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The purpose of this treatise and of Qabalah is to expand and liberate all dimensions of your divine self from the ignorant chains of ruler made definitions that confine your personal identity and reality to indoctrination.   Contrary to peer observations, you are not made by what you do as a job, how big your salary is or what religion you choose to believe, or confined to a social grouping but rather by how you define yourself as a life-action. Therefore, you are not a seed planted by your “betters”; rather, you are a complete Multi-Energy-Conscious Tree of Life; a living image of the Divine Creative; a Whole Spirit.  The Qaballah and the image language of Tarot, define you as the “Divine Child of the Divine Creative”. The Word Qabalah, is an Aramaic Word meaning, "receiving" and that is just what Qabalistic Tarot and Qabalistic philosophy does. I gets you back your Divine Inheritance.

In the philosophic and meta- science of the Qabalah, you begin conscious as a Psyche or Soul-form as Daath which means Knowledge.  This is the invisible Sephiroth on the Tree, who began in the Abyss that is the Path of the High Priestess. As that Divinity you are a microcosmic (Microprosopus) copy of the macrocosmic (Macroprosopus) Divine Creative.  You are a Spiral Universe (Spirit) within a Universe of Multiple Dimensions. Your power to be is as immense as all potential and are not subject to a judgment of any spirit, angel or any human. You are peerless as only you can be your purpose, which is being you!

 Sometimes it is hard to separate Belief, Faith and Knowledge, from each other as they tend to bleed together under the watery assault of indoctrinated emotions. So let me clarify: as theology teaches, belief is based on "not having to think it through" and faith is "I have no thoughtful explanation at all". When both are used as religious conviction, they are really just making the process of not thinking and passive acceptance a moral obligation. It should be noted, without special perspicacity, that a passive congregation only serves the theologian and/or ruler whose only authority is gained by reading a book and making a dissertation on how that book backs up their ambition, that includes having a “vision for the World”. This vision becomes “sacred” and more important than any individual’s life, so often this “sacred vision” requires the bloody sacrifices of many to eliminate the “non-believers” whose pile of bodies makes a “stairway to heaven”.

As explained by the Qabalah, Spirit is an active Fiery Force that enlivens and invigorates the passive forms of geometry into living fractals of psychosomatic motion. Form passivity, is a balance of electric-energy held in a magnetic containment field and therefore, passivity is not viewed as a moral to offset aggression.  Contrary to common knowledge, Spirit is a “blissful fire” and not a state of pink euphoria, where all disturbing things are ignored as “god’s will”. The Qabalistic knowledge is that if it exists it is supposed to. Hence, Spirit is an often a volcanic and fecund state of motion and change. It pays to be aware that Spirit is a Predator of Willful Being that is even more powerful than time itself! Spirit thirsts for Self-knowledge and builds and destroys to further this self-awareness; a constant self-awareness transformative that parapsychologists call the Universal Collective Unconscious, a phrase coined by Carl Jung.

Qabalah, is  a Gnosis, which is a Greek word, -meaning Knowledge. Knowledge, unlike faith or belief, requires work, experience, effort and often diligence and above all, the cooperation of "Force and Form”. Unlike many religions, Qabalah doesn't require moral outrage, or a passive acceptance to enforce its doctrine. Throughout history, you’ll never find anyone who practices Tarot or divination, burning bodies at the stake for heresy, greed or any other excuse. Rather, the doctrine of Qabalah, is "Above all things, know thyself". This requires the banishment of delusional thought and/or definition from our Pysche's personality construct, which is often de-constructed for us by ruler enforcement of definition rather than by the Psyche of the individual. In other words, in our modern societies, the rulers insist that we must be made to accept the Definitions of "others" (our "place in society") rather than accept the definition of the Spirit (Spiral energy) that created us "as its own” placement of image and knowledge.


Spirit is a Spiral Entity of multidimensional intelligent energy frequency which is not a product of accepted faith or belief. Rather, the spirit that is known to the student of Qabalah, is a meta-physician of bright and warm consciousness and master of both the Macrocosm and Microcosm. Therefore, the Student of Qaballah, must not only study ten (dimensions) Spheres of Energy Consciousness called Sephiroth, but also the paths of memory, that lead to them. These paths use the Hebrew letters, (Thoth Tarot cards all bear Hebrew letters) because they are a numerical system of "frequency" base on the fact that all things come from the Logos (Word of God), which is called the First Vibration of Energy in the Universe and/or the “first shout” of I Will Be. Frequency is vibration, and can be shown in another numerical system, known as the Fibonacci numbers. Before Fibonacci, there was the Hebrew system. Therefore, the student comes to know That Spirit is “what I am” rather than “what I seek”.

Many people confuse the word "Hebrew" with the Jewish religion but contrary to propaganda, Hebrew, is a race of people, and Jewish, is a religious cult like all the other organized religions.  The word Jew describes a practitioner of the Jewish religion, even though some practitioners of Jewish religion study the Qabalah and Christianity. We also have Christians studying it, and they are not called Jews or Jewish.

All silliness aside, there seems to me to be a "hidden bigotry" in calling a Race of People a religion.

