Professional Psychcic & Tarot Card Divination.

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Hand drawn Aura and Chakra readings.


The Human Aura, isn't human at all, but rather your inheritance from the Qalaxy. It consists of 8 light bodies, of which the human body is the most "crystalized". There are considered to be 7 major chakras, and 101 minor ones. What I give in a personal, live, reading (cannot be done on video camera) is a hand colored, layout of the auric field and 10 chakras, for I also consider the hand chakra's and foot chakra. This will take about and hour. So give yourself time. This highly intuitional and literal sight reading, can be done at my place of yours. Just email  me, for more information on reading, and schedule. I will do this reading in the greater Seattle, Tacoma area. If farther out, or even out of state, one must come to my place. Email for address etc.

To reserve your reading just click on the PayPal button or cart button. This will tell me of your intention and I will then get back to you ASAP, via Email.

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