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Thoth Court Cards- The Knight of Cups

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The Tarot of Eli:

The Thoth Tarot-Court Cards- The Knight of Cups:

In the Thoth Tarot, Kings are called Knights, who are armored sitting astride their powerful "Spirit Force" steeds. The Knight of Cups is the fiery part of water, this may sound strange to the neophyte; however, the fiery part of water is the Power of Solution.

The Knight of Cups is not unlike the fiery attack of rain or springs. He rules the Zodiac from 21st degree of Aquarius to the 20th degree of Pisces.

1. The Armor, bright wings, and the leaping white charger, all represent the most active aspects of water.

2. The crab represents the aggressive nature of water and its regenerative state, as crabs individually regenerate by shedding their hard outer shell.

3. The Knight of Wands totem is the Peacock, as the very nature of active water is its brilliance. The Peacock is also the totem of the Peacock God Myths of which a greater amount of study is needed if you wish to understand the "Swirling Depths" of this card.

The fluorescence characteristics of the person signified by this card are surprisingly passive, as dictated by the Zodiacal attribution. With the qualities of Venus, he is a graceful dilettante (a weak Jupiter). Passively amiable and quick to respond to attraction but the stimulation fades away as he is not very enduring. Emotionally triggered by outside influence, this person has no real material depth of character. The Knight of Cups has an undeniable innocence and purity that is hardly clouded by his ill dignified sensuality, idleness, and untruthful nature. In fact he may be so superficial that it is hard to reach any depth in him.

This card represents Dewi, the ancient lord of the Abyss, who is also known as Bran the blessed who later became the Christianized Fisher King or Rich Fisher named Bron He represents ageless power and strength, a reliable protector of the needy with a quality of irresistible force underlying a calm surface.

There is great difficulty in rightly mating water with Fire, as the swift violent nature of fire (Knight of Wands) ill suits a character that is naturally as placid as water. It is a rare persona indeed that has mastered the balance, so most often we find the personality mismanaging his affairs and unless good fortune attend him, his career and life is littered with a trail of failure and disaster. There is a mental "civil war" here, and this can lead to depressions, and/or schizophrenia. The abuse of stimulants, alcohol, and narcotics is not uncommon with such a personality. As always the case, the surrounding cards will help the Reader decide the positive or ill dignified nature of this card and often within the Reading is recommended the nature of correcting the unwanted behavior of this ill dignity. All in all, a very fun bubbly, bright person to be around---as long as you show attraction, to stimulate his attention. Good fun for short visits!


• The optimist.

• Issues with family and/or relationships.

• The Spirit of Water. One has attained their position of authority by listening to their conscientious, by action and looking ahead into life.

• Becoming aware that a psychic process in one’s life has come to an end.

• Releasing and old emotion by realizing it has run its course and is no longer operative in one’s life.

• The ability to love. A counselor or caregiver who is creative and imaginative.

• A seductive personality that is good in the art of love.

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The Thoth Minor Cards- 10 of Disks-Wealth

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The Tarot of Eli

The Thoth-10 of Disks-Wealth:

Prosperity, wealth, success in the world of finances and physical health. The 10 of Disks card is the sum total of the other 35 minor arcana since wealth is a synchronicity of mind, body and soul.

This card indicates that by using your communication skills (Mercury symbols on top 3 coins) and linking them with your healing abilities (the caduceus on the bottom coin) while listening to your inspiration (the star coins) you will be able to manifest abundance (the 3 Hebrew symbols for abundance coins-bottom center).

The Astrological sign for this card is Mercury in Virgo. Mercury is the representative planet for communication and organizational skills. Virgo is the sign of prosperity and abundance manifested in a tangible way.

The 10 of Disks card indicates that all 10 of your conscious states of energy (The 10 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life) contribute to a balanced flow of healing, communication, and organizational skills all accumulating to active function on the physical plane. Your Spirit, Mind and Body are manifesting abundance. Obviously this is a card of prosperity and also obviously, it will change, but for now eat, drink and be merry. We should also understand that wealth becomes prosperity when we spend it as our wealth prospers others and thus ourselves, which is a form of communication. To reiterate, MALKUTH is Earth that is also called the Active Word and/or Assiah.

It is the lone Sephira of this World. In the other Worlds of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, there are 3 obvious Sephiroth composing a triangle, but Assiah/Malkuth stands alone, for it is the completion of all the other States of Energy Conscious and is the combination of Spirit, Mind and Body. Hence, Malkuth is the Only Sensual Activity, of Creation. Now this may seem otherwise to the Initiate who sensually experiences the "Inner Worlds" of the Tree of Life; However, they often forget, that they are still "attached" to a sensual body, and thus feel the Conscious experiences. But to travel, the other Sephiroth without a body is to feel nothing at all! There is only One Sense to Consciousness, and that is the sense of "I" sight, and all the "Five Senses" of the mundane body, are just Transformations of that One Sense of "I". To those who practice the Mysteries, there are considerably more senses "felt" than many as 33, but that is not for this blog to describe in detail, so if you are interested in a greater Wealth of Sensuality, start your inner journey up the Tree while you still support a physical body.

The Thoth Tarot 10 OF DISKS, is called the Ten of Pentacles or Ten of Coins, in other decks. Crowley wished to show the stable motion that is required in a "Solid" world...the Spinning of a Disk. Where the Stability of a Discus is in its spin. I find this to be a brilliant insight (of which he had many) and agree with his philosophy. It is indeed the spiral "E-Motion" of our conscious self that balances our "Crystalline" outer Self; our life motion. Besides, every atom spins at a very rapid rate.

THE 10 OF DISKS, is called the Lord of Wealth and is Mercury in Virgo. The Angels associated with this Decan are Hahaayah and Laviah. Again, this is MALKUTH in ASSIAH which is the influence of Malkuth in the Material world.

The Astrologers assign Mercury the God of commerce, as the ruler of the sign Virgo. Thus this placement is often called an embarras de richesses, as material gain here is so vast, that it often loses importance. This vast materiality is shown on the Thoth 10 of Disks, as the whole Tree of Life, of 10 Sephira, as Disks decorated with the various symbols of Mercury.

Truth, being, that the Whole Tree of Life is dedicated to this Manifested world; it is the Goal Achieved, by the Conscious of the Divine Creative who began as the 1st Sephiroth of Kether. Kether, is known as Eheieh, in Hebrew, which means "I Will Be". This want is fulfilled on Malkuth as "I AM Being". Our purpose as physical Spirits and or operators of the Master Power Tools, the Human body, is to establish, the "As above, so below”, i.e. The Great Work of Being.

As energy that is Spiral (spirit), we are "everywhere and nowhere" at the very moment of "I"; a kind of diffusion into eternity; unmeasurable and therefore, invisible . But with a "God-Mind" body (Hu-Man) I am the ability to focus on one "moment", a measurement in the Time Space continuum, giving me not only the "sense of presence" but the ability to immediately discriminate my motion! In other words----"freedom of Choice" which simply means free to move by perspective chosen and not “natural evolution”. As the Divine knows, self-awareness requires measurement.