Qabalah, was the ancient science of the” living” stars, studied by the Persian Magi, often called wise men, seers or Elders. It is a "Metaphysics" because it attempts to explain the intelligence of the One Energy, and the Dark invisible majority of the Universe, such as the science and theories of Quantum physics of today that tries to explain or objectify the 99.6% invisible electromagnetic spectrum of the universe. It is a common practice among the scientific elite to scoff at the ancient notion that stars are “gods” and/or intelligent, yet it is acknowledging by many that quantum particles, atoms and molecules act as if intelligent.  So to avoid a long argument, I will venture to state that the One Energy, that cannot be created nor destroyed, but only transformed…and transmitted, is directed by the One Mind: The Universal Collective Unconscious and that all of our Souls where developed in the Quantum side of the Universe, and entered this “side of the Universe” through the womb way of the invisible Sephiroth- Daath. which means Knowledge.

As does a scientist, the Qabalist must experiment and prove to themselves if what they are studying is a sound principle or just so much intellectual fluff used to impress the ignorant.  Granted, Aleister Crowley the author of the Thoth Tarot (along with the artistic talent of Lady Freda Harris) often filled the pages of his work with intellectual fluff because he obviously flourished a very large ego. Nevertheless, ego or no, he also did a lot of diligent research and experimentation to prove or disprove his theories. He was a vigilant and courageous practicing and risk taking Magus, not a person who just believed in Magic or had faith in the Qabalah. He also ignored the negative and positive opinions of others, because he didn’t believe in “peer pressure”.

The Theory of  Western Hermetic Qabalah, albeit a rather simplistic example, is somewhat like this; the Spirit (spiral energy) had to "condense" (lower vibration rhythm) itself to become form and since the Force of Spirit had to be "slowed down" to make form a lot of data from the “downsizing” was left behind in the more energetic consciousness of "Higher Vibration dimensions" which are shown as numbered spheres on the Tree of Life. You as a modern know that electricity is the force, that “carries” the binary 1-0 form of data in the computer; placing "The Know in the Flow" of electrons.  Once spirit/spiral energy has become atoms and then flesh, it is far "slower" than its original state of Quantum Particle- Energy conscious, so it must sustain a flowing cyclic contact between the slower crystallized-light-visible-spiritual-self and the Dark Light Spiritual Conscious.  Since it took a process of over 13.8 billion years to get Spirit to this state of energy we call earth "organic matter" and ten dimensions of Self-Awareness/conscious states of energy that have been produced as "Force and Forms" of the "One who is many",and/or The Universal Collective Unconscious, and then having successfully arrived here on dear old Mother Earth as a Soul, we can determine with little effort, that being physical is just what the Divine Creative desires. Therefore, the Qabalistic Tree of Life has been designed by many intelligent individual minds as a way to stay in contact with the less “condensed” intelligence of the Divine Collective whose goal, is being YOU!

Granted, this is a very prosaic way to describe this philosophy of Qabalah, but it does explain the fact that we have inherited the knowledge that went into building the many levels of conscious energy called the Greater Self.  We need to remember that we are the Universal Energy Mind who has developed "Self-Awareness" and have "forgotten" most of it so we could condense into visible light.  Now, we have to reverse the process, while still keeping the body, so we can "Above all things, know thyself" and establish on earth a new form of Sensual Spirit Being! To those who insist on biblical knowledge, let me just quote a statement from (Jones, 1966,67,68)Genesis 1:27: “God created man in the image of himself, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them”.  This is a very simple statement, that explains you as either male or female “image of God”. Hence the Divine, is not only One but Twins. Hence, the Divine Creative decided, by the process of “Above all things know thyself”, identified you, male and female into life and gave you an androgynous brain that is an “artificial Intelligence” so that you can become both Transmitter and the Transmitted into which to run a bio-electromagnetic form of Self! Therefore, you are already judged into being and since no other judgment is above the Divine Creative’s, being you is the best you, you can or should be.   

That is why I study and work so hard at the Qabalah. So far, it has worked and rewards the diligent student! I am Spirit on all planes and being "Spiritual" to me, is being more Self-Aware, and removing the insanity of denial, superiority, and man-created definitions of myself value, from my brain: Bad data equals bad computer (brain) operation! I Am Spirit who makes its own image! Like the Ocean makes a fish, entirely of Sea Water and Sunshine, so it can "See itself”, such do I, Spirit, of Star light and mind make me. The Old name of the Divine Creative is “I AM”. The new evolved name is now “I AM ME”! The Qabalah declares that as Spirits we are to ascend mankind right here on little old Earth, not leave it behind by fleeing in myopic fear of fleshy sensuality! To return to the No-Thing, when it built you to “be It’s Something”, is just plain ignorance!

The Qabalistic Tree of Life and the Tarot are an attempt to explain the immensity of the entire Universe and your immense potential with one Life symbol (Tree) and 78 “flash cards” of symbol language. Arguably, the implications of this attempt are so vast that it may defy description.  This is even a more difficult task when defining the “Condensed Divinity” that is you. However, undaunted, I shall try to do so in ways both informative and prosaic while producing a daily blog. Just click on blog page for more information.


