Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-6 of Wands-Victory & The Night Sun Tarot- 6 of Wands
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-6 of Wands-Victory & The Night Sun Tarot- 6 of Wands

The Tarot of EliThe 6's of the Hermetic Qabalah: The Thoth Tarot 6 of Wands & The Night Sun Tarot-6 of Wands.

THE Tarot 6's, representdefinite accomplishment and carrying out of a matter.
Success with the result of effort, is the underlying current of all 6's. In the World of energy, Atziluth, this means Victory.  Where as in Briah, the World of Pleasure, happiness is a direct result of working for it. In the world of quarreling and Strife, Yetzirah, strife brings success. While, in Assiah, the world of business, and commerce among men, this means material success.

THE Thoth 6 OF WANDS-VICTORY: Lord of Victory.
Here Jupiter is in the constellation of  Leo, and the Angels of the Decan are: Nelokhiel and Yeyayel.
In the 6 of Wands, we have the benevolence of Jupiter in the Fiery Sign of Leo (Sun) which brings success and warm relationships.  However, it is an aspect that suggest some drama and of victory after great effort.

The Key symbols relating to Tiphareth, Beauty;

(1) the Cube, which is based on 6, a form taken twice-over in the double cubed Altar of Malkuth.
(2.) The Six-sided figure of the Truncated Pyramid (its top is cut off) that represents Adam Khadmon, the Ascended or Supreme Man, and the six lower Sephiroth. Adam Khadmon is the Qabalistic ascended man or Archetypal Human, i.e., The Real Person, the complete manifestation of the Psyche and DNA inherited from the "gods" and/or the Annunaki; above him, completing the Pyramid are the Supernal, Kether, Chokmah and Binah.

Then, there is the Calvary Cross, properly drawn as black, unequal armed, surrounded by a circle and mounted on three steps. This implies Wisdom through Sacrifice.

The Rose cross and the Rose Cross Lamen, are the other powerful Tiphareth symbols. 

The Thoth- Crowley card, shows the Wands of the Three Adepts (of Golden Dawn ritual) crossed in a perfect balance of power. As each Adept must go through initiations involving varying degrees of Strife, this card of Wands, suggests victory after strife. 
 It is to be noted, that the upright Flames, lantern like at each crossing, are in a number of  9; the number of Yesod and the Moon as well as the marriage of the 4 and 5. This shows energy stabilization of the Energy, and its reception and reflection by the Feminine Magnetic Principle. There is no circle around it, because it is self-supporting like the Sun.

In the Thoth Tarot, and all Tarot of the Hermetic Qabalah, the four 6's represent the center of the whole system of the Tree of Life, known as Tiphareth (Beauty). The 6th Sephiroth is also called The Sun/Son of God, and just like the Sun and its planets, the Whole Tree of Life "rotates around" the 6th Sephiroth, as if it were an axle and the Tree, a wheel or better yet, as if the 6 is the Sun and the rest of the Sephira, planets. The 6's pf Tiphareth, are the only Sephirotic objective-forces below the Abyss that communicates directly with Kether (Crown).  Hence, Tiphareth, is fed directly from Chokma-Binah (wisdom-understanding) and Chesed-Geburah (Mercy-Severity). Tiphareth is the "Sun/Son of God" center on the Tree of Life. It is our original Soul Persona, The Real Person. We are all microwave frequencies of Solar Spiral energy, better known to some as Spirit and to others as the "Galactic Core".  The 6 of Wands represents  energy in a completely balanced expression. Since, the zodiacal reference is also to Jupiter and Leo, as Crowley has stated in his Book of Thoth,"which seems to imply  a benediction on the harmony and beauty of this arrangement".

If you were a student of the Human Auric field and the Chakras, you'd know Kether as the Crown Chakra ( Sahasrara chakra), and Tiphareth as the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura chakra).

Tiphareth dominates the lower Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, as it is balanced both vertically and horizontally, giving it Supremacy over physical life. Tiphareth is also known as Beauty-the Christ-Buddha Consciousness.

