Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Knight of Disks & The Barbara Walker Tarot- King of Pentacles: Baal.
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Knight of Disks & The Barbara Walker Tarot- King of Pentacles: Baal.

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-The Knight of Disks & The Barbara Walker Tarot- King of Pentacles- Baal, represents the fiery part of Nature. Related to the phenomena of earthquakes, mountains and gravitation but also to agriculture and the activity of Earth that produces Life. In this case the heavily Armored Knight, of the Thoth Tarot, has his helmet thrown back, indicating a more placid state rather than violence.

In his unarmored hand he carries a flail which is used in thrashing grain. His horse has all its  feet on the ground, rather than the leaping horses of the Other Thoth Knights, and is nibbling the grasses. All of which point towards a solid standing in nutrition, and monetary means, which the Disk/Shield represents, He is the Earthly activity of producing Life...much like grounded electricity.

The Knight of Disks and/or King of Pentacles, rules from 21st degree of Leo to the 20th degree of Virgo and is thus concern greatly with agriculture. This puts Mercury in Virgo which implies Intelligence; a cleverness that is very Natural in the animal world. This "Salt of the Earth" personality is very complex but well knit and if their contact with the Earth is a healthy one--such as agriculture provides, or a Medical Doctor or Herbalist, this is usually a well-defined persona. However, if they are forced into a world of Technology, or imaginative stretches beyond instinct, they tend to be ill defined.
Hence, The Thoth Knight of Disks represents the physician, the healer, and the farmer. A solidly natural personality who rides through fertile land.

The Character of this Archetype, The Knight of Disks, is a slow, stalwart, dependable, person of good physical strength and health. If the Reader is using a Celtic Cross pattern in their reading, and this card falls in the 4th position ("What is beneath you") this can mean Earthquakes or mountainous obstacles are to be encountered by the querent. But again, this depends on the surrounding cards (such as in House and Home--the seventh position especially so if a 7 of Disks is there.) otherwise, good health, good food, and a good physician are represented. If the Knight of Disks falls in the 7th position of House and Home, we have a masculine stalwart, dependable, Romantic presence in the querents life. 

Faithful followers of this blog, know by now that Chokmah, the 2nd Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, is both Wisdom and the Will to Force. He is the idea of male polarity and is the "will to force" grounded on Earth as the Kings/Knights of their suit.

Now there are those who think that Male came first, or that Female came first. This argument is futile, because of our short-sighted physical perspective on sexuality. The startling fact to some, is that if you come up with the idea of male, then you come up with the idea of female at the same moment, or vise verse. There is no male concept without the concept of female. In Qabalah, male is merely the "expression of motion" and Female is the "Vessel of Receptivity": He- Electric and She- Magnetic. If you know anything about magnetism, it comes with electricity, and electricity comes with magnetism, they are inseparable in their dual marriage.
So the argument of whom came first, is null and void when talking about the Supernal Triangle (The upper Trinity).

The  "I Will be", which is Kether of the Tree of Life Produces Will to Force (Chokmah) and the Will to Form (Binah), as I AM. Hence Chokmah-Wisdom and Binah-Understanding, are a figure eight (Lemnistrate) of united spheres, much like the Earth's magnetic field. Their Union forms from One Energy, to produce the Will - To - Be.  Therefore it is another way of saying the mating of I and Am produces the idea of Being/Me.  Our concept of sexuality is in need of adjustment before we can understand the One Energy that made itself Two, who were never separate, and the child resulting from this union.

Chokmah is the second Sephira and thus is the force behind the four Deuces. The Personification of that force is represented in the four Knights. In other words, Chokmah's will to force, is at its most concentrated and dense elemental form on Earth...such as the most elemental form of electricity which we call lightning.

THE KNIGHT OF DISKS or King of Pentacles:
Represents the Lord of the wild and fertile land and as such is the King of the elemental spirits of earth, such as the Gnomes. 

The zodiacal attributes to the Thoth card are the last Decan of Leo and the first two Decans of Virgo. Being that the Knight of Disks is the most dense manifestation of the Elemental Yod force (Fiery Father), he is the force behind fruition, and  growth but tends to be slow. The Knight's fertility is represented in this card by the use of the Stag antlers on the Helm of the Knight representing the Old Celtic God of Earth, Cernunos . The understanding of the mythical animal images of the middle ages, comes in handy here, as the Stag is the beast that ate the serpent ( received wisdom) and in so doing sheds its skin, any illness and old age, just as a serpent does.So to make a long and wonderful story short, the Stag represents the Knights power to regenerate  as does the organic matter it is a symbol of.

Many of us have seen the Fire of Earth, in its volcanic upheavals; however, how often do we realized that Volcanic upheavals are Earth regenerating itself? Thus is the Fire of Earth that is the Knight; fleeting yet is also the cycle of rebirth. On Earth, when lightning strikes the Oceans, proteins necessary to life are created.The same fruition is implied by the corn or fruitful plane that the Thoth Knight's horse is grazing on. Thus he carries a flail, used in grain harvest and his disk/shield is that of solid nutrition.

In Mythology, the Knight of Disks, represents Baal the mountain god  who handed down laws from the mountain tops to those who dared to climb up and receive them. He was often seen as stern, authoritarian, heavy, tenacious, reliable and practical. Yet another Personification of an  Archetypal personality that Barbara Walker choose to name her King of Pentacles card.
The Thoth Knight of Disks, of the Qabalistic Thoth deck, is known as the King of Pentacles in many other tarot decks, as traditionally, the pentacle is the symbol of the ascended man, this card represents Mastery of Abundance and Prosperity.

In the ancient Mesopotamia or Middle East, all mountain god's were collectively called Baal, "The Lord", as their real names were not to be spoken except by the priest's who pretended to control the gods by use of their "secret names". Even later, this taboo was reinforce for in the bible, Deuteronomy 5:11, there is a biblical stricture against taking the name of "the Lord" in vain.
To this day the Jewish Rabbis have a secret name for their god.

It was believed that when a person, desired to speak to the god of the mountain, they had to climb that mountain, sit on the summit/throne, and wait for the Lord's spirit to impart to them, a vision, inspiration, or prophecy. In this manner, even Laws were supposed to be handed down from these sacred mountain summits.
This is how Moses got his 10 commandment's, but then, Jehovah, the name of Baal of Sinai, in later writings, was not the "god" that the original story of Moses met on Mount Sinai. For Sinai was sacred to the Moon-god Sin, a son of the Queen of Heaven-Nanna. Sin ruled what the bible called "the land of Sinim" (Isaiah 49:12), meaning Land of the Lunar Mountain, an older form of the name of Zion [Briffault 3,106.].
 Later on Sin became assimilated to the volcanic mountain god of Jebel al-Aqra, in northern Syria, when the Kenite or Cainite tribes of smiths migrated from there to settle in the land of Midian (Sinai).
[Gray, 108]. The Cainites (Canaanites) claimed their version of the Baal of Sinai, was seen as a pillar of fire during the night and a pillar of smoke at day. Now, Moses was said to have married into the Midianite clans and soon inherited the priesthood of his father-in-law, Jethro, who was one of the servants of Sin. (Exodus 3:1).

The choice of naming her King of Pentacles, Baal was a good one for the characteristics of this Personality Archetype, are stolid, and authoritarian. 

On the Thoth Card, The Knight of Disks is the harvester, who with threshing tool in hand, is prepared to harvest all that he has cultivated. With the capacity to manifest inner world skills into the outer-world, he is determined to achieve harvest in the areas of health and finances.
The Knight of Disks is also the Physical Doctor, the Healer  who is focused on health care, and a concern for body health.

 To reiterate: He is the fiery part of Earth, representing Earth as a producer of Life. Mountains, earthquakes, and gravitation are all attributed to this state of energy consciousness, as these are all Life contributors on this earth.
Qabalists know that Life must be in constant motion to be animated, yet it also must be stable (gravity) and often reconstruction of the motion of Life requires a destructive element to "de-construct" before reconstruction can be created;  However, destruction must be held to a point of healing rather than destruction for destruction's sake. Much like the plow must destroy the previous growth, before new seeds can be sown and later reaped. Therefore, in the area of health he monitors his diet (horse eating grains) and in the area of finance, (his large coin shield) he creates and protects that which is financially necessary.

The horned helmet, suggests he is a diagnostician who determines what is necessary in order to manifest abundance. Leo the lion appears on his shield, representing the creative aspects of manifesting harvest.  He is steadfast, reliable, accomplished, the epitome of success, such as the illustration of the Celtic god Cernunos.

As a Personality Archetype, the Knight/King of Disks/Pentacles, represents:

  •   A mature man who is a healer, a doctor, a good mathematician, and/or crafts-persons who is concerned with quality and security.
  • An older man that others rely on and often confide in, trust and seek advice from.
  • Such a personality tends to be seen as lethargic in tenancy as well as, very stable and dependable.

When the Thoth Knight/King of Disks card is thrown:

  • It's a good time to concentrate on physical and financial health.
  • Use your diagnostic abilities to manifest harvest in your life.
  • For woman this Knight of Disks, represents the dynamic assertive part of themselves, the inner animus  that wants to sustain abundance in health and fiances.

  • Disks as a suit, represent the earth sign months of Capricorn ( December 21-January 21), Virgo ( August 21-September 21), and Taurus (April 21- May 21) which may indicate particular people with those signs who may assist you in opportunities for harvest in you life.
  • The Querent is entering a period of  Spiritual Fruition.

  • A sense of happy practicality that is reflected in daily life.
  • They are experiencing Self-Knowledge  as steadiness, reliability, and accomplishment in the material world.

This archetypal  personality type:

  • Tends to be heavy, dull and preoccupied with material things.
  • They are laborious and patient but show little intellectual grasp of emotional matters, even on  matters that concern themselves.
  • This Knight's success is mostly instinctual and/or in imitation of Nature.
  • Though he may lack initiative, he has the deep smoldering fire of Earth that produces growth.
  • a concern for the body and good health.
  • A doctor or herbalist concerned with health.

  • Generous, courageous but is not prone to seeking adventure.
  • Ordinary activity, in social position, accomplishments, experiencing a success that is relaxed and enjoyed.
  • A mature reliable, dependable, and wise male upon whom others may depend on and with whom they lay their burdens.
  • A dark male, who is both courageous and lethargic in tendencies. However driven in matters of material success. 
  • A good financial provider who understands and likes work knowing it leads to financial security.
  • The querent may be such a person or involved with such a person in their life. The surrounding cards or position in the reading would support this understanding.

In the happiest cases, This Son of Soil's earthy qualities will be directed towards:

  • Romance and material imagination but can be ill defined as over-whelming ambition, superstition, and idle dreaming.
  • Also churlishness, jealousy (dull sort of way) of the Active minds around them which often keeps them stupid in the sense of lack of foresight even in their own affairs.
  • Such an ill dignified personality will find meddling about in petty matters to be their expertise, and they will spoil whatever comes their way.

The only negative side to this card:

  • Is the personalities total dependency on practicality, tending to make the person plodding, lethargic, and often unmovable.
  • A master of physical matters, but rarely understands emotionalism.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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