Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 16- The Tower & The Wild Wood Tarot- Key 16- The Blasted Oak
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-Key 16- The Tower & The Wild Wood Tarot- Key 16- The Blasted Oak

The Tarot of EliThoth Tarot- Key 16:The Tower & The Wild Wood Tarot- Key 16- The blasted oak.The Qabalistic-Path of Peh;

Often people assume that the process of spiritual- personality development to be one of "sweetness and light" and with a display of proper regret, the Divine Creative will just reach down from the heavens, ruffle your hair, and say, "Nice pet". This is a misconception primarily fostered by Christianity, so that one need only "faith", rather than experience.  However,The Tower points out that inner growth is often a painful and overwhelming process and that you are not a pet, but rather a simulation of the Divine Creative.Therefore, you must experience to know, for, even the catastrophes must be known.

We should have deduced by now, that Nature is not always kind to us and once we invoke inner forces, we soon discover that what we get is what we need and that is not always what we want; Certainly, it is not what we expect as the branches of the Tree of Life are filled with surprises! The Tower symbolizes the surprise and suddenness of insight as well as a preface to a new era of self awareness.
  • The Primary color: Scarlet
  • Musical Note: C Natural
  • Astrological Planet: Mars
  • Symbol of Meaning: Mouth
  • Double Letter: Grace-Indignation
  • Esoteric Title: The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty.
From the text
Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom
( Dr.Paul Foster Case):

The Twenty-seventh Path is the Active or Exciting Intelligence and it is so called because through it every existent being receives its spirit and motion.

The 27th Path of Peh (The Tower), connects the center of the reasoning process (Hod) with the center of the intuition-desire nature (Netzach).

From :The Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang;... it is the equilibrating Path of the Personality, related to Mars, and to the North, the quarter known traditionally in the Mysteries as "the place of greatest darkness" because it is said that the Sun never shone in the North of Solomon's Temple. Yet we are instructed that Light comes from Darkness, that "gold cometh from the North", and that "Enlightenment has its origin in the hidden sources of power which terrify the minds of the ignorant". 

 To us moderns, knowing that from Darkness came Light, is nothing new. With just an elementary knowledge of quantum physics, we know that from the invisible Dark energy comes visible Light energy.

The Path of Peh is a Hebrew Double letter which designates it as one of the "Gateways of the Soul" with two possible directions of passage. Peth means mouth, which symbolizes the taking in of nourishment ( in this case taking in of higher energies to enervate the Personality)  the passing out of speech.
A process utilized by the Prana Yamas (breathing exercises of Yoga) to expand and liberate the Personality through the influx of Prana (Spiritual Life Force) and the chanting of sounds such as "Ohm". The mouth is also the "womb of the Maid", in sex-magic, and in Tantra, it is the "womb of nurturing", therefore, oral sex, for the woman, is to take in male force, to knock down the structures of indoctrination, and create "new mind children". In magic, this is such a powerful act, that one doesn't go into the ritual without wanting to have a "tower moment". 
[Flesh-o-phobes, hide your eyes, for this is a copy of a Greek vase found in the temple of Athena-where "sex magic" was used to invoke the God's and Goddess's power, and were called "holy mass", long before the Christians bastardize it into a "womb chalice, filled with wine as "blood of the mother", and the Eucharist as male "bread"/semen.]
I know this knowledge is one of the Arcane or Occult secrets that one may learn in a very secret occult lodge, but I believe it is time we knew the magic of our bodies, something the ancients knew. From Love they are built by the Divine Creatrix, for the purpose of manifesting a "miracle" of sensual self-awareness, which it is.  It is well known among the shaman's, Magi, and non-Christianized occultist, that male and female forces, when combined in communion, create "all magics". it is also known that the female form, has 3 wombs of Maid, Mother and Crone, each producing a different kind of "child", when consummated with male force. It is also why Crowley called the Tower card, "the Blasted Tower, which is really a Phallus shooting forth lightnings of seed".