To begin, in Qabalistic Metaphysical explanation of the Universe there are 10 numbers in the decimal system, having intelligent reasons that are both mathematical and philosophical. In the pictorial system that is the Qaballah and Tarot, one must begin with the concept of zero which is not the absence of anything, but rather it is any quantity that one chooses. It is the No-Thing, but not nothing in the terms of “absence of anything.” The most meager understanding of the No-Thing requires one to understand its ternary nature. After much thought the great meta-mathematical minds that designed the Qabalah have decided that these three states of No-Thing begin as:

  1. Ain”, the first state of No-Thing; the Essence of No-Thing or essence of Space but not space itself.
  2. The Second state of No-Thing is what those scholars called “Ain-Soph”, meaning, Without Limit. To us moderns that would be the concept of unlimited Space.
  3. The third state of No-Thing having as yet a mere absence of any definition, still causes some mental gymnastics of the most sublime, so these Qabalistic scholars decide that the Third stage of the No-Thing should be called “Ain Soph Aur”, meaning, Limitless Light.

These Three states of Ain, to us moderns would be the complete description of the space-time continuum, but without even the image of light, as limitlessness means no position and/or no measurement, so there is nothing to see. I would venture to say that we have described “Dark Energy” and “Dark Matter”, and The existence of dark energy and dark matter, both invisible to the “I” (often called all-seeing-eye).  It is not a wonder that the ancient minds who created the Qabalah knew this. After all infinite means limitless space, thus dark matter and immortality basically means limitless time, or dark energy.

To carry on, in such abstraction as No-Thing, there are no real positive ideas as there is no position. So to come up with a “point in time” (called an entity in physics) the ancient Qabalists created the concept of Position and the definition of Kether, The Point and the first Sephiroth (number) on the Tree of Life that is labeled the Crown. [In engineering science a point is described as “the place where two lines cross”. The annihilation of these two lines is at the nexus, where two become one; a point.]  Such a point happens to an idea in the abstract Nothingness of the space-time continuum. A point is a given position in the idea of Boundless Limitless Light. Hence, idea, a word created from the Greek,  ἰδέα, a Goddess, now becomes a place with neither parts nor magnitude, only position. It is the number 1, the first “I”, without it being anything at all, for there is nothing to compare it to. We’ll need something else; another Point.

Therefore, the number 2, the “AM” is created and thus creating The Line which is existence but of what? You see, a line without a measurement of length, holds no meaning.  We have created “two things”, “I” and “other” but the limit of knowledge can only say they are a distance from each other, without an idea of near or far. So for the purpose of description, a third thing must be invented; the understanding of the difference between I and Am.

So invented is the Surface, a Triangle. This third point on the Tree of Life Universal diagram is called Understanding, i.e. The Great Mother Binah. We now have the whole plane of geometry and can now say that point “A is closer to B than it is to C” of course this suggests the concept of the Holy Trinity that many theologians expound upon in their specific creation myths. This is also the construct of the First Triangle of Ternary Conscious Energy, called the Supernal Triangle or the Supernatural by the more prosaic. It is also the “Mirror” upon which all manifestation reflects. One could say that the No-Thing invented a mirror, a surface, so it could “see itself”, i.e., measure itself. This concept reinforces the idea that the Universe is a manifestation of consecutive and evolutionary Self –Images project onto reflected light allowing the Divine Creative to reflect upon itself by measured experience, just as we reflect on our own conscious experiences. Thus there is only one, who transforms into many self-reflections.

Now in case I have lost you in abstractions, just remember the first law of Thermodynamics which states: “There is only one energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed or transmitted…” and that State of One Energy is the Supernal Triangle, the upper Three on the Tree of Life. Yet we only have the Theory of Plane Geometry as there is yet no substance. We have distance, and angular measurement but no depth. There is no apparent existing thing as yet created. The imaginary plane is all that we see. We must imagine the Abyss beyond the plane, as it is suspended in No-Thing. We have yet to imagine the Actual or even an approach to the Actual or the Real. We must have material, so a fourth point is essential to the reality of Matter.

So far we have, the point, the line and the plane. The Fourth point that is not lying within the plane, gives us the idea of Solid and of depth. Geometry has taught us that if one wishes to know the position of any point, that position is defined by the use of three coordinated axis.  For example, it is so many feet from the North wall, so many feet from the West wall and so many feet from the floor. We can now postulate an existing something out of nothingness which we have called Dark Matter. However, there is a certain lack of flexibility here for the only possible property of any given point, is its position in relationship to certain other points. Therefore, there is no change here, transformations cannot happen. Thus, in the analysis of the Known Reality, we must postulate a fifth positive idea which we will call Motion.

Motion also implies the mundane idea of Time for only through motion and its beginning and end, can any event happen and/or be measured. Now we have the change and sequence necessary to make something sensible and/or the object of sense. It is notable that in Qabalah, the number 5 is the number of the Hebrew Letter Heh, meaning sight or window. Tradition has applied this number to the Great Mother who is the Womb in which the Yod (The Great Father), the pictorial representation of the Point, moves and begins active existence.

By viewing the Hebrew alphabet illustrations, or letter we can see the assigned value. You can check out the Hebrew Alphabet above or in the blogs.


