Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 6- The Lovers & The Wild Wood Tarot-key 6 -The Forest Lovers
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 6- The Lovers & The Wild Wood Tarot-key 6 -The Forest Lovers

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-Key 6- THE LOVERS & The Wild Wood Tarot-Key 6 - THE FOREST LOVERS:

The Oracle of the Gods is the Child-Voice of Love in Thine own Soul; hear thou it.
Heed not the Siren-Voice of Sense, or the Phantom-Voice of Reason: rest in Simplicity, and listen to the Silence.

Thoth Tarot Key 6- The Lovers- this card's astrological sign is Gemini, and is about the joining together of the female yin and the male yang and/or Anima and Animus. The magnetic-feminine and electric-masculine forces joining together to create a greater Self-Creative Psyche; which I call the Divine Creative.

This card also represents the universal principle of the art and craft of relationship. This is about the Duality of the Divine couple---Goddess/God, Spirit and Soul; everything about this card is dual.

This is the journey of the twins, a universal motif found in all cultures. Hansel and Gretel, Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann, Ishtar and Tammuz, Jesus and Mary; all the famous couples throughout history reflect this archetype of the Lovers.
Therefore, this Tarot card is about soul-love and relationships and reminds us that we are to be joyful and innocent in love (the two children) while exhibiting curiosity and playfulness; the adult couple facing each other remind us of loyalty and commitment.

The Hermit  is in the background of the Thoth key 6- with hands raised in blessing, reminding us of the need to be alone and granting the gift of spaciousness  for the purpose of individual contemplation, introspection and inner self meditation. All parts of balanced and flowing Love.
The Iron gates in the back ground symbolize the Lovers' need not to be limited, bared or restrained in their relationship. Hence, when this card is drawn it often symbolizes a loving relationship, soon to be or even a marriage, and/or the inner balance of the female-anima and male-animus forces in an individual.

Zachor et Yom HaShabbat ( Hebrew for: Remember the Sabbath Day).
 The Path of Zain-key 6 The Lovers.

If you read Exodus 20:8-11, you know it starts," Remember the Sabbath day to sanctify it. Six days shall you work but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God: you shall not do any work-..."
You may rightfully wonder about what this has to do with the meaning- of Sword or Armor and the simple letter- Smell, all of which is attributed to the Hebrew letter Zayin or Zain. 
To help dispel confusion  it may help us to read the Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom, where Paul Foster Case called the Path of Zayin, the 17th path. He wrote: The Seventeenth Path is the Disposing Intelligence, which provides Father to the Righteous, and they are clothed with the Holy Spirit by it, and it is called the Foundation of Excellence in the state of higher things.
Therefore, the Hebrew letter-Zayin, is about the union of opposites, in order to become whole (holy), and this Wholeness becomes more than the sum of its parts by disposing of what keeps us divided. Of course this is an over implication, but it is understandable.

As both Spirit and Form, each of us is both moment (Spirit-Fire- Time) and Repose (Form-matter-Space) and since matter is the most condensed and therefore, intense form of light and life,  during our daily life we get all caught up in the outer world of  our daily lives; we envision sensually, a physical world of material things which is a form of space. But our "inner observation" belongs to the Spiritual realm of the Master of Time--Our immortal inner self . This inner observation requires repose, where we are meditating, praying, contemplating which are all moments of time. This Spiritual/Spiral Time of moment is called a "Sacred Moment" where both time and space become Self.  Now these spiritual moments of self awareness can be tasted, touched, heard and smelt. However, unless tragic, they are bare felt and then often unforgotten and become automatic responses in the unconscious. By mating the Unconscious (Anima) and Consciousness (Animus), perspectives expand and a loving union of wisdom and understanding armors us against the angst of constantly filling empty heart-space with things, while also assisting our consciousness in disposing of the unimportant.  Zayin is the union of Moon and Sun, Female-Will to Form and Male-Will to Force, time-space. Anima(spirit) and Animus (soul).  In truth, if you are a student of movement and repose, you will find that Male and Female is really male-female, a wholeness that completes all things.

The Hermit, on the Thoth card, is shaped in the symbol of The Mountain,  which is about the awareness of the beauty of Nature that you feel from such an all encompassing view you get from a mountain top. This sensation of beauty is a spiritual experience that is felt while experiencing the physical beauty....a union of opposites. Beauty is all about synchronization---wholeness-- and when we feel oneness with creation---we are being worshipful.

In many past blogs I've explained-the Tarot Trump- The Lovers, but it is a very esoteric representation of the Mysterious Union of Opposites that is necessary to weave time-space into self awareness, and/or  self-image; called a hermetic marriage in the Qabalah. The conscious mind-Sun- is Self-aware and usually classified as masculine while the Subconscious- Moon- is  Woman (mother of form-imagination) who is also Self-Aware.  These Male and Female forces, are currents of Life and/or the Power to be alive and when properly perceived (balanced as movement and repose) , properly discerned, and when their operation is kept in proper order, we become Hermes -Aphrodite (Hermaphrodite) , a wholeness of Life that becomes the Cosmic Person.

