Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 5 of cups-Disappointment & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 5 of cups.
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Thoth Tarot & comparisons

Tarot Card Comparisons: The Thoth Tarot- 5 of cups-Disappointment & The SpellCaster's Tarot- 5 of cups.

The Tarot of EliThe Thoth 5 of Cups-Disappointment -compared to-The SpellCaster's Tarot-5 of Cups:

Being a number 5, this card is ruled by Geburah-the 5th Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. She represents a fiery-red Sephirotic intelligence of Severity, who is now in a Water Suit of Cups. There is a natural antipathy in fire and water, as fiery heat causes a natural disturbance in water, especially when it is at ease. What is even more disturbing is the fact that this card is also attributed to Mars in Scorpio. Scorpio is in its worst aspect in Mars. On this lowest plane of Geburah, Scorpio is a lowly scorpion, whose stinger is poised to strike , which  in this case, represents the putrefying or dark aspect of water. 

However, the powerful masculine-expressive aspect of Mars, slows down the putrefaction so that it is internal and not external, frustrating the anticipated pleasure that is emotionally sought. But it still looks good, so we think there is something wrong with ourselves, rather than the goal.

The symbol of all this disturbance, on the Thoth Tarot Card-5 of Cups-Disappointment-is the lotus blooms being dried out by a hot wind, over a dead sea and the pentagram inverted, showing material trump over spirit. Mars is too hot for this card's natural watery peace and balance.  What was thought to bring pleasure, does not, and the self-conscious is disturbed.
Hence, the card represents emotional disappointment caused by a loss of that which is loved (symbolized by the once full cups that are now empty).

Since astrologically this is Mars in Scorpio on the pillar of Severity, the action of the 5 of cups produces an extremely emotional effect. The Water sign Scorpio is totally disconsolate with the fiery nature of Mars causing a deep-inner loss of pleasure. In other words, the placid and blissful nature of pleasure is disturbed by the super abundant energy of Mars, the god of War.

To a Qabalalist, the 5 of cups is  the influence of Geburah (Severity) in Briah (Mental/Creative world) where severe energy is needed to establish a growth movement that the placid nature of pleasure has interfered with. Life being about force becoming simulated as form, and the fact that if energy-in-motion stays in form to long, it becomes stagnant (stasis), severe measures are often needed to get energy moving again.

  1. The 5 of Cups card is about loss of love due to expectations and like all Tarot cards, is subjective to the intuition of a open reader. There are some cases where this card can even mean the loss of a loved one through the process of death. But this depends on the surrounding cards supporting this observation.
  2. This card may say,"sorrow", but it also shows acceptance which begins the process of recovery (the Growing Leaves of the Lotus above the Thoth cups). Hence, this may be a card of loss, but it is also about inheritance, patrimony, transmission, but not corresponding to expectations. 

The SpellCaster's Tarot-5 of Cups, depicts a dark, death like figure, holding 2 empty cups, while casting a spell over the 4 overturned, cups, with wine slowly leaking away.  With water falls and stream, symbolizing this card's element of water, the cups seem to be filled with blood representing a state of Geburah's water that is the "blood womb" of the Goddess of Severity. The red pentagram on the back of Samhaine's robe, also symbolizes the Mars force of Geburah.
Hence, this card is also about loves lost, disappointment over assumed expectations, past hurt causing one to turn from new possibilities. The darkness of this card depicts the emotion of disappointment and the slowly upward-creeping darkness of depression.

The truth be told, most of our emotional loss is from assumptions and expectations not being met by others. That is why relationships are best enjoyed on a daily basis rather than founded on a future expectation.