Because of the fifth positive idea, we are now able to solidify the idea of the Point that can be described as self-conscious, as it has a Past, Present and Future. Being able to define itself in terms of previous ideas/measurements, develops the number 6, the center of the Qabalistic Tree known as Tiphareth that is the Psyche that produces self-conscious, and therefore, capable of experience. From there on, Number 7-Netzach becomes the Essence of Being itself called Victory and 8-Hod, the Intellect, called Splendor and 9-Yesod, the Ecstasy of Being called the Foundation. Which leads us to the last positive idea of Kingdom the number 10 and the manifestation of all physical-sensual being which completely established the Sense of Self or the Spiritual “I AM ME”.  The whole Tree of Life is now presented as one Divine Creative multidimensional conscious energy who transforms itself into sensual being for the willful joy of it!  Now I know I made this explanation short and simple, but if you think hard upon it, you’ll get the idea.The First Movement-Kether, is the first Sephiroth and the First Will. In fact it is called Eheieh, in Hebrew, meaning: "I Will Be". As we look upon the Tree of Life, we see that this will to be, is being systematically built upon, as a Collective and/or Self Fractal, until we reach the 10th Sephiroth of completion, which is "I AM Being". Hence, each of us are a fulfillment of that first Will.

Pressing on, the 78 cards of tarot were adopted by western Qabalists and developed over many years as a further attempt to explain the Sephirotic Tree of Life and the Paths of conscious energy that developed and performs as this Universe, both in Macrocosmic and Microcosmic multidimensional scale. Both the 78 Tarot cards and this simple diagram that is composed of Ten Spheres called Sephiroth (Hebrew for-number) number from 1 to ten represent the 40 minor or small cards of the Tarot. Then there are twenty-two connecting lines called Paths which represent the Major or Trump cards of Tarot. By adding the Sephiroth and Paths together, we get the collective: Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom. (See the text thirty-two paths of Wisdom by Paul Foster Case)  In the Thoth Deck the remaining 16 Tarot Court cards, 4 Kings, 4 Queens, 4 Princes and 4 Princesses represent the 16 types of personality as described by modern psychology.

In the Thoth Deck the Kings are named Knights, as Crowley wished to exemplify the fact that these Kings were all dynamic action, such as battle kings, rather than sitting on a sedate throne in a state of repose. Some tarot decks also use the more medieval examples of Pages rather than Princesses, as some think this a more androgynous personality. However, the Crowley Thoth deck, represents the Magic (k) of the Arcane, where the Princess is a daughter of the King and Queen and marries the Prince and thus finishing the equation of Tetragrammaton; the equation of the Four Worlds that I shall explain in latter blogs of the Cards. I find it both redundant, and futile for me to attempt to try and explain the arcane magick of Tetragrammaton or the Qabalah, as Aleister Crowley in his excellent book of Thoth, and 777 and Robert Wang, in his unsurpassed text book, The Qabalistic Tarot do so extremely well. You’ll find these books and others on

As stated, the Qabalistic Tree of Life and the Tarot are inseparable, as the Ten Sephira represent ten unique states of conscious energy all of which reside in the Universal Collective Unconscious (Divine Creative Collective), so well named and touted by Carl Jung who was both a psychologist and parapsychologist in the late 19th and early 20th century. The simple pattern of the Tree of Life, attempts to show the “blue print” of the Divine Creative Collective, while the 78 Tarot cards represent the language of the Divine Creative Collective of which we are part. The Universal Collective Unconscious uses a language of images, patterns of stored experience, that we often receive in dream states, but rarely understand when consciously awake.  It behooves us to remember that ideas are not thought. Sure we can think of ideas, but that is really just defining an image. Ideas are images. Thoughts are just definitions of ideas, and thus subject to individual interpretation, making them untrustworthy as a true design. Images come from the Imagination of the Divine Creatrix, which is the Feminine aspect of the Universal Collective Unconsciousness. Thus Tarot card reading is called Divination, as both the education and intuition of the Tarot Reader, supplies the definition that the Divine Collective Librarian (The Hierophant key 5) uses to communicate with consciousness.

Here is something interesting you should consider. You, dear person, may take note that you are an image. In fact, many theologians and philosophers claim you are an image of “God”. Therefore, you are a created idea and not a thought. You are known into existence, and not a definition of existence seeking a life. You, as an image of the Divine Creative, are more important than any definition given you by man-made thoughts. Thus I dare postulate that you are already approved of by the Divine Creative and need not seek any approval on earth. Of course this is not much of a daring statement, since The Qabalah noted this very thought thousands of years ago as “if it exists, it is supposed to” which is merely stating the belief that God creates what God wants, it would be absurd to think otherwise. Not only did the Divine Creative give us Life and Divinity, each of us is our very own Qabalah and subjected only to self-judgment that is supplied by individual self-definition, i.e. freedom of choice-means free to choose your own life and death.

To carry on, truly great tarot divination only happens, when the diviner is both acquainted with and experienced in initiation of the paths of the Tree of Life, realizing by personal effort, the many levels of conscious energy without and within that we all are composed of. This develops within the brain, the “Hi-Me Principle” (my words) where everything and everyone I see is just another way to be me.  A true Clairvoyant must not judge anyone or anything as good or bad, since that judgment immediately closes the mind. Therefore, since the brain must judge or be a constant noise of indecision, just by thinking “Hi Me”, the brain is satisfied and the reader is open to the flow of intuition that is so necessary to accurate Tarot reading. Needless to say, to achieve this flow, the initiations are difficult and demand determination, vigilance and plain "jack-ass" stubbornness. These “magick abilities” happen to all of us whether we know of the Tree of Life or not but by knowing ourselves. Therefore, we step out of the “group Karma” of the culture and speed onward into our own individual evolution. Here, we must correct our own mistakes and not those of everyone else.

