Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 8-Adjustment & The Wild Wood Tarot-Key 8- The Stag
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 8-Adjustment & The Wild Wood Tarot-Key 8- The Stag

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth Tarot-Key 8 ADJUSTMENT & The Wild Wood Tarot- key 8- THE STAG:

In Many Tarot Decks, the common way to present this State of Energy Conscious is as the Judgment Card but I personally think that Crowley hit the nail on the head with the Title of : Adjustment.  Because in our world of patriarchal rule, Justice is merely revenge and a show of state power to destroy the life of dissenters, which then keeps the populace in line.

 What Crowley was implying, is that Adjustment, is at work continuously in the above, The Greater Universe, and the below, our individual soul/personality. In some other decks this is Key 11 Justice; However it is numbered, this powerful, natural equilibrating function occurs in our bodies, as they balance nutrition continuously to maintain proper operation as power tools for Spirit. And  Adjustment is also an equilibrating function that occurs in our personalities, making sure there are no constant extremes of behavior that keep us from operating effectively in our environments. In the Personality Adjustment is done by natural force and reason.

To go forward, is to transform as the Soul is measured when it "stands"in the Divine Light of the Solar Logos, that is, Tiphareth, the sixth Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, often called the "Christ Light". Only in this Light (bright and warm intelligence) does the dual- edged Sword of Geburah, do its adjusting work; pruning away the perspectives which are not worthy of Her Divine Child. 

This image of Maat as presented on the Thoth card, is a suggestion of the Maat legend as the "Daughter of Ra", relating her to the Sun God (Tiphareth-Solar Logos). Her Qabalistic name is "Daughter of the Lords of Truth" while the Egyptians also called her the "Queen of Heaven"; all of these names pointing to the fact that this Severe Faithful Intelligence is the regulator of the Path of the Sun. Hence, the Egyptian texts suggested,  through Maat the Sun subsists, for Ra is said to "rest upon Maat" and/or to"live by Maat". In Qabalistic terms, this means that the principles of  the Path of Adjustment, the Hebrew letter Lamed, maintains Tiphareth---The Bright and Warm intelligence  of the Solar Logos.

Since Ra is known to the ancient Egyptians, as the source of all Light, the Qabalists know Ra as the Tarot Fool or the Path of Aleph, who is the Source of All Light . This makes it possible to say, that Aleph rests upon Lamed and that Lamed is the regulator of the Path of  the Divine Life Force. That is also why I teach that "The Solar Husband is invoked by the Great Womb'". This may startle some men who objectify women as an object of sexual desire for dominance and control, for it is well known to both Tantrics and practicing Qabalists that the Life Force, and/or "Sex Energy" is invoked by the Great Female, to regulate and establish her Forms.  The Form of Him came from the Womb of Her, i.e. "Ra is said to live by Maat." The Lord of Lightning servers the Great Magnetic-Ocean Mother.  To put this simply, The Great One (Kether) became Two, by the process of adjusting/balancing Wisdom (Chokma) and  Understanding (Binah), thereby, realizing He/She as "One who is Two" and thereby established the equilibrium that produces and maintains all things.

The downward pointing Phallus and testes headdress on the female figure of this card attests to this understanding of a Dual Polarity Divine Creative. Those who Skry this card will not be unhappy that they did so, even if Geburah wields her sword in quick bright strokes, the discomfort  of emotional burdens and/or the personal burdens of perspectives, just fall away and the skryer feels all "Warm and bright".

There are a large compliment of Planets involved in this card.
  1. First is Venus, which rules Libra.
  2. Mars is related because of the purging forces of Geburah.
  3. The Sun, as stated above, is involved not only  because the Path of Lamed runs from the Sun to Mars, but also because  Adjustment (Justice) must take place in the clear bright light of Truth.
  4. Saturn is exalted in Libra and finally:
  5.  Jupiter which is the planet of Chesed (Mercy). By acknowledging that Libra is ruled by Venus, is also to acknowledge that behind Adjustment stands the Empress, the primary path of Venus, which is the perfect equilibrium between the forces of Chokma (Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding). It is interesting to note that the planet Venus refers to all of the Sephiroth and its sigil encompasses  every single Sephira on the Tree of Life. The implications being that Love is the Ultimate Power of the Universe: Love is the Law of Attraction.

The imagery on the Thoth card is all about  "law and limitation", as symbolized by the throne of spheres and pyramids in groups of four, behind the Female figure. She is best described in Crowley's book: 777, as "The woman justified. By equilibrium and Self-Sacrifice is the Gate." He goes on to state; "She is the ultimate illusion which is manifestation:  she is the dance, many-colored, many-willed, of Life Itself.  Constantly whirling, all possibilities are enjoyed, under the phantom show of Space and Time; all things are real, the soul is the surface, precisely because they are instantly compensated by this Adjustment. All things are harmony and beauty; all things are truth because they cancel out." Crowley understood, that the Soul, is the Mirror that our image is reflected in and it is by the Adjustment of perspectives that our disease or healing comes from. This may be why when the medical journals state, "83% of all healing, is by  placebo", and why the body and mind are an Psychosomatic organism.

