Professional Psychcic & Tarot Card Divination.

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Why Us?

I am a born Psychic, seeing auras and chakras the day I was born. I have been studying the metaphysical for over 45 yrs. I have specialized in Gnosticism, Qabalah, and Tantra. These are all philosophies of the Psyche and how to expand our awareness of Self.  Tarot is the language of the Universal Collective Unconscious, therefore, the divination that one  uses to get information from the Soul.

To help others develop their "magic abilities", which some call ESP, I teach online Qabalistic Tarot Classes . Click on Tarot Class page for more information about these.

About Eli: Education,and Qabalistic Tarot

Above all things know thyself.

We've loved every minute of our journey  as I who is Spirit, and Am- who is Mind and Me- who is body. Also website and blog @

An Idea is Born

Our Web company:  is a sub-division of

LS Merchantile, in Sumner, Washington, and is based on the knowledge that our customers spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs are of the utmost importance for their personal success and Willful manifestation. We are spirits that own a body; a body  that has been taken away from us by our culture of babel. We are more invisible Spirit (99.6% Magic Stuff) than visible body (.4%) and have the power to take back our divine inheritance, becoming more Magick and less Tragic!

I ,with my psychic abilities, can  view and interpret, the 99.6% of our Spiritual  energy conscious [as seen in the aura and chakras], that is an invisible to the mundane. This is the Solar Aura of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum  (it is non-reflective light energy of the unseen electromagnetic spectrum.) that we call Soul or Spirit.

  • Many of us feel powerless and alone because most of our energy- conscious -selves, shown as Aura and chakras, are usually invisible to us and unavailable to us because we have not defined access. 
  • Thus most of us do not know or see our power due to the division of Spirit, Mind and body. Therefore many are at a disadvantage.
  •  Each level of the 8 Auric Bodies, is a conscious energy that operates on a paradigm of Force, Form and knowledge known as a " Self". If the perspectives (8 in all) don't compliment each other through mental and emotional union, confusion and thus mental or emotional, even physical dysfunction erupts! Therefore, the result is that many of us are only reacting to life and not living it. The Aura is the Real you and the Body, "reality you", is operated by the flow of  psychic energy through the Chakras.

*Eli and his metaphysical abilities, are also committed to meeting those life enhancing metal, spiritual and physical needs through the divination of Tarot in Sumner, WA and throughout the greater Seattle Tacoma and Washington State area. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers on line and  referrals from past Aura and tarot-psychic fairs throughout the state of Washington; where many of our customers walk-in for 1/2 hr or more readings.( However, private readings are available in Sumner, Tacoma, Seattle and surrounding area).

 Psychic Aura readings are fully illustrated and hand written right on the premises! Explanatory charts and chakra information are all include free with every reading! Aura readings provide insight into health, wealth, spiritual/metaphysical insight and well being and help you remember your original soul-identity.  You may record all readings including tarot.  Web cam tarot readings via Google Hangout or Firefox Hello, are also available throughout the nation! Tarot is an important divination that reveals our previously hidden blocks and what to do for our personal success.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best psychic service in the metaphysical community, with detailed aura readings, and tarot readings of renowned accuracy from a sincere psychic seer, metaphysical teacher, medium and reader.


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