It is a simple fact that ignorance will not save anyone from tragedy.  Life’s paths are the same for everyone, at different times, and moments in each individual’s “life motion” but by taking charge of our life motion we become “more Magick and less Tragic”. Whether we bungle through the paths or walk knowingly, unconsciously or consciously, is up to the determination and awareness of the individual. What the diagram of Life’s paths and the Hebrew letters do for us is help us recognize what has happened and why, rather than wander about wondering why “shit happens” to us. We are errant in thinking that “bad things happen only to bad people”, for in truth “shit falls on all of us.” However, this also means that Great things happen to all of us as well. Those who are aware and see the flying bird first, are the ones who can duck away from the falling detriment.  The Tree of Life and the Tarot, help the frustrated consciousness to organize and catalog the seeming chaos of happenstance, and evolutionary development thus making life less distracting and easier to “above all things, know thyself” (axiom of Qabalah). This knowing makes the going of life much less rocky, and strewn with far less broken cups of emotional futility and strife, as we learn to discriminate and/or discern self-measurement.

 Discrimination and/or discernment, teaches us to not believe everything we think. Without discrimination or discernment and communication between our many states of conscious (of which the physical is one) our mind would think one thing, and the body would do another. I think this is called, “denial” and seems to be the happenstance of the mundane multitudes of cultural indoctrination. But this is not a “bad thing”, therefore blameless, for we have left behind a lot of data as we downsized immortality to mortality and by “inner Walking” the Paths of the Tree of Life we can reclaim our inheritance and become less lost and more found.

For in truth, we have “come down” the Tree of Life, from insubstantial quantum states of mind and energy, to more substantial states of atomic form and force. This is called the “fall” in many religion and has been interpreted as if some type of lessened status gained by “down-sizing” self-became our punishment for leaving the insubstantial. It is an errant thought, even though many theologians would have us believe, that we somehow lost our balance and toppled out of paradise and are disgusting sinners. The error here is thinking that paradise is some senseless state of “joy”.  This is absurd for without a sensual-objective-physical-body Joy cannot be recognized nor it’s opposite, sorrow. Therefore, the physical body helps the Mind discriminate by feeling thought as emotion (and more) when thought arrives! Now thought is no-longer fantasy, but measurement and therefore, information!

Truth be told, the No-Thing, obviously wishes to be Some-Thing, as an established Universe of Some-Things so clearly proves. Simply stated, “God does not create what God doesn’t want.” From non-sensual to extreme sensuality is the Divine Creative’s progressive self- image, the most condensed of these living self- images being the human form. We, as forms are the latest and greatest of discriminating, sensual, consciousness, i.e. “downsized self”. We as Spirit (Spiral Energy or Force) are the Divine Creative’s Immortal Fiery Desire “To BE”. That fiery desire and/or “First Shout” of “I Will Be”, can be compared to the explosion of photons and neutrons that in “clouds of Union” produced Stars, and stars produce protons and then atoms that became aware (Yods in Hebrew) and developed biology. These bio-protons are called “living light” and of that our bodies are made. We are now to combine all the states of conscious energy into one harmonic flow through the Human Sensuality Self Device, thus bringing in all the knowledge left behind in downsizing for the purpose of becoming more sensual and thus more discriminating in our multidimensional thought. That is to say, to weed out the definitions that do not expand and liberate self from the nonliving past limited concepts.

The Human Being is to be the “rainbow bridge” between the “Above and the below” levels of Conscious Energy ideology. We are Life, viewing itself as individual things, through a point of discriminating intelligence. Like using a microscope to see the minutest detail possible, such as viewing the skin under a microscope and seeing individual cells, in order to heal the whole. The Homo Sapient body is such a device; it is a microcosmic way to view the Macrocosm. The Macrocosm can’t see itself, as it is all that is. Only a microcosm, constructed completely in miniature within the Macrocosm can be seen as the details of Self while sustaining the same Cosmic Intelligence in a progressive linking (like different radio frequencies) of less substantial Conscious states of force and form to more objective conscious states! Thus we have the design of those conscious states of force and form and the linking of those states as the pattern of the Tree of Life; the whole of Spirit, or the Great Transmitter of Spiral conscious energy waves (woven together, make the sine waves or rays of light). We also have the language called Tarot that is used to dial into or unlock the various energy wave “gated stations” in the Great Transmitter producing a positive flow through the human intelligence.  

However, in historical texts there is some debate on how the Divine Creative created the human on earth none of which negate the Tree of Life, but do define it in various terms. One such definition is Genetic Modification from the Heavens. 

Genesis 6 1:4

“When men have become plentiful on the earth, and daughters have been born to them, “the sons of God”, looking at the daughters of men, saw they were pleasing, so they married as many as they chose…”

The quote goes on to call the children of this holy communion, Nephillim (angels or god-men) This partial quote is from the Jerusalem Bible, published by Doubleday & company Inc. and edited by Alexander Jones, [ L.S.S, S.T.L., I.C.B.] and the same quote from the King James edition, calls these Sons of God, Angels which in Sumerian is Annunaki meaning, “those who from the sky came”.