The Supreme Spirit Identity, in the Thoth Card, the Conscious State of Goddess Energy, doesn't deal in revenge----She deals in freedom of choice where one truly makes a choice, and must live it. She Trusts you to know that if you think a thought, and supply life-force to it (often called emotion or sex energy) that you know what you are doing. The repercussions of cause and effect, manifest as your body, and the law of attraction produces "like attracts like".

This concept of "you reap what you sow", is carried out in the Key 8-The Stag of the Wild Wood Tarot. Here, the Forest King, is half man and half stag and looks out of verdant greenery, with a steady gaze. He holds a half-ax and shield decorated with the Celtic "Major Oak tree", reminding us of our responsibility to preserve and protect our environment. His great horns, seem to branch from the Great Tree he stands in front of. This seems to be an implication of our "As above so below" connection with the Universe and the planetary connection with organic matter.
The Polished ax head, is not raw stone, but rather built out of human industry, showing man's willingness to change the environment. Many of us know that this is not necessarily for the best, so a weighing up of responsibility and action is necessary.

Nature has no concept of forgiveness and reward, here, you get what you sow. Nature, is pure cause and effect.  Here, right and generous action brings fulfillment and peace, whereas, greed and vengeful desire bring bitter loneliness and dissolution. Just as water seeks its own level, balance will be achieved, and maintained by the ecosystem. Here again, adjustment comes. The justice, "the spirit of the place" dispenses, is long lasting, merciful and irrevocable in its conclusions. Man's "freedom of choice", is produced by observation. What you observe is what you "believe to be true", hence, it becomes so for the observer. Electrons, under observation, become the belief of the observer. If one believes they are particles, they preform in straight lines as particles; if one believes they are waves, they then flow up and down in wave like motions. This is called the Simulation Hypothesis of Quantum Physics, and it is proven true. Therefore, think ill, be ill ; think well be well. For this is what your electromagnetic body  does. It is the effect of your causal thought.

If one followed the Gnostic Qabalah axiom of "Above all things, know thyself!" one wouldn't have any difficulty with "freedom of Choice"; However, due to belief in the Divisions of the Patriarchal "Divide and Conquer" thought process, the union of your will and self-identity has been corrupted by this axiom of division by the Patriarch. So now most people have forgotten their Divinity-Power and Wholeness, becoming powerless and scattered, lost in the forest of Ruler-identity-propaganda. Therefore, they believe they are divided from nature...yet try living without water, flora or fauna. It is time to realize we are Nature, observing itself as an intimate creator with its loving creation!

As Stated:The Adjustment card is the Path of Lamed, on the Tree of Life, between Geburah (Severity) and Tiphareth (Beauty) on the Tree of Life. Adjustment represents the  Faithful Intelligence of the Great Mother, who has faith in you as Her Divine Children...who may wander off and forget themselves, but with the proper "goading" (Lamed means--ox goad.) they will find themselves again. Therefore, Adjustment is the Rule of Balance (operates from Binah- The Great Mother) and maintains the outpouring of energy so that the "innocent child" (The Fool card which has been called the "Holy Ghost") will operate within the confines of a natural pattern: The Pattern of , I AM ME. Not what others identify Me as----but as I identify Me as. You see that is Free -doom of choice! If I choose to react to the identity enforced on me by "others" then I am doomed to the dysfunction of that thinking. If I Know Myself....which is a process of "I think--therefore, I am". then we are  functioning in the Natural State of our Divine inheritance!

With the knowledge of the natural flow of Adjustment we know that balance will be made so that energy will always flow to the living Spirit (Spiral Energy-Entity) through the balance of Spirit-Mind-Body -union. If that union is interrupted by incongruous thought patterns...the lowest denominator---the body, is doomed to unbalance (disease) mentally, emotionally and physically. The Will is Spirit, and it must be the Love of Mind and Body to keep the balance that is Loving adjusted by the All  Mother.   Self- Love is the balanced flow of Creation, throughout the Tree of Life because it is the pattern of The Supreme Spirit Identity recreating it's Self-Images in order to expand and liberate Self-Awareness as "The Alive".

Because of this Faithful Love of Her Children, those who contact the Anima (Divine Feminine) may decide to bring ourselves in to balance, but if we do not, it will be done for us! Much like driving a vehicle that has an automated correction system on board, if the driver won't adjust the steering wheel to stay on the road, the Natural Automated system will!