Those of us who have done esoteric work are aware of the abject importance of words and of the sounds that compose these words. The physical inner Vibration of a God Name, can have definitive effect on the physical body and even on the subtle energy patterns of the body- even if one is not consciously aware of it. Words of Power, that are words spoken with Martian Force, assist us in bringing down our personal Towers which are the false concepts and institutions which we believe to be reality. We are also aware that to tare something down is to make space for some new construction. Thus Mars is not only the god of war and destruction, but also the traditional god that rules over the fertility of crops. Also, the Logos is called-The Word, and/or the lightning flash, which is the first powerful expression of vibration creating the electromagnetic spectrum and the entire Tree of Life.
In the Thoth Tarot- key 16- The Tower, we can see the striking down of the Tower, and the Personality concepts of reality (crystalline forms falling from the Tower) and it looks like the destruction of evil. This is not the case, as it show us the  spiritual learning process of building up and taring down of concepts -to expand and liberate the personality from false concepts of self. These expansive concepts form as useful stepping stones into the inner worlds of spirit. Kind of like the building up and striking down of miles as one travels.

The Tower is shown in complete isolation, since most individuals perceive themselves as totally separate units of consciousness. This is an error of the Personality. When that Tower falls, we experience the True Ego, The Real Person,which is not ours alone, but a Divine Collective copy, that we call our Soul. A copy of the Divine Universal Collective Unconscious, may our Soul be, yet, each Tower of Perspective we build is sacred as a construct of reality that leads us to the next de-construction necessary for progressive thought.  Knowing this, we understand the underlying principles of each Path, without being bound by their necessary artificial outward manifestation.

For instance, our physical bodies are outward manifestations of inner Spiritual awareness and our spirit is not bound to that body as it is a Tower that falls also and the Soul does move to another transformation!

When viewing the Tree of Life, it is necessary to understand that the Sephiroth (circles) are the centers of objective energy while each path is our subjective use of that energy. That is to say, that all Sephiroth flow subtly on all paths. There really is no division-ism anywhere in the Universe which is composed of One Energy, immortal and infinite and which is represented as the All Seeing Eye (I) in the Thoth card, that is observing all as itself, while Dis, the Roman god of the dead, belches flames from the tower base.

On either side are the Serpent and the Dove depicting two forms of desire; the will to live and the will to die . Hence, this path is often terrifying and has been referred to as the "Dark night of the Soul". If the Dark night is true for you,  then you are not willing to transform  and transformation is forced upon you by the Greater Ego, which to me is salvation and not dark at all.
To be Transformed by Kali Ma (The Dark Intelligence of Dark Matter) is a Transformation of the Soul (The Original Personality) into Universal Real Awareness-----and that is scary only to the ego's/personality based survival mind, that demands domination as a foundation of survival.

 As stated: Dr.Paul Foster Case, the founder of B.O.T.A., calls the Path of Peh," The Exciting Intelligence", as vibrations excite matter and the Mouth sends forth vibrations as sound or words.
The 8th Sephiroth-Hod ( Splendor), the center of the reasoning process is connected to the center of the intuition-desire nature, the 7th Sephiroth-Netzach (Victory) by the Path of Peh-THE TOWER. This Path of the Personality brings into balance what is out of balance and is related to Mars, the Roman god of War and the North.

Traditionally the North was the quarter seen as the "greatest place of darkness", for when the Mysteries where initiated, the North side of King Solomon's temple was the darkest side. But all is not doom and gloom here, as any initiate in the Mysteries knows, it is from the darkest night that comes Light and that "enlightenment has its origin in the hidden sources of power which terrify the minds of the ignorant".

To us moderns who are familiar with Quantum Physics Theory, it is said that from the Dark Energy and Dark Matter are the birth places of Light energy.