As a planetary influence, Tiphareth represents the Sun, as a theosophical concept, Tiphareth is the theological Son who represents Soul- consciousness, The Real Person, in its most balance and harmonized form.  The Son is an interpretation of the Father in mind-Psyche and activates form, rather than just a passive idea.

The Sixes actually represent their respective element at its practical best.

The Six of Wands-Victory, is the conclusion of the outburst of violent energy generated by the Five-Strife. and the battle is won. However, there is a certain instability displayed here, because of the violent outburst of energy applied----causing the "pendulum" of motion to swing high, and soon it will drop into fast downfall. Leading to the 7 of Wands-Valour, where energy is at its last gasp. The Night Sun Tarot , 6 of Wands, seems to project this certain instability of exhaustion, after a great victory is won. Here, is a red clothed individual, carrying 6 up right serpentine wands on her lion robed back, who seems to be sinking into or growing out of the earth. The open hand suggests openness and the red cosmetics and sacred geometry suggest a shamanic individual and therefore implying a battle of a spiritual nature. The triangular sign of fire is on her loin cloth and the signs for Jupiter-upper left, and Leo-upper right, are on the golden border of this colorful but some what disturbing card. The Lion is the symbol used for the constellation Leo, and also the Sun.

The Qabalistic Thoth Tarot-6 OF WANDS: Victory.

To a Qabalist, this card represents Tiphareth (Beauty) in Atziluth [the Pure Spirit World] and brings success and warm relationships after struggle.
The 6's represent  "a breath of fresh air" as our spirit has brought us out of the chaos of the 5's which represent strife. Tiphareth is Beauty, and Beauty is synchronicity, a willed weaving of frequency that brings harmonic balance from strife.  Both the Thoth and Night Sun Tarot card, suggest a certain amount of drama before victory is achieved.

The Thoth Tarot depicts the crossed Golden Dawn wands of the three Adepts, showing a balanced weaving of the complete energy of Fire. This is a joy-filled card emblematic of personal creative power.
The Thoth - 6 of Wands features the Wands of the Chief Adept (Winged-Serpent -Eye) Major Adept (Phoenix headed) and the Minor Adept (unfolded lotus bud), shown previously in the 5 of Wands-Severity; However in the 6, the Energy of the Wands is coordinated and completely balanced in manifestation, as shown by the upright flames, all of equal size.
This card represents Tiphareth,The Christ-Buddha conscious, and/or Solar Logos in the Suit of Fire (Spirit). Also represented by this 6 card is the planet Jupiter in the constellation of Leo. Hence, Jupiter tends toward the application of a benediction on the harmony and beauty of this arrangement of Wands.

Therefore the Tarot 6 of Wands symbolizes, victory, self-confidence, balance, leadership and glory----all gained after a struggle with one's own subconscious-demons (fear based imagination). Fear of Failure is one of these Major demons, hidden in the depths of our sub-consciousness.

Most of us know that failure in itself, stops no one; it is only fear of failure that stops us from creating. Man wouldn't be flying from country to country, even into space, if the pioneers of flight had listened to the fear mongers, who stated that heavier than air vehicles would never fly...."not in a million years" as one noted scientist stated. Yet, in as little as 50yrs, science and engineering had created from "string and paper" flying kites, jet air craft. Therefore, to achieve Victory over the "error of survival thinking" we must be the 6 of Wands, which is being secure with our identity and possessing a sense of purpose and/or direction; in other words, we must be our Soul instead of a man-made identity.

ABOVE ALL THINGS, KNOW THYSELF, truly means that we must know we are gods of the "little g" variety [selves of the Divine Self and/or Children of the Divine Creative] of our own destiny.  Hence to serve fear in a mental-foundation capacity, is to have no destiny at all!  Know not that ye are gods? Above all things know thyself! Is the whole description of the Real You. Your name is I AM....anything after that is "your destiny", i.e. "Me".  Yes "me" is your destiny, for as we perceive ourselves, we perceive life!

