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Master Qabalist-Medium-Tarot card classes

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Thoth Tarot Card Reading.

All Tarot Card readings, will be done with the Qabalistic Thoth Tarot Deck. I am a meta-physician and Qabalist. My 47yrs of study, have given me a clarity of insight, denied most of us. We are all Spirit-Mind-Body trinities, who have become indoctrinated and trained by our societies to forget who we really are. We are Spirit, and therefore, mostly invisible to ourselves. Tarot, especially the Thoth Tarot, helps us communicate with the Spiritual Invisibility  of Self, to better understand, know and believe in ourselves, as Spirit obviously does.
Thoth Tarot, gives us insight into our wants, needs, relationships, careers, and personalities. Tarot is the language of the Universal Collective Unconscious, that speaks in images, often called dreams, and in fact, tarot can be used to interpret these dreams.
Hence, tarot is not only entertaining, but it is also inspiring and enlightening. Learning to read tarot, is often a recommended part of metaphysical studies, as it communicates with the Spiritual aspect of our trinity of Spirit, Mind and Body.