Peh,the Hebrew word/letter, is called a double letter, for it not only means -Mouth but also-Grace-Indignation, a union of opposites.  Double letters, are considered "gateways of the Soul", that have two possible directions of passage. It is also a fact that the mouth has two passages as well. One passage takes in nourishment into the organic system and another expresses speech.  Thus, we can we the similarity between the two actions of the Path of Peh, for it not only is a devastating Path of the Higher Vibrations that burn away the dross of our material bound Personalities, it is also the entrance that nourishes the consciousness with the Spiritual knowledge,( enlightenment) from the Real Personality of the Psyche.

Many of us are familiar with chanting and the effects of the  power of  vitiation on the physical body. Many Mysteries underexpose on the use of "god names" or "Words of Power" to effect the destruction of "negative energies" , in body and environment.  (Relative to speech, we know that the Logos, is also called the Word or Lightning Blast,)  These "negative energies" are really "negative emotional perspectives", that The Tower card represents the destruction of, and/or are our own personal towers of false concepts and institutions that are commonly believed to be reality. By taring down, room is made for something new directly form the Soul (your sole reason to be).

Now I know that Mars is the symbol of the Roman war god of destruction but few remember that Mars is also attributed with the power of  crop fertility. Again the process of destruction to build anew is seen here as the peace and calm of the soil is distributed in order to plant healthy crops.  This really is the core of the message of The Tower-Key 16.

In the Thoth Deck version of THE TOWER, we see stylized lightning or energy  strikes knocking off the geometric shapes of  human forms which symbolize the crystallized man-made personalities that see reality as a  world of straight lines; straight lines as in 'black and White" or "good and bad". The Man-Made personality, sees a reality foreign to Nature and the Universe, which is circular and/or spiral in nature, and is known for its lack of straight lines. In the Spiral Universe of the Divine Creative, "it exists because it is supposed to". The toppling Tower also represents the destruction of  man made institutions, government, religions, or any accepted values.

.Another way to understand THE TOWER'S  process, is that upon first approach to these "Higher Planes" of  subjective reality, many people anthropomorphize the States of Conscious Energy, as Archangels or "Spiritual Beings" , as that is how they "realize" them;However, these Creative Forces are formless, subjective, so in order to incorporate these forces into our own anthropomorphized "reality", we must destroy the previous false concepts of these angelic beings and know them as states of  I Am Me; states of Master and Masterpiece in balanced union; states of our Psyche.This is a necessary process of progressive and expanding Self-Awareness as we journey on the "Above all things, know thyself" Paths of the Tree of Life. After all just to travel in the present, we must destroy the perspectives of our past!

The Higher Self, is our True Ego which is not ours alone, but of the Soul Collective, so The Tower's solitary destruct also represents the eradication of the false ego; the one made by the survival consciousness of the animal body.

The lightning flashes, seen on the Thoth card, are representative of sudden inspiration, or flashes of perception, that occur when we realize our Real Identities. This inner conflict is  why A.Crowley subtitled THE TOWER as WAR. But this is not a new perspective on the inner conflict of survival persona and the Higher Self, as throughout esoteric literature are depicted these moments of "inner-war". For instance, in the Bhagavad Gita,, there is described symbolic battle of self perspectives, and/or component parts of Self: The Higher Genius is portrayed as Krishna (Solar Logos), guiding Arjuna (lower personality) onto his inner, and personal field of conflict.
In Sumero-Babylonian mythos, we have the War between Chaos and Order represented as the Chaos Dragon Tiamat being overcome by Marduk (god of war).
In Western literature, we have Christ, going through his days in the desert, solitary and alone, while being continually tempted by the lower personality of  Satan, which relates to the survival based ego trying to usurp the Rule of the True Ego.

As in most Thoth Tarot cards of the Major Arcana, The Tower Card-key 16, has many layers of meaning.
We have:
  1. War.
  2.  The Changing of the Aeon.
  3. Personality annihilation, reconstruction of the person via Soul "I" sight and even the deeper occult meanings of "sex magic" and the Universal deconstruction as the dream of God  is abolished by the Awakened God.