As stated: THE LOVERS, is the Path of Zain, meaning Sword, on the Hermetic Qabalah's Tree of Life and runs between Binah (understanding) and Tiphareth (Beauty) and connects the Pure Conscious, from which all forms emerged (Binah) with the central point of Manifestation (Tiphareth) who is our Central Sun/Son and/or Soul.

The Term Lovers, seems simple enough, yet it is a complex and profound card, as it is not about the love of two humans, but rather the Twins or duality of the individual united in pursuit of Divine Love that produces humans.  Therefore the True meaning of Key 6, is embedded in the Astrological sign Gemini, The Twins.

 To reiterate: The Dual intelligent Forces of Male-expressive and Female-receptive, (electric and magnetic, conscious and unconscious, Psyche and Animal mind, Animus and Anima), are what THE LOVERS proposes to unite. These are equal and opposite frequencies of  Intelligence that must be united as a major step towards the Godhead on the Tree of Life. The surging of the Divine One Energy, across the Abyss into manifestation, formed stable dualities, for the Divine Creative is a DUAL CONSTRUCT OF FORCE AND FORM. This is nothing new to those who studied Matriarchal religions, God and Goddess were never seen separated and often they were depicted as one being with two faces. Only in the War/slave religions of Nomadic Tribes, "sword worshipers", did the Patriarch exist alone.

The Great Work, is a return to the primeval state (As above so below; as below so above) by the communion or "marriage" of these dualities of manifestation.

As Robert Wang wrote about the Path of Zain (meaning; sword or armor) in his book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT," Thus this path may be considered the aspect of the Garden of Eden, from which mankind was expelled, but to which it may earn re-entry by conscious dealing with what has been called the inner Sun and Moon. The whole key to the Great Work is  uniting of the Sun and the Moon under Mercury (the planet ruling Gemini)."

On the Tarot Card, THE LOVERS, The Sun is the man, the Moon is the Woman, and the Divine Fire that is above the Abyss (The Vital Force or Serpent Force), is represented as Cupid. Case has stated that, the Sun is self-consciousness and that the Moon is subconsciousness.The real trick here is to turn the personality into Mercury, the divine messenger, a Magus who runs messages from god to being. In the case of the Lovers card, mercury runs divine messages between the Anima/Spirit and Animus/soul.

Paul Foster Case, considered  that these are both aspects of the One Life Breath, each working half of the body. Today we mundanely know them as the Male half and the Female half of the human brain or in parapsychology as the Anima and the Animus. As Case has stated,"When the Solar and Lunar currents of the Life-Power are rightly perceived, rightly discriminated, and when their operation is kept in proper order, the personality of the man engaged in this practice becomes a free, unobstructed channel for the outpouring of the cosmic life force."   Case considered THE LOVERS card to represent one of the dualities united by the Spiritual Self, the Divine Anima (female) and the Divine Animus (Male), both aware, conscious and united in the individual as they are in the Divine Creative. Just as most Tantric, and Gnostic practitioner's do.

To the Qabalist, The Lovers, represents the union of manifested opposites under the Divine Love of the Supernal (Upper triangle of the Tree of Life) through Binah/Ishtar-The Great Mother. Thus, the Crowley Thoth Deck Card depicts the theme of union as and Alchemical "Hermetic Marriage" of the component parts of the seeker.

The Path of Zain is an active path of Psyche, for the self control and will attributed to Mercury, which directs the movement and integration of opposites which is not passive but forms a repose.
In fact, this marriage is the honey moon dance of the fiery force or the Serpent Force known as the Kundalini which is masculine fiery force, united with the Feminine Watery force (flowing in waves as "serpentine:) both in equal measure and full of fiery dynamic,  and inspirational qualities.

This is a red-hot marriage, complete with Honey Moon and resulting "little death" reminiscent of an individual "big bang", call the "ecstasy".
 I write not in fantasy, for there is a  type of death here, as the process of crossing the Abyss means the death of one's own Higher Self, a willful and  total self-destruction and immersion into the Universal Collective of the Divine Self. 

I'll leave you with a quote form the Gnostic Text, The Gospel of Didymos Judas Thomas where it is written  that Jesus, a Gnostic Nazarene, answered his disciples with: (22) " When you make the Two One, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female;and when you fashion eyes in place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then you will enter the kingdom."

Jesus, mythical or not, obviously knew of the Principles attributed to THE LOVERS  card, but then he was purported to be a Nazarene Gnostic Master which is a Qabalistic Magi of which there were more than a few (Nazarene's, Essene's, Simonion's, etc). What few know is that the Word Christos is Greek and refers to the  Sun and that Jesus the Christ is in Greek-Zeus Christos!

Thoth Tarot-Key 6-The Lovers,  is also called the "the Brothers", in traditional tarot. This is a significant arcana in that it implies the simultaneous creation of "equal and opposite reaction". When an action is created, its opposite is simultaneously created as well. When She was Created so was He. When Able was created so was Cain. This card supports that application.