As stated: The 5s, are of a conscious energy state of Severity (Geburah). The 5 of an element, such as the 5 of Wands-Fire, or 5 of Cups-Water, are the idea of motion coming to the aid of the material of that element. The 4s represent perfected stability, which is  a state of stasis, and energy in stasis, is the end of motion.  Energy not in motion, would be the end of the Moving Universe, i.e. the end of the alive. Thus, the  severity of the 5s is needed to "kick start" the engine of Life before it succumbs to the demands of entropy.
Again the message, that change is the only constant, rings loudly in the Fives.
Hence, in the statically stabilized emotional comfort system, a storm arises and stresses the system into an unbalance; Thus, a new motion is begun. Knowing this, we know the 5s are not "evil" but rather just the opposite. For it would be evil (live spelled backwards) to insist on not moving forward. However, the inverted pentagram on the Thoth card, imply upside down thinking.

For many of us westerners, the Buddhist doctrine of  Sorrow implicitly states that inertia and insensitive mental states must characterize peace. Thus the oriental statement "Life is Suffering", is not a negative, but a positive motion towards change that is both empathetic and concerned with individual progress. When we stay inert because we fear hurt, we are losing motion because lack of understanding won't let us move, and to be alive---is to move.  As a Soul being Life, "Alive", is a gift of animated intimacy, with the ability to be sensually observant, and thus, able to change mental/emotional direction when needed. To the Soul who is a trinity of Logic-Spiritual-Appetitive, every experience, every phenomena is Sacred to the Knowledge of I AM. Therefore, it can be said that every Phenomenon is a Sacrament.  In a Soul's perspective, pleasure and pain are both honored guests, in the Divine Temple of Human Being. Not because we are obsessed with them, but because they are the Hierophants that teach us and thus, earn us discernment. Pain teaches us error, and pleasure teaches us accomplishment, each to be enjoyed in the moment, and then changed into a new motion.  Be that as it may, a disturbance is disturbing, just as the having Geburah arising out of the Abysmal Womb of Dark energy and caressing our Soul's suffering, is disturbing. However, this stimulates the Spiritual part of the Soul, who is the defender (chariot card) and it's anger is that of the war god Mar's. This anger, moves us forward, prodding us with its "flaming sword", motivating us in new directions. 

One of the greatest disappointments, in our "new age" of metaphysics, is to seek "enlightenment", and therefore denying we are already the enlightened Soul, a collective of Photon-light from the Galactic core, who knows that by being able to become intimate with its own emotive energy, it can discern and become a great and powerfully accurate creator; for, everything is made of Light, both visible and invisible! Therefore, the human being, made of a harmony of many vibrations of light, is a blessing to own, operate and emote.  Besides, we are not seeking "the light", for, according to the Qabalah, we are built of all 4 Worlds of it! Intelligence, is a phenomena of Light ! Just stand up and yell, "I AM The Light"! And get on with your self-simulation!

We are what "The Light" has become after 4 billion years, alive, emotive, sensual, interactive, living individual microwaves of intelligence that are formed into Self-Images of the One Great Self by the collective Intelligence of the Divine Creative. From the Chaos of the Quantum side of the universe, we have become "ordered Self Image" in the ordered atomic universe. Hence, being alive is a union of Spirit (Spiral light waves) and Soul (Collective self identities of atomic intelligence) and the harmonics of woven "rainbows" of light . Yet, when what we thought "what would be" created by our mind and energy-in-motion, isn't created according to the simulated geometry, we feel the touch of chaos, something many of us wish to avoid, since we call that dark place the Womb of the Abyss and/or the "other sides of the mirror". This lack of control over what we thought we could control, causes disappointment and often fear of worth and we feel the fetid breath of death and/or disorder on our backs. Truth be told, death would just let you stay static, it is the Great Love of the Severe All Mother, that severely prods one out of their rut so that they can continually exist in this Alive-Simulation of Self.
As users/sculptors of fire and/or light, we know fire delights in  superabundant flow of energy, while water, as does pleasure, delights in its peaceful and stable nature. However, this stability is just a simulation. According to the Simulation Theory of Quantum Physics, all light/energy is a wave (fire), only upon observance can it be formed into particles (Air, Water and Earth). Therefore, as sculptors of form, light into particles, any disturbance to this placidity that we have enforced by "e-motional thought" can only be regarded as misfortune and thus, disappointment. It helps to know that all of the manifested universe is but a simulation, and that we can only keep it formed, by changing the simulation: for all things proceed from order to disorder. Since "we" are all connected to the Universal Collective Unconscious (the Dark Womb) and give order to the I AM (existence) by becoming Me (will to be), through the process of the Soul's self-observation proceeding to the survival mind of the body, we tend fear disorder. That is why each of us is the implicit expression of the Tarot- Emperor-Intelligence (4 is the number of form)of our own simulation of Self; simulations that are but "moments in time" and/or collectives of particles called "points in time" made out of waves of the One Energy. Therefore, each of us is a Chesed/Architect of our own simulation and making our own "rules" of operation! However, these self-made operative rules will not be allowed to violate the rules of the Emperor's atomic universe, who now becomes the Hierophant, and enforces order on the body, which can antagonize the mind. However, we have the freedom of choice that comes from the Uncertainty Principle of the Quantum side of the Mind, and can find ways of "stretching the laws of physical matter" without destroying the universal order. 

