Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Key 21-The Universe & The Wild Wood Tarot- The World Tree
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Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot-10 of Cups-Satiety & The Legends Tarot- Ten of Cups
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- Key 21-The Universe & The Wild Wood Tarot- The World Tree

The Thoth Tarot-Key 21- The Universe & The Wild Wood Tarot-Key 21- The World Tree.

The universe resounds with the joyful cry I AM.

The Key-21 of Tarot is the principle of individuality, totality, and wholeness.To those of Eastern culture, this is the image of Shiva; to the Christian, this is the image of the virgin Mary with her foot on the head of the serpent. to the Celtic Pagan this is the World Tree. Regardless of cultural interpretation this card symbolizes the Divine Creative that is both dynamic and magnetic in a perfectly balanced dance (life motion) of I Am Me.

  1. The Thoth Universe card represents the great inner work of unifying polarities, oppositions, and paradoxes within oneself. With sickle in hand this figure cuts away limitations and restrictions while weaving them into a web to dance on. 
  2. The regenerative diamond back serpent is representative of the need to transform before we can expand and liberate ourselves from the past self- imposed limits.
  3. The spiral hair style symbolizes growth and evolution. 
  4. The diamond halo is the symbol for expanded awareness, such as psychic abilities etc.

The Greek pantheon at the bottom of the Thoth Key 21- represents the home of all the goddesses and gods; when our body becomes the temple of our divinity, such a pantheon are we.

The four animals/or cherubs, symbolize, earth (Taurus the bull), fire (Leo, the lion), water (Scorpio, the bird): and air (Aquarius, the human face). This symbology shows us that it is important to express ourselves, physically,(Taurus), spiritually (Leo). emotionally (Scorpio), and mentally (Aquarius).

Before I go on with further explanation of the Universe- Key-21, it would be appropriate here to tell you how to mentally "Walk" The Path of Tau. This mental walk, is called Skrying. Skrying, is simple really, all one has to do is focus on a card and imagine themselves entering it by it enlarging to encompass your sight. This is somewhat like lucid dreaming, where you enter the dream and control the events. Here, one is projecting themselves into an inner vision by the use of a "day dream", projecting oneself into the Vision of the Card. Some may breathe deep and easy, relaxed in body, and close their eyes and mentally project themselves into the Key Vision, others, as do I, leave eyes open, and like traveling into a tunnel, imagine themselves entering the Visions, as the card grows ever bigger until entry. At first, maybe boredom takes over, but that is just a dimensional fence, but soon the diligent student discovers that what they experience in this lucid skrying, is not of their own making. They often are astonished at the vitality, energy and spontaneous images that these Tarot "mandalas" invoke.

In the Forces of Tau, is the Knowledge, the data, of all the accumulated ideas that when into the making of our world. There is much to experience and remember here so discrimination is recommended, as we journey back into our Divine inheritance, we must educate our "I's" in order to  to perceive our "I AM". The Path of Tau begins the process of Knowing ourselves as we have been known into existence; an existence so dutifully produced by our DivineCreative Parent's Lucid Dream. In fact, if the student of Tarot/Qabalah, doesn't skry these cards, they may as well be a deck of playing cards or be a charlatan that preys on superstitious minds for monetary gain and can't even read a layout pattern.

Tav [Tau];  Tau Cross, Equal Armed Cross.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was a vast nothingness with darkness upon the surface of the deep, and the Divine Presence hovered upon the surface of the waters,. And God said," Let their be light." and there was light.
                  Genesis 1:1-3
 As creation stories goes, this is one of the best known in the Western civilizations. It also points out that Light was a creation of Divine Presence and that is why Light is seen as the first form of the Divine. What should also be understood is that form began in Darkness[ Dark energy-Dark matter] as Physicists are telling us today. The "Vast Nothingness on the Surface of the Deep"----The Deep Thick Darkness of Binah, compared to an Ocean (Dark Energy) and where the conception of Movement (Divine hovering Presence) began the process of  form made of light on the Surface of this Ocean. All this is known to Qabalists but what is often not known, is that Tau is the Alpha (Beginning) and the Omega ( the End) of all form and that this card is totally about the Feminine Force and that all Hebrew letters are feminine. 