Being constructed of the Psycho-dynamic principle of  Spirit/Soul-mind and body, all must be  united in a balance of communion; in an Understanding of Impeccable Being that is continual up and down the Tree of Life. As above so below, is not a far off metaphysical concept; for it is the conception of YOU as if the Qabalistic Tree of Life is a birth canal! So being Faithful Intelligence, The Divine Mother of You will always make the adjustments necessary to get you on the right track, whether you like it or not! This understanding of this Law of Freedom of Choice, means one who is smart will always "Treat others as we wish to be treated" for we know to think ill is to be ill....and by thinking ill of those who think ill of us, just transmits the disease into a plague of illness.

Again, there are no enemies, only another way to be us. Let each other Be...is a very good motion! You cannot escape your thoughts for they are "your Life Formative, that form the Alive" so let's make them the best they can be, we'll then find our lives to be balanced and smooth flowing no matter how many rocks are out there!

As the Tao states, " If it isn't here---It isn't there. If it is there, it is here. For what is here is there and what is there is here."

Remember, our thought project ourselves on the Soul Mirror of Life, and to create Monsters outside of us (There) creates Monsters inside of us (Here) and the Great Mother of Life...will supply the necessary surgery to remove them, so that her children can expand and liberate themselves from self-condemnation. Knowing thyself---helps us avoid the discomfort of this surgical-severity. When this card is thrown in a reading, the Querent is being reminded of their "Soul-Mind and body" balance/imbalance and the rest of the reading should tell them what is to be changed before "disaster" comes a calling to straighten things out!

The Thoth Tarot-Key 8: Adjustment.
The readers of the Rider-Waite or Golden Dawn decks will know this card as JUSTICE; However, Crowley has shown an appropriate , if not deeper understanding of this card's Principle known as The Faithful intelligence.; Faithful, because its ever faithful to that which is symbolized by the FOOL and/or Holy Spirit.

 To reiterate:The Adjustment-Key 8 is the Tree of Life Path of Lamed (meaning Ox Goad) is not always a pleasant one. As the term OX GOAD,implies, we are often forced by our Higher Self to go in a emotional and physical direction that we do not wish to go. Though no punishment is implicit, the figure in this card holds the sword of Geburah or as in the Stag card, a half-ax, that cuts away "the dead wood" or what is no longer needed, pruning our consciousness on its way to a better mental health.

This Sword of Geburah (Severity) has a double edge, one for enforcing peace and one for war. The errant dual thinking of "good or bad" or "right or wrong", are not the Principle here. Rather, all Forms are of the Soul (Psyche), and this is a physiological assessment of equilibrium necessary, as the Soul weighs itself  on the left hand scales, and then making the necessary adjustments on the right.

By facing the Sephiroth and placing the Sephiroth in the human body, the observer can see that the Sephiroth Geburah (Severity) is on the right hand and the Sephiroth Chesed (Mercy) is on the left. This placement not only reinforces the idea of cutting away the negative aspects of the soul and body as a return to purity but also note the attributes of Libra, the sign of the zodiac attributed to this card and the Kidneys, which cleanse waste from the body.

The ADJUSTMENT and THE STAG card are both related to Karma, if one understands Karma to mean action, rather than the misunderstood term of punishment for not correcting error in past lives. The Adjustment and Stag Card card, both represent a continuous action of adjustment, just as a modern person would do at the steering wheel while driving a motor vehicle.

The just Path of Lamed besides learning, is also a teaching process, because the continuous process of maintenance is a learned process, just as one learns to adjust direction by observation and the hands-on movement of the steering wheel of a motor vehicle. Granted, this may be a painful and slow process (as many a parent of a teenager learning to drive a car will profess) but eventually one learns to analyze and re-balance one's self and the environment, as necessary for different situations. To those who study the Mysteries, and become more in-tuned to the Inner Self, the more subtle and difficult these adjustments become; Just as the more refined the consciousness gets, the less obvious are the unbalancing minutiae of slightly "off colored" thoughts. 

The Ancient Egyptians symbolized this subtlety as weighing the human soul against a feather. This concept of "right, truth, law and rectitude" was expressed in a single word, Maat which was symbolized as a feather by which the heart (considered the organ of the Soul) was weighed, upon death. As a Goddess, Maat represented moral law and truth, a straight edge to measure psyche by and the Crowley Card is a personification of the concept of Maat. Thus the Crowley card has Maat as the central figure on the ADJUSTMENT card, crowned with her attribute, the ostrich feather. To keep our psyche on the "straight and narrow" path of purity, requires a sharp sword indeed, as I for one, need constant pruning! That is why I skry this card often! 

When the Key 8 Tarot card is thrown during a reading, the querent is experiencing or will experience;
  • The making of a final decision.
  • Judgment and sentencing by a determination of an issue without appeal on this plane.
  • The querent is experiencing "What you put out, you get back".
  • The Law of action- reaction, where the natural forces of nature reach a balance within the individual, setting things right.
  • The balancing of opposites. 
  • By doing what ever is necessary to bring an organism into a state of equilibrium.

Thank you for your interest, comments, and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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