This Rocks! I find it very fulfilling to be able to have a "sense of presence", and move about sensually while also evolving via perspective. To be able to do so is indeed a gift, an inheritance, and a Wealth which mere Ideas do not receive in the vast Mind of the Divine Collective, until now!

It's time we realize that we are the "Sacred Place in Time-Space"! We, as Spiral Entity (Spirits) have inherited the Earth, not because we are bad or lustful (The Lust cloud of Goddess- God-bio-protons built us after all!) We are the accumulated Wealth of Creation--made alive and sensual! The Divine Creative’s Self-Knowledge (I Am) built us as a Solution not a problem! We solve the problem of how to focus intense energy (motion) to a point in time space, to nullify entropy and be able to deconstruct and reconstruct right at the time and place of "seeing an error"! The “I am” is the Image maker, who can recreate image by using our "Child of God" union card, I-Magi-Nation number "10"! What began as I Am is now I Am Me, a ternary intelligence that is self-aware.


For those who don't know, 10 is 1+0=1, in Qabalistic gematria which simply means the 1st Sephira - Kether, The Above, that we bring to the below! In other words, we don't have a goal, we are the Goal; a bridge between the Creator and Creation! Therefore, we are Lust without the Need of result; being is the result of our Lust! Lust being the Divine Frenzy that is the rhythmic vibration in all things! Like I said, "We Rock"! We, each alone, are a complete Tree of Life!

When the Ten of Disks is thrown during a reading, the querent:

• Is assured of physical prosperity and abundance. But being a Ten, the end of a cycle, means it may be short lived.

• Is at a physical cross roads where supply is stable but boredom has set in and perspective is not stimulating.

• Should be patient for the time for taking security risks is approaching and will soon arrive.

Also when this card is thrown:

• It suggests that in the next 10 weeks or 10 months you will experience opportunities for abundance by utilizing communication, organizational and intuitive skills.

• It also indicates that during this period you will experience a better alignment of abundance on the physical plane where things seem to "go your way".

• This may also indicate that setting up good communication with the Virgo people in your life will profit you (August 21 to September21) add to your abundance emotionally, physically and mentally.

Thank you for your interest, comments, and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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The Thoth Minor Cards- 9 of Disks-Gain

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  The Tarot of Eli:

The Thoth Tarot- 9 of Disks-Gain:

The 9 of Disks Thoth card represents gain on all levels that are physical and that influence the physical; emotional gain, spiritual gain, mental gain and physical gain.

The 9 of Disks suggests hitting the mark. A bull’s eye card, that shows you are financially right on the mark because your spirit, mind and body are in union. In other words, you are passionately focused and have enabled gain on all levels of performance. Astrologically, this is Venus in Virgo. Venus is beauty, love, and creative power while Virgo represents balance, order and organization. Together, the meaning is your heart and mind are in this passionately and beautifully (beauty is balanced symmetry). The results are gain on all levels. On this card the blue circle symbolizes wisdom linked with our loving nature, (the pink circle), in a creative way (which is the green circle). This card also shows us that by utilizing our dynamic creative male energy (shown as the top coins with the planetary signs of Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter) we shall experience such gain.

Saturn is the sign of the helmeted warrior who knows what his limits and boundaries are and paying attention to detail; the feathered cap symbol of Mars indicates that energy, vitality and assertion are a vital part of gain.

Jupiter, the King, reminds us that flexibility, being open to opportunity that expands our leadership skills that are also needed to experience gain. But this is only half of gain, to be complete we need the feminine power of Maid, Mother and Crone, which are represented by the lower three coins.

1. The Maid is the youthful bare headed feminine figure that is the power of Venus and reminds us that to follow our heart.

2. The coin with the Feminine figure that has a Queen's hat (Mother) is Mercury, and reminds us that communication skills and nurturing leadership skills are needed to experience gain.

3. The feminine figure with the Crescent Moon headdress is the Wise Woman (Crone) who reminds us that we must be true to ourselves and to be authentic in our actions.

The Moon also symbolizes both the outer world and the inner world showing a balance of inner (heart) and physical action that will help us experience gain.

To reiterate:  The Thoth 9 of Disks (Pentacles in Golden Dawn and Ryder-Waite-Smith decks) is called, Lord of Material Gain, or Gain for short.

The Planet is Venus and Virgo is the sign. Angels of the Decan are: Hazayel and Aldiah. This card is Yesod in Assiah and/or the influence of Yesod in the Material World. Yesod, meaning foundation, in the material world this influence is very favorable for amassing things, but with Venus in Virgo, there is a lack of overt feelings accompanying this great efficiency.

This efficient amassing of material things, is shown by the design complexity of Crowley's 9 of Disks. As he states in his book of Thoth, “The Disks are arranged as an equilateral triangle of three, apex upwards, close together; and surrounded at some distance by a ring, six larger disks in the form of a hexagram. This signifies the multiplication of the original established Word by the mingling of 'good luck and management'." Which says it all for this card.

When the 9 of Disks-Gain, is thrown during a reading it implies:

• Inheritance and/or material gain, sometimes within 9 weeks or 9 months or the querent is experiencing it now for those time periods.

• A certain amount of Integrity, skill and talent has produced material gain and a sense of accomplishment.

• This is a purely material gain card, where talent and skill has come together in either a beginning stage of material gain or a good flowing gain on into wealth.

• That within the next 9 weeks or 9 months there is physical gain shown by organizing things and following your heart.

• You are to be dynamically assertive (electric male force) and magnetically receptive (female force) which is following your heart and what has deep meaning to you.

If ill defined by accompanying cards: it could mean a lack of discipline in material matters and the failure that comes with it.



Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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The Thoth Minor Cards- 8 of Disks-Prudence

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  The Tarot of Eli

The Thoth -8 of Disks-Prudence:

The 8 of Disks represents talent, skill, craft, learning, and practical ideas being turned into a profitable profession.

The card itself symbolizes the harvest tree where hard work and skill have become fruitful and now you only need await the ripening of the harvest. This can be called the Master’s card, as mastery of a skill is depicted here; Skillful manipulation of physical material with talented fingers along with prudent thoughts and the wisdom to coordinate both.

At the top of this colorful card is the Sun sign and at the bottom of the harvest tree is the astrological sign of Virgo. Virgo reminds us that by attending to details and utilizing our organizational skills, we shall repeat the just harvest. Trust in your skills is the foundation of this harvest rather than the need for control; only a deep abiding trust in your skills will reap the just reward as harvest follows the ordered skill of the prudent mind.

Prudence and wisdom are qualities of patient skill, not pushing to make things happen nor holding back or resisting. This is known as being "impeccable". The coins have blossomed, the patient skill of wisdom and prudence has prevailed and the successful harvest is shown by the protective leaves that hold back chaos. There is no place for doubt in this card as it is a manifested Trust of skill.

Again, the Thoth Tarot 8 of Disks is called PRUDENCE. Disks are Pentacles or Coins, in other decks. But Disks is an appropriate symbol, something on which Crowley and I both agree. Disks must be stabilized by a spinning motion, a circular rotational force, in order to hit their mark. Even the atoms of rocks are spinning in a centrifugal manner, so when representing the earthly powers, the spinning of the Disk, with its internal spin best shows force and form as one presence in the crystalline light, again showing us that solids are just illusions of electric motion held within a magnetic vessel.

