Professional Psychcic & Tarot Card Divination.

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Qabalistic Thoth Tarot Classes:

These classes are offered to the interested student as online video classes. One on one with Eli Serabeth whose 45yrs of Qabalistic Thoth Tarot study, and practice, is offered to the student at the most minimal of price that can be called tuition. The Hebrew word-Qabalah-means "receiving".
The student will learn:
  • How to shuffle, and layout  at least, four different card layouts, called "divinations". 
  • The meaning of the Major Arcane and Minor Arcane cards, sometimes called Trumps and small number cards.
  • How the tarot cards correspond to each other and ourselves.
  • The Qabalisitic Tree of Life and the Pathways to the Psyche, as shown in the Major Arcana. The fact that the Tree of Life imposes a defining pattern on the qualities of the individual personality and work of personal development which is already in progress, often produces affinities or antagonisms toward certain Tarot Cards. These feelings are dependent upon to which extent the person's lessons have already been learned. Hence, by studying and using the Paths, we take hold of our own spiritual learning process, forcing attention to many important paths which we might otherwise overlook or avoid. The fact that  the study of Qabalah and tarot, demands attention to all parts of a given whole, makes it an ideal system for intentionally affecting spiritual awareness and intuitional  receptivity. Qabalah demonstrates that we exist in a rational and graded system.
  • The Astrological symbols and planets related to the Tarot Cards.
  • The Hebrew letters/ Words, that pertain to the numbers of Qabalistic Gematria (numerology).
  • The symbolic parts of the Tree of Life that relate to the Soul and the human body.
  • The Court Cards, that relate to the Archetypes of all individual personalities.
  • The student will be required to learn how to skry a Tarot Card, which grants foresight and insight.
  • The four worlds of Qabalah.
  • The four elements of Alchemy.
  • The metaphysical system of the Adam Khadmon (The Grand Old Man of the Tree of Life), our Wholeness. One will learn their own Presence and Power.
  • The Classes will be 2hrs long, once a week on the day and time of the students choice. Recommended length of at least 8wks (many go longer by students choice).
  • Each class will be $30.00 Prepaid by using the PayPal button on the Web store page.
  • Contact me, Eli on [email protected].com for more info and setting up class schedules.

The Student will need

  1. The text Book-Qabalistic Tarot-by Robert Wang. Easily attained on Other books maybe recommended as class progresses.
  2. A Thoth Tarot Deck. (Amazon has these also).
  3. A computer, laptop or tablet that has video, and microphone capability and is on the internet.

The video vehicles that the student may use, are either, Skype, Google-Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, or Firefox Hello. 

Text book-Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang