Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Princess of Disks & The Barbara Walker Tarot- Princess of Pentacles: Nimue
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Princess of Disks & The Barbara Walker Tarot- Princess of Pentacles: Nimue

The Tarot of Eli

The Thoth Tarot- Princess of Disks, & The Barbara Walker-Princess of Pentacles: Nimue,
is about Mastery of Creativity and Birth of  New Forms. She is the pregnant one.
As you may have gleamed by now, all these cards represent states of conscious energy that weave a pattern of energy conscious in the material world---as you, who calls yourself, the personality!

The Greeks called this state of consciousness, Persephone, who enters Hades, every winter and escapes Hades and manifests on Earth every spring.
  1. She is the pioneering nature of fertility,(represented by the Aries horns on her head) and:
  2. The serpent transforming into an ermine cape, represents her ancient earthly passion to create.
  3. Her lighted crystal staff, shows her desire to give birth to new forms that are in alignment with who she is.
  4. Her determination to manifest the organic balanced harvest is shown by the pedestal of  grains that she is standing on.
  5. The balanced union of  female magnetic and male electric forces are represented in the yin/yang center of the lotus blossom which show the creative approaches to motherhood issues or issues surrounding her own mother (Persephone and Hera had issues).

The Thoth Tarot-Princess of Disks/Pentacles:(see astrological Birthday wheel chart to establish your archetype/core personality)

On the brink of transformation, the Princess of Disks/Pentacles- personality is the earthly part of Earth. Brooding in wonder, she is strong and beautiful while pregnant with the secret wonder of the future. If your Core Persona, (Soul-Real Person) radiates the personality your birthday represents, as symbolized by the Princess of Disks/Pentacles ( April 21 to May 20), you are usually "not exactly" the same as the Princess, for you have traveled far from the Galaxy core as a "serpentine" (Spirit) frequency of Life. However, there is a deep love of Life within you; Spring brings joy to your heart, and laughter to your face. Inside such a personality, is the orgiastic nymph of Earth.

This lovely Priestess of Demeter, is illustrated on the Thoth Tarot Card, wearing the crest of the Ram and in her right hand, a sceptre descending into the Earth, where its head becomes a diamond. To Qaballists, the Diamond is the Precious Stone of Kether (The Highest and purest Light) and symbolizes the Purest Light formed in Matter in the
diamond form of: "as above-so below".

As would Freya, ( Norse Grove Goddess) she stands in a grove of sacred trees, before an altar suggesting a wheat-sheaf which is a symbol for Demeter. But she is not alone, as shown by the Printerest.com image of Frey and Freya, with their Nordic Wolf familiars.  Contrary to the sexism of divisonistic thought, She is never without He and He is never without She, in this Universe, so The Thoth Princess holds in Her left hand a disk which bears the Chinese ideogram denoting the twin spiral force of Goddess/God (The Divine Creative of all Creation), in equilibrium; from this is born the Rose of Isis (The Lotus), representing the Great Fertile Mother of the Nile delta.
The characteristics of the Princess of Disks personality are more numerous than a blog hopes to enumerate for She is the Ultimate in Womanhood and has all the characteristics of what I like to call the "Womb with a View", the Mother of all Forms who has communication abilities. 

She contains all the characteristicsof Mysterious Woman and it depends on the influences she is subject to whether "one or the other" of these traits manifest as action. However, this is not a scattering of energy, rather whatever trait she acts on, it is pure and focused, and life changing. To the shallow (those afraid of their depth), she is bewildering inconsistency; to the centered, she is a "Powerful Moment" of Beauty. She is both nourishing and vitalizing; Beautiful and Terrifying; Companion and Destroyer.

We may see her as Persephone arising from the nether world of winter into the bright light of Spring, symbolizing that from the deepest, darkest depths arises the Wisdom and mystery of
"Womb-Rite"; the resurrection and regeneration of the Living. There really isn't any negative here, unless one finds her ability to "be purely in the moment" to rapid and unsettling for their need for past linear- stability. Such a shallow fear based personality, would be unable to see that stability is based purely on "the movement of Moment" and not a linear line of addition. Thus is she serpentine in her motion. As Eisenstein implied,  the universe is Spirals upon Spirals, dimensions upon dimensions, union upon union and suffers no division. To enjoy her, you must dance with her in her sacred grove of Life.

The Thoth Tarot- Ace of Disks
,  represents the energy and Authority that the Princess of Discs or Pentacles directs. The Ace is the seed of the Energy Transformation that we call Earth, this seed is implanted in the "Womb"- Princess of Disks by the Eld of the King/Knight of Discs.
The knowledge of the new Aeon of Horus, dispels the archaic concept of Earth as a evil, passive, immobile, even dead  element . Rather, Earth is a transformation of Intelligent Energy Conscious that many moderns call Gaea,and/or Erda. Now this may all be new to us of the "Divide and Conquer" military industrial complex, but as I tour my Soul, I find a Perspective-Personality, of Native American manifestation who named this Intelligent Force of Earth, Grandmother River.  This so called, "primitive" personality, as did the Alchemists, seemed to understand that the " Water and Sun" union, transformed the energy of soil into living forms, long before our scientist "discovered" this very concept called "Thermodynamics".

Therefore, The Thoth Tarot- Ace of Disks, is a styled rendition of a Molecule, (the union of atoms) show in the back ground of the Emerald Green of the Aeon of Isis (Grandmother River ). This Emerald Green is of the King-Scale color decided upon by the Egyptian Hierophants. However, this green is not the original vegetable green of Isis but that of the " emerald-spring green" of the new Aeon following the resurrection of Osiris as Horus. Nor are the disks considered to be the dead chemistry of coins; rather they are the whirling  emblems of  Star, Planets, atoms etc, all of which are whirling spheres...just as your 7 dimensions of Aura; of Star Fire around your body Spins, Whirls, and Shouts out Loud---I AM ME!

The Ace of Disks, represents the seed that impregnates the Princess of Spring.There is the new doctrine of Tetragrammaton where Heh' --the final earthly component, the Daughter, is set upon the Throne of the Mother, to awaken the Eld of the All-Father. In the words of Zoroaster, Tetragrammaton is a " rebounding, whirling forth, crying aloud." The Name is not a dead symbol, but a whirling Sphere of Divine Action.

The  center of the Thoth Deck Ace of Disks is a complicated Hieroglyph  representing the "the chosen priest- and apostle of infinite space" and/or the "prince-priest the Beast." (Liber AL. I.15.). In the center of all is yet another form of Tetragrammaton, the Phallus, showing Sol and Luna, with the number 666 inscribed, as to equilibrating the seven sevens adding to 156 (Babalon-The Scarlett woman/Blood Womb.) Now explaining this philosophy of the Hermetic Qabalah, is far too lengthy and complicated for this blog, even many books have a problem with the explanations, so I recommend that you get the Book of Thoth, and scroll to pages 210-212 for further information and references.
As stated: This central cipher on the Thoth Ace, is enclosed in a Heptagram that is interlaced with Pentagons whose sides are extended forming a wheel of 10 spokes, bounded by a Decagon encompassed in a circular band with the inscribed name of TO META EHPION-- (This card is a research and  meditative must for the Student of Gnosis, for to meta ephion, is a nonsense use of Greek done by Crowley. What it roughly translates to is Beyond Ehpion.)

About this whirling Disk are its six wings (6 is the number of the Sun) The Thoth Deck Ace of Disks is the glyph of Earth as understood in the new Aeon of Horus. Sol and Terra are known as living beings, one's constant companions in a Universe of Pure Joy.

THE PRINCESS OF DISKS;   Represents the alive earthly part of Earth. This Princess is strong and beautiful and impregnated with a secret wonder. Crested with the head of a ram (another symbol for Aries, Mars, The Lightning Lord, and/or the male electric force, the Sun) signifying a head full of fertile ideas.  She holds a diamond (precious stone of Kether)  tipped sceptre, into the earth, which symbolizes the birth of the Highest- Purest light  in the deepest darkest elements. What the Ace of Disks professes, she makes manifest.

To reiterate: As would a priestess of Freya or Demeter, she stands in a grove of sacred trees, before an altar suggesting a wheat-sheaf, which is the sigil of the Priestess of Demeter. She is pregnant with the secret of the future; The bearer of Spring; a Spring that frees us from the "dark horrors of winters past". The She brings the fertile Consciousness of Horus rather than the dead militaristic  and slavery- obsessed consciousness of Osiris.

The disk she bears on the Thoth Card, is a Chinese idiom denoting the twin spiral force of the universe in equilibrium giving birth to the Rose of Isis, the Great Fertile Mother.The characteristics of this card are very numerous, as is the Mystery of Woman, suffice it to say, that the Princess of Disks is  Womb hood (Womanhood) in its ultimate projection.

The Barbara Walker Tarot-Princess of Pentacles: Nimue,
chooses to depict the nemesis of Merlin as it's Princess of Earth.

It is well known among occultists, that the Pentacle is used in protective magic. The common banishing ritual is one such operation.

Also, it is pretty much universally believed that one must stand within a marked Pentacle, be it painted, drawn or chalked, as a defense against demonic forces.  Druids often used standing stones, in the shape of a Pentacle of protection, in which to do their rituals.

Such stone pentacles, were commonly dedicated to the Lunar Fate Goddess, know early in medieval times as Diana Nemetona, or Diana Nemorensis, meaning queen of the nemeton-(Moon Grove).

Before Christianity reared its mysogenic head, the Celts knew her as Nemhain, who was both a virgin goddess and death dealing crone. The Gauls, loved her as Nimue, queen of the fairy-grove of Brocéliande.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Brocéliande is the name of a legendary forest in France that first appears in literature in 1160, in the Roman de Rou, a verse chronicle written by Wace. Brocéliande is a notable place of legend because of its uncertain location, unusual weather, and its ties with Arthurian Romance, most notably a magical fountain and the tomb of the legendary figure Merlin.

Hence, as Nimue, she was the death giver to Merlin and was tied into the Lady of the Lake legend.
Like many other sacred kings, of which Merlin was, he mated to the Goddess in his hour of passing.

Instead of the diamond scepter, of the Thoth Priestess of Disks, Nimue was said to have had a crystal cave at the heart of the fairy grove, in which, by trickery and wiles, cast Merlin into and imprisoned him is this magic cave.
As a last vestige of the original reincarnation myth, it is said that Merlin shall rise again and return to the world.

The Heart of the World (The Diamond of the Thoth Princess) was said by pagan's, to be the Crystal Cave. This Heart of the World, was imagined as residing in seven crystalline planetary spheres, sometimes called the Seven-story mountain of paradise.

To a Qabalist,this seven story mountain, is simply seen as the 7 Sephira below the Abyss; Geburah (severity), Chessed (mercy), Tiphareth (beauty), Hod (splendor), Netzach (victory), Yesod (foundation) and Malkuth (earth); the pagan Heart of the World is Tiphareth-Beauty.

Nimue was the Druid deification of the Triple Goddess as shown by her alternate names: Vivien- "she who lives", Morgan le Fay, Lady of the Lake, The White Lady and even Rhiannon. Her emblem was the Pentacle. The oldest myths, before they were revised by romantic bards, stated that Merlin learned his magic from her, which correlates to the old sacred king myths.

When the Princess of Disks or Pentacles, is thrown, she represents:
  •  A young woman with rich  brown or red- brown hair and dark eyes,who is generous, kind, diligent, benevolent, careful and endowed with persevering courage.
  • She may also be pregnant with child or birthing ideas, projects, identity and self aspects.
  • She is on the Brink of Transformation and Revelation.
  • She may also have a concentrated desire to learn, and is applying her fertile mind to scholarly pursuits.  
If ill defined:
  • She becomes wasteful and prodigal.
  •  Rebirth is apparent from past defeat, or that a new love is blooming in your life etc.
  • This is the Lady of Rebirth and Renewal and to understand the Depth of the Ultimate Womb---is to meditate long and hard on this card, and to read the Goddess Myths with the eye (I) of the soul. In this world, where love is a profit sharing endeavor, it is hard for most of us to believe that "Love built Me to be Itself"----Love is a state of energy consciousness and is Now, and fearless of the future.
  • Force manifesting into form.
  • Energy acquiring density.
  • A young Woman or person that is:
  1. Purposeful, determined and diligent.
  2. Responsible, preserving and intelligent.
  3. Generous, reflective, and sensitive,
  4. A good student who is worldly and sensual.
  • The creative part of the Earth anima within the organic form. We are all Androgyny, (female side of brain and male side of the brain) and both sexes can become pregnant with desire and creative ideas.
  • This creative idea and the desire to manifest it has been gestating with in your nature for some time.
  • For a woman, this card can represent the need to resolve motherhood issues.
  • For male and female, this card can represent the need to resolve or restructure relationship issues with Aries or Scorpio people in your life. ( Aries-March 21 -April 21) (Scorpio: October 21-November 21).
  • Do to the very nature of the Princess of Disks "tunnel focus" on creation, this card can warn us of  the dangers of becoming so focused on one thing, that we cannot enjoy the life all around us. 
 Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you and yours live long and prosper!

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