The 8 of Disks-Prudence, is Hod in Assiah, the material World. The Sun is in Virgo and the angels of this Decan are; Akaiah and Kehethel.

There is a caution here, as Virgo is noted to be a very practical sign which tends to cause over-concern with small details which brings to mind the old axiom; "A penny wise and a pound foolish".

Because this is an 8, any gain that prudence gives is soon dispersed making prudence no great virtue. The message in divination, is that of skill, prudence, and over-carefulness about small things, at the expense of the larger. But because Hod is represented by Mercury and Mercury is exalted in Virgo, there is also predilection for intelligent loving, involving material matters such as, agriculture, artistic craftsmanship, and engineering. The Ruler ship of the Sun in Virgo suggests birth, as well, thus the disks are arranged in the Gemantic figure Populus. These disks are then shown as flowers of a Great Tree, rooted solidly in fertile lands.

When the 8 of Disks is thrown during a reading, the querent is in:

• A moment of creative birth of 8 weeks or 8 months, requiring the practice of physical caution, carefulness, and prudence.

• A type of physical wisdom radiating from an inner place of balance and integration. Making sure that all the bases are covered; every "t" crossed and every "I" dotted.

• Making intelligent choices so that the material world more closely conforms to one's needs.

• The possibility of turning a talent or skill into a profession.

• Skill in work with energy and forms, such as fingers working on a manipulative substance.

• That in the next 8 weeks or 8 months you can experience the harvest of your skill, prudence and wisdom. All from you’re organizing or attending to details.

• This card may also mean that all that you have learned or are learning will facilitate new growth in a skillful financial endeavor in the next 8 weeks or 8 months especially if you pay attention to details. This financial endeavor could involve Virgo people (August 21 to September 21) or harvesting a fertile relationship with important Virgo people in your life.

• This card represents a wise state of mind that operates from a foundation of prudence, centered integration, and Order rather than from chaos.

  • The negatives and/or ill dignity,  would be focusing too tightly on the small details and not seeing the big picture!


Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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The Thoth Minor Cards- 7of Disks-Worry

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The Tarot of Eli

The Thoth Tarot-7-of Disks: Failure.

Physical failure, labor thwarted, and everything is sunk in sloth.

The 7 of Disks indicates a pause in the garden of financial, health, and physical relationships. This is also fear of failure and fear of success which is generated by negative past experiences. Many know that to fear is to constrict energy and to obfuscate the direction it is being sent. Fear is a creativity gone against the motion of the fearful. Our fear of discomfort, is our worst enemy here.

Take a long look at this card that represents putrifaction.  Its astrological sign is Saturn in Taurus. The planet Saturn is symbolic of constricted, restricted and/or the feeling of limited energy; its metal is lead. Taurus is representative of productivity and achievement. The two together tell us that our productivity and achievement are being restricted and limited and/or weighed down by our fear of failure. This aspect of Saturn and Taurus can also be seen in the coins.

The helmet symbol is Saturn and the Bull is Taurus. Predicting a feeling of failure that interferes with our financial situation. The Helmet is also a symbol of a conscious constriction of which fear is indicative of. The 7 of Disks card also indicates a loss of capacity to inspire ourselves or others. Yet there are contradictory meanings here since this is a pause in the force of our creativity, this could also be just waiting for the fruition of our efforts and is a time of repose where our brain is corolating data, looking for the reason for failure. Seeds of new growth are then being planted here, in the spoilage of the past and the querent may be waiting for a better and more rewarding path to be discovered.

Fear is constricted energy focused on a point of I Am...I Am is our inherited "God-Identity" within our Super-conscious. It declares the direction of our energy such as, I Am sad, I Am happy, I Am poor or I AM wealthy. In the infinite realm of the One Mind, I AM is the foundation of all creation and creation is a restriction of energy to form a "point in time" and/or a "Me". Which we are! Since you have been given the god-like freedom to declare yourself any way you like...repeating concepts of failure tell your Greater Self that you demand failure as an expression of your likeness! Knowing this, it is recommended that for the next 7 weeks or 7 months that your repeat declarations of Wealth. How about; "I Am The Will and the Way. I Am the Wealth and I own the Day!” Say this at least 7 times a day for 7 weeks or 7 Months. I've been doing it now for the past 7 years and my days flow in a joyous dance of discovery. I highly recommend that you remember yourself as a Magic Magus Psyche from the Source of all Creation who has been given the power of emotional-mental focus to create your reality. This is a great power---use it gratefully! Netzach, the Sephiroth of the 7's, means Victory. To reiterate: Feelings, instinct, and undifferentiated Group Mind, are attributed to the Sphere of Netzach.

Here, Netzach is in Assiah, influencing the Material World. The planet and sign of the 7 of Disks-Failure, are Saturn in Taurus. The Angels of the Decan are Herochiel and Mitzrael.

Saturn in Taurus brings disappointment, often because of a great deal of work that brings little reward.

There are sixteen of the geomantic figures (See AC's book, 777 or "The Hand Book of Geomancy" Equinox Vol. I, No.2). The 7 of Disks is in the shape of the geomantic figure Rubeus, which is the one of putrefaction, a menacing symbol.

If you are a student of Alchemy, putrefaction is noted as a necessary process of chemical transformation, before purification can be produced. Thus the atmosphere of the card implies blight, as cultivation is spoiled. The suggestion is bad money.

The 7 of Disks, Failure, is also called-The Lord of Success unfulfilled and rightly so, as it is about physical failure and non-success.

When the 7 of Disks (Pentacles in other decks) Failure, is thrown during a reading, what is implied:

• A fear of failure with finances, health and relationships. However, 7 in Netzach is a weak event, and deregulation of the element of earth, so soon the querent's project will be completed if determined to "keep on" and ignoring the feelings of never finishing the task.

• The Determination to release this fear of failure should go on for within 7 weeks or 7 months. However, this determination must be hard fought, for there is a tendency to abandon labor, and allowing everything to sink in a mire of sloth.

• Yet again, putrefaction is before the transformation of purification, so this is the point where the "lowest fallen becomes the highest exalted".

• The implication of this card, is that you shall succeed if you don't listen to the thoughts of failure that are tempting your brain. Push harder, you'll soon succeed.

• In the next 7 weeks or 7 months, the more rewarding path will be discovered and the period of waiting is over, or you will have to confront your fear of failure in the next 7 weeks or 7 months in order to plant anew and reap a more generous harvest in your future.

• It is time to move through old fears and self-defeating thoughts of past failures whether they have been experienced in the past 7 weeks, 7 months or when you were 7 years old.



Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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The Thoth Minor Cards- 6 of Disks-Success

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The Tarot of Eli

The Thoth Tarot- 6 of Disks-Success:

As always, the sixes are about a balance of trinities which makes them powerful and stable in dynamic movement. This card represents physical attainment, accomplishment and success. This is the harmonious energy of Earth, the balance of polarities have made fruitful the Son, Father, and Grandfather aspects of electric force and the Maid, Mother, and Crone aspects of magnetic force....It is Born! It is important to remember that this is earth, and gravitational forces will pull this successful creation down into itself, where everything becomes slow and heavy---so this success is temporary but enjoyable just the same. There is a great beauty here that comes from the balances of mental, emotional, and physical energy enhanced by the higher conscious states of self. Being Beauty---feels great! Beauty is not determined by fashion, nor culture, this is the Beauty that created me so it could be me! The great inner beauty of synchronicity.