Victory over the self defeating indoctrinated thoughts that are "brain software", is a Spiritual Victory over individual entropy and matter itself.  Remember, those who fear inferiority must act superior and that means they must get others to accept inferiority, by force or deception,  in order to reign. As my dearly departed human father has stated," Those with the biggest mouth, have the smallest balls".

Therefore, the Spiritual Identity of You, cannot be defined by any person, state, religion, nor psychology. It is not man-made, as all word definition is! Our indoctrinated thoughts are the Trickster/Devil within, and they must not be accepted as truth. Knowledge is not thought, it is the paradigm of creation. That is why the most intuitive people (sensitives or psychics) release indoctrinated thought and allow the knowledge that constructed them to flow through into physical expression.

The Victory of the 6 of Wands, is when we know that I AM Me...is a knowledge of being and not a definition belonging to anyone or other environment outside of our own head. To those who know themselves, knowing that they are the Force (spirit) that Operates their formative self, is not just a process of thought but also a process of self-trust.

"I Am the Spirit that owns and operates this body as an expression of creativity called Me!" The Word Me, is destiny, and that means probability where all things are possible, and not subject to the pressure of peers! Victory over your definitions may be hard to grasp...but once you do there is no question of your inherited Divinity!


On the Thoth Tarot 6 of Wands, the 3 Wands of the Adepts are now an ordered arrangement of Beauty and the flames are now lamps instead of shooting out in all directions like they do in the 5 of Wands. The lamps are 9 in number referring to Yesod and the Moon, showing the stabilization of the Male-electric Energy and its reception and reflection by the Magnetic Feminine aspect of Energy. There is no circle enveloping the wands as the 6 of Wands is self supporting as is the Sun.
The thing to remember with Victory, is that a battle first must be fought in order for there to be a victory. It can be internal battles of spirit and mind, of emotions and soul or outward battles of industry and labor overcoming strife. But a battle must be before victory. When all our Will (spirit) Mind, Body and  Emotions are balanced for one goal---we will achieve victory.

During a reading, when this card is thrown, the Querent will experience:

  • Is assured of victory, but victory only comes after a struggle. so don't celebrate prematurely.
  • There is implied a short lived victory with all blockages overcome but by trusting the Stability of the Higher Self, the Victory is long lasting.
  • Confidence and belief in yourself are the necessary tools here and it looks like they have been achieved with some major breakthrough in insight and creativity happening in the next 6 weeks or 6 months.
  • The querent is showing secure knowledge of self identity and displays self confidence in leadership abilities.
  • There is in the querent a  purposeful sense of direction and purpose.
  • For a period of six weeks or six months, there has or will be victory after strife.
  • Gain and success through energy and industry.
  •  Pleasure gained by labor, carefulness, sociability, avoidance of strife with victory therein.

If ill dignified by the accompanying cards, the 6 of Wands can also mean insolence, pride of riches and success.

Thank you for your interest,comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

As always, the feminine influence is represented in this card by the Nine Flames that refer to Yesod (foundation) and the Moon (Magnetic Force). Since the feminine magnetic energy is in charge of all form making, this is a energy form that is as  self supporting as the Sun. 
  • There is a glow suggested of Spiritual Will that has overcome the Severity of the Five of Wands.
  • This card also helps us understand that Victory only comes after conflict is overcome.
So when this card is thrown during a reading, and depending on its position:
  • It can mean gain and success in 5 weeks or 5 months, depending on the position of the Card.
  • We have here, victory after strife caused by industriousness, energy expression, love and pleasure gained by labor.   
  • There is also a suggestion of Victory gained by avoiding strife through actions of sociability and carefulness.
Then of course, is the ill dignity of  insolence, pride of riches, and vain-glory as ill dignity depends on the conflict depicted in the surrounding cards.

Victory may be a brief moment of pleasure after a grueling contest, but nevertheless, it is enjoyable at the moment and should be savored but not rested upon. Never fear the senses of the body, they are there for the Sensory Perception of the Soul and it is okay to enjoy the Will's performance. ...as well as it is okay to know the Will will-be challenged again!

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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