There seems to be no Androgyny here, for her husband is the Python (Lord Python of the Greeks), which represents the "First Motion" and/or the serpent shape of sine waves, yet all particles become waves by observation! Therefore, the Observer, maker of Form, the Dark She, is and energy field of intelligence, much like we are.   She is an action of Dark Energy and imagins the Motion within Dark matter... which is a vast nothingness, i.e. formless; However, all form comes from this vastness;The Abysmal Womb. Divine Presence, besides being light can now be Self-Awareness on a Microcosmic scale as light is a substance that can be condensed, where as, water, of which the Great She is compared to, cannot. So she is the "mirror" that all image is reflected upon. 
Hence, Self-Awareness on the Divine Scale is The Universe, the One Self-Aware Energy that all selves come from.  This card is not easy "to get your head around", but then to expand perspective, we must force our resistant personality to take a deep and thoughtful look.For instance, without Imagination, there can be no forms, therefore, the imagination and/or Image making Mind, is Her, and as Hera, the Divine Creatrix of the ancient Greeks, was said to " build her image, from herself", so is the He/Light, build of the Dark-Herself.

The Qabalah teaches that the "idea of the wheel came before the objective wheel itself". That the I, the great She, invented her Lover- "the other", the Am by imagining it. Therefore, I postulate that the "all seeing I" is a the Divine Creatrix, while the I Am is the Masculine. For it is said, that the Kether, 1st Sephiroth of the Qabalistic Tree of Life,  is called Eheieh which translates to "I Will Be", the "first movement" and or sine wave of Light. I AM means existence, and She "was before existence" was thought of and yet, became Binah, when She observed Other/He. For, the Creatrix, observed He, and He now observes Her. Duality, sets up balance, and "flows of energy", for a flow needs a point A to travel from and a Point B to arrive at  and then a reversal, so that energy never stops transforming.  In Qabalah, this "continual and ifinite flow" is shown as a figure 8, for it equals One Line, who made itself two spheres or "selves".

Hence, this Lovely Thoth Tarot Card- key 21- The Universe, is what I have called the "Womb- with-a-View" , it is called She because it is the action of the Feminine Creative but is not a female sex. Therefore, The Divine Creative is both Feminine and Masculine, but is neither sex . In this context Masculine force is Movement-Electric and Feminine Force is Form-Magnetic. When it comes to Mind, the Divine Creatrix is "Unconsciousness" and the Divine Creator, is "consciousness", for it is the Dreams of the Unconscious that has created all forms. The most difficult task for our personal perspective is to understand that the Dark Energy, even exists and that from darkness we have all come and to darkness we all return ( alpha and omega)! But as if that understanding wasn't enough----we can come from and go back to that darkness----consciously and/or carrying our own light (Hermit)!

Truth is, movement is best seen as electric or light even though Chokma ( 1st formless Manifestation of Masculine Force) is called the "Dark Fire" because it is not Light as we know it but rather the motion within Dark Energy! Light is a creation, that has an end and as electricity, light is polar! Stars go Nova, and end, what we know as "The Universe" will go back to "nothingness"...albeit 20 billion years from now. But for all those who enjoy "Being"  there is a future, for as the Hindu's believe, there is also renewal and regeneration, where the Universe of Form starts all over again; transformed by all the knowledge gain from the Past.  This Great Will-To-Form that is Mother Binah (Goddess with may names) is always building "Her Children of Form" who must transform to keep energy flowing. However, this Energetic Force, that is the Intelligence we call Binah, is resurrection and regeneration as show by the "serpent force" which is the Serpentine Energy of the Kundalini (Primal Life Force) which is coiled at the Root Chakra of all humans and coiled in the Earth. Energy is flowing as a swirling Spiral upon Spiral, weaving and condensing spiral cycles into form and/or "dimensions of self-observation".

On the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the Universe-Key 21-correspondences are:
* Path color of Indigo
* Musical Note: A
*Planet; Saturn
* Meaning: The Tau Cross---Equal armed Cross
* Double letter: Power-Servitude
* Esoteric title: The Great One of the Night of Time.