Generosity is shown here, as you now have enough success in physical health, finances, and emotional balance to assist others in their success. Astrologically, this card is Moon in Taurus, which suggests productivity (Taurus) and a deep inner satisfaction (The Moon) or a deep desire on the subconscious level. The foundation of creation vibrates from the deep passion and desire of Will-to-Be and the deep satisfaction of I AM! This being so, often to achieve success in any endeavor means that we must be in union with our inner master who built us as its masterpiece. There is only diligence and doing indicated here. This is where the axiom," Above all things know thyself" really comes into its own.

The formula for success is indicated in the 6 planetary circles shown on this card:

1. Saturn represents success through discipline.

2. Jupiter reminds us that success is achieve by being open and flexible to options that may present themselves.

3. Venus reminds us of our beautiful heart and follow what has heartfelt meaning in our life.

4. The Moon indicates success attainable through following the truth of ourselves, by being authentic.

5. Mercury reminds us about how important organized well timed communication is important to success.

6. Mars reminds us to express continually steady energy into our professional or personal issues in order to achieve success...The Tortoise vs the Hare scenario, where rapid spurts of energy do not achieve success whereas steady on does. Success comes from deep within rather than the superficial without, which is symbolize in this card as the joining of the Western Cross (deep inner self integration) and the opening and blooming of successful achievement ( the Eastern symbol of success- the lotus).

However, 6 is not only a number of accomplishment, but also that of Christ, Buddha consciousness which is the 6th Sepiroth-Beauty-on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Thus a certain sacrifice is made for the number of the "Dying gods" of ancient myth, means a definite personality deconstruction in order for reconstruction that brings success.

The 6 of Disks-Success, is aptly named The Lord of success, as the Moon is exalted in Taurus. Here the charm, subtleties, ebb and flow of the Moon are merging with the hard work and deliberate earth qualities of Taurus, ensuring success in business and other earthly matters.

The colors on the Thoth Deck Card, are somewhat muted in this rendition; However, in the original the center glows in dawn's light of rose-madder, surrounded by three concentric circles of golden yellow, salmon-pink and amber. Suggesting Tiphareth fully realized on earth, i.e., the Psyche and body in harmony. The usual arrangement of the Planets, as disks, are being irradiated by the Sun at the center. Again, Tiphareth is the Sun/Son of the Divine Creative and is here, idolized as the Rose and Cross. This is a forty nine pedaled Rose, implying the interplay of the 7 with the 7. Hence, the Feminine is never separate from the Masculine, it is their interplay that makes Life.

When thrown during a reading, the 6 of Disks implies:

• Material attainment and accomplishment, but with a caveat dealt out by the law of Karma; you'll have to put out effort, to receive back success.

• The successful cycle of income or security is steady and predictable.

• That the querent is also generous, sharing the wealth, giving people what they are willing to receive.

• The Six of Disks also suggests that money owed will be paid and the querent shall receive what is rightfully theirs.

• That in the next 6 weeks or 6 months, you have the opportunity for success if you follow the formula for success as represented by the six planets presented in this card.

• That in the next 6 weeks or months, you will experience being successful in producing something deeply satisfying and important to you.

• That success is only temporary moment of repose and we must be flexible to new options to keep on succeeding in our life motion.


Thank you for your interest, comments, and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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The Thoth Minor Cards- 5 of Disks-Worry

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The Tarot of Eli

The Thoth Tarot- 5 of Disks:

Since Disks are cards that represent the physical, this card represents physical worry, concerns, and rumination. It is a state of being conscious that dwells in the past and goes forward fearing the future and therefore doesn't live in the now. By not living in the now, we are not present today, which doesn't allow new perspectives or thoughts to change our mental emotional direction. This is a general effect of a long strain without action; a general state of inaction. Health, finances, work, relationships and/or creativity are the concerns here.

Astrologically this card represents Mercury in Taurus, also symbolizing communication worries. Worrying about whether your communication efforts are coming across correctly or if you even have the ability to communicate at all. By now we are familiar with Geburah, a state of energy that is severe in its function. Geburah is a corrective state of intelligence, whose severity is an action towards self-assessment, rather than anything karmic.

The Thoth Deck 5 of Disks, is called Worry, but also often called the Lord of Material Trouble. Here Mercury is in Taurus. The angels of the Decan are Mibahiah and Pooyal.

In the 5 of Disks, we have Geburah-Severity, influencing the Material World (Assiah)

"To Worry" something, is translated to English-Anglo Saxon, as the shepherds use the word, which is a type of strangulation a sheep dog does to a sheep. This strangulating is a biting and holding on to the Sheep's throat, which stops it in its tracks and is just for that purpose. Thus we understand that the 5 of disks is so named because it stops all material events, such as profession or monetary gain, dead in its tracks. Worry than is useful to get us to "stop-look and listen", so that we can move on safely.

Again, Crowley shapes this card as an inverted pentagram, which implies difficulties caused by the phyiscal brain ruling the mind. He also placed the geometric figures of the Hindu five Tattvas in the individual disks, each symbolizing a Alchemical element of Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit. In the Hindu system these are the underlying currents of matter.

Mercurial energy is opposed in Taurian earth, simply because earth has a natural tendency to be stationary while Mercury is swift motion. Granted it takes a strong Mercury to influence and unbalance Taurus but Geburah is just that strength. In fact, instead of Severity, she is sometimes called Strength and causes instability in the 5 states of matter. This instability is vibrationary, much like and earthquake, yet the 5 states of energy (Five Tattvas) have enough attraction necessary to hold together on the lover planes forestalling complete disruption. So this is more like the dog holding the sheep at a standstill, a kind of intelligence applied to labor. The 5 of Disks thus implies intense strain with long moments of inaction.

The Five of Disks implies that perspective makes our present state of being, and if our perspectives dwell in the past we are “up-side-down” ---we aren't living today. This 5 of Disks card reminds us that we are presently inanimate, which is dead to action. We can change directions, be they physical, emotional or mental only by acting--moving! Begin with what you have even if your only action to hold out your hand for assistance, now and what-ifs are unimportant to motion as they only excuse inaction. It's time to break worry patterns by actively pursuing changes in communication patterns, financial, health, and in relationships with the Taurus people in your life. Worry is a type of mental lethargy whose chains are easily broken by activity. Live the now, you are not "a past person" you are an I AM Now person---an active and unique expression of alive motion.

This card reminds us that by focusing on what we have lost or don't have, we cannot create more. We need to focus on what we do have, and on the thing we can do; maybe just a baby step is all we have, but that is motion and is enough to get us going again. The axiom, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” is one solution to this worrying problem that confronts our intellect.




When the Divination brings up the 5 of Disks, the querent is going through a period:

• Of rumination, anxiety or concern...maybe all.

• Feeling left out of social events because of lack of money.

• Of challenges concerning insecurity, deprivation, and even exclusion.

• Where the mind is focused on survival issues and thus stopping creativity dead in its tracks as a feeling of helplessness and inertia takes over.