To me and my studies of the ancient Sumerian Tables courtesy of Dr. Zachariah Sitchan, his laborious translations and his archeological work, it seems the Ancients must have had at least a conversation, if not arrived from the vast ocean of Space with the Annunaki, Noah and his generation ship. This ship seemed to have arrived full of Annunaki (Sumerian for, “Those who from the sky came”), their frozen domestic animals as zygotes and DNA of their race.  They decided to share their genetics (DNA-Tree of Life) with mankind or even invented mankind from genetic modification of mammalian species know as Homo Eretus. You’ll have to do some fun research on this as I will go no further with an explanation of the biblical “angels that fell to earth and married the woman of men” and Tera-formed the earth to kill off the “lizard race” that prevailed here; for there is much debate and many books on this subject.

Let’s just say that in some early time, the Gravity of Earth was enlarged (by parking a Moon into an unnatural orbit?) making the world too “heavy” for big “Dinosaurs”.

[Any engineer can do the math and show that no such animal could walk the Earth in today’s gravity.  We know that when size doubles, mass cubes. Thus more of the muscle mass is exponentially devoted to support itself, and less to operate the animal. When you get Sauropod size, the mass is too great in today’s gravity, to support itself, let alone operate the beast. That is why whales, who were once land animals, retired to the sea to exist; they need buoyancy to counteract the gravity of their mass or they die on the beach. The conclusion being that gravity somehow changed.] Just something to ponder on your “off days”.


The purpose of this book to stimulate curiosity and to make it easier to see the correlation between Tarot and The Hermetic Qabalah. Even though both Hermetic and Orthodox Qabalah uses Hebrew letters, the Hermetic Qabalah I am writing about, is a distinct metaphysical system based on, but progressed beyond, the Hebrew texts; a kind of para-orthodox Qabalah. It is my humble opinion that the Hebrew scholars have not kept up with the modern occult developments of Quantum physics, and psychology.  Having relegated the Ancient Wisdom (which is now being proven scientifically by modern physics and Psychology) to mere romantic and misunderstood pastiche of Hebrew lore. The Tarot-Qabalah metaphysical system I am presenting, is part of the Gnosis (Mysteries) which is Greek for knowledge that has been the progressive experimentation and description of The Greater Self over a period of thousands of years by many of our greatest minds. Dr. Paul Foster Case being one of many.

I recommend Dr. Paul Foster Case, I'll even show his The Builders of the Adytum cards in my blogs and giving him only brief mention in the blogs. However, getting his material, both books and text, will help you go far in your understanding of the Tarot, the Tree of Life and thus yourself.


I’ve decided to show and explain the Thoth Tarot deck as it is the most multidimensional of the Tarot cards. The Thoth Deck represents the 20th century Avaunt gaurde art form that was popular in New York and Paris in the nineteen twenties. To Lady Freda Harris, Aleister Crowley and myself, new is better than old crusty medieval interpretations of the cards, as they do not keep up with the evolutionary growth of science and often reinforce superstition rather than transformation. I also have to agree with his occult understanding of self as magic (not common magic); magic being an action of the invisible side of conscious energy; a para- science of psychic gateways, rather than just “smoke and mirrors”.  A. Crowley also believed that the Mysteries belong to us all and not to be held behind some locked door of a Secret lodge. He realized that we are the embodiment of the Mystery that is the Divine Creative. Therefore, his and Lady Freda Harris’s cards are more exoteric than old style esoteric.

The Thoth Tarot also speaks in a more modern freedom of mind and an intensely sensual voice of powerful “I AM ME”! This is important as a personal memory development of Spirit and its condensation into body. The art suggests Lady Freda Harris realized Crowley’s teachings and that energy in motion is what we are.  Therefore, having those emotions under the control of environment, ruler indoctrination and peers is a dysfunctional software that divides the Soul from the body. Thus to me, there are some very inhibition powered emotional blocks that  we’ve inherited from our culture that the Thoth Tarot  helps us dispel.  Such as sex not being of god and nudity as something to be ashamed of. It is well known that dispelling emotional blocks (dysfunctional self-definition) helps go far on our journey of “Above all things, know thyself” which is another one of the axioms of Qabalah. To a Qabalist, the body is sacred and The Divine Creative is Sex as the Divine Twins copulate to make all things!

I am in no way redefining the Tarot, and designing my own cards, for that refinement has already been done by Dr. Paul Foster Case, Aliester Crowley, Robert Wang and so many others. I am more interested in putting a modern spin on the metaphysics and parapsychology behind the modern development of the Tarot and how it relates to the Ancient Wisdom of Qabalah. As I go along in my blog diatribe, I shall often mention scholars whose contribution to the understanding of the Ancient Wisdom is unparalleled and even sometimes unknown. For instance, most of Dr. Paul Foster Cases’s modern use of physiology and the Tarot, is in texts to his students in the format of correspondence courses and not published on a great scale. However, there is a resurfacing of his works as dedicated practitioners have found his expertise exceptional and one of his texts, The Thirty-Two Paths to Wisdom.  Then there is the Author Barbara G. Walker whose scholarly book, THE WOMAN’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MYTHS AND SECRETS and published by HaperSanFransico (a division of HaprerCollins Publishers), is not specifically of Tarot nor Qabalah, but is an important part of the Gnosis. Her hard work goes a long way in dispelling the propaganda of the Patriarchal society that has so misused and abused Woman and Woman’s ancient wisdom; a wisdom that gave us agriculture and cities. She clears up a lot of miss-definition done by the misogynistic scholars who blatantly reinterpreted ancient mythology in analogies of war and conquering.

