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From My blog comments at the Old Web site.

[email protected] Message I’ve been feeling the urge to contact you simply to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your website. I’ve never seen any other website with so much in-depth information and analysis quite like yours. Reading through your tarot articles is helping me to remember my true “authentic” self. I thank you for your work. Please keep being you. on 08/09/2017 22:29
It is superb content I thought and even I was searching similar this subject articles for knowing about it. And I truly enjoyed to read plus collected a tremendous information about it.

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Luiza on 25/08/2017 13:43
Very interesting, I had a few aha moments and the part about Jesus was also interesting for me, I never thought of him quite like that.

A. Traveller on 12/16/2016 4:26 AM
Dear Eli, I just wanted to comment to say that I love your site; I've come to rely upon your wisdom for most of my Tarot ruminations, and while I've hardly explored a fraction of what this site has to offer, I am really grateful that you still post almost every day. Many thanks for your continued efforts, and all my best wishes to you, /A

Astrid on 4/17/2017 12:15 PM
I absolutely love your post comparing these two decks. You have really helped me to gain a better understanding for these cards and because it is Tarot, I have been able to apply what I have retained from your post to other areas in my life-- Spiritual or otherwise. I hope that you have more of these post in the future. They really do rock my Tarot world!

Simon on 4/9/2017 1:12 AM
Hi there, the sacred geometry referenced in the night sun are Solomonic Seals, I've found some of them for other cards but can't identify these.. surely they would be seals of Venus yes? For example the seal behind the emperor is the lesser key of solomon "Compass of demons" implying the emperor is Solomon the master of matter and spirit. Who fly's on an eagle to gain wisdom from two fallen angels... Could the night sun be referencing the Empress card as an important female figure in Solomons life? Thanks for your time, your blog is an amazing source of wisdom! Simon

Simon on 4/13/2017 3:24 PM
Thanks Eli, Yet another layer to the depth of these cards! I like the idea of our will over matter also having to be respectful of the laws of nature. Keeping the balance. Nature always keeps a few surprises up her sleeve, a beautiful, chaotic, complicated creature. I have only recently discovered the Night sun Tarot, so far your blog is the best source of interesting information! Again thank you for your time I look forward to reading the rest of your posts on the Night sun/Thoth comparisons! Simon

Bee on 6/6/2016 10:17 AM
As always, wonderful deep and complex explanation of the card. One question-you mentioned that the ace of cups corresponds to the east. I would think that because it is water it would correspond to the west. Dbr

Katariina on 4/28/2016 3:38 AM
There is amazing wisdom in these cards. Thank you for helping us to see how beautifully intelligent our reality really is. I got stuck with the statement “correcting error means creating another creation with error”. It sounds a bit like there was always a trap waiting for us no matter what we do. I assume it does not mean that. It brings following to my mind: As if our awareness was like a circle divided in pain and pleasure, but it is actually mostly fear (pleasure masks fear behind unconscious desire making us dependent and conditioned). We endlessly follow the pendulum drawing or swinging in the circle (like an error) until the balance is found in the middle (correction is made). In the middle there is acceptance and understanding, Self-awareness, wisdom translated into matter, space in the mind together with action, Divine impulse and thought, creating without unconscious fear, the Lovers are united. We can correct the error and cease to swing between the far ends of the scale. The center is like a gateway into a new circle made of understanding and love more than fear, unity instead of separation. We would still be in matter (as reflections or error?) but with more awareness, evolving in the spiral of creation. If fear of life kills us, then most of us commit unconscious suicide (error). Healing the unconscious is sometimes like vertically dipping to the bottom of the ocean to say hello to the sea monsters. I wonder if we could more consciously deal with these “monsters" mentally in the dream world while being lucid, instead of materializing them unconsciously? The male female relationship presents itself so often in these cards that it must be like a gateway to understanding and a prerequisite for the force to flow into manifestation. Recognize the Lovers, listen to the female but don’t blame the male.

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ray on 6/13/2016 8:26 AM
Most Excellent edition. I can hardly wait to see the way she unfolds in my life's journey. Thank you for your blogs. My hat is off

JJ on 2/21/2017 1:17 PM
Thank you so much for your time and effort writing all these posts, Eli. I truly appreciate being here!

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joergthemerlin on 10/17/2015 3:15 AM
i like the blog

Alexander Rolinitis on 10/24/2015 11:33 AM
Eli I was directed to your blog about 2 years ago to truly appreciate someone with perfect intuition on spiritual things. You have absolutely helped illuminate my perspective of my own Tarot drawing, The Sun, Dominion, Ruin, Cruelty, and Princess of Disks. Seeing the 10 of swords and 9 of swords together shocked my hopeful spirit but only materialized what exactly has been storming within. This in depth dialogue presented from your spiritual analysis of Cruelty and how my $20,000 student debt, family feuds over money, my persistent struggled at 23 to find my direction after dropping out of college to travel only to realize I need some material occupation which fulfills my spirit and takes care of living necessities. My struggling mind has become over-burden with so may things lately building up with continuous failure Stock Trading and my efforts to blog my experience rekindle my hopes to become successful at. However, this blessing to read your words here connected me back to my timeless being "I AM", the affirmation "" I AM the Soul who is the Life and Death of this body and I Am the Creator of Free-doom [Anglo Saxon word from which freedom was derived and means" I choose my own death"] , I Am the Alpha and the Omega of my own Life Form"; is stating the original god Given authority you have over the body.. " resonated deeply and unveiled the self-torture I have been committing to myself. Perhaps I must reevaluate my decisions to have incredible wealth & success and instead aim to be wholly loving in my actions and if this is meant to be God will give it. I accept my power to create and the peace in which I know I AM. Thank you sincerely for your kind words and all gods love for all our children. Alexander