The Mother of the Light Universe is the Dark Energy of the Quantum-Abysmal Womb, and by being the process of connection, as child to Mother,  our soul also give this Severe Intelligence a Sense of Presence... and she likes it! So, as Geburah, she'll be severe if it is necessary to get you "off of your suffering butt" and get you moving in the proper direction of performance! We are here to "expand and liberate" the material self, form self-imposed limits, dictated by fear. Yet, we must not go so far beyond order, that the atomic forces are violated, which would cause universal destruction. Hence, we must "temper" our work, so that it goes farther than the Father, but not enough to destroy Mother's work.

Being that we are the creators and/or designers of moments, and call them -Life Motions, it only makes good sense to give each moment of a relationship a joyous presence without expecting a goal to be fulfilled. A day in the life, being a day in the love of living, is a gracious movement of Self and expands motion without destroying it.

We are Psyche- Life Simulations, who "make alive"; alive is but a movement of moments and the future is always trans-formative. Therefore, for a full expression of "being alive"; Love with all your heart/soul. For love built us without conditions, we call this "freedom of choice", so give that to all others now!  As Intelligent energy-in-motion (serpent forces), we will often find that loving relationships are also moments of movement and that loss is a constant mechanism of change.  That being said, this card is not as negative as it sounds for it does promise a return to pleasure in a future moment--5 weeks or 5 months, where love will be expressed freely again. To love being yourself and enjoying moments as expressions of that love, will greatly reduce the influence of severity in your life!

The Thoth 5 cups are shown forming  an inverted pentagram which symbolizes matter's triumph over spirit; crystallization over motion. Not a totally devastating card, but disappointing none the less, as the Spiritual side of us will come to anger, and move us forward. This severity also points out to us that dependency on words, other persons, places, or events to make us happy, breeds disappointment. "Will to be", i.e., Happiness built us to be Us and we don't need to seek it any more than a fish swimming in the ocean needs to seek water.

When the Five of Cups is thrown during a reading it usually means;
  • Disappointment in love, a marriage separation or divorce, unkindness from friends (whether deserved or not is shown by the accompanying cards}.
  • Death or end of pleasures.
  • Sorrow and loss in those things in which pleasure is expected.
  • Sadness, deceit, treachery, ill-will, charity and kindness ill-requited.
  • In other words, all kinds of troubles from unexpected and unsuspected sources.
Not a happy card---but cheer up!
  • It suggests to you that changes have to be made in choices of  self-precepts or of friends and lovers.
  • So grieve, then get on with new perspectives as emotions are only fresh and clean when moving forward.
  •  Never be afraid to apologize if you are in the wrong will help you move forward as well.
  •  To hold to past expectations, is to putrefy your emotional self, who then is mired in past fantasy which can only be supported by denial.
  • You are worth love and kindness and if your relationships are not supportive, support yourself and move on! 
  • Spirit is action and matter is crystallization, so the idea is to keep expanding your emotional awareness so that you don't solidify into a mire of putrefaction.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!   elitarotstrickingly.com

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