It seems the foundation of law that the Patriarch gave us is that of “possession is 90% of the law”. Since all was achieved by war and conquering. Hence, this Patriarchal society is one based on theft of all property by force of arms. This should be no surprise to the historian, who notes that the idea of Patriarch- society first came from mercenary bands of bandits that destroyed and looted the female invention of cities and then one day decided it was better just to conquer them, enslave the populace by religious dogma, dogmatic law and force them to slave labor and pay taxes, while also staying to reap the profits of the enslaved laborer as their "Rulers of Definition". Knowingly, the Patriarch knew that woman had to become a “property” of conquest of men rather than an honored owner of property, for the Men would stand and fight for their Ladies and her land. This loyalty to woman necessitated the forming of misogynous laws, as most of the cities belonged to Ladies (Anglo-Saxon for “Doler of bread”) and Lords (Anglo-Saxon for “Guardian of Bread”). Women had to become less guarded by armed men who were their “teeth and claws”. As a free people, these Ladies, often stood beside their husbands in battle, as “Shield Wives” or “Shield Maidens”, holding the large battle shields in front of their husband so he could swing his battle axe or long sword with both hands. This was seen as detrimental to the long life of a bandit. Therefore, the successful “divide and conquer” bandits became Patriarchs of the now male ruled Patriarch slave societies and declared women lesser persons to the State (a few who wish to rule the many. Making the State the “Better Womb” and though Pavlovian dogma these “rulers” made patriotism more important than being a loving husband (husband is an Anglo Saxon word meaning, keeper of her property). This dogma was reinforced by revisionism of “old Religions” by making god male, whose champions set about killing the wise female or demonizing the female goddesses, so men wouldn’t follow them. Churches, later lawyers, became bastions of militant bandit theologians that whipped, burned or tortured the conquered populace into patriarchal belief. Land became taxed, so the in a clever way, state owned, and easily claimed by the state for delinquent tax payments. I could go on and on: However, to shorten thousands of years of thievery and conquest; denial and fear allowed irrational belief and therefore the Divine Creative became an oddly miraculous male god, who somehow ejaculated creation without a womb and men produced god like “visions” that interned the populace to “a greater good (god)”!  

Thus, the bandit has become a “fat old Politician” , owned by Banks, and surrounded with armed sycophants and witless invertebrates, rather than a young dead thief who died for his visions of glamor and greed at the hands of a free people.  To anyone who dares become a scholar, this idea of creation as a masculine action is known as “bull shit” and revisionism.  In a nutshell, Tarot and the Qabalah define The Divine Creative as a communion of the feminine and masculine that creates all force and form.  We moderns call this communion of the he (electric) and the she (magnetic) the electromagnetic spectrum. In the Universe and Tarot. In the Universe,  the Shield wife still protects her otherwise, vulnerable electric-husband with her magnetic shield and gives his force-form and his form-force as the Guardian of Form. However, this is not a treatise for politicking, even though I promise not to “pull punches” and be politically correct.  I just thought you would like to know where your Patriarch sponsored gods came from, so to carry on:

 Throughout the centuries there has been and are so many contributions from teachers and students who have found the Tarot Cards and Qabalistic Tree to be a complex but stimulating system for inner knowledge . Hence, I am unable to write about them all with in my lifetime.  Hopefully some will receive honorable mention somewhere in my daily Tarot Card Comparisons blogs.

Also, my 49 years of Occult studies, and over 40 years of reading, and 25 yrs. of teaching the Qabalah, Tantra and Tarot, will be a significant part of this Self-Knowledge.  After all, experience is the best teacher (I am not mentioning all the lifetimes, as a soul, that I have created). Since the common belief is that we only live once (we as Souls are Life, we just have many bodies while living as One Life ). Truth is, living once can’t be, unless the 1st law of Thermodynamics is false (” There is only one energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed”). A Soul (psyche) is the experience of a Spiral Vibratory Vital Force that animates form in the name of the Divine Creative, I Am. Bodies are transformed/evolved by “death”, but Souls soldier on to animate the next form in the evolutionary name of “I AM Me” as that is their immortal purpose! My blogs attempt to explain that Soulful Purpose of Personality “wetware” design and that we are One Life with many bodies. Think of your Spiral Entity (Spirit) as a Life Thread in the Rope of Living light, that upon hitting an atmosphere, it unravels the robe in spinning twists, much like white light is “unraveled” by a prism into the color spectrum.  Thus, in this analogy, each Thread of Life Force becomes an individual Spiral entity of collective dimensions that enlivens a form on earth.  The choice of body is determined by the vibratory nature of the Life Thread and becomes the “sole/soul” vibration of that body’s animation. To further this understanding, each of our bodies is attached to its “spirit” with a silver thread. That Silver Thread is of many individual shades (sliver-blue, silver-red etc.) and is attached to the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura chakra) of the physical body.