Obviously, because our Souls manifests a body made of self- observation in time-space, it is a competent builder of "self-image" on the Plane of Malkuth (Material Plane) and as I said, this self is mostly space (99%) and only 1% time. I dare to say, that we are mostly "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy" with a "clothing of light, stitched together by time". The Dark Mother gave birth to Our Self-Awareness before the Soul was born of the Spiral energy that is Light! To go into this dark Self is the journey of this Path of Tau....it is where the individual personality gets it's first glimpse of the energy force field we call a Soul, that has been Forged out of the Higher Self that is shown as Tiphareth (Beauty) on the Tree of Life. The Original Observer we call a self-conscious and/or a personality becomes the observed (individual "I" personality of the physical presence) and we begin viewing our lives in a different way. The energetic  light of "me" is limited, while the Dark limitlessness of I Am reabsorbs the "beginning and end"  lessons of Light and continues on to build expanded "self imaginings". 

The Alpha and Omega is also a spiral and returns upon itself! We are Spiral Entity---Spirits-- and we turn on and off the light of person, so that we may expand and liberate our Personal expression from past stasis! Past limits are expanded into Present Potential Awareness -----because of the very nature of observation----you must have an up and down--an in and out-- and a space all around in order to Observe your Great Work and to do so, means you must have "hindsight". Therefore, the end of a thing, is so that the Creator of the thing can examine it's begining and end and then transform it!

The Thoth Universe Card shows that Space all Around as an Oval shape that surrounds the Dancing Goddess (The Dark Motion in the Light Motion) -those who know of my teachings hear me often speak of the "Dancing Goddess and God".  I could show pages of examples of this Alpha and Omega symbolism but space is limited here---So know this, If we realize that in the end, we all come from the same source and focus on the "light of creation", i.e., I AM--knowing that we are all formed from this Light, we can find peace and eternal bliss within ourselves knowing that our existence, as Me, ends only to redefine existence again. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed only Transformed and this Transformation is the Alpha and the Omega and the Omega into Alpha and the....you get the point!

From the standpoint of Gnosis (knowledge), The Universe Key 21 or the more traditional, The World Tree, of the Wild Wood Tarot, maybe the most important card in the deck, as it is the beginning of our journey back to Spiritual Awareness: the inner journey so important to "enlightenment". On this Path of Tau, we experience our own personality consciousness, which is of our own making, a reality that can be both frightening and gratifying. Yes, as "I AM's" we make our own reality, "Me" and The Universe/World Tree card helps us to travel beyond the self-absorbed reality of our personalities, into the Higher Self/Real Person- spiral reality that created our consciousness in the Beginning. Also, we learn how Freedom of Choice  defines our "End" by the composite pattern of our personality's past and present labyrinth of motion.
All four seasons are represented in the branches of the Tree and at the base of the tree is the Wanderer's labyrinth of journey.
Therefore, The World Tree, marks the end of the Wanderer's journey and the beginning of another.The World Tree card is associated with the Center of the Wheel of Life for it encompasses all the aspects of the Wheel of Life, and the human aspects of the Major Arcana.

As the wandering soul, we began our journey with the innocence of a child, but as we wandered about in "self creation" and thus, "self observation", we gained wisdom and knowledge. The final step is to follow the living maze at the roots of the World Tree, and enter the tree, a analogy of achieving union with the Universal Collective Unconscious and/or the wholeness of the Macrocosm. The labyrinth, is unicursal, therefore, there are no dead ends or false routes, as all routes lead to the center. "The Sun" of God-Tiphareth, is the Center of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and that one, leads us into the Great Self of the One Mind. 

Between the Hebrew letters of Aleph and Tau, is the entire Universe, the Alpha and the Omega, and we must journey upwards from our Spirit's "ending" manifestation, into the Beginning..."for they who know their end, know their beginning" for life is also unicursal! Thus, The Path of Tau-The Universe/The World, is a Path that can only be successfully traveled by those who begin the process of bringing their Personalities into a self-understanding balance of Emotions, Unconscious, Consciousness and Self-conscious. Of Energy Force-Personas, we have many, each represented by the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life and for the sake of Knowing Thyself, they must be viewed at first, independently, and latter as a wholeness. Each Personality, less condensed than the last. This may also astound the student, but it is on the Path of Tau, that one discovers the extent to which the process of inner exploration is assisted by the guidance of the "Angels", particularity archangels  which are the Primary Personas of their Psychic dimension. The Family of Spirit is vast and many, and of that family, we are the Children of the Divine Couple; The Inheritors of all that is Spirit. Our True Names are I AM....our True Purpose is the creation of discerning Self-Awareness..."Me".  Therefore, you trinity of Creative Awareness is "I AM ME", for no ruler, who doesn't understand their kingdom, can rule with discernment and wisdom.