• There is a foretelling of material trouble for the next 5 weeks or 5 months.

• Of the next 5 weeks or 5 months, opportunities are presented to you for the release of worry about health, finances, relationships, productivity and to improve on your communication skills.

• The past, let's say when you were five years old, is what produces worry.

• Of intending to want to avoid discomfort, and try to compare present day events, to past ones.

• Locked into past pain----does not help us live in the present and this card reminds us to forget the what-ifs of yesterday, or tomorrow and to be the I Am of now.

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The Thoth Minor Cards- 3 of Disks-Works

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The Tarot of Eli

The Thoth Tarot- 3 of Disks-Works:

The 3 of Disks card represents the influence of Binah (Mother-Goddess) in the physical world. The 3 of Disks also represents, trade, skilled labor, physical persistence, tenacity, endurance and strong determination to get the job done. For the Alchemist and Qabalist, Works represents the combinations of Mercury, sulfur, and salt or the material letters Aleph (air), Mem (water) and Shin (fire). Illustrated on this Thoth card is the pyramid of crystallized forces rises out of the Great Sea of Binah.

Since this card represents the Divine Ability to create material manifestation, it reminds us that we must keep heart and soul involved in our creativity in order to manifest our ideals. To see our dreams as children to be born, and go about paying attention to detail and dedicate our heart and soul towards this goal. This is love of being-self, a necessity in order to nurture our dream into fruition. To those who love creating self-identity by expressing their soul into matter, diligence is the only time limit. This is because they love the act of creating more than the goal attained, such people are in-tune with the Great Work which is to be-Self. It is not what you become in the world of man, that is important, it is being "you", a sacrament of Spirit, that is important in order to keep transforming energetic presence. Hence, "Living the Now", is better than hoping to be living a future, which is liquid and only swirls to the currents of your present motion!

The Four 3's are associated with Binah who is the Great Mother and is called UNDERSTANDING. In Understanding, the idea becomes fertilized and a child can be born. The formulation of the Supernal-Triangle, (Kether-Crown, and Chokma-Wisdom & Binah-Understanding) is a stability that cannot be made unstable. We know the Triangle that begins all birth as many combinations of 3 of which we all are a diverse copy as Spirit, Mind and Body. Among the many combinations of 3 are, Maid-Mother-and Crone, each a special perspective on Womb-rite, Father-Son- and Holy Ghost, each an active part of the stable foundation of "the Spirit Fire" or rite of Phallus. Then there is Ocean-Rain-and River, each a process of Life or Ocean-Sun-and Earth. While the mind is made up of Unconscious, (The Spirit Mind of Universal Unconscious) subconscious and conscious, we can go on and on but in all cases a fertilization is achieved and a child can be born as the copy of the parenting trinity.

The 3 of Wands is called Virtue, and/or The Lord of Virtue (Husbandry), for in this state of conscious energy, the idea of will and dominion has become interpreted in Character.

The 3 of Cups is called Abundance and/or the Lord of Abundance where the idea of Love has come to fruition. The 3's are far enough down the Tree of Life to begin seeing definite differentiation between the suits, rather than 1 degree of separation that is shown on the Upper Supernal Triangle. This definite differentiation, is a diversity that gives birth to the idea of division, so that "many can be made from the One who is Three"; So that "I Will Be" becomes I AM Being.

The idea of division, of mutability, which is the "airy' quality of things, begins in the 3 of Swords. The 3of Swords is named SORROW; Not the vulgar sorrow of individual discontent or disappointment but the Sorrow of the Dark Binah, and of the Dark Isis. In German this great sorrow is called Weltschmerz, the universal sorrow. It is the quality of Melancholy. I find it easier to understand the 3 of Swords by understanding the Great Mother's sorrow over her seeing the Bright Shimmering Beauty of Her Children become dull and putrid in self-shame.  Because of "freedom of choice", She is unable to intervene when watching her children become ugly in their own minds as they identify themselves as monsters. All of which happens when fear is the foundation of our ideas/identity rather than Love.

However, the 3 of Disks (Pentacles) exhibits the crystallization of forces, which is the idea of Earth and/or Sensual Being. Here is an obvious manifestation of Work having been done. This is also often called the Great Work and/or "As above, so below". This may make more sense to you if you remember that the “other-side of the Mirror", is the Dark Place where Life is the Supernal Triangle of the Tree of Life, and the Alive are the Child made manifest from this Union of Conscious Energy (Forces), that combine to make the electromagnetic spectrum and the Crystallization of Light which is the Reflective side of the Mirror! This conceptualization of a two-sided mirror goes far in explaining why "Mirror Magic' is so often used to insure manifestation of idea into a "living expression" and/or skrying.  Or you can say "from the warm, wet Darkness of the nurturing womb, Light is born."

A lot has been said here, but I have witnessed that not many understand that the body is merely a Reflection, of your invisible Soul; the invisible you who is the majority of you. (You are physically 99.6% invisible), It is in the Dark, warmth, of your "infinite light" (Spirit) that all Life comes from. Hence from the infinite, which is without measure, comes measurement. From measurement comes self-awareness.  As stated, the body is a Reflection of Life and/or a measurement of Life. Therefore, one must think well from your deep dark, invisible places, to be Alive and Well!

It pays to remember this axiom, “Do unto another as you would have done to you", for that is in itself a Triangle of 3 : Idea, Cause and effect. It is unbreakable in its stability. So it pays to know what your ideas about yourself and others that you create. If you identify "others" instead of "Another’s" (everyone I see is another way to be me) you will keep lessening yourself, by wrapping a membrane of fear around yourself, until your life force/spirit can no longer sustain the body health and balance. The Spirit Transmits Love to build "selves" and to think less of others, is to lessen yourself love. Your thoughts, ideas, and opinions only effect the Cause of Yourself. Your mental self-reflection, enacts your deep thoughts, into "aliveness".  It pays to remember that your body is the only one who feels the personality's thoughts and then must enact them. We are not responsible for how "others" react to us. We are, however, the response of reaction to our own thought! "Others" are just another way to be Divine Children; Children who have the Divine Creative's given Freedom of Choice; gifted Divine Children, who have a right to their identities, be they ill or well thought out.

Love, is knowledge as it is willed, wise and promotes understanding. Love is not the act of a simpleton but of a Powerful Spirit Being. To Love Being; is to be love.

The Magus knows, that to be able to "think" means you are not the effect called thought, but the cause of it. So my thoughts aren't "my precious", they are the cause that effects the Alive aspect of Me and hopefully ordered enough to work effectively.  As a communion of Spirit and Mind, I then have the Knowledge to make, and remake thought to improve the function of my body, rather than think that I am the thought I think, and must defend those thoughts to the death, which then elevates idea above the Alive. This is silly, as eliminating the Alive or at least enslaving the alive to thought blocks the self-reflection, that spirit requires from bodies! To make Thought Sensual, is necessary to create a screening process; a living form that can sense disfunction and function! We are a creative Spirit who can devote our thought controlled “time/space" to "expanding and liberating" the body-identity from the survival thinking of the animal domain. This in turn expands and liberates self-awareness! By the feelings of Love or Fear generated by the Communion of idea with a sensual- living laboratory, ideas become experimental processes that either free the body from the past and evolving it or bind it to the past and therefore, stunting transformation.  Hence, Idea alone is not enough to properly operate the Alive! Life depends on the threesome of the Divine Wedding, which is the triangle made of Idea, the Union of Wisdom and Understanding, to create the Beautiful Bright Child called Knowledge!