The many symbols on this card represent all of these meanings. We have the All Seeing eye of the Awake Shiva, the Haloed Serpent Force, the Lion-Serpent Abraxas, the Dove of Peace that is the Holy Spirit (also the Venus influence) and the crystalline humanoid shapes of the falling figures, who because of their indoctrination have become indistinct geometrical expressions that are unrecognizable as individuals.
The Lion-Serpent Abraxas (or Xnoubis) and the Dove of Peace, represent two forms of Desire" The Will to live and the Will to die, the former is considered male and the latter is considered female.

There is yet another layer in meaning here, as the former is the Feminine and the latter is the masculine impulses. Some may see these two as in contradiction, but in all actuality,  "the will to live" and the "Will to die" are the inseparable "Wife and Husband" of all creation. Life and death are a single manifestation, Life/Death, of all Energy. It behooves us to remember, that no matter how great the creation, it is going to "proceed from order to disorder". Entropy happens to energy, when it is made to "manifest" as form. Form is a Ruled and Controlled environment that causes a Static motion within parameters. Whereas,  eternal motion, requires this stasis to degrade back into motive energy as a Universal dynamic. Energy transformation requires transformation of transformations, in order to constantly transform. Hence the term,"life eats itself to stay alive" or "Saturn eats its own children" etc.

The Wild Wood Tarot-Key 16- The Blasted Oak:
Is not much different than the Tower card. Here, the setting is in the time of Lammas, August 1st, associated with the full Moon,the elements of fire and water, and sacrifice.
With burning bindings, we have a figure falling earthward, from a lightning struck oak tree. Depicting, just as the Universal Creative, has the power to create, it also has the power to destroy.

The catabolic violence of natural catastrophe is unimaginable in our mundane life. With a Lightning Flash, are billions of volts, shattering, burning and melting all that it touches. With a flick of its wild breath, a hurricane demolishes a bridge effortlessly. With a fiery belch of hot gases, and molten rock, a volcano consumes all life, while also building future soil.

When the earth, rolls over in her sleep, fluffing up her blankets of soil and rock, entire cities collapse.  Let's face it, we only borrow time here, as we really own nothing that earth won't consume and rebuild. All we truly have, is what we have learned, and that is kept by the Soul as self-awareness, as it consumes the personality in death.  Personalities fall, yet, they can also be resurrected, as the soul "doesn't fix what ain't broke". If you continually, deconstruct what you have constructed as "emotional thought" and/or self-consciousness, seeing error in your creation, and then correcting that error, without looking for someone to blame, you are wise. A wise persona, is always sent on to another task, as it is a "keeper". This is what Christ meant when he said that one will not experience death. No sleeping time for the active personality,only those who are bound to their past, i.e., inactive, are to experience death-and are deconstructed in the Soul, and filed away as a "learning experience".
Remember, the body is reaction, the Spirit is Action and that Life is not "realistic" it is "Will-istic".

When this card is thrown during a reading, it is representing:
  • Ambition, war, courage and fighting.
  •   In certain card combinations the Tower can represent destruction, danger, ruin and fall.
  • However, it is mostly about the universal principle of reconstruction and renovation and is often seen  to mean that the Querent is a healer, restorer and renovator who aids in or is experiencing  the breaking down of the 'self absorbed individual self (often called Ego") and eliminating what is false-to fact (supported by denial), artificial and no longer of use to the progressive individual.
  •  A breakthrough in self thought that shatters the old structures of belief.
  • The deconstruction of  self-definition necessary for Enlightenment.
  • The Tower, may seem all doom and gloom,. but in reality, our Soul is merely bringing us out of slavery to the definitions of self depredation (the Child of Man) and back into the Original Identity of our Creation, The Child of God. This may cause some "internal turmoil", but it won't be long-lived.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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