When opposites are created there is no measurable time lag, as the formulation of any idea creates its contradictory at almost the same moment. That is why wisdom is often described by me as the action, "to create, see error ,and correct that error." Wisdom is known  as 50% ERROR.. This is the concept behind the Christian Sin, which over time, has become unrecognizable as the process of Wisdom; However, if one reads the Prodigal Son biblical parable, they will understand that the "Prodigal" who went forth and created error, was celebrated for correcting it.
To know that the contradictory of any proposition is implicit in itself, and also is to know how Universal equilibrium is kept. Again, analysis followed by synthesis. To make this card even more confusing, remember that once error is corrected, we've made another creation.....with simultaneous error.

The Thoth Lovers Card, is a glyph of duality.The Moorish King has a golden crown, while the white European Queen has a silver crown. this duality is also shown by the Red Lion and the White Eagle; Lions and Eagles being alchemical symbols of  the Male and Female Principles in Nature, appearing in equal and various stages of manifestation throughout creation; Sun and Moon, Fire and Water (Electric and Magnetic), Air and Earth. They are the acid and alkali of chemistry, which are also metals and non-metals.
Going even wider in this concept, they are Hydrogen and Oxygen which in this concept, the Hooded figure represents, the seed of all life as the Protean element of carbon. Astrophysicist know Red Suns as the producers of the carbon atom, so the symbols of this card are quite extensive and subjective. One of the most subjective is the "Scarlet Woman" and/or "Divine Whore", one of the two symbols of Lilith, upper left and right of this card. Remember, I said, Red Suns are the producers of carbon atoms, Carbon is the Divine whore of all atoms, for it is the most promiscuous of all atoms, and is willing to mate with almost everyone and produces hundreds of elements a day!

The Thoth King bears his sacred lance, while the Queen bears the Holy Grail---the Phallus and Womb symbols of this card are a constant reminder of  Creations formula of equal and opposites being combined in order to establish life. This theory is support by the Twin Children carry their weapons, whose positions are counter changed; the white child carries the cup and roses, while the dark child carries the lance and a club ( both an equivalent symbol). At the bottom of the card is the primitive Pantomorphic form of the Hermetic Marriage; the winged Orphic egg. The colors of the egg, gray, symbolize the cooperation of the Supernal ( upper triangle of Kether, Chokma, Binah)  in the Creation of Life.

The Purple serpent is Mercury in the scale of the Queen and represent God's influence in Nature; the crimson tinged wings of the Orphic egg represent the King which is on the scale of Binah the Great Mother. Therefore, the Thoth Deck key 6 -The Lovers is then the complete symbolic rendition of the equilibrium of the Great Work. However, we must never forget that what form life takes is  after all, possibility, for the form life takes is dependent upon the influences attendant during gestation.  This is a fact that Awake Souls (those who do not experience the sleep of death) make use of while a fetus is forming in a womb. Just a little mystery for you to ponder!

By putting the symbol of Cupid above the Hooded figure, seems to confuse the issues of this card; However, deep study of the Cupid legend will help one to see that cupid is the libido symbol used to express Zero as Two. Please feel free to enjoy your investigations while remembering that only deep meditations on this card will reveal some of the many secrets it represents.

The Wild Wood Tarot-Key 6- The Forest Lovers, chooses of represent the union of Robin and Marian, the Forest Lovers, reborn time and again in the heart of the woods.
Most of us Westerners have come to know this couple in the legends of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, although at other times, different names have been applied, such as the Greek-Hades and Persephone.

Generated by the exchange of energy between them, is the maypole, symbolized here as a birch tree. Spiraling around the living birch, are the ascending green earth energy, meeting the descending energy of the sky. The union of the Forest Lovers, generates a spark of Life that is considered a third force.  On the forest floor, the Arum Lilies
also called "lords and ladies", are in flower during the period known as Beltane, which is May 1st, and known as the pagan rites of Spring. Therefore, Maid Marian and Robin Hood, symbolize the female and male union of this time of year, which generate the fertile and fecund energy at this time of year.
This card supports the knowledge, that True Love (soul mating)comes from the marriage of 2 polar forces, that in union, create a third force and/or consciousness.

When the Key 6 Tarot card of the Major Arcana, is thrown during a reading, the querent is or will be, experiencing
  • Passive and some cases, mediumistic  inspiration.
  • Motive power, and action, arising from inspiration and impulse.
  • Becoming cooperative as two or more people or forces come together, combining  energy for a common goal.
  • Urge to unite and a choice of love.
  • Joining together....it is easy to see the Principle of  the Art and Craft of relationship here.
  • Lover is a universal gift to the generous heart/soul, the querent will find balance through inner harmony and healing.
If ill defined by the accompanying cards:
  • Indecision, confusion and uncertainty become the principles of this card.
  •  The querent is failing to see the sum of the Union of Opposites and is trying to separate them as "good and bad" . This causes only inaction.
  • The agony of separation rather than the bliss of union.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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