It may surprise you, especially since the Pavlovian indoctrination of your personality, that to the whole of the Universe, you are most precious! The purpose of this blog is to help you see, as you are seen by your Creator and wonder of wonders, you are not condemned but Loved without condition! In other words, it's okay to "screw up", you'll learn to fix it!

One of the most important lessons of The Universe/The World Tree card, is that discrimination and/or discernment, an often painful process, can only be learned in the earthly realm of Malkuth-the place of sensual "I" dentity that makes what was dreams, now felt as "reality". This gateway to the Astral and/or "Liguid light" of dreams, isThe Path of Tau.Since the Astral is the place of  "Fluid thoughts", ideas, dreams, before they crystallize into manifestation, its best to understand the cause of the effect we call "reality".  Upon entering the "inner world of the Astral", it is as if Light were liquid, as if the mirror of your mind is not yet solidified, as if it were water and air; water, to reflect you as a form of crystalline light and air, to rise above the reflection and observe it.

Hence, there is deception in the Astral; Fantasies, that may never make it into manifestation,and some you never want to, so it pays to be discriminating. But only through divination and meditation can we enter the "Administrative Intelligence" balance; a discrimination/discernment that is represented by the Dancing Womb-man draped with the Caph-shaped scarf while being surrounded by the animal symbols of the Four Elements of Alchemy. 

If you have been keeping up, you may now understand that The Universe  or The World Tree Card, is a multidimensional understanding of the Cosmic Mind.  After much study, one may grasp the principle that the entire Tree of Life, which is taught through the Path of Tau-The Universe, is the most profound concept of "As above, so below". To a sensual body, this means "up and down", to the Infinite, this just means "higher-less condensed observation" and "lower-more condensed- observation" of Self, a normal occurrence as energy condenses to greater and greater crystallization. Of course, energy, frequency, ideas and Mind are inseparable, just as electricity and data in your computer are inseparable. Thus, another axiom is attributed to the labrythn journey towards or up the Tree, "The Know is in the Flow of motion". That is why, when we mentally journey a Path, we gather knowledge at the same time we encounter higher mental faculties. Therefore, diligently skrying of Tarot cards, is more than just a moment of silent contemplation, it is also a gathering of information from our "center". 

I have discussed the "Will-To-Form" of the Great Mother Binah (3 Sephiroth on the Tree of Life) who is the Life Conscious and which is also Saturn in the exalted Supernal Realm. She is completely expressed on the Path of Tau, key 21-The Universe. The female figure of the " Cosmic Dancer" of the Universe, is the fullest expression of this Life Conscious and has been called Isis, the Aima Elohim, as well as, Saturn who gives life and destroys it and Great Mother Binah.

The oval ring of Stars that surrounds the central  female figure on the Thoth Card represents the Womb of the  human female, as well as, the Cosmic Womb into which the soul passes after body death. We arise from our death surrounded in a ring of stars; as a star on our way to the Great Mother "Dark hole" of our birth.
Life, with its beginning, middle, and end, is a cyclic process or spiral process (Spirit is a Spiral flow of  "I Will Be" Energy) in which our Psyche's come back upon themselves. This circling back upon itself is often shown as a Great Serpent.  This is also the natural course of the Akashic Fluid (Astral Fluid) of Yesod where the Serpent Kundalini is coiled in its passive state, and uncoiled in its active state.

The Universe Card is also surrounded in the Great Dark Sea, a reference to the Great Mother Binah, who is the Sea of all consciousness as the "Dark Unconscious" which on the path of Tau, is the journey or destination of the self- consciousness in the most dense and difficult expression. Again, discrimination or discernment must be used when traveling the Akasha of Yesod, many who entered this Path, entertain themselves with extended fantasy and find themselves tormented by phantoms of there own making. The discerning traveler will supply every test of reason, and feeling. After a time of discernment, one will begin experiencing a process of learning, which is not of their own making. Verifying the images, by elaborate research definitely aids in this process. Hence it should be no suprise that the opposite, and therefore, correspondent of the Universe card is the Devil card which represents the "trickster". It is the combination of opposites that generates a great flow of power. Hence, those who practice magic, place the corresponding tarot card and their, vibratory, divinatory, mineral, and flora, correspondences on their skrying altars.

