It's time to get your Tarot on!

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Love life, money, career, Spiritual development,health or daily events are all open to the Tarot cards, as they are the language of the all-knowing Soul. It is time for you to become a more magic being, with a less tragic life.

Thoth Tarot readings, and Qabalistic Tarot Classes teach us not only the card meanings, but also the inner power of Self-Knowing.
Also, I supply a daily Thoth Tarot and Tarot card comparisons blog that teaches us to read and understand the cards, but also the philosophy of self and Qabalah, that is depicted in their Qabalistic illustrations.
Until one gets the Unconscious, the mind of the Soul, to be conscious, one's life stays one of fate. Hence, often tragic. 
Tarot, is the language of the whole Psyche and awakens this Universal Power of the Universal Collective Unconscious/Soul Psyche. Life then becomes, creation, and magic rather than haphazard and tragic.
What is Qabalah? It is a word that means "receiving".  Here, the Mind, which is the axis mundi of our Spirit-Mind-Body, is shown as a Tree of Life with many paths to specific states of intelligence. See "Qabalah Tarot Classes Page for more information. All transactions can be done by using PayPal credit, allowing the client to pay one small monthly payment to PayPal rather than one lump sum. I charge only one fee and if I use 30minutes or 2hrs, you pay only the flat fee. I give you what you need for as low a price I can live with.No tricking minute by minute charges.