When you understand the 3s, you begin to understand your Godhood as a trinity of Spirit, Mind and Body, all sacraments of the I AM.

To reiterate: the Thoth Deck 3 of Disks-Work, represents the Great Work, the establishment of the material Universe and the determination of its basic form. The 3's are the number of the Great Mother Binah and/or Creatrix. The 3 of Disks is the Influence of the Great Mother, The Form Maker, in the Sphere of Earth. Here, Binah is illustrated as background on the Thoth card, as the Great Sea of Binah in the Night. The fact that Unlimited Light is the invisible dark, is shown by the mottled gray, indigo and green pattern of the active sea whose waves are consciousness.

Also, Mars in Capricorn is the celestial ruler of this card. Placing Mars in his most exalted state. In this state, when linked to Capricorn, the Martian energy is constructive rather than destructive and his tremendous power makes him an exceptional builder and engineer.

The view of this card is that of a pyramid as seen from above its apex. The 3 wheeled base, represents the three Mother Letters of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph (Air), Shin (Fire), and Mem (Water) or the alchemical system of Mercury; Sulphur (old English spelling), and Salt. If you are of the Hindu persuasion, the 3 wheels represent the Three Rajas, and Tamas. Or as the 3 images of the Goddess Durga as seen in the illustration.

To a Qabalist, the Great Work is to make the "As above, so below", which is a process of "Above all things, know thyself", all of which is achieved by remembering the Spiritual journey "down" the Tree of Life, toward a greater consentration of Self, by consciously traveling "back up" and thus opening our personalities to the Great Personality that began this process of Macrocosm to Microcosm. To "Remember thyself", is to know your divinity, not just believing in it.

Part of the Great Work is to establish a "Knowing Evolutionary" state of “expanding and liberating", the animal brain from survival thinking-instinctual limits that keep it from Wisdom. To a Qabalist, Wisdom is the ability to "create-see error-and correct it", for we know that Wisdom is 50% error, and 50% correction; to the animal brain to make error is feared as a survival blunder, thus keeping it from progressing. The wise know that we must make mistakes when creating in a "cause and effect" universe, as entropy is part of all material creation. Entropy, is always seeking to "proceed from order to disorder (2nd law of Thermodynamics), and the Universal solution to that chaos, is to keep up motion by constant change. In other words, "to expand and liberate" creation from previous boundaries: Progress makes previous creations, future mistakes. If you know yourself at all, you will know that the Human Being is the Solution to conscious limitations. We have the "Mind of The Divine Creative", often called Imagination; Imagination is what I call "the Womb with a view”. Thus we can see beyond our senses, we can plot and give birth to futures. We are visionary in our sight and see beyond the entropy of the moment. To know thyself, is to know that the moment doesn't contain you and that it is just a moment, whereas you, are a Master of Time /Space and have the power to change moments, just by perspective alone, thus changing the future.

When the 3 of Disks (Pentacles in some other decks) is thrown, the querent is or will be experiencing:

• Paid employment, in the next three weeks or 3 months.

• Successful business transactions from working and constructive force.

• Building up, erecting, and realization and increase of material things.

• Cleverness, in business that entertains a certain selfishness as they are keen in the matter of gain.

• A time of inventing, engineering and creating where all things material is moving together within 3 weeks or 3 months.

  • If the Three of Disks is surrounded by Trump (Major Arcana), the querent is on the Spiritual journey of the Great Work, and is accomplishing the Task of Remembering the "As above", thus manifesting it "so below".
  • When thrown this card declares that in the next 3 weeks or 3 months is the best time to get clear on your priorities, commitments and to determine what you are willing to give "the works" to. It is also the best time to reassess or clarify your relationships with Capricorn people (December 21- January 21). This is a time where clarity seems to come out of no-where allowing you to see clearly priorities and commitments that you wish to tenaciously stick to making them solid and stable in your life.

• Communal work, where working together brings about success.

As in all cards, the definition is modified by dignity. If ill dignified by the accompanying cards, the Three of Disks,

• Represents narrow and prejudiced thought and sometimes the seeking of the impossible.


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The Thoth Minor Cards- 2 of Disks-Change

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The Tarot of Eli

The Thoth Tarot- 2 of Disks-Change:

This stunning card represents the Harmony of Change. Now this may seem irrational to the survival mind, who thinks that security is constant control of situations; stability is more important than change to the animal/body. But that is again the illusion of thought. We are told to think that carbon in a crystalline stasis, is the most valuable or one of the most valuable forms to be. We know this valuable state of carbon as a diamond. Funny thing about diamonds...They don't live! As evolutionary forms of life, diamonds fail to live and yet carbon atoms are the foundation of all living things on earth because they are the most adaptable of atoms ! What is most valuable to Life (Spirit) is living carbon atoms made of bio-protons that are malleable enough to change by the mechanism of the union of opposites; a mechanism that requires communication! To make the motion of life changeless is impossible---for in the straight lines of control, life will always be the curved exception to the rule of stability. This is easily seen by understanding entropy and/or the second law of thermodynamics which states "... All things proceed from order to disorder." Hence, Chaos, which is considered without controls, is the universal mechanism of change!

The Serpent in the form of a figure eight, is the Ancient sign of infinity (Oroboros--the serpent that eats its own tail) because of the knowledge that Life eats itself to stay alive. Order is eaten by Time which causes a reordering of energy which is a flowing transformation that in the world of atoms, keeps some carbon atoms from forming into diamonds!

As a Spiritual Being of Energy conscious, I find this constant change very useful in developing the discerning intelligence necessary to create--see entropy/error and correct it, as well as the foundation of evolutionary being, i.e., adaptability! Most of us know the Yin Yang symbol of Taoist origin, and it is shown in both loops of the figure eight. The yellow color is the masculine Force (electric) and the darker colors are the feminine form which is magnetic force. In the Qaballah the union of Force and Form is the foundation of all being.

Now astrologically, this card is Jupiter in Capricorn. The benevolent Planet Jupiter is not well placed in Capricorn meaning that Jupiter's good influence can only be exerted as an organizer. The Feminine Creative or the Ocean of Magnetic Force (Binah) and Masculine currents of electric force (Chokma) are being organized into living forms on/in the Material of Malkuth---which is the tenth Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. Qabalists know Kether to be the 1st Sephira, and many have thought that this is the first manifestation of conscious energy. Yet Kether is the "limitless light", and has no end or beginning, which allows no viewing. Kether is the "Dark Sun"  of  "I Will Be",as it can't be seen and is not yet being. This Will to be, is the least understood concept of the Tree of Life sigil. Thus the First idea of manifestation falls to the Twos, which represent Chokma (Wisdom) which is a Hebrew feminine noun for the Greek Goddess Sophia. Elements may be essences in Kether, but only upon reaching the Deuces are they in appearance as ideas. In Tarot, we also know that the 2 is the number of the Priestess, who's Knowledge, created "children", by curving the lines of frequency into space-time.

