus. Here the charm, subtleties, ebb and flow of the Moon are merging with the hard work and deliberate earth qualities of Taurus, ensuring success in business and other earthly matters.
The colors on the Thoth Deck Card, are somewhat muted in this rendition; However, the center glows in dawn's light of rose-madder, surrounded by three concentric circles of golden yellow, salmon-pink and amber. Suggesting Tiphareth fully realized on earth. The usual arrangement of the Planets, as disks, are being irradiated by the Sun at the center. Again, Tiphareth is the Sun/Son and is here, idolized as the Rose and Cross. This is a  forty nine pedaled Rose, implying the interplay of the Seven with the Seven...The Feminine is never separate from the Masculine, it is their interplay that makes Life.

The Barbara Walker Tarot-6 of Pentacles: Charity, shows this interplay of the Divine Feminine and Masculine in art designed from the Gnostic Gospels.
In the Gnostic Gospels, it is stated that the principle dispenser of charity was the harlot, rather than the church clergyman. The harlot could trace her Christian antecedents to the first "papess", Mary Magdalene, Jesus's most beloved.  In the Gnostic Gospels, Mary said, " Not only are we [harlots] compassionate of ourselves, but we are compassionate of all the race of mankind."[Malvern,49]

However, she was not the first, nor last to express such philanthropy. For according to biblical images of the Matriarch's promiscuous priestesses, and the Goddess herself who announced,"A prostitute compassionate am I." This was the common philanthropy of the Sacred Prostitute.[Briffault 3, 169]
In the Sanskrit language,Karuna, means the quality of loving kindness manifested in giving. It is thought, that the Italian word for whore, Carogna, is from this Sanskrit word, via Indo-European linguistic bypaths.
 So before our Soul's and Bodies where divided and therefore conquered by the Greedy, the Sacred Harlot's gift of charis, caritas, or "grace" was revered by the people. However, after the conquering of minds by Christianity, "grace",  became a corrupted concept  of "Christian charity", which meant giving money...not love.

Oriental Goddess worshiper's were most immune to the Christian concepts, since they detested theologians who talked of divine love, but unlike the Goddess, promulgated their god's precepts by violence. It seems they kept their wits about them, for they claimed that their god's law was meaningless because these law's came from "the lips of those who hate and injure one another." True religion to the Oriental mind, is no more and no less than kindness.
Therefore, true religion, was in the West, in pre-Christian times, when the holy whores of the Goddess's temples dispensed kindness  as venia, the grace of Venus, or Charis, the grace of the Triple Charities. As is today, Charity is exclusively a feminine name, and is seen as a feminine quality.

Hence, under the sacred sexual emblem of the Hexagram of the 6 of Pentacles, Barbara Walker has represented charity as a sacred harlot rewarding a poor minstrel who has pleased her ears with music, just as in the story of the Rhineland beggar played his fiddle before a statue of the Virgin. As the story goes, the poor beggar playing so pleased the Virgin, that she gave him one of her golden shoes. The Church clergy caught him with the golden shoe and sentenced him to death. But this was not to be, for on the way to his execution, he prayed to the Virgin, who exonerated him by publicly giving him her other golden shoe. His life was saved, but the Church clergy took away the golden shoes and locked them up in the church treasury, "lest the Virgin should again be tempted to bestow them upon some penniless beggar who prayed for her aid". [Lea, 599]. It seems the church believes that a woman shouldn't have her own wealth for she foolishly gives it away to the needy, rather than become a moneylender.

When Thrown during a reading, the Six of Disks or Pentacles implies: 

  • Material attainment and accomplishment, but with a caveat dealt out by the law of Karma; you'll have to put out effort, to receive back success.
  • The successful cycle of income or security is steady and predictable.
  • The querent is also generous, sharing the wealth, giving people what they are willing to receive.
  •  The Six of Disks also suggests that money owed will be paid and the querent shall receive what is rightfully theirs. 
  • Success in material things for the past or present 6 weeks or 6 months.
  • There is prosperity in business, as the querent experiences successful gains in undertakings,that may involve rank, power, influence, nobility and rule over other people.
  • In other words, just and liberal and fortunate success.
  • The next 6 weeks or 6 months, you have the opportunity for success if you follow the formula for success as represented by the six planets presented in this card.
  • It also indicates that in the next 6 weeks or months, you will  experience being successful in producing something deeply satisfying and important to you.
  • This card also reminds us that success is only temporary moment of repose and we must be flexible to new options to keep on succeeding in our life motion.
  • With the Moon who is "Priestess of Illusion" so prominent in this card, it is appropriate to understand that material success alone is an illusion of success.

If this card is accompanied by ill dignified cards,

  • There may be attitudes of purse-proud, insolent from success, and/or prodigal behavior.

 Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations.  May you life long and prosper.

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