Thoth Tarot Correspondences: Key 15-The Devil & Key 21- The Universe (The World card in other decks).
The word devil derives from the Greek diabolos; di meaning l "to divide", and/or two. Abolos meaning to "abolish'. The word archetypes are: evil (live spelled backwards), lived (devil spelled backwards), deus (two), divide, diverse, die, deva (Goddess), dervish, deviate, devious, diabolic, and diablerie (black magic).

The Universe Card is associated with Saturn and Capricorn (December 21- January 20), in which falls the Winter Solstice; Christmas Day. Before December 21-24 is when the Sun is farthest from the Earth. Christmas Day is when the Sun begins to rise again from its deepest descent, i.e. The Sun (son) is born again. There are many Gods and Goddesses  born at Christmas, such as, Buddha, Tammuz, Mithra, Quetzalcoatl, Frey and Freya, Attis, Saturn, Adonis, Herne, Pryderi, Persephone, Baalim, Dionysus, Osiris, Horus, and Jesus. Christmas is also known as Candle Mass, the lighting of candles to honor the birth of the Sun's light---a custom still  honored in many Christian churches on Christmas Eve.
  • : The Devil--Capricorn (Goat)--I seek myself through what I use.
  • : The Universe (The World)--Saturn.--I structure
  • The Devil's rune is Nauthiz, the rune of constraint, necessity, and pain.
  • The Universe rune, is Wunjo, the rune of joy and light, the absence of sorrow and suffering.
  • Violet (indigo); secondary colors- nay-blue, black.
  • -The correspondence Pair of the Devil and Universe card represent the fifth chakra ( Throat Chakra) which represents expression, communication, creativity, media, inspiration,mantras, sound, devotion, spiritual expression/understanding  and also religious inspiration. 
  •  Stones and Minerals: Sapphire, sodalite, lapis lazuli, tanzanite, blue-violet fluorites and chalcedonies. Hematite, smoky quartz, onyx, jet, coal, and all black stones.
  •   Musical Note: Devil-A. The Universe-A
  • Devil- Herbrew Simple letter- Mirth. The Universe- Hebrew Double letter- Power-Servitude.
  • Devil- Path Ayin, The Renovating Intelligence.
  • The Universe- Path Tau, The Administrative Intelligence.
  • Devil-  Hebrew letter Ayin meaning-Eye.
  • The Universe- The Hebrew letter-Tau, symbol is the Tau Cross (equal armed cross)
  • Corresponding Herbs: Devil-Clary sage, Patchouli. 
  • Corresponding Herbs: The Universe- Vetivert, oakmoss, myrtle.
Magic abilities:
Clairaudience. This psychic attribute is known as "clear seeing" which is the ability to "hear" without regard to time/space or the use of physical ears; an internal sight of the Soul, who is the "far seer".

The knowledgeable student of the Qaballah knows that the Devil, Key 15 is about the illusion of Division---where as "The One Energy" seems to become two---He and She. She is Magnetism and He is Electric. United, they make all life possible------separate they cannot "give birth" to life. In the Universe Card, The One energy is also shown as The Goddess and The Serpentine God (electric force) with the "All seeing Eye of Horus---The son (sun) which represents ( among other esoteric ideas), clairaudience. Needles to say, a greater in depth study of these esoteric meanings must occur before we can manifest the"Mirth filled enlightenment of Union". For more information about personal Tarot Card Readings ; online or in person,  email-info@eli-lsmerchantile.com . Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

When the Key 21 card is thrown:
  • The querent is casting the circle which means they are mastering in some way the three planes of mind, body and emotions.
  • End of a phase.
  • Completion of some work and expanding toward another.
  •  It means synthesis, the matter itself, world and Kingdom.  More than any other card, The Universe depends on the accompanying cards, as it usually denotes the subject of the question.

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