The 2's represent the Elements uncontaminated by influence, hence they appear in their original harmonious condition. For instance, the 2 of Wands is called Dominion and/ or Lord of Dominion because the word Lord implies Husbandry and/or "caretaker of her property" in its original Anglo Saxon'll need to think hard about this; the 2 of Wands is the Fire Element in its purest form and is the "movement within all motion" and considered the first manifestation of Spirit.

The 2 of cups, often called The Lord of Love and is the Purest Form of Water (fluid-like energy flow), i.e. consciousness.

The 2 of Swords has been called the Lord of Peace or Peace. We know that swords represent "mind" but since there is no conflict to make peaceful at this stage of manifestation, it requires a lot of thought to understand the Ace of Disks card. It is a State of "I" without the Am-illusion paradox of imaging self, within one self, i.e., "Other".  This can be a real brain teaser simply because it is the Negative form of a Positive's as if it is the negative electrons attracting positive electrons to make a thought of form manifest in mirror of Soul. Like I said, a lot of thinking is necessary here, as the general proposition states that the sum of the one energy is zero, so that the Positive manifestation "isn't" real, it is reality while the Real is infinite zero. Thus the phrase, "The other side of the Mirror" is the Real side. Or we can say, that the image in the reflected side of the mirror is subject to the self-conception presentation from the invisible side of the mirror.

The 2 of Disks is representative of Change, and/or Lord of Harmonious Change which is what Union produces. Union produces harmonious change simply because energy seeks its own level and when two come together as one, they balance each other, becoming one who is two. This phenomina works for two states of energy conscious as well. Also, Earth is the Throne of Spirit, as the Princesses are related to Earth and since the well-known axiom of Gnosis is "As above so below", we see that once having gotten to the bottom one comes out again at the top. This infinite cycle of change, is shown as a type of Mobius loop, or lemniscuses (Greek for-ribbon) which is the serpentine figure-eight magus symbol for infinity; "One who is Two", clamping down on its own tail. The twos may be considered the A-sexual "fetuses" of the Seed-Aces but this concept doesn't seem to make understanding these "Higher States" of conscious energy any easier. All the 2's suggest that when the negative sees itself as a positive, and then unites with that positive, we get a "Self Image". This may help you with the Mythological concepts of the Goddess who in Virgin birth, has a son (male is considered Positive Electron and female is considered Negative Electron) and then mates with that son to produce the Universe. If you get this all tangled up with your indoctrinated-emotional concepts of sexuality-----you'll never understand the Energy Conscious concepts of the 2's. However, I love to tease the brain, so here is another concept of the 2's, "From herself, she created him, and then mated with him so she could become her."  Which describes the One Energy very well! 

Know Thyself! You are originally Spirit; a powerful Observer known as Will-to-Be! From Non- being, you have always created ideas of being! This is your inheritance, from Chokma and Binah. "To be" which is never stasis and always re-observing itself! This state of self-reevaluation is a process of transformation, which is the force that pushes life along!

The 2 of Disks-Change,  is the Kingdom of Earth.

When this card is thrown for an individual during a reading, it means:

• A transformation in the physical world is upon them in two weeks or two months’ time.

• This is Cause and Effect and/ or the Law of Attraction, where what we think of the most is formed in the atoms around us as a living observation and/or life style.

• In Physics, it is known that observation changes the observed and most of us know that by observing a thought through the powerful emotions (energy-in-motion) of love or fear will charge that thought into manifested action from benevolent on one hand or malevolent on the other. Perspective is everything to a Conscious Pyscosomatic entity ---which we all know as Spirit, Mind and Body. Life is but a spiritual perspective of Self-Awareness!

• The ability to juggle or balance more than one project at a time and or two or more situations at once time.

• When the mental aspects attributed to Female (unconscious) and the Male (consciousness), in all of us is balanced, we know Life as Playful Creativity and enjoy the challenges of entropy. Where as if they are at odds, life becomes a serious struggle where chaos eventually wins.

To be ill defined, this card would imply, that one thinks it is better to allow chaos, and not change and then reorder their life in a new way to be. Knowing full well that you can change and always have done so as Spirit.

Thank you for your interest, comments, and supportive donation. May you live long and prosper.

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Thoth Tarot-Minor Cards- Ace of Disks

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The Tarot of Eli

The Thoth Ace of Disks:

The Thoth Ace of Disks represents the seed of the Entity called Earth. The Quanta or subatomic particles, may be called the seeds of Atoms and atoms are unions of protons, neutrons, electrons and are considered living things. The Ace of Disks, as seen in the Thoth Tarot Deck, is layered idea-upon idea and requires a great study of Crowley's Liber Al, and 777 along with the Equinox book series to understand the Magick involved. I shall only superficially cover this card, although that superficiality may seem deep.

The Ace of Disks, shows a spinning Mandala, for that is what the Earth, Luna, and Sun union is. It is the Mandala of Sacred Life on Earth/Malkuth---the Kingdom of Living Light. This combination of Atoms, photons, electrons, neutrons etc. spinning together to form an Entity, is a great sacred act of Divine Phallus /Masculine Divine Creative (Solar-electric forces) and Divine womb/ Feminine Divine Creative (magnetic forces) that have been represented in Mythology as long as it has been recorded. Today, in our modern study of this Myth (theory) scientist call it “Theoretical Quantum Physics or Quantum Theory”. As stated, the Quanta are sub-atomic particles and can be called the "Seeds of Atoms". Study Quantum physics and string theory, and Chaos theory, if you want more explanation of this perspective.

The Ace of Disks is also a Mandala for the New Aeon of Horus. This card is layered depths of Gnosis (Knowledge) that can never be seen by first glance and requires in-depth study of the Tree of Life. The No-Thing, the Ain, required "Will to be" and/or Eheieh, "I will be",  to weave patterns of Light, so that it could measure itself. The Universe is the imagined identity of the Divine Creative wrought out of the love/lust of the Masculine-electric for the Feminine-magnetic or vise verse! To even get a glimmer of understanding of this is to revise your perspectives on fantasy. Every thought you think is a fantasy that the body makes into "reality" by sensitizing it, giving it measure which then can be enacted as a "life".  Hence,we are the Playwright, the Play, the Actor and the Stage of our Fantastic Life! As I said, reality is a weaving of layers upon layers of self-identity. All the Universe is in the Mind of One Conscious Energy Collective. All the Dreams of this Mind, are animated by the Union of Goddess (magnetic womb) and God (electric Phallus). That makes this card a "must meditate on Mandala". When the All Seeing I created the dream of the All Existing Am, love became the foundation of observation for the Creator.

The Ace of Disks is a glyph of Earth in the new Aeon of Horus, for if we fantasize our world, why not make a Great Fantasy of Union and Love, rather than the brutal Fantasy of divisionism and war? That is why Crowley calls the element of Earth cards, Disks instead of Pentacles, as most other decks do. A disk must spin to arrive at its target. Life is alive, spinning, rebounding, Layer upon layer of the Greater Self Awareness; a loving realization that builds the All of the “I AM”.

THE ACE OF DISKS: (pentacles)

The root Power of Earth.

