Professional Psychcic & Tarot Card Divination.

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Above all things, know thyself!
Your Personal Tarot Profile-Tarot profile methodology.
  1. Supply, via email, your birthday, month and year, via a custom form, so that I can supply your Lifetime, Personality and Soul tarot symbols.
  2.  I will then send you back , via email, your personality and soul tarot symbols, from the Major Arcana and/or Trump.
  3. You will have a full, written description of the Core nature of your Personality and Soul.
  4. Sensory abilities, natural to you, and associated to your Zodiac Sign or Life-time Symbol, will be sent to you as well. If you don't have any special sensory ability listed, then all your senses are important for you to explore in this life-time.
  5. If one or two senses are assigned, either by Zodiac or Lift-time Symbol, then these particular senses are heightened and want to be used or learned in this life-time.
  6. Life-time symbols  that come from your birth date. Life-time symbols are both your Personality symbol, and your Soul symbol. Both symbols represent your inherent potential and purpose in this life-time.
  7. Soul symbols, represent the deepest core, archetype, of who you are and provide an internal base of energy and natural resource for you to draw upon for your personality expression.
  8. Your growth tarot symbol will also be provided. This symbol changes from year to year, based on your birthday plus the current year. This symbol reveals all your potential or possibilities for growth, opportunities, expansion and challenges during the current year from birthday to birthday.
  9.  Major Qabalistic Tree of Life path placements will also be revealed.
  10. Click on title of this page to go to the Tarot Price page, as this must be prepaid before I begin your profile.