Professional Psychcic & Tarot Card Divination.

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Thoth Tarot Card Reading.

To many tarot card reading is a mysterious, shadowy excursion in the unknown dark side. In truth, that is cultural superstition propaganda produced by theologians.  Tarot, especially Thoth Tarot, uses the imagery of the Arcane, and/or hidden aspects of our mind. We are all a trinity of Spirit-Mind and Body. The body being the only visible part of ourselves. The language of bodies, is spoken, but the language of mind and spirit, is image. Hence, the necessity of tarot's imagery to communicate with the "inner" and/or invisible aspect of ourselves; our "secret lover".
There is only One Mind, and in metaphysics that One is called the Universal Collective Unconscious, who is the builder of all forms of self. Therefore, to communicate with the other and more vast 2/3rds of ourselves, we need to understand imagery; and imagery that we often experience in dreams, but are seemingly unable to interpret. Tarot interprets these images, that the spirit and mind think we need, to function as the Greater Self, rather than a man-made slave to ruler based enforced thinking.
Learning the philosophy of Tarot, is part of Qabalah and/or "receiving". For we have a Universal Collective inheritance, that isn't earned, but is received by "knowing ourselves", as Spirit and Mind do. For the child who knows his true name, knows his true parentage. Ours happens to be Universal and Divine. That is why I studied, Qabalah, Tarot, Tantra, Gnosticism, Organized religions, and mythology. Combining the useful and discarding the superstitious. For the Qabalistic axiom of "Above all things, Know Thyself" and Plato's statement of "If you know yourself, you know god", have proven true. We are all a trinity of Spirit-Mind and Body. We all have an inheritance that is beyond the brain's capacity to behold. Luckily, we have a Psyche, that can.
Tarot, can give us greater insight into self, relationships, career and success.
Recommended Tarot Readings ;
Celtic Cross-Once a month, to gain insight on the guidance of the inner self.
The Golden Dawn 15 Card Tarot Spread: Use to show 2 possible futures to any choice or change that the querent wishes to make in their life.
The Half Moon Spread of 18 cards: Every 2 to 6wks, covering possible issues and events that may arise.
The Yes-No-Maybe, 3 card Tarot Spread: used whenever one needs a short yes or no answer about a choice being made.