The Tree of Life shows the Crown-Kether and the Kingdom- Malkuth as both ends of the Tree. As above, so below, is the Qabalist's axiom for Magi; one who is the manifestation of Kether on the Material Earth Plane; one whose “I’s” are all seeing. “As above, so below” implies Whole-ness of Spirit, Mind and body ( a wholeness commonly called "Holy Spirit") and is the destination of all who study the Qaballah. Earth is not perceived as a "lesser form" of Spirit but as an achievement of Total Spiritual Self Awareness! There is no logic to No-thing "becoming" some-thing, so that is may return to nothing. No-thing (Kether) obviously desired itself into being something---because it is the” I Will Be”; the first name we’ve all inherited and the Divine Creative I is all loving of the Am and the Am is all loving of the Me; I AM Me is the Whole trinity of Self-Awareness. For the infinite "I" had to think of "other", to form measurement, and therefore, self-reflection. Other is "Am", and the Understanding of the difference between I and Am, created Me.

We are masters of Time-Space, by inheritence and are achieving an active part of the Conscious Energy Self Awareness, by being able to focus that awareness down to the scale of human sensuality/measurement. Some call self Souls, but know not what that means. First off the word soul came from the Greek-Psyche, a part of mythology for understanding the workings of the Unconscious. But to be more modern, souls are Libraries of Personalities created by Spirit/ the One energy,  therefore, our name is indeed legion!

Successful creation in time-space is form which has an alpha and an omega--because form requires a beginning and an end and/or measurement. Without time-space, no form could be made; without transformation of forms, motion could not be kept! Change (transformation) is objective motion and subjective force and it is how we animate time-spacial concepts as "alive" being. There is an illusion in this; because we are Life we make alive what is less than ourselves in order to understand what it is to live as a fulfillment of the first will of "I will Be" to the manifested completion of "I AM Being"; we call that being of self-ME! 

The thinker of thought is always greater than the thought but without thought the Thinker is Unaware of Itself; Albeit "A Force" of awareness in the Formless Conscious of Energy, it is the concept of existence. But existence is not alive, therefore, it is not experience. Will-To-Be is our Soul!  A pyche that is alive and self-aware and what we create on Earth, in the name of the Divine Creative, a Self-Persona and/or "mask of Self"! Hence our inherited name is “I AM"! The ability to manifest a material being who can measure identity, as a completion of the Original Will to become, is a Spiritual Sacrement, i.e. a Me! The Union of Crown and Kingdom which because of accomplishment, shall never be divided again for it has become the trinity of “I AM ME”.

When the Ace of Disks is thrown, new material conditions for a new satisfying path in life shall ensue. The Ace of Disks is the "seed" of Matter brought on by the joyous union of the Sun-Phallus and The Womb of Earth and Moon. This card affirms the new Aeon;The manifestation of the Solar Being and the Material Being as One Being who is many! In other words, the Being whose name is Legion and is called Horus in the Thoth Qabalistic Tarot. I AM ME, is what Horus calls itself!

Matter, may be called the crystallizing consciousness which is a materialization of Ideas that began in the "Great Dark Thick Ocean of Binah (Understanding)", the feminine of the Divine Creative and because of Her Union with Chokma (wisdom), the masculine of the Divine Creative, Life has created "self-awareness" as animated energy forms and/or Knowledge.

If you look deeply into you mind, you can see that when an Idea (wisdom) is understood, it now has Image! The seeds of Image are as a seed of a tree----all the knowledge/wisdom of the Tree is in that seed which becomes something greater than itself as it grows from practice and experience into The Tree. We are such seeds. We are the seeds of I AM Me that has acknowledge itself as probabilities that have formed in the "Uncertainty Principle" of the Quantum. Hence, rather than a stasis form of Law we are "Free to identify ourselves". We are the Self-Rule Makers of the Universe---we make a rule-as a self-definition, manifesting it and then grow beyond it by expanding and liberating our identity from that previous definition. You could call us the Seeds of Conscious Evolution. We are always the "Exception". It's called FREEDOM OF CHOICE! So this card reminds us to choose and then fertilize and nurture that choice with Will-To-Be! However, one must understand that this freedom of choice has a shadow which is you must live as your choice!

The Ace of Disks reminds us that this is indeed a great inheritance! We can be and/or are whatever we define ourselves to be! To be "ill defined" is to think ill about any or all that you "see". To be "Well defined" is to know that everything you see is another way to be me (identity of the One Energy)! Again the greatest seeds of Life that you can plant come from, “Doing unto another what you would have done to you!" We must practice what we "think we are"---for that is the nature of a "Thought Form"---our crystallized conscious-energy bodies are tools of the Mind. Our personalities are the "seeding" of Spirit on this Earth. Outer growth depends on fertile and nurturing internal awareness of I AM!

Remember, you cannot erase thought by suppressing it for it is created out of a material called the "first matter"! So expand it instead and as a seed it can grow into a fruitful tree. For instance, let's say you wake up in the morning thinking, "Damn I feel lousy!" Don't try and suppress it by denying you thought it by overlaying a thought such as " Oh not really---I feel great" for that will only fail, and magnify that ill feeling. Instead think expansively and liberate that ill thought towards well thought! For example, you may think," Damn I feel lousy but in 5 minutes I'll feel better!" And in 5 minutes you will feel better and as a seed you will continually feel better by "watering" it every 5 minutes with "I feel even better in another 5 minutes", etc. We can do the same for any ill thought---Such as," Boy is she/he a bitch!" By just adding a positive. Such as," However, those who go after what they want always seem bitchy to those who don't." This just freed you from "disliking" yourself as you go after what you want in life! This card, The Ace of Disks---reminds us of the magic seeds we plant in our own Identities by definitions supplied to those images. We are of the One Energy around us, who measures itself as us. Much like the Ocean, built fish of itself, so it could experience "Self". 

Remember, if it exists---it’s supposed to! To see error doesn't mean to condemn it! After all, error is 50% of Wisdom; Wisdom being the ability to create, see error (in that creation) and correct it. The Body is where we correct the errant thought---because we can "Feel" thought and if it "hurts" it has error in it! Happiness is constant growing balance of receptivity and expression----depression is a stagnation of self-identity! You are good enough for Creation--you are good enough for you! To stop ill thought, think this to your body when it gets on the pity pot of self- defeating thought: “Get over yourself and get on with you, impeccability is what we do!”

For the Card Reader, the Ace of Disks means:

• The seeds of Material gain are sown, labor, power, wealth and all things of earthly material are in the works for the Querent.

• Materiality in all sense of the word; be that good or evil. So in a sense, it is illusion.

• Our Fantasy, our Dreams, shape the reality of our world.

There is the process of Neti-Neti (Hindu for "Not This-Not That") that come with this card and is the motivating power of consumerism. This is a process where the querent is gathering stuff to make them happy and finding out that "He who dies with the most stuff" is not happy. Happiness is a state of gratitude not a state of more. Seeking validation through possessions, is a turmoil of not this-not that. " know thyself" is to know that the Divine Creative’s Validation made you manifest. To the Divine Self, creation is a validation of I Am Me. “I am, therefore I am valid", is a knowing of happiness.

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