Much more of this Ancient Wisdom (Gnosis) will be explained by my interpretation of the individual Tarot cards throughout my blogs so I’ll just say this about the fall of man from god’s grace; “it ain’t a falling if it is a calling”. And we are the self- evolutionary child of god or self-image. In actuality our personality has climbed down the Tree of Life, to Malkuth/Earth as a more condensed version of the Solar Child of God. Yes, Child, as children is a misnomer. The Divine Child is many faced, many colored, Rainbow Bridge between the above and the below. This electromagnetic spectrum bridge is the Christ-Buddha consciousness (Sun/Son of God) that resides “inwardly” in all of us. On earth this Solar Self is to operate a body that is composed of “crystallized light” or in more modern terms, bio-protons (protons are the subatomic particles that reside in the center of all atoms). This body is already operated by an instinctual software of Earth, and thus making it difficult for it to accept a “new master”, but by guiding it along the Paths of the Tree of Life, we can bring the “above” intelligence into the “below” intelligence. All of which is diagrammed, cataloged and described in the Tree of Life and the reclamation of "Higher sources of self" language that is the Tarot (Higher being a euphemism for faster vibratory conscious frequency than the visible spectrum of light). The use of Hebrew letters which are also numbers, are also inherent to the Qabalah as numbers are used to define frequencies of energy and letters as the ideas that are presented as Tarot Cards, therefore I’ll get on with my simple explanation of the Tree of Life.

The Ten Sephiroth are:                    

1) Kether- meaning-The Crown

2) Chokma- Meaning-Wisdom.

3) Binah--Meaning -Understanding

[Note: Between Binah and the next Sephiroth is an invisible Sephira called Daath, meaning -Knowledge. it is invisible because it is a potential bridge built by each individual, across the Abyss between the Upper Three Sephiroth and those below.]

4) Chesed- Meaning- Mercy.

5) Geburah- Meaning- Severity.  

 6) Tiphareth; Meaning - Beauty

7) Netzach; Meaning-- Victory.  

8) Hod: Splendor

 9) Yesod: Meaning--Foundation. 

10) MalkuthMeaning ---Kingdom.  

 The Tree- of- Life, as used by modern Hermetic- Qabalists, was published in Kircher’s Oedipus Aegypticus in 1635. As this is the first published image of the Tree, a general developmental sequence is difficult to establish as Jewish Qabalists profess different forms of the Tree of Life. Thus the most that can be stated, is that the Tree of Life has evolved over the ages by reflecting the perspectives of contemporary philosophy, physics, and psychology. It shows in an illustration, the downward or timely condensation of force and form of our Spirit as it evolved into present day physical being. We are the Universal Collective Unconscious who has become “alive” in its own dream. By the No-thing producing subatomic particles that join to become atoms and atoms join to become molecules and molecules join to become cells, we become particle waves or frequencies (numbers) that have joined to become a microcosmic universe of sensual being.

The Tree that is presented at the beginning of this treatise and throughout the blogs, is the Hermetic Qabalah (also Spelled-Kabbala-cabala) Tree of Life, that embodies in its pillars (vertical rows of Sephiroth), the principle of five; four balanced elements, infused with the fifth element, Spirit…. which happens to be the Collective Unconscious-Energy construct of You as shown by the human figure called Adam Kadmon, the ascended man or shown also as the Pentagram.  





I also found an interesting diagram of the Microcosm and Macrocosm with a more modern usage of terms. Each of the 4 Worlds is a complete Tree of Life and combining all of them can be confusing. So I stick to the One Tree of Ten Sephiroth and Four Worlds, as it is enough to help us understand Our Divinity and our own Qabalah.All of this is presented in my blogs.

The Qabalah teaches that our Universe evolved both organically and sequentially, which is illustrated by the Path of the Flaming Sword. The First formed from the Mysterious Un-Manifested, emerged Kether then Chokma then Binah, comprising the Supernal Triangle, a spiritual height bridged by the invisible Sephiroth- Daath (shown above Adam Kadmon’s head on diagram on blog pages). The next Triangle formed is composed of Chesed, then Geburah, then Tiphareth and is called the Ethical Triangle. The Final Triangle is comprised of Netzach, then Hod, then Yesod. and is called the Astral Triangle.  The Last Sephira-Malkuth, stands alone, yet it is the recipient of the influences of all the other Sephiroth, containing the reflected perfection of Kether and yet is still described as the Fall, which may confuse the issue for landing is really not falling. Malkuth really is the crystallization, solidification, of all that was once fluid and radiant making visible what was once invisible and since it is the absolute limit the Element Energy can go; it is the ending of the sequence and thus the beginning from whence we journey up to our inheritance for the sensual realization of all that was before.

 The Vital Life Force, or "Serpent Force" (light waves) , is all around us and flows through us in clock-wise spinning wheels of energy called Chakras, in Sanskrit. These spinning energy centers were first mentioned in the texts of Yoga, yet the use of the Sanskrit meaning of Spinning wheel is most appropriate to describe the Sephiroth of Qabalah.

This Vital energy is in different frequencies, for the “Six bodies/beings of intelligent light” that combined through continual self-awareness to produce, over a period of about 13.8 billion years, the physical body that is the 7th condensed body of crystalline light from the first presence called “the Super Conscious”.  This to, will be explained in greater detail throughout my many blogs as these are the inhale and exhale points of the various Sephiroth on the Tree of Life.  Thank you for your interest, comments and may you live long and prosper. link to blog